Saturday, May 10, 2014

E. W King All Excited About Monica Lewinsky's "Frontal" Attack

King is all a twitter right now about the "HOT" new story about  Monica Lewinsky's "frontal" attack on Bill Clinton.  Is he talking about her original escapade or is he assuming she is out now to help derail Hilary's potential bid to the Presidency?

Perhaps Mr. King needs to reread the Missing Dimension in Sex.  Oral sex is not looked upon favorably by Herbert.

Friday, May 9, 2014

If A Women Does Not Wear Her Veil In Church Then Cut Her Hair Off!

James Malm is back with his veils for women in his cult as they pray or study the Bible.  Because he is a literalist it is necessary that women have their hair cut off if they do not wear a veil when they pray.

Paul taught that:
1 Cor 11:5   But every woman that prayeth or prophesieth with her head uncovered dishonoureth her head: 6 For if the woman be not covered [will not cover her hair], let her also be shorn: but if it be a shame for a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her be covered [cover her glorious hair in humility].
Women ought to cover their glory [hair] with a veil, modest hat  or cloth when they pray or prophesy, as a sign of humility that they are subject to their fathers or husbands as an example for the angels; that as the angels are subject to authority ,so are they, as Paul instructs.  And if they refuse to do so, they are to have their heads of glorious hair shaved off, as Paul also instructs.

Lest you think he is joking he adds:

I know that there are some who would wish covering women’s hair away, by saying it was a particular custom of that day.  To do that is no different from wishing the teachings of Nehemiah away concerning the Sabbath with the same reasoning.  If this were merely a local custom for that time; it would not be recorded as instructions for God’s people.
This is what he expects his women to wear when praying or reading the Bible at church and at home:

Why does Malm expect this of his women?  Because they set an example for the angels.  Angles will be impressed by their humility and it demonstrates that the women are submissive.

The second question is that:  If women are not praying or speaking in the meeting why do they need to cover their hair?  Paul says it is to set an example for the angels, of willing submission to their husbands, as an allegory of willing submission to Christ.

Katakalupto, the word that refers to the covering a woman places on her head, is composed of the prefix kata-(‘down”) and kalupto (“cover”). This is exactly what a scarf or shawl does — it hangs down from the top of the head and covers the woman’s hair.

...God uses the woman’s naturally long hair to show that He expects the woman to cover her head with a scarf or shawl, and He uses the man’s absence of long hair to show that the man should not be covered with a scarf or shawl hanging down over his head like a woman. 5 This is why Paul appeals to nature in the preceding verse (“Does not even nature itself teach you?”). 6 The man’s short hair need not be covered but the woman’s glorious hair should be covered as a sign of humility when appearing before God.

...if the woman refuses to wear a scarf or shawl, she should also remove her natural covering, her hair. In other words, she should wear both coverings while engaged in religious activities or none at all.

Malm also makes the claim that COG women in India all covered their hair until 1988

In India in 1988, all the isolated COG women wore headcoverings.

“When the Apostle Thomas brought the gospel to India in the First Century, he taught that the woman’s head should be covered,” they explain, “and they have been doing it ever since. Pastors in India never need to tell the women to cover their heads. The women know the Bible tells them to do it, so they do it.”

Malm ends with this:

Those women who do not wear a headcovering only because “nobody else does it” may think they are being humble and spiritual by refusing to draw attention to themselves. The sad truth is that preserving their reputation among their peers is more important to them than obeying the will of GodThe Role of Women In Church

Its easy to see why he is a divorced man now.  With this legalistic nonsense forced on his wife and his obscene preoccupation with writing two blogs he has no time for women. Legalsim has totally warped the mind of so many men in Armstrongsm.  If they are these kinds of tyrants in this world who would want to live under their rule on some planet in the kingdom?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

PCG Cal Culpepper Continues His Scorched Earth Policy and Helps Decimate the Elizabethtown PCG

Cal Culpepper is one of Gerald Flurry's storm troopers that has wrecked havoc every where they have assigned him. His previous assignment in Buffalo, NY wrecked havoc on that congregation.He and his wife are intensely disliked by many in PCG who are afraid of them and afraid to speak out against them.

Culpepper had his issues when he was in Pasadena as a student.  He thought he was God's gift to the church and the women on campus.  He worked in the Auditorium for several years and was found to be condescending and elitist to many who worked with him.

Exit and Support has this letter about him:
May 5, 2014
The Elizabethtown PCG has been eliminated due to declining membership and Culpepper casting out members and their families. The congregation did not have enough tithe paying members attending to "justify the expense" of a church area. What is left of the members in Kentucky have to now drive to various PCG congregations including the Indiana one (4-5 hours one way) and the Ohio one (3-4 hours one way). [See Feb. 17 letter above: "More Control and Hypocrisy in PCG." --Anonymous 

Previous PCG run ins with Culpepper are documented here: Control and Abuse By Cal Culpepper

I knew most of the members from the Buffalo, NY congregation. There is a dear elderly widow, formerly of that congregation who was treated horribly by the so called ministry, under the direction of Cal (Diotrophes) Culpepper, then kicked to the curb and cut off from all of the members there, except for me and my husband. I was not about to abandon her, and shame on those who did! How dare Calvin Culpepper and Aaron Eagle1 treat her the way they did! She is so thankful that we didn't cut her off while we were still in the Philadelphia Church of God. She was so depressed and distraught over all that happened to her. It just sickens me!
That is just one small example of the control and abuse in PCG, especially by Cal Culpepper (Regional Director of Northeast U.S). He has a very long list of victims, from the Southeastern U.S, to the Northeast and the Midwest. I was very fooled by him when he first came to the Northeast. He appeared so righteous, at first. But as time went on, God revealed to us many things about him that most members are blind to. The self-righteousness, pride, vanity, lack of agape love, mercy and compassion of this man became very apparent. The way he mocked and smirked when I answered him with things straight for the Word of God helped us to see that he didn't know the Scriptures very well because he didn't recognize these things. He would assume, jump to conclusions and falsely accuse, and when you answered him with the truth, he still insisted that what he thought was true! It was mind-blowing to us! Why we didn't stand up to him more strongly and allowed him to persecute and abuse us for 3 1/2 years is now beyond me.2
Did you know that every word that proceeds from Culpeppers mouth comes directly from Jesus Christ?
 We had swallowed the whole "this is church government" garbage. Gerald Flurry and Cal Culpepper both claim that every word out of their mouth comes directly from Jesus Christ.3 That is not true of any man! Jesus Christ does not lie or falsely accuse, so there is no way that is true! These men have deceived the members into believing that they have to obey their every word. They are looking to men rather than God! These men are not the Master Potter. We belong to God, He knows those who are His and no one can snatch them out of His hand. [John 10:28]  Control and Abuse by Cal Culpepper
There was a woman in the DC congregation that had cancer. She wasn't well at all and had missed about 3 or 4 Sabbath services. The minister called her(he knew already that she was sick with cancer; in fact he had anointed her) to talk about her missing services. She told him she was feeling a little better and would come the following Sabbath. He told her the only way she could return was if he and Cal Culpepper came and counseled with her because she had missed so many services. Well they arrived about two months later. She died within the same week they visited.  PCG Is A Sick System! 

Three PCG families forced to get rid of their teenage children because of Culpepper's edicts.

Three PCG families were forced to give up their minor aged, unbaptized children under the direct orders of Cal Culpepper. The information on his forcing members to give up their 15 and 16 year old teens is accurate because I spoke to these people first hand. Abuses I Was Aware of in Philadelphia Church of God

God's most perfect minister and his wife cut off contact with her family because they are members of UCG.

Tammy Culpepper cut off her elderly parents (whom I think were in United Church of God) per Flurry's orders. Then when her father died, their family flew to Oklahoma to show everyone how righteous and wonderful they were. Culpepper had the nerve to stand there at Sabbath services and tell us how one man told him what a beautiful family he has, with so much pride it wasn't funny! Did he really think people thought he and Tammy were righteous for not honoring her parents, not having love and just showing up after her father's death?? That is how the PCG is. Cut off your family and show up looking so righteous and see what inheritance belongs to you when they die. This way Flurry gets more money.

While the deluded citizens of Edmond heap praises on Flurry and his mini-me auditorium his ministers are making life a living hell for PCG's members.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Justin Beiber: Why Are You Downcast? I am Here To Help You - So Says Yisrayl Hawkins


Armstrongism at its finest!  Truly an embarrassment to humanity!


Yisrayl Hawkins Writes Open Letter to Justin Bieber and Offers a Peaceful Solution to His Problems

Pastor of The House of Yahweh has written an open letter to Justin Bieber offering him the opportunity to change his life around and find peace with a character- building program. Press Release


Justin Bieber

Why the enmity? Why are you downcast? Why are you angry? Why art thou wroth? Why is thy countenance fallen? Justin, you are a great example of today’s world. No one has any right to condemn you or your father, not today’s teachers, judges, or even the ‘supreme’ courts of the states or nation.

Why? Because they are the ones who chose your foundation and the foundation for the rest of the world, which is leading, not only you but, all people on earth into the same physical and mental conditions, conditions that produce hatred.

Isn’t it strange that the Savior said that all nations and kingdoms would be this way in this generation? Notice:

Mattithyah (Matthew) 24:7, 12
7 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines, and pestilences; disease epidemics, and earthquakes; environmental disasters, in place after place.
12 And because iniquity will abound, the love of the many will grow cold.

How would the Savior know this and even tell us the generation for which to look?
 Mattithyah (Matthew) 24:33-34
33 In the same way, when you see all these things…
34 Truly I say to you: That generation will not pass away, until all these things are fulfilled.
Justin, I know the misery you are experiencing, but the route you are taking will only make it worse. There is a foundation you could lay for yourself and your family that would turn your life around in six weeks. It would have you smiling at people instead of spitting at them. It’s a program that works. It’s called the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program. It will solve all problems.

If you would give this a try, you would be forever thankful and you would continue your life with joy.
To get this course is as easy as calling (325) 672-9492 or 1-888-613-9494, or visit

Operators are standing by.

Yisrayl Hawkins Writes Open Letter to Justin Bieber

Obama's Half Brother Malik Obama Speaks At House of Yahweh Cult Compund

If you thought things could not get any wackier in Armstrongism, wait till you see this.  Malik Obama, a Muslim, decided to come to Abilene Texas and participate on one of Yisrayl Hawkins projects.

A half-brother of President Barack Obama is scheduled to speak at a one- day convention put on by Yisrayl Hawkins on Friday.

Hawkins is head of the reclusive religious group House of Yahweh, which has a compound in Callahan County, just east of Abilene.
This isn't the first time that Malik Obama, who shares a father with Barack, has spoken at the compound.  In April of 2013, he also spoke at the one-day Peaceful Solution Character Education Program.

 This story has sent various conservative and Tea Party groups into a frenzy of articles.

Abilene Police give Malik Obama escort to Cult
President Obama’s Brother BUSTED in Major Cult SCANDAL

Obama brother partners with polygamist cult

Abilene Police Give Malik Obama Escort to Cult Meeting
Obama brother works with 'Koresh-style' cult leader
What Hawkins and Obama want to jointly work on is building the final temple in Jerusalem.  


African News Story on House of Yahweh Cult Members Building Bunkers

Armstrongites believe that that no one is dumb enough to follow a leader to their death.  This splinter cult of Armstrongism proves that people truly are that dumb.

House of Yahweh Leader Arrested For Threatening Life of a Judge

Another crazy Armstrongite splinter cult makes the news again.  This time The House of Yahweh, led by delusional Armstrongite Yisrayl Hawkins, is back in the news.  The House of Yahweh is referred to many times as the "Sex Cult."  In fact, Yisrayl Hawkins himself was arrested for bigamy.  Hawkins first wife Kay Hawkins has written a book about her life in the HOY and how Hawkins,  a serial adulterer, took another wife before casting her aside.  See The House of Yahweh: My Side of the Story.

The Texas Big Country is reporting that HOY leader, Tsephanyah Hawkins, was arrested for threatening the opposing counsel and the judge in a case where another HOY cult member was arrested for child abuse.

Almost all of the HOY cult members have changed their names to end with Hawkins.

House of Yahweh Leader Charged for Making Death Threats

A high ranking member of the House of Yahweh in Callahan County has been arrested for allegedly threatening the life of a Taylor County State District Judge.

The House of Yahweh is a religious community, that some consider a cult. The group's compound is on several acres in Callahan county near Eula. The group was founded by Israel Hawkins, a former Abilene Police Officer and most members change their last names to Hawkins.

The investigation by the Texas Rangers began after a series of 96 e-mails sent over a six hour period. According to court documents, those e-mails were sent from Tsephanyah Hawkins to a law firm representing them in a civil case. The case the e-mails referred to was the Yedidiah Hawkins sexual assault case. Yedidiah Hawkins is serving a prison sentence for molesting a 6 year old girl, and that girls family is now suing the House of Yahweh.

In the emails, Tsephanyah Hawkins threatened a member of the law firm that was representing the Hawkins group in court. Hawkins also threatened opposing council in the civil case and Judge John Weeks who is presiding over the civil dispute.

Kepha Acemont former member of the group said that this particular civil case is what caused him to leave the group. "He is a child molestor and I did not join that place to be apart of that," says Kepha Arcemont. "He came there with his mother and father 20 years ago, worked himself up the ranks, became a deacon and then an elder. He learned alot about the legal system, so he was like the House of Yahweh, common law attorney," Arcemont explains.

He also says those threats should be taken seriously. "He's a dangerous guy. He's and elder there, not to say that all elders are dangerous," explains Arcemont.

According to court documents, the emails that were sent March 27, 2014 mentioned shooting, stabbing or the use of explosives. Tsephanyah was charged with 3 counts of obstruction and retaliation.

See video here and here.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

David C Pack: It Is Impossible For Me To Imagine We Have More Than Five Years Left (2011)

In his September 27, 2011 member letter, Dave says that it was IMPOSSIBLE that there could be more than five years left till all hell broke loose.  With Dave's EPIC failure in September and October of 2013, is he rounding up the wagons for his latest final push?  He is already telling members to send in as much money as possible for a final push.  Of course it has always been about money with Dave.  It all belongs him, including all tithe money in the various other COG's.  Besides, he has to keep his deceased wife's nurse happy.

Finally, brethren, let's remember the ALL IMPORTANCE of each of the four Fall Holy Days that are almost upon us. Over 16 percent (more than one of every $6) of the entire year's income arrives from just these four Holy Days (again, not counting the three Spring Holy Days). Please go to God on your knees and ask Him for the faith to do all that you possibly can for God's Work in these waning years of man's age. Know that I have not moved "one inch" from my belief about when the 6,000 years of man's rule are up. It seems almost beyond impossible to me that we have more years remaining than can be counted on one hand. Please bring the same zeal to your Holy Day offerings, as well as Tithe of Tithe and excess Second Tithe, that so many are bringing to the local fundraising effort, and to their willingness to obey Christ's command to "sell all that you have."

Also in that same letter, Dave whines about the "shallow" people of the world inquiring about the Restored Church of God.  If Dave treats his potential members with such disdain, what is he going to do with the tens of thousands of COG members who will be joining up with him in the next year?  He thinks they are just as "shallow" as the rest of the world. If those COG members were truly converted they would already be RCG members.

In 2011 as well as today, Dave is having a hard time getting "quality" members.  That really should translate to "filthy rich" members.  A few "quality" members will bring in far more money than a large number of poor members.

The result of what we are learning is that we expect to receive a lot fewer inquiries about the Church, but from people who are much more "quality" in nature than "quantity," and who have read a great deal more literature before asking about attendance. We hope and believe that the net result will actually be a faster growth rate in the Church in 2012 than the perhaps 29-30 percent rate we should see again this year. Time will tell, and it is something that all of us can be fervently praying about on Headquarters' behalf!

We now have two years left to listed to the mindless rants of the Church of God's biggest narcissist.  Two years of pleas to send in more money and over the top boasting on what a mind boggling superfantabulous work he is doing.  Come this October we will be waiting for the tens of thousands of COG members to join up with Dave and then watch him be humiliated yet again.  Its actually quit delightful watching this guy melt down.  Dave cannot blame the world or the internet for his rapidly declining empire.  He and his minions are bringing it all down by themselves.

Why Do You Continue To Not Send Me Money and Acknowledge My High Spiritual Position?

Even though Bob Thiel is doing the greatest work on earth today, COGers are NOT sending in their money to him.  Thiel continues to struggle financially because of his grandiose ides for his splinter cult.
Will you support the final phase of the work?

Satan and the Laodiceans simply do not wish to properly support God’s work. Of course, many Laodiceans do not know that they are in that condition, and for many reasons will not understand the final phase of the work or who is leading it. Final Phase

Gird Your Loins and Light Your Lamps! The Final Phase of the Work Is Here!

Ladies and gentlemen!  Fill your lamps with new oil and light them.  Gird your loins and prepare for the end is nigh!

But never fear, the righteous one is here to lead you into all truth! The one and only TRUE Church of God that has not been taken over by weak effeminate leaders is the Continuing Church of God.  Only the most desiccated COG members on the earth today are part of this amazing work.  With the recent humiliation of David C Pack, God has now placed his mantle on Bob Thiel unless there is another COG "organizational change."

It is the highly dedicated in the real Church of God (COG) that will finish the human part of the final phase of the work before (Matthew 24:14-15) and during (Revelation 11:3-14) the Great Tribulation and Day of the Lord. Presuming no significant organizational changes, for many reasons, the final phase of the work will be led by the Continuing Church of God (throughout Church of God history there have been significant organizational changes, so one must be cautious as more can happen).
Organizational changes have come and gone in Armstrongism.  Each new alliteration seems to be wackier than the last.  Bob Thiel is no exception.  How long will it be till Thiel's group splinters?

Thiel then makes this claim about his group - which has been the claim of all 700 splinter groups over the last  many decades.

This final phase of the work seemingly will consist of identifying what is happening in the world (specifically also in Europe, the Middle East, and the Anglo-descended nations), finishing the proclamation of Christ’s gospel of the kingdom as a witness along with persecution (Matthew 24:9-14), the rise and work of the two witnesses (Revelation 11:2-12; which will likely overlap a few days with Matthew 24:14), the likely assistance to the two witnesses by the scattered flock (Revelation 20:4; cf. Luke 9:2-6), the three angel’s messages (Revelation 14:8-11; plus other angelic interventions), and the witness of those persecuted and martyred for Jesus (cf. Revelation 17:6). And then Jesus will return and establish the Kingdom of God.
Thiel has been slyly hinting that he will be one of the two witless witnesses for quit some time now.  He will not directly say he is one of the two, but he feels he is.  He also believes his message will lead to great persecution for some in his personality cult.

Thiel thinks that because he  speaks out against Catholics and those that are ecumenical, they will soon try to kill him and his followers.

Being killed as the result of persecution is seemingly also part of the final phase of the work that some of God’s people will endure:
12 Here is the patience of the saints; here are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. 13 Then I heard a voice from heaven saying to me, “Write: ‘Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.’” “Yes,” says the Spirit, “that they may rest from their labors, and their works follow them.” (Revelation 14:12-13; cf. 6:11)
Thiel obviously has been reading the Dave Pack Play Book because he too feels his ranks will soon swell to impressive numbers. COG members will soon flock to this last great work spearheaded by Thiel.  The  only problem with this influx of new members is that mos of them are fake Christians because they will not sick by Thiel's side in times of trouble.

It is possible that this short work will temporarily swell the ranks of the Church of God (including some Philadelphians, but perhaps with many Laodiceans and many others not truly faithful—many may well fall away—though some of the first will be last and the last first, cf. Mark 10:31). Some will be faithful and bear fruit, while many others may leave (cf. Matthew 13:18 -23; 2 Thessalonians 2:3) once the persecuting tribulation that seems prophesied to occur prior to the Great Tribulation hits (cf. Matthew 24:9-10;21). Then the end will come.
As Bob grows into his two witless witness position he and his group will face more and more persecution. The news media and others will start going through his literature with a fine tooth come where they will mock it.

Partially because the message of the COG, the people of the holy covenant, will enrage the upcoming prince/king of the North (Daniel 11:28-30). One or more associated with the Continuing Church of God will be identifying that the European “prince” (Daniel 9:26-27) who is rising up to become a king, will not be able to truly bring peace, but instead about bring war and will be in league with the final Antichrist. This will likely trigger major media coverage. Scrutiny of real, as well as claimed, COG literature will likely happen and various aspects of real and incorrect COG doctrines will likely be ridiculed. Final Phase

Thiel continues to suffer from humiliation by Rod Meredith and others who mock his self-appointed status.  He feels he is too great of man to deserve this ridicule.

Read Thiel's missive here.

I Am STILL Angry That Rod Meredith Ignored My Demands!

About a decade ago, evangelist R.C. Meredith and I were talking and he agreed with various points I was raising about the end time work. And back then, I was able to help lead him to essentially state that in the end it would not mainly be the message of the COG vs. the Protestants, but it would be the COG basically vs. the ecumenical religion that will rise up in the end that will likely (for a while) refer to itself as “Catholic.” In 2005, during the Feast of Tabernacles in Clearwater Beach, after a private lunch, we and our wives met at his hotel room and I also discussed various aspects of the final phase of the work with him–and I had other meetings, discussions, and emails related to that with the other Charlotte evangelists through December 14, 2012. Yet, even though he and others in his church agreed to take many steps related to the final phase of the work, few, if any, of the promised steps were taken by his group–this is a major part of why the Continuing Church of God needed to form.

Bob Thiel just CANNOT get over the fact that Rod Meredith ignored his prophetic utterances  Meredith failed to realize that Thiel is now the only human channel God is working through on this demon-possessed earth.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Ron Weinland Releases Earth-shattering Pivotal Sentence!!!!!!!!!

That lovable, narcissistic, delusional, imprisoned felon, Ron Weinland, thinks so highly of his important messages that he released on May 4, 2014 a single sentence of such mind boggling significance that he is calling it of "...pivotal importance..." The single sentence is a teaser for a letter he is writing to his rapidly dwindling flock about Pentecost and the non-return of Jesus Christ this Pentecost. Either Weinland is now smoking crack in prison or his play sessions with Bubba have further clouded his already delusional mind.

This forthcoming message is so spectacular that he is calling it an "inset post" because he is inserting it in a middle of a long series of idiotic rantings on "fellowship" in his cult.  That series is a desperate attempt by Ronnie to stop the ongoing defections of members from his cult because of the reign of terror by Laura and Audra and his mountain of failed prophecies.

Here is the sentence that is of the most "pivotal importance."

“Pentecost of 2014 is not the day that Christ will return to begin his role of King of kings, yet that day will prove to be one of immense pivotal importance and timing in his coming.”

Well, duh!  Every single one of us sitting here today and 99.9999999999999% of the world know this "truth" also.  That does not matter to Ronnie though.  He is doing advance work to cover up last years prediction that he realizes will not happen again this year.

For the last several years he has said Jesus Christ would return on

Pentecost 2008
Pentecost 2012
Pentecost 2013

 Now we can add the following to the list:

Pentecost 2014

Ronnie refuses to take his own words to heart that if anything he has mentioned has failed then he is a false prophet.  Here is his own words:

One of Ronnie Weinland's ex-elder's says this:

"...when the management of all the lies becomes unmanageable then the exposure of the lies will happen. I am of the opinion that ronnie is very close to this now. When human reasoning becomes acutely aware of doubt and inconsistency the questioning of the author will begin. For some, this can take a long period time. This is why Ronnie keeps the disfellowshipment confined to local areas. If it were church wide and the number is high that also will raise suspicion and questions.

This is the work of a clever cultist."

Play UCG Lingo Bingo Before Cranky Oldsters Take It Down

Those wild and crazy youngsters at UCG have come up with a new Bingo game, though I can guarantee that most young people in UCG have no idea what some of these are referring to.

Let's see how long this stays up before some cranky old curmudgeon in Cincinnati complains.  Its not kosher to have fun with church history.

May the Force be with the Young One's!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ron Weinland Minister Claims God's Prophet Laura Spearheading the Church Because Ron Is Unjustly Accused

The craziness in Ron Weinland's rapidly dwindling splinter cult continues unabated.  Mike's  Dont Drink the Flavor Aid Served By False Prophets has an entry up today quoting one of Ron's ministers, Jim Jamieson, who is claiming Ron is "falsely accused" despite being found guilty by a jury with mountains of evidence.  Sometimes I think people are deliberately blinded to reality.

Look at the two witnesses, God’s two prophets at this time, just not only what they’ve gone through since the Apostasy and how God built courage in them and courage to, you know…”No, I’m not here for a paycheck. I’m here to obey God,” and to walk away from that, and beginning this, starting this end-time work. Look at where we’re at right now. One of, you know, God’s prophets sitting falsely accused in prison, and then his wife, the prophet of God is, you know, out there spearheading this Church and carrying it on and doing the administration and being able to get up in front of congregations as she visits and update all of us and keep us updated on Ron and whatnot. And you know, just the courage that’s there with both of them. And, you know, we need to pray for not only God’s two witnesses, to give them Godly courage, but for each and every one of us, you know. How has God prepared us with Godly courage for what is ahead, you know? And He has, and we might not realize it, but the trials we go through and overcome, well, we learn that, you know, to trust in God and have that Godly courage.   Falsely Accused of Godly Courage