Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dave Pack: "Freedom of the Press Is Not God's Way"

In looking through Pack's screed on being persecuted by the unjust he has this little tid-bit about the Internet and the press which now hold him accountable for his lies.

The arrival of the Internet, coupled with a long-time American institution, has forever changed communication and the “rules” within the Church of God. Let me explain.

Together, these changed everything. When disruptions now occur in the Church, everybody has a “story” to tell. The Internet provides them with a vehicle to do this. And dirtmongers are only too eager to help them. When Daniel said, “knowledge shall be increased” in the end time, he could not have remotely understood how the computer would play such a large role in this.

Freedom of the Press

Compounding the problem, America and other countries practice the principle of “freedom of the press.” While this has never been God’s way, it is certainly the American and modern way. The American Bill of Rights ensures that the flow of “information”—good or bad, right or wrong—can never stop. Therefore, Americans (and citizens of nearly every Western nation) consider access to information not just a privilege but a right. They could not imagine life without all of the various written materials that are made available through this freedom—and the Freedom of Information Act has allowed them to access vast additional amounts of once inaccessible material!

The attitude that people are entitled to complete “openness” from all institutions of government has been absorbed into the splinters. An expectation has developed that visiting certain websites, or reading “church culture” newspapers, is how to get the real story. Now, “investigative reporters” take it upon themselves to “just report the news” happening in the splinters. They view themselves as neutral or acting on God’s behalf, while distributing every conceivable kind of garbage, filth, muck, sewage, dirt and trash landing on their desks!

Obviously, these “journalists” are not dirtmongers in their own eyes. They see themselves as merely performing an “information service.” But they function much like the National Enquirer, The Star or other supermarket tabloids, so popular today. The difference is that they do this on behalf of the many splinters, assuring themselves that God is pleased with their efforts. Actually, these “journalists” directly serve the “god of this world,” who loves gossip, talebearing, slander, bad news, discord, division and every other form of human disagreement. While God hates these things, the devil and human nature feast on them. But try to tell them God hates what they are doing.

Additionally, most of these “information services” link their websites and newspapers. One “service” may specialize in muck, while another specializes in dirt. Still another in sewage, while yet another features trash and garbage. But since they all “cross-pollinate,” one need only stumble onto one source to find a veritable treasure trove of every vile thing under the sun—instantly available!

You must come to see that, in a host of ways, these sources have rejected Christ’s most basic teachings, and have departed from even the fringes of marginal true Christianity. (From Should Accusers Be Answered?)

The only people I know on the fringe are the legalistic splinter cults of Armstrongism who promote worthless legalistic mumbo-jumbo that enslaves.  They follow a weak, impotent little god who is powerless.


Anonymous said...

Dave notes: "Obviously, these “journalists” are not dirtmongers in their own eyes"

Obviously these ministers are not mistaken and mere Bible readers in their own eyes.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, if it wasn't for Freedom of the Press, God would never have gotten his book published.


Anonymous said...

Well M.T.Pages, it's like this. God gets special consideration to use the forbidden Freedom of the Press. Just as Mr. Pack can forbid the Internet to members and teens except for himself as he has a legitimate use for it.

Douglas Becker said...

Yeah, blame freedom of the press for finally revealing your little cult is ungodly, headed by a false prophet.

Admit that British Israelism is a crock, that you don't come from a long line of Sabbath keeping Christians and that you are a liar who keeps taking the money.

Show us some fruit which is not that constant works of the flesh you give us.

Douglas Becker said...

Yes, we should leave it to David Pack to do Satan's work.

Anonymous said...

Dave Pack doesn't hate the freedom of the press, he hates freedom. All tyrants do. But among the first things a successful tyrant must do is take control of the dissemination of information, to silence the opposition while transforming what remains into vehicles for propaganda.

Dave Pack hates the marketplace of ideas because he doesn't have a monopoly over it. He can't stand that there are some people in that marketplace who are free to tell the truth about him. Oh my! Only satanic forces would tell that truth!

Byker Bob said...

Well, there is such a thing as "accountability". I suppose that these cultmeisters believe that accountability is not God's way, either.

There are those who believe that the USA was founded as a Christian nation, in covenant with God, a high percentage of the founding fathers actually being Christian theologians. Word has it that the Constitution and Bill of Rights were patterned after, and based on, principles directly taken from the Bible, or the Magna Carta, a document which also has precepts similar to Biblical ones. COGdom has used the "sabbath criterion" to invalidate the USA as ever having been a "true" Christian nation, the founding fathers not having been aware of or practiced all the Armstrong heresies.

There was a time when I considered those in Armstrongism to simply be "Jewish Christians", or "Ebionite Christians", and attempted, in my own heart, to treat them in accordance with the precepts of unity and conscience outlined by St. Paul. In Paul's times, the Jews in general, and the Jewish Christians were being singled out for horrible persecution. They scattered into the diaspora following the martyrdom of Stephen, and at various times were expelled from Rome. Paul wanted to be sure that they were recognized as bonifide Christians, and treated fairly by the Gentile Christians. Conscience, and tolerance towards the ways in which others acted according to their own consciences was considered to be the key factor.

What we see happening today, unfortunately, goes way beyond this. The Judaizer Pharisees in most of the ACOGs are the intolerant ones. It would be horrifying to witness what might happen amongst them were we not protected by a strong US government, wonderful founding documents, and a fairly Godly form of government! One thinks of the horrors the African warlords regularly inflict on those lacking Godly government in Somali and similar areas of Africa.


John said...

If it is so true that "...the principle of 'freedom of the press'...has never been God's way" as Pack so clearly puts it then he should be immediately sent straight to Iran or other Islamic theocracy that believes not unlike he does! Which "God" is he even referring to in this anti-American, anti-Liberterianism and even anti-Christian assertion?! Such an offensive statement as this reflects the utter ignorance of the man who evidently deems himself wiser than the God-given minds that were America's Founding Fathers, most if not all of whom were Christians, knew their Bibles inside and out and would be turning in their graves to hear such "Popish," truly abhorrent remarks in the name of God! I'm sorry, but in my view his banal assertion is no different to the "fifth column" of Islamists using our God-given and blood-bought freedoms to their advantage and treasonously call for the destruction of America and Western civilization!

James said...

Pack attacks the U.S. Constitution. Does he hates it and wishes that it could be replaced?

The big question is: Would he support the joining of church and state in order to create a fascist regime in which you dear reader have no say?

Wrapped in a flag and carrying a bible or wrapped in the banner of Islam and carrying a koran. What is the difference?

An American Taliban.

Richard said...

James, methinks Mr. Pack would answer yes - at least to the joining of church and state. He'd say that's what the Kingdom of God will be.

John, methinks North Korea would be a better comparison. A place where important news is hidden for three days, until everything is ready. (Which, come to think of it, is what WCG did with the news media announcement of Mr. Tkach Sr.'s death.)

A place where everyone is apparently coached in how to react - and punished if they don't do it well enough.