Saturday, July 7, 2012

The True WCG Says: Nations Fear the U.S. Because We Have Special UFO Contacts

Just when you think the looney farm that makes up the Churches of God could not get any weirder, along comes E. W. King with more stupidity.

Did you know that the nations of the world are in awe and fear of the United States because of the special relationship we have with UFO's?  UFO's seem to prefer Americans to study, probe and have sex with over other humans around the world.. 

According to King, the US military has hoards of documentation UFO sightings by American test pilots and others.

But what do we see now? People from ancient past have talked about strange objects in the sky. Before there was any flight technology these sighting must have seemed super strange. Now that man has flight technology many things have been seen in the sky? Should this surprise us? No. During the 1940’s humans were experimenting with all sorts of new military craft. Commercial pilots reported seeing all sorts of things. The US Air Force started “Project Blue Book” to find out just who saw what and to create cover stories to protect the Top Secret experimental air craft’s.

King, like all good Armstrongites has to interject "sex" into the mix.  Spanky must be proud!

Now it is true that other anomalies have been spotted that are not manmade objects flying through the sky. What of these? Many are simply things occurring naturally that man does not yet understand. But there is a very small percentage that seems to be guided or “intelligent” objects. What are these? Many claim that they are little-gray bug type aliens that are flying around. Thousands of people have come forth with stories claiming that they have been abducted by these ET’s. Their stories are simply horrifying. They claim that these little gray-bug type aliens have done numerous operations on their bodies. Many of these stories involve strange sexual activity.

Here is his astounding wisdom on how nations fear us because of our UFO contacts:

Before I talk further about this phenomenon let me here say that these stories in some ways help America because the other countries now think that we are favored with extraterrestrial technology and private “special” contact. This adds fear to the nations. We can now say that we have the best ‘extraterrestrial technology’. In some ways the US Government feeds into these stories and even helps invent and promote them. We can now turn our TV’s on and watch National Geographic and or Discovery Channel only to learn that we have been created by these aliens. This false propaganda has even a darker side to it.

Of course that darker side is that big, bad, old meanie Satan. Armstrongism, for some reason, lives in fear of it's created creature they call satan.  They give their satan far more power than there actually may be.  They also talk about him way more than they do Jesus Christ.

You can read his entire post here:  Top Secret – Fire from the Sky

UCG Begging For One Million Dollars

Beyond Today TV Studio is Really, Really SMALL!

United Church of God wants all it's members to know just how incredibly small their TV studio is.  Just look at those three men all crammed on to one pathetic little stage.  Poor little guys! One desk cannot serve them all properly.

After the membership initially balked at the the proposal for  new studios earlier in the year, now the UCG brass are trying to ramrod it through again.

I would like to ask for your prayers regarding the need for a larger and improved television studio so that we can produce even better and higher quality programs. We have a great team working together, and they do an amazing job considering the small size of the studio and the equipment available. And please pray for our three TV presenters, Darris McNeely, Steve Myers and Gary Petty, that God will continue to inspire and strengthen them and help them grow stronger and wiser in preaching and teaching His truth! They need our prayers and support even more with the expansion of our Beyond Today TV program into many more countries around the world.

Then UCG takes a page right out of the Paul and Jan Crouch fund raising book.
And one final matter that I would like to share with you and ask you to pray about. God has blessed the United Church of God with a good, steady income because of your faithfulness in tithes and offerings, and we are doing well considering the church split we went through about 18 months ago. But now we are growing and expanding our efforts to preach the gospel and prepare a people.

So what am I asking you to pray about? It is this: that God will provide the “faith line,” an extra one million dollars income that we have included in our new budget, on faith, in order to keep growing and moving forward. Our treasurer, Aaron Dean, included this same amount in last year’s fiscal budget as a faith line—trusting God to provide the extra income that we would need to balance our budget—and God did provide it!

Oh, and we are just one big happy lovey-dovey family!  The reality is, you are only loved as long as you toe the line.  Deviate anyway off the path and you will experience true Church of God love rather swiftly.

Here at the home office in Cincinnati, Ohio, we are working together in peace and unity to accomplish God’s work. We all love one another and enjoy working together. As a result, God is opening many doors and blessing us with new opportunities to do His work and serve others.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Dave Pack Strikes GOLD! Oh, Sorry! Make that ROCKS!

A most miraculous event happened in Wadsworth this past week. Dave Pack, the second biggest prophetic failure in the Church of God, made a mind boggling announcement on how God has richly blessed the Restored Church of God.

Dave breathlessly writes to his several hundred followers:

Finally, a massive 12-foot-deep hole for the foundation of the Administration Building footprint is near completion, leading to the next major step-pouring concrete and footers for the foundation of the building. (An interesting sidepoint is that while preparing the foundation last week, we accidentally tapped into and dug up very large sandstone rocks that can later be used for landscaping and other needs. We literally stumbled on 500 to 1,000 tons-one to two million pounds!-of rock.) Brethren, please pray that God blesses us in all elements of the construction.

A house built upon sandstone weathers and blows away over time.  Is this a prophetic indication of the soon coming  collapse of the Restored Church of God?

Dave's member letter:  RCG Member/Co Worker Letter

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!

Ron Weinland Daughter Audra: The Money Shuffler

Mike has another great entry from Juror 215 that convicted Ron Weinland recently.  The juror is telling about Ron's daughter Audra being examined by the lawyers.

The church had, during the time in question, about 10 bank accounts at 6 different banks. There were three persons authorized to access those accounts:
- Ronald Weinland
- Laura Weinland
- Audra Weinland

The Weinlands, during the time in question, had about 8 domestic bank accounts at 5 different banks. Again, there were three persons authorized to access those accounts:
- Ronald Weinland
- Laura Weinland
- Audra Weinland

The Weinlands had about 6 credit card accounts from 4 different credit card companies, each account with a $50,000 credit limit. In some cases, for a single account, there were separate cards for both Ron and Laura.

Audra’s testimony is where the accounting process to pay the bills was revealed. The bills for the card would come in, or Audra would check the balance online. Audra would transfer the full amount of the bill from a church account into a Weinland account, and then would pay off the card from a Weinland account. This was the process that was established by her mother prior to Audra’s employment by the church, so she just went along with it. Audra made no attempts to audit the credit card statements for the nature of the expenses, she just kept paying them off monthly.

Read the rest of the posting here:   Audra Weinland: A Little Testimony

Apostle Malm: People Are Blind To My Truth's

The apostle has delivered a "State of the Work" message today to his miniscule group of followers.  Apparently we are supposed to believe he has the ONLY true message in existence in the world today.  Only HE is preaching such a message.

I have been warning for five years now and thousands are on a strong learning curve.  Even those who love to hate this effort, and visit just to condemn; are getting an eyeful of warnings and sound doctrine that will stick with them and later be remembered.

I have so far never advised anyone to leave their Groups, and have instead been calling the groups themselves to turn back to God.

Very soon now, if the Groups will not accept sound doctrine and turn from the sin of falling away from zeal for God and His commandments; it will be time for the brethren to take personal decisions, as they did in the 95 WCG.
Thankfully most are ignoring his legalistic malarkey.  The apostle realizes that and he has this to say to them:

The fence sitters need a serious eye opening experience to demonstrate that what I am warning of is true;  

The apostle is being encouraged again to start a Feast site for the only true believers left on earth today. Because the apostle is weak in the faith, he has said no.  He has no way of knowing how many will show up, nor does he have a way to vet the speakers to make sure they are all on the same page he is.

One of the main problems with this is that people are widely scattered around the world and there is a lack of speakers and organizers who would be guaranteed to be on the same page.  We are still in a preliminary growth situation with a few hundred people already committed to sound doctrine and thousands more  sitting on the fence.

He claims to have a large number of Elder's out there from various COG's that agree with him, but are weak little men of little faith. They agree with him, but are afraid to leave their respective organizations.

A large number of fence sitters including some elders are in agreement with the doctrinal teachings presented on this blog, but they are gun shy and super cautious over the festival and  prophetic material that differ from what they have believed for over a generation.

He then ends his writing encouraging his acolytes to attend yet another Feast with the respective apostate churches.  He also has added another day to the length of the Feast.  The apostate COG's do not realize that they need one more day added. The apostle wants his followers to remain one more day in their respective Feast site areas to observe that day.

I have so far never advised anyone to leave their Groups, and have instead been calling the groups themselves to turn back to God.

Very soon now, if the Groups will not accept sound doctrine and turn from the sin of falling away from zeal for God and His commandments; it will be time for the brethren to take personal decisions, as they did in the 95 WCG.

For the coming Festivals I advise everyone to observe the Feast of Trumpets and Atonement with like minded friends or alone; and then to go to their regular Groups for Tabernacles, planning to stay an extra day to keep the Feast according to God’s Calendar; which is a day later than the apostate Rabbinic Calendar used by the major COG Groups today.

School of the Supernatural to Be Opened On Ambassador Campus

Herbert is rolling over in his grave right now.  Little would he have ever dreamed that a charismatic personality cult would have bought the Ambassador Auditorium where people would be barking like dogs, pogoing and rolling around on the floor in fits of ecstasy.  I remember the fits of rage HWA went into when he found a crucifix on stage for an opera production.  All hell broke loose.  Imagine what he would think to find out a School for the Supernatural will be opened in the Hall of Administration!  Oy!

Harvest Rock Church, who bought the Auditorium, has declared that they will be purchasing the Hall of Administration for their use.  The Hall of Ad had been bought by a senior retirement community developer several years ago.  Pre-sales of the million dollar retirement condos were swift.  Then the economy tanked.  The company backed out and Maranatha Schools leased the building out for film shoots and other rentals.

Harvest Rock posted this:
A kairos moment is again laid before us!
We have an opportunity to buy the administrative
building next to HRock in Pasadena
for only cents on the dollar.

For years, respected prophetic leaders have prophesied to us about an expansion of HRock Church and Harvest International Ministry on this campus, and the increased impact it would have for ministry here and abroad. 

This seemed beyond our reach until I received the recent news of an unprecedented price drop for this facility. 

As you may know, this site served as the former world headquarters for the Worldwide Church of God. They have been guarded in who is allowed to purchase property, and what was available for sale. God gave us favor when we miraculously obtained the remarkable auditorium where we meet for conferences and as a church.  

However, since we gained that facility in 2004, our tiny staff offices have remained on the other side of our city in an old building. We haven’t had the space for vital things we need, like a permanent 24/7 house of prayer, healing rooms, staff offices and of course, a home for HIM.

Our vision for the building is to establish a top-notch Christian preschool, elementary and junior high school, our international seminary, Wagner Leadership Institute, Arts and Entertainment Academy, and the new School of the Supernatural we are slated to begin in the Fall. The building is perfect for a food bank to feed the poor in our city. We also need Sunday school classrooms, ministry classrooms, meeting rooms, organizational facilities and offices for staff.

I believe this is the next step in your and my part to establish the Kingdom through the ministries of HRock and HIM. God reminded me of an unusual strategy to purchase this building: I am asking 9000 people to give $1,000 each so we can buy it outright. That would total $9 million dollars. 

These are the same folks that poured salt in the auditorium lake to expel the demons of Armstrongism.  These are the same people who walked around the Auditorium and the campus pouring holy oil on the sidewalks, benches, bridges, porches, etc. to drive away the satanic forces of the Worldwide Church of God. Plants, trees, flowers and grass were prayed over to get rid of any demons that might be living in them.

Walking around that property now is a really creepy experience. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Why Are Church of God Members Sooooooo Special?

Apparently the Yahooists are all a twitter about a story out of France that claims that Coke has alcohol in it.  What's a poor Jew to do or even a Muslim?  But never fear, if you are true called out Church of God member you have nothing to worry about.
Since COG  members are the 1% set-apart ones and so significantly special above all the rest of humanity that specialness means you cannot die from eating poison or by being bitten by a poisonous snake. Plus, if you happen to eat a pork product in your food, that you did not know about,  God is not going to zap you for it.

Yet, if you get a burger on Saturday after church you will burn in the lake of fire.

God is going to save you from a snake bite but will let you die a painful death from cancer. 

God will heal you when you ingest poison yet will let your child die from a disease. 

How does this magical god choose who gets his special touch?

...inasmuch as the amount of alcohol in sodas is not worth mentioning. Bringing it to anyone's attention is simply ill intent to play with their conscience much as if you are in the middle of eating a burrito and someone tells you it was cooked in lard. Naturally, you then become upset. Happily, we are informed by Paul that if we eat poison or are bitten by snakes.... we will remain unharmed, and we know God does not hold us responsible since we were innocent of wrongdoing. Not so for many other religious folks.

"Not so for many other religious folks."  Really?????

That translated into Church of God speak: 

Because we are Church of God members we are way more special and set apart than the rest of the fake Jews and Christians out there.  They are just deceived idiots that know nothing.  We know everything, especially how special we are in our god's sight.  God is on our side and not yours!  Ha Ha!

(Hat tip to Frank for this)

Do You Dare Question Church Authority?

For well over 80 years now the members of the Church of God have been told over and over to never question the ministry, doctrines or visions of the leaders.  To do so was equated as rebellion against God.

Healthy faith involves questioning, doubt and anger.  Armstrongism has always made these qualities to be tools of Satan to deceive the brethren.  Any look through Hebrew and Christan scriptures quickly points out the men and women who questioned God, argued with God, and got angry with God.  COG members would never exhibit or admit to these qualities to other COG members.  To do so would make them feel "weak in the faith" in the eyes of others.

That's part of the reason so many in the COG's get angry with the "anti-COG" sites.  They feel their faith, their beliefs and understanding are being questioned. It is easier to sit there week after week and be spoon fed than it is to dare to step outside the box and use critical thinking.  Being bombarded by booklets, magazines, taped sermons, bible studies, TV programs,and members only chruch activities allows them to do the thinking for you which is much easier than daring to doubt.

I know many who sit in COG services week after week, even though they do not believe it anymore, because all their friends are there.  They know full well that if they were to leave they would be shunned. It is better to "suck it up" and suffer for a couple hours each week than it is to step out and fly free.

Steping out and questioning does not mean you have to loose faith.  Many find their faith  grows even stronger.  Others, need a break from religion all together.  That is good too, especially after what we have all been through while being part of the COG.

The Silenced blog has a great posting today about this very topic.

They write:

In fact, COG leaders are abusing your belief, taking advantage of your faith for personal monetary gain. Ron Weinland’s conviction, David C. Pack’s constant hustling, UCG’s insistent demand for newer, bigger toys built on the backs of the brethren and decades of WCG’s golden flatware, mansions and private jets are evidence of this systemic abuse of your beliefs. Without your faith and support, including that of tithing and offerings to the organization, the COG’s senior leadership wouldn’t have jobs, their numerous unearned perks or be in a position to abuse their power.

By associating personal beliefs with loyalty to an organization, you are providing fuel for an engine of dishonesty, something we know so many of you don’t want or intend. We know these aren’t your wishes based on all of the splits and schisms in the church whenever there’s alleged corruption or a doctrinal change. Most of those passing through UCG’s exits to join COGWA did so because they realized the vile way their former organization had been conducting itself.

Check out the article here:  The Appeal #1: Beliefs vs. Affiliation

Monday, July 2, 2012

Honda EV World: Ex WCG Minister Takes Trip Down Memory Lane

Check out this article from Honda's electric vehicle web site.  Bill Moore was a WCG pastor who left Armstrongism in 1980.

Driving the Honda Fit EV Down Memory Lane:  EV World's publisher takes Honda's new EV back thirty years in time.

 It's been 34 years since I last walked the campus of Ambassador College in Pasadena, California. It was early Summer 1978 and I had just spent a year on a ministerial sabbatical after more than five years serving as a church pastor in the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia. Now we were preparing to move back to Illinois to assume a new church assignment, but that year would prove a major turning point in our lives. It had opened my eyes to the world of Biblical scholarship, as well as offered me the opportunity to become a published author in two of the church's international publications. The first would lead me to begin questioning church doctrine, the second would prove to me that I could be a writer.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Malm Asks: Will you commit adultery with the whore because she is going to do it anyway?

The apostle just cannot get over the fact that many COGers go out and eat in restaurants on Saturdays.  That just riles him into a royal lather.  The apostle equates going to Burger King for a quick bite to eat before that 2 hour drive home, is as if you were hooking up with the local whore.  On second thought, given the track record of some of the COG leaders have/had with keeping their pants zipped, this really might be an issue.

And that verse goes straight to the issue of going out and buying in restaurants on the Sabbath. Neither be partaker of other men’s sins. You are NOT to participate in other people’s sin. You don’t say, “They’re going to do it anyway, I’ll participate.” Nonsense: You are to adhere to a higher standard. You are to set an example and you are not to partake of other men’s sins.

Will you commit adultery with the whore because she is going to do it anyway?  Then why pollute the Sabbath with the Sabbath polluters?  That excuse justifies ALL sins!  No matter what sin, there will be someone else doing it.  Quite frankly, that excuse is infantile.  We are to become like God, to internalize HIS nature and to keep his commandments with zeal:  we are not to comply with the wickedness of this world and to seek to go back into the evil that we were delivered out of by such a terrible sacrifice