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Crackpot Prophet Preaches A Sermon About Himself

There once was a time in our society when people tried to emulate great men and women as examples of greatness and sometimes to aspire to their great qualities. Some even looked to Herbert Armstrong for inspiration. But what about COG leaders? Are there any out there that you would want to look up to in admiration?

Today, the Great Bwana to 7,400 African Black Gentiles and 100 Israelitish Caucasians, the first COG leader ever to have  Germanic 1st-Nation blood coursing through his veins, the only doubly-blessed end-time prophet to the world, the one set aside by God before the foundations of the world ever came into existence, has just preached a sermon all about himself. Yes brethren, himself.

You too can aspire to great prophetic heights and learn how to flounce and bounce so that you never have to suffer the same horrific trials that the Germanic 1st Nations Doubly blessed prophet has had to endure.

Personal Christian trials, lessons, & faith

Do true Philadelphian Christians have trials? Once you are baptized, will everything be like a bowl of cherries without pits? What does the Bible say about Christians, trials, and tribulation? In this sermon, Dr. Thiel goes over various events in his life that included trials and tests related to the Sabbath, Holy days, education, jobs, and marriage. He mentions Protestantism, his parents, and Roman Catholicism. He also discusses how to calculate tithes, getting financially ready for the Feast of Tabernacles, as well as being a doer of the word and not a hearer only. He talks about “the right church” and his first encounter with a claimed “Church of God” that met on Saturdays, but instead was Pentecostal. Tithing blessings are discussed. Dr. Thiel also discusses learning about when the Sabbath runs, and how to prepare for attending the Feast of Tabernacles.


No one is greater than me!

PCG: Cal Culpepper and Greg Nice - "These were a couple of the most despicable, disdainful, and creepy goons I ever met"


It is so wonderful seeing the Philadelphia Church of God practicing 1st-century Christianity. Such sterling examples of faith

From Exit and Support Network

After being banned from “the church,” I have lots to relate about my experiences. I committed no crime, nor had made any argument with any minister nor made any “dissident” statement, but because I myself have become a crime victim and was thus injured, also suffering severe financial loss, I was “suspended.” This is how the fake church treats crime victims. But I do believe that if I still was considered a member, I would only be subject to more and more punishment in the future. 
A few years ago, a certain two ministers, (who did not even seem human to me), whom I had never met in person before, one a regional head, accused me of things for three hours straight, in my own home, to try to instigate me into reacting rebelliously, while the regional head tried to force me into accepting only his version of certain events that happened to me personally, and then he claimed I could be “dangerous” to the brethren for telling my own account of what crime was committed against me by criminal scum. 
Basically, they “suspended” me because I did not agree with the ministers’ accounts of what was done to me and why, which ministers were not even around to witness all what transpired, but only knew of the rumors they heard. What could they possibly have known about it in order to pass any kind of judgment? Those two ministers accused me, a crime victim, of being “dangerous.” Ridiculous. 
No, but rather it is they who are very, very dangerous to the captive brethren, and so is their “church.” These two men acted more like mafia henchmen than ministers of God. 
I believe it was the foregone conclusion of that slimy tandem of accusers, no ministers of God, that I was “dangerous” and “hostile,” and their intent was to throw me out of the “church” before they even walked through my door, and I also believe that it was likely the diabolical duo had already been given orders from a higher office in the “church government” to get rid of me. That is the impression I received. Their behavior towards me was abnormal and hostile. 
The names of these inhuman ministers are Cal Culpepper and Greg “Nice.” Greg “Nice” is just as sarcastic of a man as his nice last name is towards his character. These were a couple of the most despicable, disdainful, and creepy goons I ever met, and the spiritual residue of their presence in my home still seems to pollute my place. I should have been the one to leave a boot print on their coat tails. I have more to tell about this horrible experience I had with them, and it certainly validates the stories I have read from other exiters.

More on Cal Culpepper:

How Fred Dattalo, Cal Culpepper and Gerald Flurry Caused A PCG Suicide

More on Greg Nice:


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Crackpot Prophet Continues To Label His Followers As Israelitish (Whites) And Gentiles (Blacks and all non-white)


Israelitish peoples vs Gentiles

Growing up in the early 1960's in the church it was regularly pointed out to us that those around us of a different color were considered Gentiles. That included any Hispanics, Blacks, and any other people that might have been settled in our region of the country. While those members had the same "salvation" we were supposed to have, they were of a lesser kind. It was the British Israelite people who were the chosen of God and everyone else got in on our shirttails.

That foolish myth is still alive today in the improperly named "continuing" Church of God, The Great Bwana to the Gentiles declared today that he has increased his total membership now to a little over 7,500. Of that number 7,300 are church-hopping Adventist/Sabbatarian groups in Africa, the ones he calls Gentiles (Blacks). The rest of his membership is made up of Israelitish peoples (whites). Thiel admits that he has only between 100-200 Israelitish members. That number has dropped from the 300 he has been claiming.

Like the Great Bwana, some of his African leaders have been having "visions/dreams" that have great spiritual significance.

Apparently, we are all supposed to stand back in awe at these dreamy episodes as "god" given. A white cloth came down from heaven just like it did for Paul, except in Keya where God apparently has no ability to lead people into the improperly named "continuing" Church of God.

Evangelist Evans Ochieng of the Continuing Church of God has made several trips to Malawi and Mozambique over the years. And from the USA, Terry Nelson and his sons have also been able to have two trips to that area. When I was last in Africa, I met with leaders from across Africa, including some from Malawi and Mozambique and have been involved with ordinations there. 
That being said, last month, after having a vision-dream that reminded him of an earlier vision-dream he had originally dismissed...

Greetings from kenya. Pastor there is something that I didn’t tell you when I was joining continuing church of God. I didn’t say it because I thought it was just a dream. When I was joining continuing church of God, I saw a small white handkerchief. It was very white and in in it was written continuing church of God. When I was still looking it, it enlarged till become bigger. Then I woke up. I thought it was a dream. Then recently I saw the same handkerchief standing in Malawi just the same I saw it in kenya. The same size and enlarged like before. After a short time I saw if I was baptizing so many people in Malawi. After that I heard a voice telling me that you are a loved man. 
The reason why I knew that it was a vision, you know very well that when I was joining CCOG, I came out one person and as I continue talking with people about CCOG, the church continues to grow very fast and right now, the church has expanded highly. Not because of my strength or any strength from a man but from GOD. I’m saying this because all people who God call in CCOG are working tirelessly to preach the gospel. I can see the work which is going on in rift valley, in kisii and in Nyanza, Pastors are really working. So what I saw about that handkerchief is the same to what I saw in kenya. The only different is, when I saw it in kenya, I didn’t see that I’m baptizing many people. And voice I didn’t here. Now if I saw it in Malawi and the kind of baptism I saw , tells me clearly that it is a vision. That is the reason why I want go to Malawi for almost one month preaching and visitation. Evans

Bwana Bob continues on:

"Several African reports are in this Letter which point to the Continuing Church of God having success reaching Gentiles there..." 
"The New Testament teaches that the “full number” of the Gentiles are prophesied to come in before Jesus returns and we have seen growth in Gentile congregants in Asia (India and the Philippines), Africa and other places. Furthermore, our upcoming radio broadcast out of Italy should help us reach more European Gentiles (as well as some Israelites) starting next month." 

Bwana Bob's followers in Africa are only following the leaders of their churches as they church hop from one organization after another. These leaders tell them what to do and they do it. Bwana Bob's attendance figures are just as suspect as Wade Cox's millions of African members. 

"As far as reaching those of Israelitish descended backgrounds, most of our video views come from them...and most of the multiple millions of computers our online campaigns reach are also those with Israelite heritage..." 
"Because of obeying Jesus’ commands to go to all nations, along with God’s blessings, the CCOG has been the fastest growing x-WCG COG in the 21st century. We have used tithes and offerings to pay for trips, literature, radio, videos, internet support, online campaigns, visits, building materials, youth camps, festival assistance, equipment, seeds, work projects, and other things to reach people around the world, and including the Gentiles and Israelites (cf. Letter to the Brethren: January 20, 2022)."

No other Church of God in human history is as magnificent as Bwana Bob's group. Everyone else are just impotent little groups led by impotent little me while the Great Bwana pounds his massive chest declaring his greatness.

The Great Bwana then goes on to declare that this is all possible because he is sowing good fruit, unlike all the other COG's

We have also added more congregants without a prior WCG-related background than any other Church of God who leaders had ties to the old WCG than any we are aware of. 
Why mention that? 
Because Jesus said:

18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them. (Matthew 7:18-20)

According to Scripture, even the demons believe and shudder, so the "fruits" of the improperly named "continuing" Church of God leave a lot to be desired.

Also, Jesus is apparently waiting around heaven for Bwana Bob to get this message spread around the world, and THEN, and only THE will JC return.

Jesus taught that the end does NOT come until the ‘Gospel of the Kingdom of God‘ reaches enough nations (Matthew 24:14) and, based on Paul’s writings, we also see that “the full number” (as the NIV, NLT, BSB, CEV, GNT, HCSV, ISV, and NET Bible, put Romans 11:25) of Gentiles is something God wants in this age come in. This is something that must be done and we in the CCOG have a lot of fruits related to that. 
Although God is the one who calls (cf. John 6:44), we in the CCOG seem to be having major success in assisting with getting the message out to many that are responding to God’s calling.

Dream on Buckwheat, dream on. 

It seems like never before in Church of God history have so few reached so many with so little resources. God has blessed the tithes and offerings we have received to give a witness to multiple millions around the world.

Christians have been doing this way longer than Bwana Bob has, so there is nothing special about his message.

Do you have eyes to see and ears to hear the great message of Bwana Bob? Your salvation may depend upon it...NOT!

We have been reaching people around the world and have the fruits, consistent with those Jesus said to look for, and the signs the New Testament says would be around in the last days. 
Do you have eyes to see and ears to hear?

Because the Great Bwana continues to ignore the one he is supposed to be following he is blind to the following: 


LCG: Heartless members are not supporting the glorious work of the church!


It's another Friday in these perilous end times and the brethren in the Living Church of God are being chastised once again. Apparently far too many of them do NOT have their hearts in the amazing and glorious work of the Living Church of God. A church whose presence here in Los Angeles is dismal at the least with virtually no presence that is making a discernible impact. If they can't witness to 10 million + people how can they claim they are always a smashing success? Oh wait, I know...the brethren don't have their hearts in it so the gospel cannot forth and Christ cannot speed up his return. Get your act together, boys and girls!

Where Is Your Heart? The Scriptures clearly reveal that God looks on the heart (1 Samuel 16:7) and that He tests our hearts and minds (Psalm 7:9) because “a man’s heart reveals the man” (Proverbs 27:19). Our thoughts, goals, and how we use our time reveal what is in our heart—and this is why we are urged to “seek first the kingdom of God” (Matthew 6:33). Jesus’ focus was not on His own desires, but “to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work” (John 4:34). Jesus’ mission was to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, to warn the world, and prepare a people to reign with Him in the Kingdom. Jesus taught, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matthew 6:21). Jesus’ time, talents, and energies were totally committed to His mission—His heart was in the Work of God. If we are determined to follow in His footsteps, we need to examine our goals and priorities and ask ourselves, “Where is our heart?”
Have a profitable Sabbath, Douglas S. Winnail

Perhaps the brethren ARE following their hearts and realizing they have been fed a load of nonsense that ignores the Christ the church claims to follow. If you are a Christian and don't have your heart focused upon that Christ, what is the point? It certainly isn't by gaining points by law-keeping, tithing, or proper church government.

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Ellis LaRavia's Grandson Is Slated To Be A First Round Pick For National Basketball Association

See the complete article here: 2022 NBA Draft Profile: Jake LaRavia

Here is a positive refreshing break from the nuttiness of Armstrongism.

Ellis LaRavia's grandson, Jake LaRavia is slated to be a first-round draft pick for the National Basketball Association during its draft day on June 23rd, 2022.

Ellis LaRavia who passed away in 2020 at the age of 89, served in many capacities over the decades including being Pasadena Facilities Manager, the Director of the Ambassador Auditorium overseeing its day-to-day operations and staff, he also was the Vice-president of the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation and was ordained an evangelist in Tucson, Arizona in 1979. He served on Herbert Armstrong's "Council of Elders". At his passing, he was associated with the United Church of God.

LaRavia worked out with the Heat earlier this week and has been working out with teams in the 20-30 range, per HHH’s own Matt Pineda. He has risen on the draft boards from an undrafted player preseason to a possible first-round pick now. Teams are noticing what he brings to the table and the consistency at which he does it. Pineda was told that the workout went really well. 

LaRavia may not be the most explosive athlete in the world, but the Heat have done a more than fine getting the most physically of previous players. He’s a polished two-level scorer with defensive and playmaking upside. LaRavia, 20, would theoretically fill the need as a backup-4 and could contribute right away. He should be a player the Miami Heat braintrust target if he falls.

Hat tip to a reader... 

Audio: The Clarion Call of Apostle David C Pack

An audio copy of "Apostle Pack's" Clarion Call has finally surfaced. I believe this particular sermon/rant was the beginning of Dave's and the inevitable end of the Restored Church of God in time. 

37 : 10

"And frankly, we flee before any of it comes due"

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

UPDATED: Dave Pack Demands Members Sell All, Their Eternal Life Depends On It

Video and audio files can be found here and on Rumble


The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 378)

David C. Pack - June 15, 2022


@ 30:57 “But I would just say to all of God’s people, you know, you’re gonna hafta sell all. You’re gonna hafta keep your lights burning. You’re gonna have to stay stay close to God. There is no evidence that the the seventh era can get salvation through this period [starting in Tammuz]. They’re councelled to buy gold tried in the fire and to overcome as Christ did. That’s gonna be after this period. So, that’s important to understand.”


There are people inside the Restored Church of God who wisely did not yet “sell all” before May 15th, May 30th, Pentecost June 5th, and before yesterday, June 14th. Why would anyone possibly think NOW is the time to do that? If they did not give it up with four recent “dates of failure,” why would any sane person consider the fifth?


@ 32:10 “And God’s people around the world, I’m telling you, if you’re sitting on funds, don’t! You’re gonna lose it soon after, anyway. So, why not why not gain eternal life with it? Continue to to be loving and kind. Continue to give alms. Why is that stressed? Because we’re going into a dark period. It’s gonna be hard. People around you don’t love anybody. They have a tremendous amount of love, I should say, for themselves. They’re lovers of their own selves. That’s who they love. Intensely!”


2 Peter 2:3 And  through covetousness shall they [false prophets] with feigned words make merchandise  of you: whose judgment  now of a long time  lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.

Marc Cebrian

"The Worldwide Church of God" An Interview With Glynn Washington (Worldwide: The Unchosen Church Podcast 3)


Glynn Washington is a highly successful podcaster, hosting shows such as Snap Judgment, Spooked and Heaven’s Gate. But I bet you didn’t know that his storytelling style is highly influenced by cult leader, Herbert W. Armstrong of the Worldwide Church of God. How did Glynn end up in this cult? What did he take from Armstrong? And what was it like to be in a black family that joined a “white supremacist Jesus cult?” Glynn Washington takes us through the answers to these questions on episode three of Worldwide: The Unchosen Church.

Hosted, written and produced by Dr. Tricia Jenkins. Sound design and editing by Thirteen Media.

Special thanks to Glynn Washington for his participation in this episode. Glynn is the host of his own podcast Snap Judgment, which can be found on Apple podcasts, or wherever podcasts are hosted.

Trust In God and Stand In Awe: An Interview With Jesse Moskel (Worldwide: The Unchosen Church #2)


What is it like to watch your three-year-old sister succumb to leukemia, while your family relies on prayer, rather than doctors, to save her? How does being raised by an authoritarian father, who is also a minister in an authoritarian church, add to that trauma? And how might those experiences connect to your being sentenced to both the death penalty and a life sentence as an adult in a Thai prison?  Jesse Moskel answers these questions in episode two of Worldwide: The Unchosen Church, offering listeners a tough but uplifting look at the costs of high demand religious groups and the power of perspective and perseverance in our most dire days. 


Hosted, written and produced by Dr. Tricia Jenkins.  Sound design and editing by Thirteen Media.


Previous article here on Banned about Jesse Moskel:

Locked Up Abroad: National Geographic Story On Former COG Member Story Of Redemption 

Dare To Doubt: Encouragement for Those Who Doubt in the RCG Ministry Currently Attending Their Ministerial Conference in Wadsworth, Ohio


So, there you sit. Sermon after sermon. Day after day and hour after hour listening to Apostle Elijah the Prophet David C Pack spin his non-Gospel tales about himself and his endlessly incorrect math about the coming of Jesus.  

Some of you must be sitting down on the outside and yet standing up to this foolish theology on the inside. You won't be at peace until the inside and the outside match.

If you head is telling you, "This could be". "This will pass". "This doesn't matter if it is true or not". This is nuts but...", but your stomach is telling you, "I didn't sign up for this and how do I get out of this alive...", your head is lying to you.  Your stomach is telling you your personal truth in this matter.

I understand the turmoil you are feeling and the fear of personal change and moving on some of you,  have to be considering. 

I assume those, few though they may be seeking support and encouragement, have found Banned, even during your conference, and your conference may be solidifying your doubts.

My hope is that this explanation of what you may have gotten yourself into can help you move on and put yourself first in your life.  No one is going to take care of your mental, emotional and spiritual self but YOU. 

I can't speak for anyone here on Banned but myself, but I wish you well in the difficult decision and process that arises when one realizes that sincere as one might be, the sincerity is being squandered in the wrong place and devotion to the cause is to the wrong people. 

I understand the chaos of change. There are many resources available to you emotionally and spiritually should your conference experience produce a personal "Enough is enough".

And too:  No, I am not just Satan trying to deceive you and trying just to lead you out of God's True Church under the True Apostleship of the End Time Prophet Elijah. I was one of you in many ways. I know how that niggly doubt that builds over years works. 

Wonder if you might be in a cult? Confident that you are not? Some cults show dangerous intent upfront, requiring harmful or illegal initiation rites. Most destructive groups appear far more appealing, with unhealthy traits slowly revealed over time.

We think therapist Roseanne Henry said it best when she wrote on her website Cult Recover:

 "When ex-members had been polled (at ICSA Recovery Workshops) they consistently gave these reasons for joining their groups: Idealism, Friendship, Love, Freedom, Community, Mission, Sincerity, Salvation, Enlightenment, Spiritual high.

People don’t join cults. They get involved in groups they are led to believe represent these high ideals."

The following questions are adapted from a checklist developed by Michael D. Langone, Ph.D., Executive Director of International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA). This list is not a diagnostic tool. It is only meant to help you analyze for yourself whether you may have cause for concern based on common patterns found in cultic groups.

• Does your group show unquestioning commitment to its leader, alive or dead?

• Are doubts and questions discouraged or punished?

• Are mind-altering techniques such as (meditation, chanting, speaking in tongues, and sleep deprivation or overworking used in excess which, unwittingly or not, often serve to suppress doubts about the group and its leadership)?
SOMEWHAT counting free labor and constant sermon bombing 

• Does the leadership dictate how members should think, act, and feel? How they should dress, where they should live, and whom they should marry?

• Does the group feel they’re on a special mission to save humanity? Do they see their leader as a special being or an avatar?

• Does the group have an us-versus-them mentality?

• Does the leadership induce feelings of shame or guilt in order to influence or control members? Often this is often done through peer pressure and subtle forms of persuasion.

• Does the group require members to cut ties with family and friends, or to radically alter the personal goals and activities members had before they joined?

• Is the group preoccupied with bringing in new members and/or making money?

• Do you fear backlash to yourself or others if you leave—or even consider leaving—the group?

If you answered 'yes' to some of these questions, it does not automatically mean you are in a cult. We acknowledge the subjectivity of words like "excessive" and "radical." What's considered excessive one person may seem like not enough to someone else. Trust yourself. What's true for others does not have to be true for you.

Where Is the Line Between Destructive and Healthy?

That line may be different for every person. You are the one responsible for you. It's important to emphasize that not all groups are harmful. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish whether a religion or organization is destructive or not. There is what Steven Hassan, leading cult expert and founder of Freedom of Mind Resource Center, calls an Influence Continuum, a spectrum of healthy and unhealthy influence:

Again, we reiterate: Not all churches, religions, and organizations are cults. Expressions of these groups, however, can be cultish. Instead of focusing on the faith, ideology, or belief system of a group, focus on the behavior of the people involved. Don't disregard your feelings. Determine for yourself whether the group is healthy FOR YOU.

Steve Hassan talk with Worldwide: The Unchosen Church


Steve Hassan's talk w/ Worldwide: The Unchosen Church, 
a podcast about the Worldwide Church of God. Hassan talks about defining groups as cults. 

Worldwide: The Unchosen Church Podcast Episode 1


Before Joel Osteen, Brian Houston, or even L. Ron Hubbard, there was Herbert W. Armstrong and his Worldwide Church of God (WCG).  A doomsday apocalyptic cult active in roughly 70 countries around the globe, the WCG lured its members in with the promise of protection from an impending World War III and a place of leadership in the utopia to follow.  

Who exactly was Herbert Armstrong and his followers? What was it like to grow up believing that you were one of only 144,000 people that God called in all of human history to lead his new world order?  And how has Armstrongism survived in the 2020s? Find out these answers – and so much more -  in this introductory episode, “God Speaks to Us,” narrated, written and produced by a former member of the church itself, Dr. Tricia Jenkins.  Sound design and editing by Thirteen Media.
Special thanks to Dr. Steven Hassan, Lisa Metzel Bonnet, Nathanael O’Reilly and D.J. Grothe for their contributions to this episode and to Joel Kramer, who gave us permission to use clips from his documentary Called to be Free, which can be viewed on YouTube.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

WCTV Public TV: Wadsworth, Ohio

Dawn Blue conducts her second interview with Marc Cebrian and Dennis Diehl regarding Dave Pack and the Restored Church of God

RCG’s Inept Prophet: Dooh! I Meant July of 2022


RCG’s Inept Prophet: Dooh! I Meant July of 2022


There was a sound of thunder this morning in Wadsworth, Ohio. At first, I thought it was just another storm, but after listening to Parts 376 and 377, I realized it was perhaps a chorus of hands slapping foreheads during the Ministerial Conference.

True to form, David C. Pack of the Restored Church of God shifted the expected start of the 1335 from Sivan to Tammuz [June 14th to July] of this year. Why? Because “the math fits better” and scriptural bla bla bla—Of course, it fits better, it’s further away. Plus, all those people sitting in front of Dave will be back home so he won’t have to face embarrassing questions on his way to the bathroom like, “WTF, Mr. Pack?”


Part 376 @ 08:35 “But, could Tammuz work? Now, I I sorta concluded that it it wouldn’t when it looked like maybe a a threat was on its way. But you know, I’d watched us go from Sebat to Adar to Adar II to Abib to Iyar and then to Sivan. Was it possible it could happen yet again?


What do you mean, “I’d watched us,” when you preached it from your own mind with your own mouth? You were not just an observer watching this unfold before your eyes. Also, there is no “us” in that scenario unless you are grouping in the broken ministers at Headquarters. These defeated men have been trained for years to keep their mouths shut or else you’ll rise from your chair, puff out your chest, and verbally blast them in front of everyone. Is that the “us” referred to?


What do you mean, “it could happen yet again” like that is some external event outside your own control? You cannot possibly mean when you preached for hours about the math and the scriptures and the world conditions and the metrics that Christ is coming imminently each of those times…right?


Part 376 @ 12:07 “And if we can if we can agree, yes so to speak, we can sort of agree with the scriptures that are fighting us right now, then we’d be in a position to talk about exactly what it is, knowing that something absolutely doescome because Tammuz simply does fit better than Sivan…”


Perhaps dedicating his youth to training as a wrestler rather than a swimmer would have helped Dave to sort out God’s word correctly today. That slippery Bible just keeps moving around and like a kid at the Feast, will not sit still.


Part 376 @ 12:56 “…they’re helpful in positioning these 14 ½ days. If you can take all of those and and you can shift them one day, because you’re you you would advance four weeks and one day, 29 days which so you’d advance everything would shift by one day, does it [Tammuz] fit? And what if it not only fits, it fits better? So for now I’m gonna tell you it absolutely fits if you went one more one more uh uh month. It does.”


I’m sure there is a physicist who could comment about what happens to the state of an atom when you “shift by one” electron (plus or minus). True prophets need to be that precise or what are you forced to call them according to the Bible?


Part 376 @ 27:25 “I don’t want this tomorrow night. I want it three months ago. In fact, three years ago would be better. But that’s not what happened. So what we want is the truth. If I’m gonna be wise, fine, but I’ve gotta be faithful to the truth. I can be as wise as however uh wise I think I am or God may think I’ve been, if I’m not faithful to the truth, then forget it. We need somebody else and the same would be true of all of you. So, I’ve gotta be faithful to what the Bible said.”


If only Dave could hear these words outside his own self-made reality and ponder the irony of it all…if only.


Attendees were encouraged to re-read the article, “All God’s People Back Together Soon!” and then Dave asked, “Was it wrong or was it wrong timing?”


While revisiting “the flock of slaughter” in Zechariah 11, he blessed the audience with this nugget:


Part 376 @ 1:01:25 “I’ve believed for a long time, I’ll say honestly: off and on, off and on, off and on, is that the Laodiceans? Here’s the biggest reason I believe it. A powerful telltale sign. First of all, I know the guys who lead’em, “whose possessors slay them!” A lot of the men in the Splinters who’re leading those groups are killers! I know them! And there’re a lot of others who are wonderful. They’re 24-karat gold. But it’s a lot of the leaders who’re the biggest problems.”


I’m sure nobody in the Restored Church of God can relate to the concept of leaders being the biggest problems in the church. Nobody.


There was nothing in Part 377 worth quoting. However, for the curious, here is a summary of that 47 minutes:


(bla bla bla) Synagogue of Satan, Man of Sin (bla bla bla) “I can slam verses together” (bla bla bla) “zero chance for [June 14, 2022] but it’s okay to hope” (bla bla bla) math math math, new moon new moon new moon (bla bla bla) “I know the people in the Splinters” (bla bla bla) Q and A. Good night.


What do you call a man who re-declares himself Elijah the Prophet and the very next day changes what he prophesied?

Marc Cebrian

Why has the COG rejected the prophet that came to them in a manner not expected?

It is another glorious day in Church of God Prophetland, that fantastical amusement park that never ceases to give us chills with scarry up and down rides and endless mazes where we seem to be in an endless Groundhog Day House of Horrors with no escape.

After listening to Dave Pack's latest prophetic rants, we turn our attention back to our most illustrious prophet that was preordained by God even before He started creating this world. The prophet to end all prophets, the final Elijah. The one to usher in the end times and lead his faithful to the caves of Petra where he will reign in triumphant glory for at 3 1/2 years till Christ walks through the Siq to lead his chosen one into glory so he can be seated at his right hand.

In the meantime, the Great Bwana, the savior of 3,001 Africans and 305 Caucasians is getting perturbed that NO ONE in the COG acknowledges him as the chosen one, the end time Amos, the Elijah. Just like the ancients of old who failed to heed Amos' warnings, COG members today fail to heed the modern-day Amos. Amos was so astute in ancient times that he foretold the internet and the censorship that the world's greatest prophet would have to endure and from which the Great Bwana is currently suffering intensely.

One of the messages that Amos proclaimed is that the time would come when people would not be able to find the words of God:

11 “Behold, the days are coming,” says the Lord God,
“That I will send a famine on the land,
Not a famine of bread,
Nor a thirst for water,
But of hearing the words of the Lord.
12 They shall wander from sea to sea,
And from north to east;
They shall run to and fro, seeking the word of the Lord,
But shall not find it. (Amos 8:11-12) 
I believe that the above warning is a reference to a coming internet censorship. And in the Continuing Church of God, we have already experienced some of this

After quoting some from Amos, the Great Bwana writes:

Amos is giving a warning to those called by Jacob’s name (which was also Israel), whom according to Jacob himself, would seem to be a reference to the descendants of Ephraim and Manasseh (Genesis 48:16). In modern times, this would be the Anglo-Saxon nations such as Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, and also the United States of America. The reference to trusting Mt. Samaria in Amos 6:1 could be a reference to trusting the USA to defend in the end. That will not end well for the USA or its allies of the Anglo-Saxon nations.

Of course, few in those nations believe that they will be taken over and have such calamity. But that will come to pass. Most would not listen to Amos then, and most, sadly, will not listen to Amos now.

Now we get to what is frosting the homeopathic butt of our great prophet, no one listens to him! Oh, the humanity! The horror!!! How can everyone ignore him??????

He is perturbed that no one expected a prophet to self-appoint himself after a rebellious hissy-fit with Rod Meredith. Even Gaylyn Bonjour's highly suspect doubly blessing of him failed to convince COG members to acknowledge him. COG members could not handle a prophet arising in their midst such as the Great Bwana did. Even after he had some bad nightmares after accidentally eating some unclean sushi and after some people in other countries dreamed dreams about him, people STILL reject him.

It is interesting that he had to tell people that one becomes a true prophet in a manner that most did not expect. The Apostle Paulattempted to defend his apostleship in that same manner (2 Corinthians 11:5, 22-29)–and that was to people who were supposedly in the Church of God. 
One of the messages that Amos proclaimed is that the time would come when people would not be able to find the words of God:

11 “Behold, the days are coming,” says the Lord God,
“That I will send a famine on the land,
Not a famine of bread,
Nor a thirst for water,
But of hearing the words of the Lord.
12 They shall wander from sea to sea,
And from north to east;
They shall run to and fro, seeking the word of the Lord,
But shall not find it. (Amos 8:11-12)

Bwana Bob Thiel is just as deluded as Dave Pack and Gerald Flurry are. These three are like the trinity of epic failures. The endless lies and false prophecies never seem to stop these guys. On and on they go, stuck in an endless loop.

Monday, June 13, 2022

RCG’s David C. Pack Paints Himself Into Another Corner


RCG’s David C. Pack Paints Himself Into Another Corner


David C. Pack spent 53 minutes during the Ministerial Conference yesterday “demystifying the office of prophet” for the attendees and the entire church. He stated that he “has been” Elijah the Prophet instead of as in recent months, preaching that in the future-tense.


The declaration of him being a prophet (Elijah is That Prophet) years ago was walked back over time. In fact, re-read these quotes from Part 374:


So, if it’s true that I am Elijah the prophet now, then this is a lock for next week. [The 1335 begins on Tuesday, June 14, 2022] It’s an absolute lock…You heard what I said as recently as yesterday, I’m telling, not foretelling.


So, I I I look, you know my heart. As recently as this week, I’ve gone I’ve said, ‘No no no no, I’m not I’m not Elijah.’ I still wanna say I’m not...Am I telling or foretelling? I guess I could say, ‘not sure.’


Flash forward to four days later. Part 375 delivered on June 12, 2022.


@ 13:57 “Now, I don’t know when I became an apostle. I explained it 18 years ago, but I don’t know when I became an apostle, neither did Mr. Armstrong. So, would it be strange that I would not know when I became a prophet? I mean, I I I been talking about prophey a long time. I may’ve been Elijah for a week. I may’ve been Elijah since the series began for 6 2/3 years where I been explaining things and laying out, but mostly prophesying in part. Just in part. And and knowing in part and then knowing more and prophesying a little more of a part. But there would come a point where would culminate and it would become easy to understand, the whole mystery’s gone. And then as far as, we might say the vernacular as far as God’s purpose, ‘Now it’s game on!’ You see? Think of it that way. But, I don’t know when I became a a a a an a a prophet. I don’t know.


All that David C. Pack has done this week is solidify his fraudulent office. Those at the Ministerial Conference will be direct witnesses of his failure when the 1335 does not begin tomorrow.


@ 16:40 “Now, to be unable to know when or how he functioned as Elijah uh before that is incomplete and it’d be wrong but it’s wrong to say uh he he he he is is not here. Uh and anybody who says, ‘Well, I don’t know if you’ve functioned as Elijah yet.’ Well, lemme just tell ya something, you now I’ma tell ya, you do not and cannot believe, you do not and cannot possibly believe Christ’s return is imminent. Because this man functions as Elijah right before it happens. If somebody wants to say, ‘I don’t think you have yet,’ now they’re probably gonna leave the church in the next five minutes, but I’m just telling you, somebody had that attitude my I would say, ‘Okay. If if you wanna hold view, okay. Not a problem. But just do not pretend for one second to think you believe all the other metrics that suggest Christ is coming soon. You couldn’t possibly.”


Jeremiah 14:14 - Then the LORD said unto me, The prophets prophesy lies in my name: I sent them not, neither have I commanded them, neither spake unto them: they prophesy unto you a false vision and divination, and a thing of nought, and the deceit of their heart.


@ 29:27 “Now, we could ask this, ‘If I’m laying out what’s gonna happen and essentially, when, in practical reality, practical reality, what am I doing?’ I mean, just just just looking at it, ‘If Mr. Pack says and that we we know all that we’re supposed to know and this is this is the year and everything lines up,’ just on its face, if I’m saying uh you know, let us look toward next Tuesday [June 14, 2022] and here’s here and here are the things that’re gonna happen, what would you call that? It’s not speaking in tongues. It’s not the gift of healing. It’s not discerning spirits. It sounds an awful lot like the gift of prophecy, even if it’s for that moment if you wanted to say.


@ 31:18 “And then I would just reiterate another point, you can ‘know in part and prophesy in part.’ Didn't mean I would get everything right.


The term “in part” does not equal “wrong” and “false” – but in Dave’s mind, it is the same.


He went on to talk about Habbakuk 2:2 speaking “plainly” and in “stones.”


@ 33:58 “In other words, harden this up right before it happens. That sounds like a prophet is saying what’s gonna happen and he’s ‘rushing to call it out’ in ‘the last days of his voice’ and this time put it in blood, stone, and steel. So to speak. Carve it in the wood. Engrave it because it’s solid at the very end.


Jeremiah 28:9 - The prophet which prophesieth of peace,  when the word of the prophet shall come to pass,  then shall the prophet be known,  that the LORD  hath truly sent him.


What do you suppose the spin will be on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday? Dave will remind members of that “84 hours of slop” mask that will drop into their laps from above, providing crucial biblical oxygen so he can make them euphoric and also drag this out for a few more days.


@ 39:09 “So then I ask the question, ‘Did I get the last messages from God’s mouth?’ I’ve never pretended to get a vision that potentially ‘Uh oh, you got a vision, maybe you got it from a demon,’ somebody could. I don’t I didn’t get any visions. I didn’t hear any voices. I didn’t see uh you know, Gabriel in my bedroom or anything like that.”


Numbers 12:6 - And He said, Hear now My words: If there be a prophet among you, the LORD will make Myself known unto him in a vision, will speak unto him in a dream.


I say AMEN to David C. Pack being correct. I say AMEN to the Kingdom of God and Jesus Christ coming this week. I say AMEN to me being proven a liar so that David C. Pack can be proven to be a true prophet of God. – But let’s wait until this coming Sabbath to make a judgment call on that.


All the attendees at the RCG Ministerial Conference this week in Wadsworth, Ohio will bear witness to another prophetic failure from a false prophet who sits before them.


Deuteronomy 18:20-22 - But the prophet,  which shall presume to speak a word in My name,  which  I have not commanded him to speak,  or that shall speak in the name of other gods,  even that prophet shall die. And if thou say in thine heart,  How shall we know the word which the LORD  hath not spoken?  When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD,  if the thing follows not,  nor come to pass,  that is the thing which the LORD  hath not spoken,  the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously:  thou shalt not be afraid of him.


How can any man or women attending the Restored Church of God read their Bible and still give David C. Pack “a pass” on this?

Marc Cebrian