Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dale Schurter's Ego Getting As Big As Pack's

In an update today on his magnificent defection from United Church of God to the ONLY TRUE CHURCH, Dale makes several boastful comments. Because he is part of the worlds largest and most important COG ministry on earth, his resignation/propaganda letter is rapidly spreading around the world.  People in 645 cities in 33 countries have read it.  Woo Hoo!  Look at me!  I am here to help you all escape from your dead and dying COG's and to help facilitate a smooth transition to God's Largest Church on earth today!

In beginning to go through, one by one, the many incoming emails, phone calls and voicemails thus far, it is quite encouraging to receive so many….so quickly. My letter has reached people in some 645 cities in 33 countries at this point. Yesterday Mona and I hosted an Open Forum all afternoon and were able to answer a large number of questions, personally….questions (and answers) which may be posted later. I was especially encouraged by one attendee who said, “I’m so glad to hear what you’ve been saying. I’m so in need of more strength and spiritual truth.” Brethren, that strength and truth can be found only in the Holy Bible, The Scriptures, and is taught in its fullness in The Restored Church of God, yes, as taught by Jesus Christ and the Apostles.

My wife and I made an important decision, and are very thankful for the exciting calling and opportunity to now be enabled to assist RCG and its Pastor General, Mr. Pack, in reaching out to people around the world who face that same choice where this is being accomplished. We must come to understand all that it means to be in the very last years of the very last era of the Church. It is soon going to come to an end, and it is time for all of us to wake up to that reality. God’s work needs to be done, and my goal is to help brethren understand the reality of the stark choices every person in the 7th era faces…to wake up now, before the Tribulation strikes….and not wait until it is upon them. I pray all of God’s people will begin to investigate the truth now, before it is too late….and find themselves in a much worse situation.


Douglas Becker said...

7th era of the church... let's see now... I've heard this before... 7th era of the church... hmmm. Wait... don't tell me!

Oh I know!


I know that there's no such thing as eras of the church, but goodness!

Inviting people to Laodocea!

Let's have a weinie roast at the pretty pretty Lake of Fire!

What's really funny is the non Armstrongist Sabbath keeping church minister covering Revelation 2 & 3 last month in a sermon, telling them they were all Laodoceans (and the implications thereof).

The reaction: Fat, dumb and happy.

Not certain if they be rich and increased in goods or have a name they are Living, but are really dead.

No wait.

The Living Church of God has that covered.

Good luck at the Restored Laodocean Church of God!

Anonymous said...

Where is the REAL faith in these professing "true Christians" of the "true church of God" who endlessly go on about it being the "last days" and the "last hour"--it's truly disturbing!

I mean, WHO do they think they are when they say supposedly ON DIVINE AUTHORITY that this or that denomination is the ONE and ONLY organization that God is working through?! Don't they know how self-conceited and pretentious they sound? As if they speak for God and Christ! It's no different than the cult of Catholicism asserting, "There is no salvation outside the Church of Rome!"

Don't they remember what Christ said to his own disciples in Acts 1:7: "It's not for you to know the times or seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power" (see also Matt. 24:36)!?

They "ignorant and unstable people" have to stop "distorting" the Scriptures, reading into the Bible things that were never meant and taking things out of context to justify their own "so-called knowledge" that will result in "their own destruction" (2 Peter 3:16; 1 Tim. 6:20)!!!

Anonymous said...

Never met the man, but in this photo, he just looks like another nauseating COG Milquetoast to me.

Anonymous said...

Pack always likes to make a BIG show when a new "minister" arrives on the scene. Their is no mention of the hundreds of people who have either left or rejected him and his ideas.

Anonymous said...

I have met Dale Schurter and his wife. They definately have over the years served brethren. I remember a few years back how he and Mrs. Schurter drove through the night to comfort a 'lowly' member in the deep south without hesitation. He left the feast to do so. He was always serving people with a positive friendly and sometimes fearless attitude. Ask some about how he went into the South Bronx trying to visit a member wearing cowboy boots, when the police asked him why he was there. He had no fear, he lived like a brave servant. JJ

Anonymous said...

He sat on his ass most of the time. He also like having meals and gifts bought for him. A spiritual bully