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You Know You Grew Up In The Church of God If...

ExCOG member Ken Jackson claims to be the hereditary KING of Africa and has power to raise the dead and banish demons!

Armstrongism has produced a lot of crackpots over the decades.  I'm not talking about Dave Pack, Gerald Flurry, Bob Thiel, Rod Meredith, and the other delusional church leaders.  I'm referring to COG members who felt god had personally spoke to them

None seems to be more crazy that Kenneth Jackson.  Here is Ken's "official" title:

Apostle Dr. Kenneth D. Jackson Sr., SSD, PhD, TMD, DED, ND, 
Ambassador of ‘ELOHIYM/Diplomat, Apostle & Chief Overseer, Grand Chief of State / Permanent Minister of Ecclesiastical, Indigenous & International Law & Justice – Washitaw Indigenous & Immigrant Nation, Special Attorney - S. G. Sta. Romana Estate, International CEO – 1BLOOD, International (An Int’l, National Development NGO, Traditional Medicine physician / Inventor – Disease Elimination Specialist, Founder / CEO – Word of ‘ELOHIYM Int’l University, Founder / CEO – SCEI-1BLOOD Skills Development Centers & IFSEC – GLOBAL (Independent Food Security Project Int’l Ambassador, Grand Chief-of-State, King, Diplomat, Chief Overseer, Exclusive Special Attorney, Int’l Non-Government Organization CEO, Traditional Medicine Physician, Inventor, National Development Specialist

Jackson also claims he is in possession with a magical pearl: that he is in possession of a $400 million dollar luminous pearl, an ancient far eastern artifact of immense pseudo historical significance.

So where does the Church of God connection come from?

Kenneth Sr. claims to have been a top security official of the personal guard and administration of World Wide Church of GOD leader Herbert W. Armstrong.

Kenneth Sr. teaches that prior to HWA's death, he was entrusted with one of three official WWCG seals of authority. Another of these seals remained with HWA and the third was passed to his successor Joseph W. Tkach.

One thing seems clear, Kenneth Sr. lusted for HWA's power and office, and made it his mission to build for himself the same prestige, international respect and power; seeds which grew into Sovereign Church of 'ELOHIYM International and 1BLOOD International a church of even greater apostasy and deception than Armstrong's organization, despite its relative insignificance in world events.
The only "seal" the church had was one that was metal and was a stamp that embossed letters onto documents.  There was no wooden seal other than the lion and lamb seals that were give to almost every single church area to affix to their speakers podiums.

Jackson reportedly took a trip to Sierra Leon in 2003 where was met with much adoration and gratitude for a successful food program he had supposedly initiated years before. 

...the success of his first seed rice farms in the Bo District of Sierra Leone had caused the natives, as is their natural way, to exhort Kenneth with great parades and tributes,    including grand displays and gifts and offerings. It seems that this adoration consumed him and when he returned he immediately began to change in the eyes of his members. He began wearing royal clothing, and adorning himself with gold and diamonds. He had a crown constructed for himself and wore it for all Sermons and official meetings. His Sabbath sermons began to shift from bible studies into long rambling stories of his exploits, grand designs, visions, prophetic powers, ecclesiastical authorities and he also claimed himself Apostle. It reached the point at which Kenneth rarely opened the Bible or read from it, claiming that he now received visions and new testimony straight from the Most High GOD who he identified as 'ELOHIYM, based on the original phonetic translation of the Hebrew word used to describe GOD in the ancient Chaldean. The church which had been called International Church of GODs Elect became Sovereign Church of 'ELOHIYM International, and he established 1BLOOD International as his outreach ministry and registered it as an NGO.

Like with any good Church of God leader, that adoration went straight to his head and he began to imagine himself as something highly elevated by God. This is much like what Dave Pack, Bob Theil, Gerald Flurry, Rod Meredith, Vic Kubik and others have done.,  They set themselves up in positions they had no right to.

Once he abandoned the Bible as the center of his teachings his doctrines began shifting radically. He began printing and publishing his own doctrinal writings and forcing his congregation to undergo intense workshops where he indoctrinated them with his new lofty visions and scriptures. He began to identify himself as a hereditary king of West Africa, based on some connection he had found through his slave ancestry leading back to Africa. He rapidly convinced the West African natives under his influence of this belief and he gladly accepted royal praises, titles and tributes from his new subjects. As his food program grew, so did his ego. In time he began to claim that he was in fact a modern day Joseph, in reference to Joseph of ancient Egypt whom GOD used to implement a national food security program to stave off famine for the glorification of GOD. This became a regular topic of his "sermons" which were little more than several hour long bragging sessions during which he would boast of all things from having the power to raise the dead, over power demons, speak self fulfilling prophecies and influence world leaders.

The latest I could find on the guy was from April of last year where he promised to help fund a soccer stadium:


Only the BEST in the COG Went To Ambassador College/University

Nothing illustrates the "set apart" mentality better than this sweat shirt design.
Buy yours now and feel superior to the lowly uneducated sheeple in our church area.
That Ambassador education will allow you to be a leader in Petra and rule your own planet.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Halloween Hysteria Strikes The Churches of God Once Again

It's that time of year again in the Churches of God when they bow to the pressures of Satan and his crew of pesky demons on this their most holiest night.   This is the time of year that COG members retreat to the back rooms of their homes and turn out the lights as they cower in fear at the evil standing on their front porch.  Can you imagine the terror in their eyes when looking through the front window curtains and seeing Jelly standing there with a Mystery of the Ages book in its hand!  Satan can't get any more evil than that!

Here is Keith Stump's article about Halloween that has irritated Bob Thiel and others in the various splinter personalty cults of Armstrongism.  Keith was a former writer for the Plain Truth magazine and other WCG material.

by Keith Stump

October is quickly flying by, meaning it’s time for the traditional Christian hand-wringing over that most “demonic” of holidays, Halloween! In anticipation of the usual anti-Halloween propaganda, I offer the following observations about this alleged “satanic festival of evil”:
First, there’s no need to point out that Halloween is not found in Leviticus 23. (Duh.) Leviticus 23 is obsolete and irrelevant anyway. Second, forget the lengthy dissertation about how the papacy (the alleged “image of the beast” and “great whore”) instituted the Roman Catholic celebrations of “All Hallows Eve” and “All Saints Day”. That, too, is irrelevant. Today’s Halloween has nothing to do with honoring Christian saints. For most, Halloween long ago ceased being viewed as a religious observance—and never was, by Americans.

The Halloween that many of us know today is largely an American phenomenon. And it’s a purely secular observance.
Yet some of Halloween’s customs do have roots in pre-Christian (“pagan”) practices. “Pagan” has long been a popular buzz word among Christians, especially among the COGs. As a Plain Truth and World Tomorrow writer, and occasional GHOSTwriter (how occult!) for the Armstrongs, I used the word liberally for decades. If it’s “pagan” in origin, it MUST be evil (like, I suppose, playing cards, wedding rings, dominoes, medicine, beer, the theater, the names of the days of the week and months of the year, and so on—all of which are scrupulously avoided in the COGs, aren’t they?).
Some of Halloween’s customs can be traced to practices of the Celtic New Year, particularly among the Druids of ancient Britain. The Celts worshipped nature deities and practiced a relatively benign type of witchcraft. (Shame on them for living before the birth of Christ! Why, they must have been as evil as Cyrus the Great, who worshipped Ishtar, the pagan goddess of love and war, and Ahura Mazda, god of light and wisdom. [Oh, wait a minute—God still called Cyrus "that righteous man from the East." Never mind.])
The Celtic festival of Samhain (which means “summer’s end” and marked the Celtic New Year, and is properly pronounced SOW-in, not “Sam Hain”) was considered to be a magical time, when the thin veil between the worlds was lifted, and the dead walked among the living. It was a night of ghosts and fairies, in which bonfires were lit and fortunes were told, and the thoughts of all turned to the afterlife. For some odd reason, the Celts didn’t think that exposing their children to contemplation of death and the afterlife was a problem. And, of course, the “witches” of the time were primarily herbalists and midwives. Witches as evil, devil-worshiping crones were an invention of the medieval Church, perpetuated by modern fundamentalists.
Despite fundamentalist assertions, there were no orgies or human sacrifices or cannibalism or devil-worshipping during Samhain. Anyone who claims otherwise is an incompetent researcher or an outright liar. And—despite all those sermonettes you’ve heard—there was never a Celtic “god of death” named “Samhain”.
The ancient Samhain festival in no way “glorified” the demonic world, nor—except for a relatively few “Satanists”—does Samhain today. Modern pagans who celebrate Samhain regard it as a time to look back on the past year and reflect on how they can become better people, and a time to honor departed loved ones and welcome them into their presence. Modern Halloween is even less focused on “making contact” with the spirit world.

Stop for a moment and consider rationally: Is a six-year-old girl trick-or-treating in a Cinderella costume “fellowshipping with demons”? Is a child covered in a sheet with eye-holes “associating with spirits”? Are employees attending a company costume party “consorting with the devil”? Is hanging a plastic skeleton in your window “paying homage to Satan”? Is carving a jack-o’-lantern “fashioning an idol”? Is bobbing for apples a “wicked revel”? Some who are reading this would reply with a resounding “yes”. And that’s because of the spiritual myopia that warps their thinking, as I’ll discuss in a moment. Goofball notions are de rigueur for the fundamentalist.
Others who are reading this have heartwarming memories of Halloween. It’s a slice of genuine Americana. It was one of the highlights of their childhood calendar—a time of family crafts and costume-making, a time to celebrate creativity and imagination. It was a time for children to dress up and solicit candy from their neighbors. (We were even taught to say “thank you”, which I’m sure irked Satan no end.) Trick-or-treating allowed the entire community to share in the Halloween festivities, as costumes were admired and rewarded with goodies. Halloween reaffirmed social bonds with friends and neighbors. These are hardly the “unfruitful works of darkness” (Eph. 5:11), unless one is a fanatic who interprets that phrase like, well, a fanatic.
(A parenthetical note to hypocrites: Anyone who condemns Halloween, yet enjoys an occasional Bela Lugosi or Boris Karloff film, or reads a Stephen King or Anne Rice thriller, or a Harry Potter novel, or who watches “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” or “The Wizard of Oz” or Disney’s “Snow White” or “Sleeping Beauty” or the “Lord of the Rings” films or who plays fantasy-based video games or visits Disneyland’s “Haunted Mansion” or watches a stage magician is a hypocrite, pure and simple. It’s like a conscientious objector being a fan of war movies. But hypocrisy is nothing new to the COGs, is it? And, for that matter, is “glorifying violence” any less “sinful” than “glorifying the occult”? (Hmm. I must have been imagining those LCG members sitting in the theater when I saw “Terminator 3″.))
 To all COG members out there: Is your children’s Christianity so feeble as to be endangered by a plastic mask and a few candy bars? Are your children so inadequately grounded in their religion as to be tempted into a life of witchcraft by attending a costume party? Are you yourself so poorly rooted in your faith that you fear your children will ask questions to which you have no satisfactory answers?
I have seen no evidence of children being psychologically warped or seduced into a life of witchcraft and perversion as a result of innocent Halloween activities. I HAVE, however, seen many fearful and superstitious COG children who have been conditioned to be abnormally hypersensitive to anything blackened with the feared label “occult”. One child in particular comes to mind, whom I witnessed shrieking in stark terror at the mere sight of a jack-o-lantern. Are you raising fearful children who, like medieval peasants, see Satan lurking behind every tree and demons skulking in every dark corner? Are you raising children who fear they will “open themselves up” to “demonic control” at any moment by the slightest misstep? What a tenuous, precarious and paranoid spirituality! Satan is a defeated enemy! We need not shrink inanimate mortal remains. Explain that fear of black cats is an ancient superstition of the ignorant. Talk to them about the fanciful creations of horror fiction, like werewolves and vampires. It’s healthy to examine the things that frighten us. Tell them about “ghosts” or disembodied spirits. (The dead are relatively safe; it’s the living you need to watch out for!) And talk to them about the subject of life after physical death. Tell them about the Lord of Life who overcame death. Assuage their fears about those who can kill the body but not the soul.
Halloween is also a good time to reconsider our own views about death and the afterlife. The unbiblical doctrine of “soul sleep” would be a good place to start. The Bible clearly teaches (and centuries of experience demonstrate) that death does not interrupt self-awareness; personal identity survives death! By contrast, Herbert Armstrong’s so-called “restored truth” about “What is Man?” is totally without biblical foundation, though his followers blindly accept it. Measuring truth by the teachings of a morally unprincipled deviate who was indisputably unqualified for ministry by biblical standards (i Tim. 3:2-7; Titus 1:6-7) is far scarier than any aspect of Halloween! (A rule of thumb, which I’ll throw in free of charge: The farther an individual or group moves away from the teachings of the so-called Philadelphia era of the Church of God, the closer he moves toward genuine truth and balanced spirituality.) 

So here’s my point: Objection to Halloween is a reflection of something much broader: an obsession with trivialities, a confusion of priorities, a primitive fear of the unknown, an arrogance that finds “righteousness” in being odd-ball and out-of-step. Fundamentalists can find something offensive or objectionable in almost anything. They have a world view in which virtually everything is “anti-Christian”. They have lost the ability to filter the important from the inconsequential. The traditional COG prohibition against Halloween ignores the facts of history, misrepresents the modern holiday, and demonstrates a woeful lack of spiritual discernment.
So, in a nutshell, my message to Christians about Halloween is: Lighten up! There is nothing spiritually harmful about this tradition. Sensibly observed, Halloween can be a day of wholesome fun and merriment. Believe it or not, not everything in life has to have some deep spiritual connotation. Halloween is “Satan’s Holiday” only to those who concede it to him or arbitrarily label it as such. Christians have been redeemed from the forces of evil. We don’t have to give credence to Satan’s claimed authority in any area of life. Don’t surrender to the fear, superstition and hypocrisy of the fundamentalist, who wouldn’t recognize a little harmless fun if he tripped over it, who is oblivious to the value of fantasy, who has no idea what “magic” and “witchcraft” really are, to whom everything paranormal is “demonic” and who trembles before the power of Satan and his demons (whether he admits it or not). Don’t fall prey to shady “scholarship” and flawed arguments about this holiday. Don’t let anyone judge you in respect of this or any other occasion. Safe, fun Halloween activities are NOT “of the “devil”.
To believe otherwise is just plain silly!

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Lil'Joel Hilliker Says No To Immigrants, Body Graffiti and Bad Hair

No millennial lion and lamb tattoo's for PCG members!

The PCG has an article up about God has preserved "pure religion" in the PCG.  One of the ways PCG's god preserves pure religion is in marriage. Its rather odd to see this article considering how the PCG has a horrible track record of breaking up marriages (see here.)  Even when non-believing spouses desire to live with PCG member spouses, the goons in charge in Edmond tell the member to divorce their spouse and take all the money they can from them.

Why the PCG trots out Lil'Joel Hilliker, who has absolutely no qualifications to be discussing "pure religion" and marriage other than reading PCG booklets on the subject, is beyond most peoples comprehension.

Jumping from marriage Lil'Joel lets the world know that the Philadelphia Church of God is anti-immigrant.  Never mind the FACT that this entire nation was populated by immigrants. 

God’s laws reveal His desire to protect Israel from the idolatry that saturated the surrounding peoples. “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues,” Revelation 18:4-5 say. “For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.” That is a command to us as well, which is why the specific laws God gave Israel on this point are so relevant today.

When God brought the Israelites into the Promised Land, He used them as His instrument of judgment against the idolatrous pagans. Contemplate His command in Deuteronomy 12:1-3. Consider how this precisely parallels what Christ is going to do when He returns to this Earth (e.g. Revelation 19:11-15). At the same time, this command was also meant to protect the Israelites and preserve the one true religion.
He next trot's out the old catch phrase of the Church of God movement: "We are in the the world but not part of it."

The people of God’s Church are in the world but not of it (e.g. John 17:14-16). We must be careful not to get wrapped up in the activities, business, customs and practices of this world. We all must examine ourselves individually and consider things like our dress, our language, our music and entertainment. Consider: God gave Israel specific laws about hairstyle, of all things. Clearly, God does care, and He wants His people to maintain high standards even amid a degenerating world.
Apparently some of the PCG women are having some hairstyle issues.  Gerald Flurry was none too happy when this was taken at the Feast of Trumpet's dance this year:

 Read Leviticus 19:27 where God forbade hairdos that were popular among idolatrous priests. He didn’t give this law so His people would look freakish—but to prevent them from looking freakish. Read verse 28 where He outlawed cutting your own body out of grief, as well as tattooing or making marks on your body. These practices all have pagan origins. God wants us to treat our bodies with respect and to avoid disfiguring or harming them. God says your body is a temple for the Holy Spirit. He doesn’t want you making permanent marks on it any more than He wants you defacing His house with graffiti!
 Next Lil'Joel whines about PCG members reading dissident literature:

These laws directly correlate to New Testament commands about what to do when a Church member embraces dissident material or tries to pollute the true religion (see, for example, Romans 16:17; Galatians 1:8-9; 2 Thessalonians 3:6, 14; 1 Timothy 3:5; 6:5; Titus 3:10-11; 2 John 10-11). God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is just as concerned about purity in the congregation today as He was anciently—and, spiritually, He deals with the problem today the same as He did anciently.
Well...I'm glad to be part of the dissident material that upsets PCG so terribly. I know PCG is mad at me since their servers regularly check out this blog.  I have Rod Meredith mad at me.  Dave Pack is mad at me.  Wade Cox is mad at me.  I must be doing something right! 

Gerald Flurry and the Philadelphia Church of God Struggle To Keep Members Under Control

Gerald Flurry and the Philadelphia Church of God continue to struggle with members who are catching on to his lies and are speaking out to family members.  Flurry's degenerate policies and doctrines have led to countless broken marriages, suicides and other deaths.  The Internet has become a hostile environment for the Philadelphia Church of God.  Their sick policies continue to be exposed daily for all the world to see.

In an article recently published on how the PCG is preserving "pure religion" Lil'Joel Hiliker writes the following:

Despite God’s commands, at times the Israelites descended into idolatry. Anticipating this, God gave laws on what to do to ensure it didn’t spread. Again, His goal was to keep the nation and its religion pure!

These laws directly correlate to New Testament commands about what to do when a Church member embraces dissident material or tries to pollute the true religion (see, for example, Romans 16:17; Galatians 1:8-9; 2 Thessalonians 3:6, 14; 1 Timothy 3:5; 6:5; Titus 3:10-11; 2 John 10-11). God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is just as concerned about purity in the congregation today as He was anciently—and, spiritually, He deals with the problem today the same as He did anciently.
Contemplate how the principle in Deuteronomy 13:1‑4 should inform the way we handle a message from a religious source that does not represent the true God. Do not treat that message—whether it be a letter, e-mail, booklet, cd, television program, phone call or personal visit—casually! It is, in fact, a test: How much do you love God? He is jealous, and wants to keep your relationship with Him pure!
Everything in Armstrongism always had to be some kind of "test" that most church members failed at horribly.  That's why we were constantly bellowed at by Herbert Armstrong and the ministry.  We could never pass the "test" becasue we "never got it."

Read in verse 5 how God instructed the Israelites to deal with those who tried to turn His people away from Him. Some people criticize God’s Church today for disfellowshiping and marking certain people. But consider how merciful that instruction from God is for New Testament Christians (e.g. Romans 16:17) compared to the law for unconverted physical Israel. Today, a Spirit-begotten Christian who turns to heresy has his eternal life on the line—and God wants to give him every opportunity to repent!

Read in Deuteronomy 13:6-7 of the far more difficult matter of close friends or family members coming secretly to peddle dissident ideas or material. The natural tendency in such circumstances is to do nothing: to reason that everything will be fine; that we can just pray about it; that it’s not really our business; that we shouldn’t “tell” and get the person in trouble; that we don’t want to break their confidence. Deeply contemplate God’s answer in verse 8. Don’t be acquiescent, don’t listen, don’t give him any attention, don’t be compassionate, don’t commiserate, don’t listen to his arguments why he’s really innocent, God says. And don’t try to cover the matter up, hide it, be secretive about it, or hope it will go away! You must bring this out into the open and let the ministry know!

To see how serious God is about keeping His people pure, read His command to ancient Israel in verses 9-11.
God wanted the family member to be the first to put the seducer to death! Surely this reinforces the responsibility each of us has to watch out for and to help those we are close to—to love them enough to encourage him or her to stay close to God! If you have questions, talk to God’s ministry. If someone close to you has questions, encourage them to go to the ministry. If it’s a serious question that could lead to problems, and he won’t go—then you go! Love that person enough to go!

Study verses 12-16 to see how God dealt with rumors of idolaters in an Israelite city in order to ensure that all Israel remained free and pure of idolatry. Consider the profound effect this law would have had on the Israelites had they kept it. It would have put a great deal of responsibility on people to ensure their city remained free of idolatry! If they heard rumors about idolatry in their city, they couldn’t simply dismiss them and say, Well, that’s their business. If they did that, they too could end up being killed! Everyone needed to be vigilant to prevent idolatry from spreading!

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Big Bad Meanie Americans Picking On Perfect LCG Before Atonement

How dare we criticize the Living Church of God before Atonement!  It surely is Satan causing this egregious persecution instead of stupid LCG policies.

Wake up people!

The world is falling apart!

The Pope is reuniting the harlot protestant daughters.

A black man is President.

The famine of the word is here.

The Churches of God are splintered into hundreds of factious cliques.

Gays are on Rod Meredith's mind, as always.

The end times surely are here!

I received this today:
Getting the boot in before atonement.. Americans are really something

You might all like to take a look around because while you go after the church of God groups it maybe that you are not seeing what's happening in the world..and you won't be scoffing for long unfortunately there really are greater things a foot than your beef with LCG..regardless of what is true and what is not..have you seen what the US government is doing..get a clue already its time to wake up..instead of chomping at the bit waiting for salacious gossip watch a bit of you should be freaking out..the rest of the world is seeing what you obviously are not and that's really sad

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Living Church of God Hierarchy

Man-made traditions of the Church of God results in the power structure illustrated above.  The higher up the chain of command the more in touch with God the ordained are.  This kind of silliness demonstrates the chain of command present in the Living Church of God. 

The first fallacy above is the idea that Herbert Armstrong is directly under God the Father.  Next you will notice that in the chain of command HWA is right there beside Jesus Christ and the upper echelon ministers.  HWA and crew are on par with Jesus Christ because HWA gets far more mention than Jesus Christ ever does in the Living Church of God.  That inconvenient man named Jesus is usually relegated to one sentence or a small paragraph at the end of an article, letter, booklet or sermon.

The next fallacy is that men ordained through Herbert Armstrong received a higher degree of consciousness than the lay members possess.  These men possess all scriptural and doctrinal knowledge that the LCG deems fit for its members.  These men are far more enlightened than any of the lowly LCG members.  That's part of the reason LCG has instituted a new policy that LCG members are not allowed to congregate together to study the Bible on their own.  One of the elite ministers has to be present to give the OFFICIAL version of things.

Then you have the big tithers in the LCG.  These are the ones that get by with all kinds of indiscretions and never are punished.  The regular members always are at the bottom of the heap are held to a higher standard and pay the consequences quit severely at times.

This is also what has led to McNair and Meredith telling members that they are NOT to question the ministry on anything.  God works with them personally and they are incapable of making a mistake.  Even if what they tell you is 100% wrong, God will bless you if you do what they say.  Its all about submission.

That threat of submission also intimidates members into sending in more money to LCG HQ.  LCG members are reporting lots of sermons lately on money.  Income in the LCG has dropped and they are scrambling to keep the money flow coming in.  Certain lifestyles need to be maintained!  Lil'Jimmy needs to decorate his office again.  Brethren there ARE priorities!

The cash cow for the LCG and other Church of God's is the Festival season. With Trumpet's, Atonement and the Feast, money freely flows into the coffers.  They foolishly make people believe they are required to give offerings and turn over a tithe of the tithe to LCG at this time of year.  If you are an LCG member reading this it would be in your best interest to keep that tithe of the tithe for use by your OWN family and have the best feast possible and enjoy it to the fullest, because if Meredith dies in the next year the LCG is going to be ripped apart by division and you will never experience another Feast like this one.  Besides, why are your giving a tithe of the tithe to the LCG ministry when they are all getting $4-6,000.00 in ministerial benefits to travel to and from Feast sites, stay in expensive hotels or condo's and enjoy the finest wines and delicacies while you and your family are eating at Hardee's.  You are paying for Lil'Jimmy's trips to Hawaii and Rod McNair's trips.  Why?

It's Satan brethren!  Satan is attacking the church!  Satan is causing the drop in income!  Satan is casing members to leave!  Satan gets far more air time in the Living Church of God than Jesus Christ ever does.  I have always wondered why they never included Satan in their organizational charts.