Tuesday, May 6, 2014

David C Pack: It Is Impossible For Me To Imagine We Have More Than Five Years Left (2011)

In his September 27, 2011 member letter, Dave says that it was IMPOSSIBLE that there could be more than five years left till all hell broke loose.  With Dave's EPIC failure in September and October of 2013, is he rounding up the wagons for his latest final push?  He is already telling members to send in as much money as possible for a final push.  Of course it has always been about money with Dave.  It all belongs him, including all tithe money in the various other COG's.  Besides, he has to keep his deceased wife's nurse happy.

Finally, brethren, let's remember the ALL IMPORTANCE of each of the four Fall Holy Days that are almost upon us. Over 16 percent (more than one of every $6) of the entire year's income arrives from just these four Holy Days (again, not counting the three Spring Holy Days). Please go to God on your knees and ask Him for the faith to do all that you possibly can for God's Work in these waning years of man's age. Know that I have not moved "one inch" from my belief about when the 6,000 years of man's rule are up. It seems almost beyond impossible to me that we have more years remaining than can be counted on one hand. Please bring the same zeal to your Holy Day offerings, as well as Tithe of Tithe and excess Second Tithe, that so many are bringing to the local fundraising effort, and to their willingness to obey Christ's command to "sell all that you have."

Also in that same letter, Dave whines about the "shallow" people of the world inquiring about the Restored Church of God.  If Dave treats his potential members with such disdain, what is he going to do with the tens of thousands of COG members who will be joining up with him in the next year?  He thinks they are just as "shallow" as the rest of the world. If those COG members were truly converted they would already be RCG members.

In 2011 as well as today, Dave is having a hard time getting "quality" members.  That really should translate to "filthy rich" members.  A few "quality" members will bring in far more money than a large number of poor members.

The result of what we are learning is that we expect to receive a lot fewer inquiries about the Church, but from people who are much more "quality" in nature than "quantity," and who have read a great deal more literature before asking about attendance. We hope and believe that the net result will actually be a faster growth rate in the Church in 2012 than the perhaps 29-30 percent rate we should see again this year. Time will tell, and it is something that all of us can be fervently praying about on Headquarters' behalf!

We now have two years left to listed to the mindless rants of the Church of God's biggest narcissist.  Two years of pleas to send in more money and over the top boasting on what a mind boggling superfantabulous work he is doing.  Come this October we will be waiting for the tens of thousands of COG members to join up with Dave and then watch him be humiliated yet again.  Its actually quit delightful watching this guy melt down.  Dave cannot blame the world or the internet for his rapidly declining empire.  He and his minions are bringing it all down by themselves.


Minimalist said...

Just his rumored $125.000 salary would require a dozen poor contributors to fund!

This is not counting the Ambassador-quality buildings and grounds crew for those 100 acres.

Byker Bob said...

Isn't it funny how these guys, aghast, and in disbelief, make their failed prophecies into an annual expectation? Weinland and his Pentecost, Pack and his Elul! Still very much on, brethren! LOL!

As for new members or prospects, what Pack fails to realize is that people who read widely, (unless they are only reading his materials), are pretty much inuslating or protecting themselves against the possibility of buying into an ACOG.

So far as the end is concerned, he needs to investigate timeline theories other than Ussher's, and to look at some of the solutions in the wind for the conditions he imagines as being terminal. These guys are not unlike the financial contrarians who sell hedge funds and gold. They magnify the implications of anything which could be perceived as negative, until you have a certain percentage of your audience fearing the perfect storm. Those are the deceivable ones who are receptive to being worked by false prophets.


Byker Bob said...

This "things can't possibly go on another five years" thing is yet one more "repeat" from Embarrassing College, circa 1968.

Back then, you had antiwar hippies running around burning their draft cards, wearing worn out jeans with the holes through the seat patched with the American flag. The dollar was sliding terribly against the gold standard, and it looked terminal. The weather of that day, with record breaking rains and horrendous mudslides in the canyons of southern California seemed almost Biblical in proportion. Bill Dakota was publishing the Hollywood Star outing even the actors and actresses who were approved by the Armstrongs as being gay or bisexual. Psychedelic music, irreverent satire, and "now scene" movies were seen as part of a communist plot undermining American values. And. soft drugs were everywhere! Across town to the East, you could walk the campus of Pasadena City College and watch students separating seeds from their pot, rolling the finely crushed leaves into Zig Zag papers, licking the glue, twisting it up, lighting the pointed cigarette, deep inhaling, and settling down into a euphoric state to prepare for class. Then, come lunch time, there was the free speech area, where the Viet Nam war was protested and our government was trashed.

Then, of course, come 1980, along comes Ronald Reagan, and many of those trends suddenly shift into reverse! Hello, Yuppies!

Five years, Dave??? In your exploitative fantasy, Dude! You were there in the sixties, and should know better! How could you not have learned from the "disappointment" of 1975???


Connie Schmidt said...

New edict from Pack today...

Send in your ELEVENTH TITHE immediately!

DennisCDiehl said...

Mr. Packstrong notes:

"Know that I have not moved "one inch" from my belief about when the 6,000 years of man's rule are up."

And that's the problem...Not only is it a problem that the "when" is something he thinks he knows, which he doesn't and can't, but also that he thinks "man" has been ruling for only 6000 years. The 6000 year thing died in around 1857...

There is no excuse for this kind of historical and scientific ignorance in this day and age. It is just the mantra that many repeat as if they knew. Dave is said by many to be "highly intelligent." This is simply not so.

Dave is off by about 200,000 years on the man's rule thing

Debate me Dave...

NO2HWA said...

BB. One did not need to go to PCC for pot, plenty was available by the pot dealers at Imperial Schools who were ministers kids. Some of those same drug dealers are in Pack, Meredith's and Flurry's cults. Hard drugs were there too.

James said...

"NO2HWA said: "Hard drugs were there too."

Could this be a current problem in Dave Packs RCG?

LSD perhaps?

Byker Bob said...

Gary, You are quite correct, of course. Funny how "leadership" seems to run in some families, even if it is used in the wrong directions. Father has congregation; son has customers/users. Seems like both attracted followers.

Some of those kids were very compassionate with their drugs. One of the WCG alcoholics was really well-liked by the teenagers. He'd washed out of rehab and AA so many times, and annointing never seemed to work for him. But, at one point, his doctor told him that his liver couldn't tolerate even one more relapse. The kids heard this, and really felt badly about it. They wanted him to continue being around, and tried to do their part by giving him free pot as an alternative to alcohol. We know today that in chronic substance abuse cases, the only solution is to get off all of them. But, those were more naive times, and the kids in a misguided way showed that they had compassionate hearts. I don't know what ever happened to the gentleman involved. He had been my boss at one time, and I liked him, too.


Anonymous said...

"Please bring the same zeal to your Holy Day offerings, as well as Tithe of Tithe and excess Second Tithe, that so many are bringing to the local fundraising effort, and to their willingness to obey Christ's command to 'sell all that you have.'"


"Jesus answered, 'If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the POOR, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me'" (Matthew 19:21, NIV).

"'One thing you lack,' he said. 'Go, sell everything you have and give to the POOR, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me'" (Mark 10:21, NIV).

"Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom. Sell your possessions and give to the POOR” (Luke 12:32-33, NIV).

"When Jesus heard this, he said to him, 'You still lack one thing. Sell everything you have and give to the POOR, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me'” (Luke 18:22, NIV).


Jesus said:

A. “...and give to ME.”

B. “...and give to an APOSTLE.”

C. “...and give to a PROPHET.”

D. “...and give to a DEACON.”

E. “...and give to the SYNAGOGUE.”

F. “...and give to the CHURCH.”

G. “...and give to a TELEVANGELIST.”

H. “...and give to some LAZY BUM WHO REFUSES TO WORK.”

I. “...and give to a CON ARTIST.”

J. “...and give to a RICH RELIGIOUS LEADER.”


L. “...and give to the POOR.”

Note: The “poor” in the RCG will always be poor. Any money they get must immediately be handed over to DCP, so they can never get ahead, and it is therefore pointless to try to help them with money. They can never really be financially blessed either, since any money they get must immediately be handed over to DCP.

Anonymous said...

Some guy named Jason Moreaun wrote in asking if Dennis did the unthinkable. And I don't mean shitting on the carpet. Nope. What he did is much worse than that. It's so bad I can't even say "it". It's unthinkable.

It took me a long time. Much longer than it should have, in retrospect, to wake up to it. What, am I friggin' crazy? I guess I was. Then I woke up. WTF? What was wrong with me?

The bible plainly says it in more than one place, in more than one way. But how many "corners" do you have to go around and NOT find that "special someone" waiting for you, before you kinda hafta realize that, well, ummm, yeah...

"This generation shall not pass away except that all these things be fulfilled." Well, it did pass away, and none of those things were fulfilled. "...but he musta meant that generation which is around when "all those things" begin to be fulfilled..." Really? Seriously? Oooookay...

"The time now is closer than when we first believed." And how much time had passed between "when we first believed" and "now"? 10 years? Do you really think he meant 10/2000 = 0.5% closer? One half of one percent closer? OIC. Ooookay.

Yep, I used to go in for these arguments. I used to give it the benefit of the doubt. "Well, it's either that, or else, ummm, the unthinkable!" Unthinkable? What, was I friggin' crazy? I guess so. Why was it so unthinkable? Never is the apologetic mind such a wonder to behold than when that mind was your own. "Unthinkable" says nothing about reality. The only thing it says is how a particular thought, so easy to think, is beyond the limits I've allowed my little pea-brain to venture. My pea-brain. This is my brain on apologetics. A pea. Any questions?

For almost 2000 friggin' years people have been saying it's "just around the corner." "We're on the gunlap." "It's unthinkable that it could be more than 5 years away!" But 5 years goes by and he's never showed up. And 5 years later the same idiots are still giving it another 5 years. In the last 2000 years there has never been a day, or an hour, or a month, or a year in which someone wasn't busy saying how there just can't be more than 5 years left! How long did it take me to wake up to the fact this "rolling 5 year rule" had been rolling for nearly 2000 years already before my arrival? Much longer than it should have. But then I did. I still don't fully understand how, but I did. It was, after all, unthinkable.

And 2000 years from now, if Christianity isn't long extinct already, people will still be saying that it's "just around the corner." "We're on the gunlap." "It's unthinkable that it could be more than 5 years away!" How many "corners" will the community of all Christian believers have to go around and NOT find that "special someone" waiting for them before the last one kinda hasta realize that, well, yaknow... But DAY-YUM, if it ain't a lot uv'em.

Yep, the bible does plainly say it, but, well, ummm, yeah...

Let he who has ears to hear, hear these words, which I have written, and, ummm, don't make any sounds by themselves. Jesus, the bible is strange! Who wrote shit like this? And did he write it with a straight face?

jason moreau said...

Dennise Mr. Pack wont debate you because Christians don't debate. Do you even consider yourself a Christian anymore? You and I both know Herbert W. Armstrong and Mr. Pack and all of Gods other servants have and will continue to get talked bad about and laughed at till the 1335 get here and everyone says you know I should have shut my mouth and opened my eyes. Repent it is not to late.

old EXPCG hag said...

Dave Pack says:

The result of what we are learning is that we expect to receive a lot fewer inquiries about the Church, but from people who are much more "quality" in nature than "quantity," and who have read a great deal more literature before asking about attendance.

Really? Does this make sense in his pea brain?? I guess it does.

What I believe is Dave Pack wishes he could be as good of con as Gerald Flurry. Yea, squeeze as much money out of the poor members in the PCG and build >GOD'S HOUSE< AKA >ARMSTRONG AUDITORIUM<.

Then attract "QUALITY MEMBERS" AKA members with substantial wealth in the community of Edmond, Oklahoma, surrounding cities, etc.

All in the name of "PROPHESY AGAIN" Revelation 10:11, which Herbert W. Armstrong said back in a 1984 "Good News" article, that he had already been doing since 1972.

But wait...

Gerald Flurry always boasts..."He Was Right!" referring to HWA.

You mean HWA was wrong?

So see...THEY ARE ALL FALSE PROPHETS AND GREAT LIARS! Believe it ...or keep being stupid!!

RSK said...

And there was HWA, predicting away...

1936! Christ will return!
No wait, I meant 1943!
Oops! 1957!
No! 1975!
Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera...

Anonymous said...

Jason, Dennis's gender is male. Please address him as "Dennis", and not "Dennise", or in the future, we will be forced to refer to your Mr. Pack as "Davina".

Christians don't debate? Oh, that is just so brilliant! What does the New Testament tell you that Peter and Paul did, as they evangelized the Jews and Gentiles? How would you even spread the gospel message without give and take discussions, commonly known as debate? Besides, if Christians don't debate, what are you doing here challenging the statements made by regular posters? That is debating!

We're not all quaking in our boots here, bro, because if it turns out that HWA and Dave were right, then salvation is really going to suck for all eternity, so it would be a better reward to just go to the Lake of Fire. But, fortunately for us, that won't be the case, because the Bible tells us that all false prophets have some swim time reserved for them in that lake!

The above observations are courtesy of the Afro-Centric Puppy Dog, humbly known as


DennisCDiehl said...

Dave Armpack opines:

"It seems almost beyond impossible to me that..."

Possible member responses:

"Oh it doesn't to me..."

"Well yeah..to you..."

"beyond" impossible? Is that like "a hot water heater"? I mean, the heater part makes the hot water part moot

"Oh I can see it going much longer ..."

"Well yeah...you couldn't imagine August 31 , 2013 coming and going without notice either.."

"Well, you also can't imagine you are not spoken of in the scriptures either..."

"Well you also can't seem to imagine I gave you everything back in '09 and I have nothing left to give..."

"Uh huh...you can't imagine a lot of things that are still so no matter you can't beyond imagine them..."

Anonymous said...

The $125k salary is old news, he has probably given himself a raise. And it would make sense too that many of his expenses: cars, meals, travel, wardrobe, home maintenance, are all written off as business expenses. Looks like Dave is asking his sheep to sell all that they have so he can have more and more worldly possessions. What a hypocrite.

Byker Bob said...

I'm thinking that John Lennon gave us a much better rendering of the whole "imagine" concept than Dave Pack could ever fathom. Lennon was also less of an egotist, more of a philanthropist, and shared with us some darned good thought provoking music along the way.

Wouldn't it be nice if Dave Pack got to study under John Lennon in the second ressurrection and the whole story ended up having a happy ending?


Corky said...

It has been a failed prophecy ever since around 30 AD. There is nothing that stands out more or that is more emphasized in the NT bible than the soon return of Jesus to set things aright. It ain't gonna happen.

No, "God" is not waiting for everybody to finally "get the message" and repent because he doesn't want anyone to be lost. No, because the average human doesn't live for 2,000 years. So, the longer "he" waits the more people are lost because of not believing the "right" gospel at the right time.

And when was that "right time"? It was then (2 Cor. 6:2) not now. It was that generation, not ours. But, they were wrong and they all died believing a bullshit story and apologetics took over and made excuses for the failed prophecy to this day.

DennisCDiehl said...

jason moreau said...
"Dennise Mr. Pack wont debate you because Christians don't debate."

No Jason. Mr. Pack won't debate me because I'd tear his theological and historical understanding of the Bible, his place in it and his understanding about prophecy,the Gospels, the Apostle Paul, Revelation, Genesis thru Malachi and titles to shreds. We'd start first with the Plain Truth about Haggai.

Anonymous said...

Dave won't debate because he knows that he would not win. Dave won't play I unless he can fix things so that he can win. And his gullible followers really don't want to know the truth, they just want somthing to beleive in, and Dave has really compelling twists on things, for a certain mindset. Dave's followers seem to be needy folks actually, they need to feel as if they are elite, special, gods chosen people, because deep down they have suffered being loser all their pathetic lives. So Dave knows what to say to them, they feel good about it, and they give him money. This is good for Dave too because he seems to be the kind of guy who was beat by his dad when he was a tender young age, his mommy coddled him (probably gave him little erections) and his whole life he has been trying to be recognized as superfantabulous! So they are a united little group. Problem is, Dave does not know when to stop! He is way overspending and it might lead to bankruptcy. How will he explain why god allowed that to happen, oh I know, satan did it. What a fraud!

Anonymous said...

Christians dont debate? Why are you here again? You appear to be debating.

Retired Prof said...

Anonymous 11:19 AM said...

"Christians dont debate? Why are you here again? You appear to be debating."

Don't fret about it, Anon 11:19. Jason's not a real Christian, judging by the way he gloats over the torture he imagines his god will wreak on us. He's eligible to debate.

So pile on the rhetoric, Jason. Go for it, man.

James said...

Dave Pack has shit in his lunch bucket. Jason is here to clean up the mess.

All Jason is doing is showing all of us how weak Packman really is.

jason moreau said...

No I made my comment because I thought that maybe there were some on this site, or some out there who visit this site who still have a little oil in there lamp left. If you do and you read this RCG is doing an incredible work and haters of God and of the truth will always talk bad about Gods servants it is not a new thing. To all who care all of Gods greatest servants have sinned and made mistakes, but how do we know if they are of God? You know it by there FRUITS! For all looking for where God is working it is RCG. And sorry for spelling your name wrong Dennis. And by the way Christ will return.

Byker Bob said...

Oil for lamps is old school. Hydrocarbons and greenhouse gases, you know. Most of us here are into LEDs. They burn brighter and last forever.

So far as Dave's fruits are concerned, they only seem to be good if you use Herbert W. Armstrong as your frame of reference or standard of comparison. These are known to vary widely from the standards which Jesus taught and embodied.


Anonymous said...

"I thought that maybe there were some on this site...who still have a little oil in there[sp] lamp left."
Proverbs 26:11 As a dog returns to his own vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.

"RCG is doing an incredible work...You know it by there FRUITS!"
Really? Please, describe its incredibleness for us. Please document these supposedly good "fruits" and explain how whatever it is you're thinking of could overcome the bad "fruits" we on this site find too odious and despicable to turn the blind eye to.

"...haters of God and of the truth will always talk bad about Gods servants"
Please, point out this god for us, and prove that Dave Pack is his servant. Or a servant to anyone, for that matter, besides himself.

"Gods greatest servants have sinned and made mistakes, but how do we know if they are of God?"
Well, for starters, when they claim to be foretelling the future, it comes to pass, just for starters. People who are honest with themselves (and Deuteronomy 18:22), need not be confused when it comes to Dave Pack. Speaking false prophecies, claiming that some deity is speaking through you, may be a mistake (it always is) but it is not an accident. It is the result of a dangerous defect either in mental health, character, or in Dave Pack's case, probably both.

"For all looking for where God is working it is RCG."

"And by the way Christ will return."

Anonymous said...

I dont think youre going to get answers to all that, Anon 9:59. Going by his posts thus far, Jasons suspended much of his mental abilities and only replies in stock answers hes been spoonfed in RCG.

Byker Bob said...

We've encountered any number of others of an identical mindset to Jason's on our blogs and forums over the years. Basically, all you do is plug in the specific leader name from a list of the various "Mr." so and sos, and everything else remains pretty much the same. And, it's all part of the basic Armstrong packet that seems to be effective on certain personality types, the ones with a need for extreme structure, the need to simplify everything into black and white, and the need to feel they are part of something big and earth shaking, drill sergeants in training to whip the troops into shape in the millennium.

Disproof of doctrine such as British Israelism, complete failure of prophecy, and evidence of corruption does not faze these individuals.


Anonymous said...

"Mr. Pack wont debate you because Christians don't debate."

Apparently, even on the island of Jason Moreau, christians debate. As others have pointed out, if you are claiming to be a christian, which I assume that you claim to be, you are debating on here.

But let's suppose you are correct, and christians don't debate. That would mean that Davina Pack is certainly free to debate. I suspect he is just too chicken shit to actually do it!

He knows he would never stand a chance of winning against Dennis, and certainly wouldn't want his cash cows discovering how little he actually knows about the origins of the bible he thumps so hard and so regularly.

Pack is a fraud and he knows it. He will milk you for all the cash that he can, until you are no longer of any use to him, and then cast you aside for someone who is of more quality... (has money to give to him)!

Nemesis of Pack

Anonymous said...

Jason, many of Pack's followers are deceived. It didn't take long to see the false doctrines, hypocrisy, and hatred of this man full of himself (just like satan). Comments like these are not biblical and are man made to fool you: "who still have a little oil in there lamp left" You either have oil or you don't (like the virgins who had oil)! One cannot have a little of God's Spirit as DCP states..You either have it or you don't..Pack does not because it is given to those that obey the entire commandments and accepts the savior..the Jew that died for him!

Use blue letter bible and enter phrases like "a little oil", "God's government", "God's work", "true church" "inject or mix the person of Christ", etc., and see what you come up with. Pack's favorite verse to exclude the Savior, "another Jesus" means there is a Jesus to be preached!! Why did Paul/Shaul get knocked off his horse and blinded to see the light? Who was the "word"? Who is the light of the world? Pack/HWA?

Byker Bob said...

It's darned near impossible to imagine that Dave Pack and RCG have lasted more than five years!


jason moreau said...

Blogger Byker Bob said...
It's darned near impossible to imagine that Dave Pack and RCG have lasted more than five years!

That is because you can not stop are destroy the True Church Of The Living GOD. RCG has had over 25% growth for the last 14 years. By there fruits you know them.

Byker Bob said...

Nah. Dave is fixin' to take a fall, and the terrible fruits and bad prophecy are the reason why. He is also known to bear false witness with his statistics. He is as good as gone.

The glasses they pass out in the ACOGs are the problem. They are rose tinted to the max, and double as blinders.


Anonymous said...

Jason, growth/numbers is not a biblical fruit of the spirit and if you read your bible you will find out the chosen are few/a remnant. If he wants a bigger increase, preach the Son and he can get bigger numbers, and then he can quickly get his jet. No liar, adulterer, one with pride, one who covets, one who idolizes another,etc., will enter the Kingdom! Beware!