Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Staggering Number of Feast Attendees With The Continuing In Hindsight Church of God

The world's foremost Church of God who is currently doing the ONLY Elijah work on earth today has had a staggering number of attendees at his Feast of Tabernacles sites this year.  No other Church of God is as astounding as this church or has one grown this fast, at least in the deluded leader's mind. He likes to report he has 3,000 African members on his membership rolls.  3,000 followers who have spent a lifetime of church hopping from one organization to another depending who gives them the most money, computers, bibles and whatever else they desire.  They go from Seventh Day Adventist groups to one Church of God group after another when their desires are not met. The Church of God leaders get all warm and fuzzy assuming they have scored more members to their money making empires.  Whoever ends up giving them the most money ro material goods is tyhe One an donly true church.  You can see this in the letter below from one of Hindsight Bob's African groups:

I Greet you all in the Name of Jesus.
We, the Rift Valley (Transmara, Njoro, Bomet, Mau) Members held a meeting for eight days and it turned out successful. We were blessed with Spiritual Training and Teachings.
The people were filled not only Spiritually but also with the bodily satisfaction of food. They were also happy with the services and support we gave them.
I thank you all, but mostly Pastor Ochieng for the planning that took place.
The challenge moreover is the way the people were starved. They experience starvation and hardships in terms of conquering drought and availability of water. But we thank God that the last 2 days when the meeting was supposed to come to an end we were blessed with Rain. But there was no Water Tank for storage but with your prayers we believe we will get one soon.  Hint, hint!
Our Camera Man, Joseah Kipngetich, did a great job in Photo Session however he needs a better quality camera that can take great photo and video graphics whenever we have meetings in Rift Valley next year. Also, he can really come in handy in the Photos in our Church Magazine( Continue Church of God)

Almost-ordained, almost hired and then fired, Elijah Bob Thiel, the Prophet of Hindsight had a staggering number of attendees outside of Africa this year.
Of that 70 there are actually only 40 members sending him money.  Forty deluded people who think a self-appointed liar is an actual prophet of God.  Even Rod Meredith, in all of his grandiose beliefs about himself, understood Bob Thiel to be seriously deluded and thus publicly rebuked him and removed him from the Living Church of God.

Edited: Glynn Washington, Armstrongism, Heaven's Gate and David C Pack

Listen to Episode 1 of Heaven's Gate here.

When you listen to the above video you will hear Washington relate how if Herbert Armstrong had gone so far as to tell members to "drink the kool-aid" that 40% would have not done it, but possibly 60% of the church could have taken their lives if Armstrong had told them to.

I used to believe this would never have happened if Armstrong would have gone so far as to demand this, but the longer Armstrongism exists with the absolutely batshit crazy leaders like Pack, Flurry and Thiel, and some others, the blind devotion to the leadership of the church certainly makes this a present reality.

If you listen to another intro to the series here, you will hear Applegate tell his followers that he is the leader chosen at this time to direct them.  The things he says sound exactly like what Dave Pack is saying.

The Heaven's Gate faithful were normal people. Seekers from all over the country.  I will tell you about  a Kingdom level beyond this level.  If you want to go there you have to follow me, because I am the guy who has got the key at the moment.

Watch the video below that a reader here just referred me to.  It compares Herbert Armstrong to Dave Pack.  While its purpose is to discredit Dave Pack, and it rightly does so, it still whitewashes Herbert Armstrong's equally deluded statements.  Regardless of that, when you see Dave pack's comments pulled out and isolated, they make Dave sound exactly like Applegate.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

#metoo Sexual Abuse in the Churches of God

A person would have to be blind lately to all of the issues plaguing Hollywood directors and studio heads who have molested, sexually assaulted and raped women in the industry.  As the issue explodes on the news, more and more women are coming forward stating that they too had been assaulted or raped.

This is not isolated to the film industry but seems to be an issue across the board to even include the military and the Churches of God.

Church of God members are always quick to say nothing like this would ever happen in the true church, but it did and still does, even in 2017.

From Herbert Armstrong's incestuous assaults of his daughter to Garner Ted raping and bragging about illicit sex with 200 plus coeds, to ministers stalking women, peering in bathroom windows, raping women, teenage girls and small children.

Facebook is filled with stories right now by women who are XCG members and who are sharing their stories about being raped, assaulted or molested by ministers, fellow church members or family members.  In many of the cases, they report that the ministry was told and did absolutely nothing, except some the person who had been molested or raped.

PCG is notorious for this.  They will suspend a man for a few weeks and then let them back in or totally ignore the situation.  Many of the ministers in the PCG ministry should be in prison.

United Church of God has had similar issues.  One even took her stalker to court and UCG ministers and members lied under oath and tried to blame the women.

Worldwide Church of God was a cesspool of women's abuse.  Some of the abusers were kicked out, others let back in, and in every single case, nothing was done for the woman assaulted.  No counseling, NOTHING, other than trying to place blame on her.

Numerous Church of God ministers, elders, and church members are currently in prison for doing such things and it will not stop, unfortunately.  Some in the church will say that this is the result of "broken men living in a broken world" and that we should go easy on them and let God handle it all later.

How many Church of God women need to be assaulted and raped before the church leaders do something?

Self-Appointed COG False Prophet Now Authority on Super Volcanoes

Where would the Church of God be today without deluded self-appointed false prophets wetting their pants over end time events?  Leave it to Almost-ordained Bob Thiel to carry on that tradition.  He even has to brag that he is standing on top of a supervolcano!  Scary!  

Waving his Bible in the air, the Elijah wannabe speaks about super volcanoes, geothermal energy and the end times:

"Are supervolcanoes, such as Yellowstone in the USA or various ones in New Zealand a real threat? If so, what type of threat? Are supervolcano issues consistent with biblical prophecies? If so, which ones? Could the eruption of a supervolcano make the USA, New Zealand, or other lands vulnerable to takeover in the Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:21). Dr. Thiel answers these questions while standing a top of a supervolcano in a geothermal area of Rotorua, New Zealand. A written article of related interest may be "Are supervolcanoes are a real threat?""

Between volcano's and wayward planet Nibiru, what is a poor prophet to do?

Never fear, Elisha Thiel knows!

"I have warned that the USA could be hit with a ‘perfect storm’ of events and disaster that could weaken it during the ‘beginning of sorrows’ so that it would be easier for it to be taken over at the start of the Great Tribulation. Now, we see that the space agency NASA sees Yellowstone as a serious risk. And while some will scoff and say that the probability is too low, less statistically ‘probable’ events have happened. Plus, because of the decline in morality in the USA, destructive events are going to hit it.

Of course, it is not just North America that could be affected by supervolcanoes, or the coming Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:21).

There are volcanoes in many parts of the world and nearly all can cause major problems. But as Yellowstone is in the USA, it would be those in the USA, and probably Canada, that would be the most affected by it should it erupt."

He ends with this dire warning:
Things will not remain as they have. Yellowstone could erupt. Elements will melt. Get your spiritual life in order.

Shoulda, coulda, woulda...the never-ending story through which all COG false prophets qualify their statements.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Primacy of Peter..The Rule of Control in the Churches of God

One of the biggest weapons of control in the Churches of God, ever since Herbert Armstrong, rebelled against the Church of God 7, has been the "doctrine" of the church called "government." Government was used in the Church of  God to control everyone.  Any question, doubt, or difference with a minister was a direct violation of the law and subjected the person to disfellowshipmentt and marking.  When that happened the person was in grave danger of losing one's salvation.

Following government allows men to put forth their delude thinking like we see in Pack, Flurry, Malm, and Thiel.  Their so-called revelations from their god make what they say "divine law" and is never to be questioned.

This is also what allowed the Worldwide Church of God change its doctrines and expel those who disagreed.  That power left those in charge, to remain in charge, and still are to this day.
If you take any book on Catholic theology and COMPARE it with the April 1979 Good News, as well as with Mr. Armstrong's book Mystery of the Ages, you will find the doctrine of the primacy of Peter to be almost IDENTICAL -- even in form and layout! Further, in the November 20, 1978 Good News (article, "How Christ Gave the Church Its Beliefs" -- page 14, column 5) you will find the following statement: "Now notice how Jesus gave Peter PRIMACY over apostles...."
Actually, scores of articles have been published by the Churches of God that lay out, in great detail, the PRINCIPLES of government upon which these churches rest. The bottom line is -- the Worldwide Church of God, and others, DO INDEED believe and teach the doctrine of the primacy of Peter! And when Joseph Tkach took over, then his son, NOTHING CHANGED regarding this doctrine!
Men have always denied that which makes them look bad. The Worldwide Church of God is no exception. But, realize this, once you understand the heart or the CENTRAL CORE of the "Primacy" doctrine -- its motives and its purpose -- it no longer matters what name men attach to it. A ten-year-old child could spot it!
The Worldwide Church of God and the Catholic Church are by no means the only groups practicing this ancient doctrine. It is a prominent part of the so-called Philadelphia Church of God as well as Meredith's Living Church of God and Dankenbring's Triumph Prophetic Ministries. In one form or another, it holds a place of high honor within the doctrinal framework or policies of most of the churches of modern-day "Christianity." And, note well, most -- if not all -- of the great PAGAN RELIGIONS of the world also hold this doctrine close to their hearts.
This ancient doctrine is the SINGLE GREATEST TOOL ever devised by errant church leaders to preserve UNITY. All the great despots of history have used it to preserve unity amongst their peoples. It is, without a doubt, the "perfect" form of government.
No other doctrine of government can boast anything like the success enjoyed by this VILE and PERVERTED teaching.
The awesome power of this doctrine to manipulate and control the minds of men and to strike fear into their hearts, is the result of the belief that Yeshua the Messiah has empowered a man to RULE his Church for him -- IN HIS PLACE -- until he and YEHOVAH God return. 
This doctrine places a MAN in the enviable and POWERFUL position of being the SOLE SPOKESMAN for the Messiah on this earth. 
Now, the doctrine of the "Primacy of Peter," or the "Vicar of Christ," or the "Hierarchy of Order" gives a man (in simple terms) the SOLE AUTHORITY to interpret the Bible, define sin and set doctrine.
Furthermore, it gives him the authority to BIND his interpretations, definitions and doctrines upon the conscience of other men. His decisions, therefore, become binding (according to this doctrine) before Almighty God -- binding upon pain of disfellowshipment, eternal death or even eternal torture in hell-fire!
Men can only work together in peace through the SPIRIT OF YEHOVAH, otherwise they must have a government controlling their actions! When men resist YEHOVAH's spirit it departs from them, to be replaced by their own selfish desires.
To maintain peace, those groups of men (or churches) who are resisting the spirit of YEHOVAH MUST resort to one of the many forms of government patterned after the primacy of Peter. Once a church begins to resist the influence of the holy spirit, only TWO OPTIONS are available: Break up and go their separate ways, or develop government.
A study of history soon reveals that EVERY government of men inevitably becomes dissatisfied with merely directing the actions of men. Eventually they always seek to CONTROL their very consciences.
From: The Primacy of Peter and the Ecclesia of YEHOVAH God! 
While I do not agree with everything on this site, they are right about how the COG uses government to control members, doctrinally, spiritually and physically.

Monday, October 16, 2017

PCG: Unhappy Because You Are Single? It Is Because You Are A Selfish Sinner

One thing the Church of God has been good at is making members feel totally inadequate in everything in regards to their spiritual life.   It is bad enough being a married couple and having to deal with this, but if you are single there are extra burdens placed upon you. As usual, it is your fault. You love yourself more than God...or others. You are a vile sinner.  You are unhappy because you are a sinner, according to the Philadelphia Church of God, and the only way to cure that is to let the holy spirit move in.  Your human nature is a disgusting vile aspect of your life.

What is Satan’s nature? It is vanity—exalting the self. 
God pins Satan to the wall in Ezekiel 28:17: “Thine heart was lifted up because of thy beauty, thou hast corrupted thy wisdom by reason of thy brightness.” This is actually where sin started (verse 15)—when Lucifer, whom God had created perfect, changed his attitude. He went from loving God to loving the self. He got absorbed in his own brightness, obsessed with his own beauty. He became self-centered. Self-impressed. Vain. 
That is Satan’s nature! 
“Lucifer was like a speck in all of God’s creation, but he selfishly focused on himself,” Gerald Flurry explained about this passage. “In his own eyes, he became more important than God and all His creation. Can we become that vain about beauty? Or about things? Can vanity corrupt our wisdom? Certainly. Oftentimes, human beings become self-absorbed—wrapped up in our own beauty or looks or things” (John’s Gospel: The Love of God). 
That is our human nature! Do you really see how much you love your self? How much self-love you have? 
As Mr. Armstrong said in a sermon in 1982, “Self-love is the very essence of sin.” God’s way of life is always outflowing—it is give. Anything other than that is sin—it is a result of loving our self more than God, or more than the other guy. 
“God’s law is, simply, love!” Mr. Armstrong wrote. “It is the perfect way of life. Every particle of human suffering, unhappiness, misery and death has come solely from its transgression!” (The Plain Truth About Healing). Whenever there is a problem—conflict, discouragement, unhappiness—sin is the cause, which means that self-love is in there somewhere! Every particle of unhappiness is caused by sin, and self-love is the essence of sin. 
Are you unhappy as a single? Then examine yourself for self-love. You are trying to satiate that gnawing inner hunger with something other than God. To some degree, most probably, you are combating your inferiority complex with conceit, self and vanity
This Satan-inspired human nature makes us miserable. Sin makes us miserable. Self-love makes us miserable! Yet, so often, in specific situations, we put ourselves first because we think that is going to make us happier. We are certain that putting the other person first is going to make us miserable! We prioritize our own desires. We focus on how we want to be treated. Our service and sacrifice are required somewhere—someone needs us—but we are into what we’re doing, so we insist that we’re too busy, or we pretend like we don’t hear or don’t see the problem.  
We do these things all the time—and we may even feel justified in doing so. But the reality is that self-love is sin! It is not the way God thinks! It is not His nature to do that. It is not His love.

CEM Rehires Larry Watkins After Allie Dart's Death In Spite Of Her Instance They Not Bring Him Back

Just received this information about Christian Educational Ministries.  Allie Dart's fears realized.

16:15 into this church service (at Church of God International Tyler Texas last Saturday) Mr. Larry Watkins announces he is going back to work for Christian Education Ministries!  Allie Dart fired him from CEM shortly after Mr. Dart's accident several years ago.  She claimed he had stabbed Mr. Dart in the back by trying to get himself set up as president of CEM. 
The CEM board of directors has now rehired Mr. Watkins in spite of Mrs. Dart's insistence that Mr. Watkins never be brought back to CEM after her death. 
Mr. Watkins also says in his announcement that he has talked to Charles Groce and Vance Stinson of CGI.  He says that CEM and CGI will now work together more closely.  Will we see some kind of unification of the two groups some time in the future?  With Mrs. Dart gone, there is no one to stop it now.  You can count on it happening.  This has been predicted by insiders for several years now.

View video here:  Webcast Replay

Dave Pack Deletes His Sermons and Prophecy Timeline

A reader here just notified me that Dave Pack has deleted his 82+ sermon series he has been posting over the last few years.  Apparently, no one is able to understand what he kept posting.  It was confusing for his own members to keep up with and certainly was serving no purpose in drawing in wayward COG members who might stumble upon it.  Plus, he had to keep revising those directly inspired sermons, because his god kept changing its mind and kept giving Dave new understanding on previous revelations.

Dave also deleted his prophetic timeline he had previously posted.  Anyone who has ever been part of the Church of God, for even a few months, knew that his timeline was a load of nonsense.  Just like all of the previous timelines uttered by COG false prophets, his was an epic failure from the start.

COG leaders today never have learned from the failure of previous church leaders.  Instead of keeping their mouths shut, they run off and say incredibly stupid things and then have to backtrack within a few months. Almost ordained Bob Thiel and Chief Pharisee James Malm are two other of the fools out there doing this right now. There has to be a special place in Petra for these buffoons to gather together.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Five Million Hits and Counting!

It is hard to believe that 7 years later I would have 5,000,000 hits on this blog.  That number infuriates so many people who believe we are the tool of Satan.

What started out as a place to showcase the many books in my collection written about the church and Armstrongism, it quickly morphed into the news of the Churches of God after Gavin took a break from Ambassador Watch.

The internet has been the biggest thorn in the side of the Church of God in its entire 80 some year lifespan.  Numerous books were written about the church, but church leaders demanded that members not read dissident or critical literature about the church and the members obeyed.  It was easy to control people with the constant fear of disfellowshipment and the threat of the Lake of Fire.  Before the Internet, church members rarely heard about the corruption and abuse that went on in the church.  It would take months for things to make it through the church.  Now it happens in mere seconds and the ENTIRE world has access.  As Gerald Waterhouse would have said, if he were alive, "the Internet was created for this very thing!"  I count it a privilege that Rod Meredith publicly denounced this blog in church, and in doing so, sent hundreds of LCG members to this site.  Charlotte HQ monitors this site constantly.  The second something is posted about LCG, the Charlotte ip-addresses light up.

None of this would be necessary if the church actually was taking care of its self, held itself accountable and actually was the version of "original Christianity"  it claims to be.  It is a fact that the original church NEVER, I repeat NEVER acted like ANY of the COG's do today in 2017. Adultery, wife swapping, pedophiles, money laundering, theft of tithe money, suicides, stalkers, murders, assassins, plagiarists, con-artists, and more, have been the public face of the Church of God.  That list does not even include the self-appointed prophets, apostles, and wannabe martyrs the church has created over the decades.  Nor does it include over 500 DIFFERENT splinter personality cults created by self-appointed lying false teachers who have ripped apart the spiritual well being of their members.

Hardly a day goes by without some idiot in the Church of God running off at the mouth and saying some absurd thing.  They think they can do it without impunity.  Those days are over.  More and more books are written about the abuses people have suffered in the church.  Films have been produced.  Bloggers and Facebook pages expose the utter corruption of the church. People are no longer afraid to speak up and tell how their lives have been permanently scarred by the lies and abuse in the church.

So hats off to all the Thiel's, Malm's, Weston's, Pack's, Flurry's, Kubik's and others that can't keep their mouths shut and who lie daily to their shrinking band of followers.  You keep us busy, entertained, and many times shocked at the utter stupidity coming out of your mouths.  Keep it up boys!  You are destroying the Church of God all by yourselves.