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Dale Schurter: The Master of Flip Flopping (Updated)

A reader commented on the  "The Dale Schurter Propaganda/Resignation Letter":

We had him for a pastor for awhile in UCG. Dale flip flops in his beliefs in unbelievable rapid fashion. In this letter he uses the names God and Jesus Christ. Last I knew in UCG he was using the " Sacred Names"....and admonishing UCG members they should be doing the same (to the point of members getting very upset with him). He had come to believe that using the names God and Jesus Christ was very evil. Now it seems he is using them quite frequently.

Also, the last I knew, Dale believed in keeping the new moons. And had some very different ideas than HWA about what will happen when Christ the bride will go to heaven (the sea of glass) and live there for awhile...I forget all the details, but it was radically different from what HWA taught.

He also claimed to know (via Ron Wyatt propaganda) to know where the Ark of the Covenant was (in a cave under Golgotha with Christ's blood on it), not to mention, where Noah's ark was, Sodom and Gomorrah (he even brought some sulfur smelling rock to church and in his sermon invited people to come up later to smell it...claiming it was authentic rock from Sodom & Gomorrah). Plus the true crossing of the Red Sea site by the Israelites, plus more. And also, the Sabbath doesn't begin and end at begins before sunset (unspecified time) and ends after sunset (again unspecified time).

Oh, I could go on and on....oh yes, he also claimed to believe that members should have input and that he believed in a team effort...not the old top down stuff.

So now fast forward just 6 years or so and now he is claiming to believe in everything that HWA taught. RCG has it all just right and is God's only true church on earth. Yet it was UCG that tolerated Dale's "different" beliefs, and didn't boot him out on his behind.

So my question is: has Dale now changed his beliefs back to what HWA taught (has Dale now gotten "back on track"?) or does he still hold to some of the beliefs he was teaching in UCG (one week instead of sermon we had to watch a Ron Wyatt tape)? If he has reversed a lot of what he was teaching....I guess he will be OK in RCG. If he hasn't...and is "just pretending" to put a good face on to the Packman...then trouble is ahead for Dale because I do not think RCG will tolerate his beliefs for long...after they finish using him as a propaganda tool.

Added 1/15/12    
According to Dave, the earth is millions of years old. According to Dale its 6000.      Is the Earth 6,000 Years Old?
So "Mr. Dinosaurs lived with man" is already at odds with his new guru.

Dennis On: "Getting Back On Track"

"...among other things, and some have again committed to “get back on track.”
Not Again!
"Maybe we should reconsider this route?"
Dennis Diehl - EzineArticles Expert AuthorIf we have heard it once, we have heard it a thousand times.  "God has put his work back on track!"   It used to be "we are in the gun lap," but evidently there were so many gun laps, they all ran out of bullets. 
What did that mean?
Back in the day it always meant that HWA had been spending so much time flying around the world preaching the Non-Gospel of the Soon But Not Real Soon Kingdom of God to world leaders , that when he got back for a few days, he found out the mice had been playing. 
Mouse play could have been anything to a drop in income while he was gone to publishing an article or a PT cover that was less than pleasing and for sure was done without his permission.  Often times he probably had given permission but simply forgot.  And so after the appropriate sermon blasting everyone for "not getting it,"  the Church was put back on track and the appropriate member was sent out declaring it to be so. 
The Church got put back on track in 1968, 69, 70 ,71, 72,73,74,75,76,77,78----all way up to 1986 when it derailed again because the Engineer had died while the train, now on another right track was speeding ahead throttle up knowing that his end was near and unwilling to admit it or ask someone to take his place.  One of the conductors had spent a lifetime telling all the passengers that the Engineer could not die and would live until the train pulled into the station, but that was just rail road talk. 
Pretty quickly though, a new Engineer put himself as far as we can tell into the cab as all the conductors once again put the train back on the tracks.  Or at least back on tracks because these were different tracks than previous tracks.  Very often in the past, the impression was given that the train was always put back on the same right tracks as God and Jesus, I mean Christ, would have done if they were actually here helping with the heavy lifting.  But often, while close, it was at best a parallel track yet a little more right of center than the last.  Derailments were generally blamed on falling off the tracks on the left side. 
At any rate, it did not take long to see that the new Engineer, a Mr. Weaver, was unlike any Engineer WCG had ever had.  These can't be the same tracks as all the others we suspected.  He really had little training as an Engineer as far as one could tell and was prone, as was the original WCG Engineer towards nepotism putting close relatives and friends in charge of the train, the station , the conductors and all the passengers who wanted to be on the train on the right track.  I think they even took over concessions as far as I can tell. 
However, it was not long before it was obvious this Engineer was on Jesus Drugs and the train plowed into a miracle caused by Jesus, who was quite different from the Christ of WCG.  Well they said it was a miracle, but I say it was one of those abutments that announce this track is going no where and one has reached the end of the line.  I think you are supposed to stop when you see that coming up, or even be smart enough to know the route being taken actually ends up ahead and slowing down would be in order. Not being there in the first place would be even better.  But alas, no one on the train seemed to understand this or at least assumed the Engineer would know this and stop in time.  Wishful thinking evidently. 
When the train, Engineered by Mr. Weaver hit the end of the line, ugh...bodies everywhere.  The momentum took the wreckage clear into the little town of Evangelical where it burst into the flames of the Holy Spirit.  Conductors and passengers alike, who survived crawled out and off to join new railroads and work on safer and more predictable trains.  Some even started their own railroads and put those trains back on the right tracks all over again. 
It wasn't long before we could see dozens and then hundreds of separate trains each with their own unique passengers, crews and Engineers lined up, one behind the other, yet all on the same "right track."  What a site.  Have you ever seen a train behind another one on the same track try to pass the one ahead of it?  Not pretty and certainly not easy!   I guess when you are in a line anyone of them can claim to be at the head of the line and the one ahead is really at the end of the line, it's just that you caught up with it.
Pretty soon there were hundreds of right tracks all part of the one true railroad and lead by the one true Engineer barreling down the right track.  New stations sprang up all over the country and then the world, all claiming to be the true and right railroad and back on the true and right tracks.  Problem is, they all forbid their passengers from ever riding or even reading the brochures of the other trains on the right tracks and surely never even thinking of riding on their same but different true but false railroads not driven by God's chosen Engineer.  
Soon we had competing one true railroads all on track.  There were the PCG, RCG, LCG, UCG , GCI, and dozens more railroads, all back on the same right track yet denying that each other really were.  We had "That Engineer," "And yes brethren, I am an Engineer," and even "We are the Two Engineers," of all things.  I was concerned that two engineers on the same train would cause conflicts, but was relieved to see that the one engineer never spoke and really didn't know how to run a train on the right track anyway.  Anyway, we also have, "Presiding Engineers," and "Engineers for life. " He runs the GCI line but doesn't seem to have much of a route. 
I tell you, all these trains back on the same right track makes me nervous.  Sometimes conductors from one true train on track jumps track and lands on the same right track again but different.  I can't figure that one out.  They say the last true right track train was true but is now less true and on a track but maybe not THE track.  I don't know.  Some say that some railroads pay conductors better than others and, of course, that is the real reason for jumping trains. 
Anyway, sometimes it crosses my mind that all these Engineers blowing their own whistles and stoking their own fires really aren't back on the right track after all.  I think they are on a track, but the right one?....not sure.  Well, pretty sure they aren't actually.  No, positive!  I think you can put a train back on the same WRONG track and just think you are on the right one....until you see that bumper thing at the end of a dead end staring you in the face and you going way too fast to slow down, much less stop and avoid yet another train wreck with casualties.
Personally,  I don't ride trains anymore because I am leery of the tracks.  None of these companies seem to do much maintenance or educate their conductors on how to take care of the passengers.  You know, "Jones pays the freight, give Jones what he wants,' as the old original Engineer used to say.  Shoot, their engineers haven't even gone to a real engineer school it turns out nor have they learned the many nuances of engineering.  They know nothing of the origins of real railroads or what constitutes right tracks much less how to get back on them when you drive recklessly and plow into reality.  Sometimes I think they even have the wrong book or at least read the directions half drunk.  Maybe they just filter out the stuff that they don't understand and make what they think they do mean more than it does. 
Anyway, once again, a conductor on one of the older new true railroads has jumped on to and even newer and truer one, even before the other once crashes.  He's sending passengers on all sorts of sorta true railroads and trains new schedules and wants to meet them at the station, the true station anytime they have time.  We'll see.
But, while the claim is made that once again, the true train has now been put back on the true tracks and the most true conductor and Engineer will meet you at track 29,  I have my doubts.  I have never understood how the passengers that survive can crawl from one wreck after the other and still sit on the latest train as if there never was a wreck or OK there was, but God put me on this track and damn it, I'm riding this train into glory!  Passengers are the biggest enigma to me.  They buy a ticket.  Step over the bodies, find a new train and let any glib talking, railroad reading , Engineer come lately take them along for the ride on tracks that have already proved less than safe and reliable.  Go figure.
Oh well.  Pardon me boys, is that the cat who ate your new shoes?  Ok, sorry, couldn't resist.  Personally I think you can be put back on the wrong tracks and never even suspect it the whole time you are on the train going nowhere.

Dennis C. Diehl

Dave Pack: "Freedom of the Press Is Not God's Way"

In looking through Pack's screed on being persecuted by the unjust he has this little tid-bit about the Internet and the press which now hold him accountable for his lies.

The arrival of the Internet, coupled with a long-time American institution, has forever changed communication and the “rules” within the Church of God. Let me explain.

Together, these changed everything. When disruptions now occur in the Church, everybody has a “story” to tell. The Internet provides them with a vehicle to do this. And dirtmongers are only too eager to help them. When Daniel said, “knowledge shall be increased” in the end time, he could not have remotely understood how the computer would play such a large role in this.

Freedom of the Press

Compounding the problem, America and other countries practice the principle of “freedom of the press.” While this has never been God’s way, it is certainly the American and modern way. The American Bill of Rights ensures that the flow of “information”—good or bad, right or wrong—can never stop. Therefore, Americans (and citizens of nearly every Western nation) consider access to information not just a privilege but a right. They could not imagine life without all of the various written materials that are made available through this freedom—and the Freedom of Information Act has allowed them to access vast additional amounts of once inaccessible material!

The attitude that people are entitled to complete “openness” from all institutions of government has been absorbed into the splinters. An expectation has developed that visiting certain websites, or reading “church culture” newspapers, is how to get the real story. Now, “investigative reporters” take it upon themselves to “just report the news” happening in the splinters. They view themselves as neutral or acting on God’s behalf, while distributing every conceivable kind of garbage, filth, muck, sewage, dirt and trash landing on their desks!

Obviously, these “journalists” are not dirtmongers in their own eyes. They see themselves as merely performing an “information service.” But they function much like the National Enquirer, The Star or other supermarket tabloids, so popular today. The difference is that they do this on behalf of the many splinters, assuring themselves that God is pleased with their efforts. Actually, these “journalists” directly serve the “god of this world,” who loves gossip, talebearing, slander, bad news, discord, division and every other form of human disagreement. While God hates these things, the devil and human nature feast on them. But try to tell them God hates what they are doing.

Additionally, most of these “information services” link their websites and newspapers. One “service” may specialize in muck, while another specializes in dirt. Still another in sewage, while yet another features trash and garbage. But since they all “cross-pollinate,” one need only stumble onto one source to find a veritable treasure trove of every vile thing under the sun—instantly available!

You must come to see that, in a host of ways, these sources have rejected Christ’s most basic teachings, and have departed from even the fringes of marginal true Christianity. (From Should Accusers Be Answered?)

The only people I know on the fringe are the legalistic splinter cults of Armstrongism who promote worthless legalistic mumbo-jumbo that enslaves.  They follow a weak, impotent little god who is powerless.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Dave Pack: Miraculous Healings, Demons Being Cast Out, Thousands of New Members

Packatolla wants all of you COGers out there that are looking for a home after years of wandering around from XCOG to XCOG and never being satisfied.  Pack wants you to know he has the worlds largest, most important and most miraculous COG on the face of the earth. He has written a letter to all of you apostate, demons possessed, slackers out there.  Amazing things are happening in RCG.  Web hits are up dramatically, Web downlands are earth shattering.  Miraculous healing are occurring.  Demons are being cast out.  Income is up 102%.

His church is experiencing, allegedly,  astounding growth with "thousands" being brought into the church.
He refuses to release his numbers though, as well as his finances.  So when he claims thousands, that could literately mean two thousand and two people as members.  "Thousands" plural can mean a lot of things, but in Armstrongism it usually means minuscule and irrelevant.

Dear Dave: Can I call you Dave?  Ok Dave.  
The above picture is what thousands (maybe even ten thouosand) symbolizes.  
Not the miniscule little "thousands" you claim.  
Once a liar, always a liar.

Jesus taught, “You shall know them by their FRUITS” (Matt. 7:16, 20). How often did Mr. Armstrong repeat this? Only one organization passes the test when fruits are the standard. These fruits spring from having the truth, traditions and standards of the past, and God’s guidance and blessings—which are all demonstrably provable! The many fruits in this letter represent the fingerprints of God for those interested and willing to look.
Every year the statistical growth in all categories within God’s Church and Work show an increase, and usually all of them a significant or large increase. But what follows is nothing short of a STATISTICAL TIDAL WAVE unlike anything we have seen before—and we have seen a lot of growth!

Some mind bloggling statistics of the greatest show on earth are:

" should be obvious that 20% growth for 12 straight years puts our official attendance in the thousands."

"All ministers (and wives) in the RCG ministry undergo a very extensive, sophisticated training program, via Ambassador Center, The Pastor General’s Report, numerous special Pastoral Care lectures, and an annual Conference for all ministers, among other means. Nothing like our training program is occurring anywhere else. In fact, nothing else is close."

"2011—102.2% above 2010
It is my prayer that God will help everyone in the splinters understand what the statistic you just read—growth in income—should mean to you. It should be literally IMPOSSIBLE to miss God’s fingerprints in just THIS SINGLE NUMBER. "
   " The millions of dollars we received in 2010 more than doubled in 2011!!!"

"A World Headquarters campus is scheduled to open in April 2013—and to begin construction in April 2012. " (Obviously this will be in the Guinness Book of World Records for the fasted construction of a college campus and Auditorium in human history.)

 Someone had better get out the measuring tape to see who's dick is the biggest. with this boastful pissing contest:
 "Perhaps examine the quality, professionalism and “authority” (or lack thereof) of your organization’s telecast, in light of World to Come broadcasts, which can all be found at and Incidentally, RCG’s YouTube totals for World to Come views is significantly greater than UCG, LCG and PCG combined! And we are just starting."

" Finally, and this is most important, view any of the 125 broadcasts available to compare the messages with those of your organization—and then decide who is continuing the fulfillment of Isaiah 58:1-2 in the same way as did Mr. Armstrong!"

" Regarding the amount of literature we offer, virtually all of our enemies ascribe the writing of these books and booklets to me, at the human level. While these enemies are trying to discredit me, they in fact greatly overcredit me. When they suggest that either I or my late wife (as my constant typist) could have done this on our own, even a fraction of it, they have unwittingly assumed a human being is capable of what no man could do, and over a short period of time, without tremendous miraculous help from Almighty God. Discerning brethren in the splinters will recognize God’s handprint."

"God’s Church continues to experience many dramatic healings, as well as a host of other miracles. Of course this has been most inspiring—and faith-increasing!—for the Church. No one hears in the splinters of outright truly miraculous healings any more. We do time and again. Here are just five brief examples, quickly assembled for my letter, of what is a long list of such healings:" ( Obviously God hates all the other splinter cults because they are dying from all kinds of diseases while we are being healed.)

 "Healings are only one of many kinds of miracles we see in God’s Church on a regular basis, miracles that His enemies cannot gainsay. For instance, we see dramatic open doors, special protection from calamities, and demons cast out. In this regard, Jesus instructs those listening in Luke 11:20 that “the finger of God” is responsible and “no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you.” Are you listening to what these miracles mean? "

"I fear—I truly FEAR—for those who so freely speak against the work of the Holy Spirit in The Restored Church of God. If only they could have the good sense of carnal Gamaliel in Acts 5:34-39, and stop attacking us “lest haply [they] be found even to fight against God.” " (So we are supposed to fear Pack and his impotent little god? Hardly!)

"All eyes in God’s Church are looking ahead to the absolute explosion of additional growth that this letter heralds for 2012! It will surely be a year like none other for the reconstitution of God’s Work for this final age. It could now be said that we are on the last few pages of the last chapter of God’s Work!" 

Dave goes on to prostitute out Dale Schurter some more:

We are pleased to announce that a longtime minister in God’s Church, Mr. Dale Schurter, has resigned from the United Church of God (UCG) and, with his wife, Mona, come with The Restored Church of God (RCG). A resignation letter to UCG brethren and ministers explaining the reasons for Mr. Schurter’s decision has been posted on Over the last five days, a great many people from every corner of the world have contacted us from UCG, but also other organizations, because of Mr. Schurter’s powerful letter and call to action. Our Mailing Department has been extremely busy. To see more and more people waking up to the false doctrine, wrong standards, poor fruits and continually worsening condition of their organizations has been most encouraging. We will have more to report with the passing of time.

 Schurter and hundreds of other defecting ministers will soon be exposing the false doctrines and teachings of all the other 600 some splinter cults of Armstrongism.  With the mind boggling, soon to come defections, of hundreds of COG ministers, the RCG will have first hand knowledge of how evil these 600 some splinter groups are.

Has the Church of God ever had such a bold liar as they now have with Davie Pack? 

Thiel Making Eyes At Baron Guttenberg Again

Dr. Bob is at it again. He wants you to know he has his eye on the Baron. I wonder if Spanky approves of this bromance?  He also wants you to know that the Baron will be the one that will come back over here and kill all of you reprobates when he brings the German armies back to destroy the nation.  Ho hum

As regular readers know, I have long had my eye on former German Defense Minister Baron Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg as one to watch as a possible candidate to be the final King of the North of Daniel 11 and Beast of Revelation.

I have warned for some time that he would return to politics if he is the one.
His actions show that he is one we all should watch (cf. Mark 13:37).

An Ecumenical Church of God Love Fest In The Works?

Armstrongism has always mocked the Christan world when various churches met together to work towards a common goal.  Now it seems United Church of God and Living Church of God are extending an olive branch to each other so they can work together in fulfilling the commission.  Quite absent from this love fest is Church of God Worldwide Association, UCG's recently departed brethren.  Why the hypocrisy?

As the end of this age draws near, it seems more appropriate than ever that God’s people, wherever they may reside, support one another in fulfilling the commission Jesus Christ gave us. With this in the forefront of our minds, representatives of the of the United Church of God, an International Association, met with the leadership of the Living Church of God at Living’s Headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, on January 9-10 for a two-day visit. 

The purpose of the visit was to rekindle friendships and discuss ways to cooperate in serving God’s people. The meetings were cordial and positive and included an open and frank discussion about those things that we have in common, and some of our differences, including church government and the way each Church is organized. We also discussed our different strategies for preaching the gospel in this modern age. There was no discussion of any type of merger.

Discussions about areas of cooperation within the greater Church of God community included humanitarian concerns, disaster relief and other unforeseen events where we can help our members meet critical needs by supporting and loving one another as Jesus commanded. Cooperation could also include helping members who have difficulty getting time off for the Sabbath and Holy Days, and other legal matters that affect both organizations.  It was agreed that open communication between Church of God organizations will become more important as world events move towards their ultimate prophetic fulfillment. 

Those in attendance at the meetings in Charlotte on behalf of the Living Church of God were Dr. Roderick C. Meredith, Mr. Richard Ames and Dr. Douglas Winnail. Those who traveled from Cincinnati for the United Church of God were Mr. Dennis Luker, Mr. Victor Kubik and Mr. Peter Eddington.  Mr. Luker commented that the Cincinnati team felt most welcome and were treated very warmly. In addition to the meetings, the UCG visitors were given a full tour of the Living Church of God headquarters and adjacent media center.

Another tour?  These tours are starting to be dangerous!  Will the representatives immediately jump ship now to LCG because they were in awe and amazement at the magnificent work being accomplished in Charlotte?  Will we have another Schurter 20 page resignation letter from these guys?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Schurter Says He Offers Hope to COG Slackers

Dale Schurter has written about his amazing and mind boggling defection over to the Restored Church of God.  He claims hundreds have written to him and been restored back to wholeness by his amazing letter.  You would think that this event is the most miraculous thing to happen in the Church of God in decades.

Greetings again, everyone. As I continue to hear from people around the world, many are emailing and calling from several of the break-away groups of the WCG, in addition to folks in general. Comments indicate my letter has already helped many to see that they have slacked off in regular and heartfelt daily prayer and Bible study, among other things, and some have again committed to “get back on track.” As of this evening, my website has reached 960 cities in 40 countries. How encouraging and sobering at the same time.

He then goes on that not all comments have been warm and fuzzy.  Some disagree and he is not happy about the detractors ridiculing him. But takes it on the chin as a martyr for the truth no matter how painful..

And yes, some comments are negative, a few of them even hostile in nature. How we all long for the day “the accuser of the brethren” is no longer able to accuse the faithful daily before the throne of God. However, the vast majority of the comments are positive, including comments of appreciation to receive a “wake-up call,” and gladness to be back in touch again. Please continue to pray for all the brethren and those being called of God….yes, including those who do not yet understand in full, and strike out at others. This can be painful, but should never dissuade us from our commitment to the Father and Jesus Christ to stay the course to which we are called. Remember, “All who live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution” (II Tim. 3:12).

He should realize that his "detractors" see through the malarkey of his miraculous visit to Packman's HQ and how that cult is damaging hundreds of lives.  People are still shocked that he wants to be part of that kind of evil.

Idiotic Ron Weinland Video : Alien Demons

Armstrongism's latest fool to soon go down in flaming glory on May 27th is Ronnie Weinland.  Here is one of his more idiotic videos.

Brain Test

Let's free our minds from all things Armstrongite for a couple of minutes.  

Can you read this?

7H15 M3554G3
53RV35 7O PR0V3
D0 4M4Z1NG 7H1NG5!
1MPR3551V3 7H1NG5!
1N 7H3 B3G1NN1NG
17 WA5 H4RD BU7
N0W, 0N 7H15 LIN3
R34D1NG 17
W17H 0U7 3V3N
7H1NK1NG 4B0U7 17,
C3R741N P30PL3 C4N
R3AD 7H15.

God Discussion Puts Ron Weinland On Hot Seat Tonight

Sign on tonight to listen to a lively discussion about one of  Armstrongim's biggest false prophets. There will be a discussion tonight on "God Discussion" that will feature a segment about Ron Weinland.

This is from the email I received this morning:

"...on our "God Discussion" show tonight during the 2nd hour of the program to talk about Ron Weinland.  The freethought types of blogs have gone wild promoting the story over the past few days, so it should be a well-received interview. 

Details on tonight's guests are here:

The show itself can be accessed live here:

There is a web-based chat room that appears automatically, also, and it tends to be a hoot.

When it is live, the page notes that it is ON AIR and it will play from your computer speakers (you might have to press a button -- BlogTalk keeps updating but generally, the show automatically plays).  About 10-60 minutes after the podcast concludes, it is available for download as an MP3 from BlogTalk and shortly thereafter, is available on iTunes.  Slowly but surely, I am converting the shows into YouTube videos.  It's a long process and I cannot give a specific date on when tonight's show will be in video format."

This Week on the God Discussion Show: A night of humanism and reason with Roy Speckhardt, Al Stefanelli and others, including the scoop on the latest 'end times prophet'

Roy Speckhardt of the American Humanist AssociationA slate of outstanding guests will be joining us for the first God Discussion Show of the new year.
First, we will be talking with Roy Speckhardt, Executive Director of the American Humanists Association.  Roy actively promotes the humanist perspective on progressive political issues. He’s appeared on CNN Headline News, Fox News, numerous national radio shows, and has spoken to dozens of local humanist groups across the country. He also serves as a board member of the Humanist Institute and the United Coalition of Reason and as an advisory board member of the Secular Student Alliance. He holds an M.B.A. from George Mason University and a B.A. in sociology from Mary Washington College. He lives in Washington DC.
Al Stefanellli, a voice of ReasonAl Stefanelli is well-known for his work with United Atheist Front, Inc., which he founded in 2005 and ran until August 2011, at which point he shifted gears to serve as the Georgia State Director of American Atheists.  Al is the author of A Voice of Reason in an Unreasonable World and is a widely read journalist with the National Atheism Examiner, Freethought Blogs and Associated Content.  He has been a writer and journalist since 1993, starting out as a weekly columnist for a McClathy Newspaper, where he wrote a column called Think About It for ten years.  His work won a North Carolina Journalism award.  Al also produced and hosted the weekly syndicated broadcast Millennium for three years.  He is also a former Baptist Minister, Preacher and Evangelist.  Links to his various projects and online columns can be found at his official website,
Show Time:  Thursday night, January 12, 2012, 6  Pacific / 7 Mountain / 8 Central / 9 Eastern
Call-In Number:  914-338-0452
To hear the show live and participate in the web-based chat room:
More info about time zones, the chat room, archive downloads and hosts:  The God Discussion Show
Extra regarding Thomas PaineExtras … Thomas Paine is perhaps the most influential of America's founding fathers, yet he is ignored or forgotten. The World Union of Deists has launched a campaign to convince the History Channel to produce and air a documentary about Paine. Jayson of the World Union of Deiests tells us more (you can sign the petition here). And *tentatively* we'll learn more about the Ronald Weinland, the doomsday preacher who says that Jesus Christ is returning on May 27, 2012.
Ronald Weinland storyAs an added treat, we're happy to announce that we will have a chance to talk with Mike, who blogs at  Mike will give us the scoop about God's latest "prophet" who has proclaimed that Jesus Christ is returning to earth on May 27, 2012 — and that people who "mock" Ronald Weinland's message will die of cancer.  Weinland's so-called prophecies have been around for awhile, and despite the failed May 21, 2011, doomsday prophecy of Harold Camping, has not backed down from his prediction.

Meredith's Wife Has Stage 4 Cancer

Living Church of God Northeast has announced that Rod Meredith's wife has stage 4 cancer.

Your prayers are requested for Mrs. Sheryl Meredith, wife of Mr. Meredith, who has been diagnosed with stage-4 cancer throughout her liver and other parts of the stomach region. 

It has always been a fact that wives of so many ministers and church leaders have been stricken by cancer.  During the 1980's there was a huge number of ministers wives that were stricken.

I am sure this has to be hard on Rod Meredith, since his first wife Margie also died from cancer. Plus, with Rod's stroke and his declining health this does not bode well.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Restored Church of God Defecting Minister Letter


Please use this form when specifically transferring your loyalty and mind over to the Restored Church of God and the Resident Apostle.  If good enough, if you are well known enough and can prove that you can send this letter to thousands of current COG members now attending the untrue churches, you just might have found yourself a job.
"Dearly Beloved____________________________________________________   "    
                             Please use the appropriate words that will endear you to the
"Greetings to all of our dear friends.  ________________________________________________________________"
Give a long history of where you have been and how you got here. Please take your time and explain your entire connection to WCG including ALL your amazing contact with the Armstrongs.  (Do not mention the Tkaches).  Be careful NOT to say Mr. Armstrong trained you or any such thing. This simply will not wash.
"Over the last few years______________________________________________
Please take lots of time to explain your perception of what has happened compared to the truth. Be dramatic.  Tell the brethren Satan's role in it all but be sure to point out the human instruments used to destroy God's Church.  Hold yourself above the fray of course and share the agony you felt watching it all but never really speaking up of course.
"Finally our eyes were opened.______________________________________________________________
Explain clearly how you opened your eyes. DO NOT take anytime to speculate on how long it took or why now.  You can lose points here if your move is connected to lower numbers and discord in your present Church.  Also, do not reveal they have been paying your retirement for a few years now.  Use appropriate "eyes opened" scriptures.  Be careful to make it sound like your eyes were recently opened. Saying your eyes have been opened for years is a mistake.  Also credit Satan with your not seeing things for such a long time.  If the brethren think you were too comfy staying put and saying nothing...well, just don't fail to credit Satanic eye scales.
"Almost as if Christ himself was leading us, we decided to stop by and take a tour of the Restored Church of God's World Headquarters.___________________________
Ok, here ya go.  Be very enthusiastic about this visit.  Please use the words "amazing, overarching, world's biggest, incredible, true, on track, " etc in your praise for the organization.  Mention the entire staff and team and again use words that make it seem they all get along, love how things are done and spend hours a day trying to be more and more transparent to all concerned.  DO NOT ask how many members there actually are.  DO NOT inquire about specific income figures. When you are told the stats  given be sure to act like that actually was the answer to your question.  DO NOT ask what personal family members, mostly untrained if ordained, make as a salary.
"We were honored to spend many hours personally with Mr. and Mrs. David C Pack._______________________________________________________________
____________________________________________________________________ very careful here.  Be sure to pour praise on the Resident Apostle.  DO NOT refer to him by a first or shortened name.  This is BIG NO NO!   Honor to whom honor and all that.  How well you learn to do this will directly impact your future income.  More honor=More Income.
"We have come to realize_____________________________________________
Here is your chance to shine and justify yourself. Please show how what you are doing is exactly what GOD, CHRIST, THE EARLY APOSTLES (especially Paul) HWA, Roderick C Meredith and a few leading....oops, no wait!!!!   HWA, David C Pack and a few unnamed yet to come leading Evangelists, would do.  Be sure your actions are easily proof texted in both the Old and New Testaments.  A lead towards the NT is helpful but not necessary.  Call Jesus  "Christ" as it sounds more crisp and authoritative.  BE SURE TO REMIND THE BRETHREN YOU HAVE FOUND THE LONG LOST ONE TRUE CHURCH.  Nothing short of this will get you hired.
"I must caution you about criticism to come both to myself and Mr. David C Pack
Here is your chance to shine again.  Be a martyr glorious. But be careful!  You must be willing to blow off a bit less criticism than The Resident Apostle.  You must not come across as suffering more than he. It is your job to absorb the blows.  You are the armour. You are the buffer between Satan and God's anointed.  Do not take too much credit to yourself to be willing to be thrown under any bus. It is Satan who is criticising you.  NEVER take any input from your former friends and such too seriously.  They are blind and have eyes that do not see as you do and ears that do not hear the piper as you have.
"Brethren just look at these statistics from Mr. David C Pack himself.
Please just read the statistics given to you.  Do not ask about how much the income is or what the actual membership numbers are.  There are reasons these things are not given unto you. Just go with the numbers.  Don't kid about how years ago you had a garage full of Plain Truth Newstand copies that were counted as given out and weren't.  BE SURE you credit David C Pack with originating the Plain Truth Newstand Program, even if ...well, you know.  Do not kid about what "World Leaders" may have said after Mr. Pack left the room.  DO NOT compare what they may have said with what was said of Ron Weinland when he spoke to the brilliant a year or so ago and made a fool out of himself. At this point, real income is none of your business and that number resides only with the Resident Apostle.  DO NOT ask if Mr. David C Pack thinks you might be one of the Two Witnesses he will train.  Give it some time.
"Brethren, time is short.  If you have any questions, I would welcome you in my home, office or even if you wanted, you could come to church after I check with Mr. Pack. _________________________________________________________________
Let it go here.  Be suave and caring. Let them know you love them with all your heart and would move heaven and earth to get them attend, er....ask you anything they want and come visit you.
DO NOT tease them about giving a discount on tithing for the first few months if they will change over right now.  There is never a discount and soon you also will learn to "send it in," because you are now one of God's employees. 
"Please check my new website and ask any questions you might have.  I will post the ones I like and skip the ones that question my decision or want to fill me in on their own experience working for RCG.  I did say my eyes were open but did not say my ears were near as open so don't push me.
In Christ's Service________________________________________________
Be sure to indicate you know you are the service of Christ himself and a reference to the Great God and Father can't hurt either.  Thank them for their concern and love and be sure to repeat that you love them more than they love you and that you are anxious to hear from them.
Depending on who you are, how famous, popular, well know and so on, you will receive a reply either really really fast,  really fast,  fast,  slower than fast, not so fast, slowly or not at all.  DO NOT CALL to inquire about your status.  That will be decided by Christ and the Resident Apostle

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Help For Church of God Members Who Are Vampires

Can Armstrongism get any crazier?  Many days I think they have exhausted the craziness, and then along comes another numbnut.  Here is a  guy (Tim Carpenter) who is offering help for vampires in the church and in the world around us.  Of course like any good Armstrongite he prescribes daily supplements, vitamins and garlic capsules.  A good dose of sunlight won't hurt either.  However, the ultimate source of healing is the blood of Jesus.......

Leviticus 17:10-11:
10 And whatsoever man there be of the house of Israel, or of the strangers that sojourn among you, that eateth any manner of blood; I will even set my face against that soul that eateth blood, and will cut him off from among his people.
11 For the life of the flesh is in the blood: and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul.
To learn the different kinds of real vampires please visit the Vampires Studies website (Link does not work). They are NOT affiliated with us and not necessarily meant as a help to vampires but rather as a research and study page for people to know what real vampires are. I recommend reading it with caution only after prayer and only if you think you may be a vampire. Then return here for help to recover from this satanic affliction.

For help in recovery from vampirism, read our "How to overcome anything" article.

Also, feel free to use our Pray Request page.

Also, Be sure to take daily supplements of Vitamin D at least 1000-4000 mg per day. Also take Garlic capsules or even better eat real garlic in your pasta dishes. This boosts your immune system to fight any virus that might be related to that kind/type of vampire. Sun exposure is important. Be of Gods Light, not of darkness, avoid all appearance of evil, be transformed by the renewing of your mind in Christ Jesus. Jesus is the answer for all kinds and all types of vampires. By Christ Blood YOU can be HEALED!!!

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