Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Staggering Number of Feast Attendees With The Continuing In Hindsight Church of God

The world's foremost Church of God who is currently doing the ONLY Elijah work on earth today has had a staggering number of attendees at his Feast of Tabernacles sites this year.  No other Church of God is as astounding as this church or has one grown this fast, at least in the deluded leader's mind. He likes to report he has 3,000 African members on his membership rolls.  3,000 followers who have spent a lifetime of church hopping from one organization to another depending who gives them the most money, computers, bibles and whatever else they desire.  They go from Seventh Day Adventist groups to one Church of God group after another when their desires are not met. The Church of God leaders get all warm and fuzzy assuming they have scored more members to their money making empires.  Whoever ends up giving them the most money ro material goods is tyhe One an donly true church.  You can see this in the letter below from one of Hindsight Bob's African groups:

I Greet you all in the Name of Jesus.
We, the Rift Valley (Transmara, Njoro, Bomet, Mau) Members held a meeting for eight days and it turned out successful. We were blessed with Spiritual Training and Teachings.
The people were filled not only Spiritually but also with the bodily satisfaction of food. They were also happy with the services and support we gave them.
I thank you all, but mostly Pastor Ochieng for the planning that took place.
The challenge moreover is the way the people were starved. They experience starvation and hardships in terms of conquering drought and availability of water. But we thank God that the last 2 days when the meeting was supposed to come to an end we were blessed with Rain. But there was no Water Tank for storage but with your prayers we believe we will get one soon.  Hint, hint!
Our Camera Man, Joseah Kipngetich, did a great job in Photo Session however he needs a better quality camera that can take great photo and video graphics whenever we have meetings in Rift Valley next year. Also, he can really come in handy in the Photos in our Church Magazine( Continue Church of God)

Almost-ordained, almost hired and then fired, Elijah Bob Thiel, the Prophet of Hindsight had a staggering number of attendees outside of Africa this year.
Of that 70 there are actually only 40 members sending him money.  Forty deluded people who think a self-appointed liar is an actual prophet of God.  Even Rod Meredith, in all of his grandiose beliefs about himself, understood Bob Thiel to be seriously deluded and thus publicly rebuked him and removed him from the Living Church of God.


Redfox712 said...

Fantasizing about having hundreds of members in some far away place is not new to Armstrongism. I remember back around 2000 Roderick C. Meredith stated in a sermon that LCG was in negotiations with a religious organization in India with the goal of them joining LCG. He said that they believed many of the same things as LCG but the details had to worked through first. I do not know how what happened with those negotiations.

Byker Bob said...

Here we are, living in times when our president is an existential threat, and this is the best that a wannabee "prophet of God" can do. Pathetic!


Anonymous said...

Thiel and many other former ministers are in need of a career change. Otherwise they can become the lapdogs of unbalanced people like Ayatollah Pack.

The problem is that many are very well paid considering the hours worked, and all that power of lording it over the flock. And not forgetting, being looked up to like some junior god, and having minions lick your boots.

It's like being addicted to recreational drugs.

Anonymous said...

So the previous prez was not an existential threat? Pull your head out Biker Bob!

Anonymous said...


Are you thinking of that group that turned out to be simultaneously in PCG and LCG, getting money from both ACOGs? They were in UCG for a while, too, but UCG was the first to figure them out and cut them off.

Anonymous said...

The COG's treat people like they are property. Of course, they ARE slaves. What would you expect?

Anonymous said...

Captain Hindsight has a new prophecy:
"Expect another earthquake in California"
(will reveal more details after the event)

Opinionated said...

There, I screamed it out!

Palm Trees, Hell No, Pine Trees said...

Next hurricane season I'll reveal more details after the event. :P

Richard Condon said...

I've recently seen a couple videos by Bob Thiel, and he seems more like a Seventh Day Adventist to me, quoting liberally "Sister" Ellen G. White, but no H.W.A.

Byker Bob said...

It's a matter of degrees, 3:13. I disagreed with President Obama on many of the issues and policies. However he continued the post-World War II archetype of president as statesman, participant in the rest of the world, and leader (author) of global policies.

In the most recent election cycle, we were doomed to the absolute dregs no matter which candidate won the election. All we can do now is wait out the storm, and if we're lucky, maybe worst case won't happen, and we can get someone better in place. The ridiculousness may shake the American public to its senses, and ultimately, end up accomplishing some good. What I find ironic is that the party that the ACOGs have always believed to be the good one is the one which is now fomenting all of the international geopolitical conditions that Armstrongites have always associated with the end times. Many of us had wondered what could possibly turn the rest of the world against us, and just since January, the reason has reared its ugly head.

If anybody really believes that Trump and the alt.right present any sort of viable solution for the USA, I'd say stay tuned. This will not turn out as you think it will.


Byker Bob said...

By the way, for those who still believe that global climate change is an international leftist conspiracy directed against the American lifestyle, watch coffee! Coffee is grown close to the Equator, and requires a number of constants in order to exist. About the time that Juan Valdez begins to have trouble, and the coffee becomes scarce, public perceptions will probably change over night. Who ever imagined that Starbucks could rise up and become more convincing than bought and paid for corporate "scientists"?


Helen Wheels said...

Prophet Hindsight on Friday again kept a public, clamoring for information about what the future holds, on the edges of their seats wondering about his cryptic warnings.

The prophet left many people scratching their heads after he offered mysterious remarks. “You’ll find out,” Prophet Hindsight told reporters when asked what he meant by his comment.

“You guys know what this represents?” the prophet asked reporters in the room. “Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.”

Asked what he was referring to — such as the unfolding of events prophesied 2,000 years ago in Iran or the Islamic State, or in Iraq and Syria — “You’ll find out,” he said.

Later Friday, the prophet's official spokesperson refused to say what the prophet might be referring to.

“I'm not aware of anything specific that was a reference to. We’re never going to say in advance what the prophet has foreseen.” She believes Thiel was making “just a general comment," she said.

Gordon Feil said...

Very well paid? C'Mon, do you know how hard it is to micro manage everyone? Do you know what sacrifices have to be made? When you're busy running (and ruining) everyone's life, you can't possibly work on your own shortcomings. But such people sacrifice their spiritual wellbeing so that the flock doesn't have to use its brains. So stop judging them so harshly.

Connie Schmidt said...


They are cytoplasmic material enclosed by a semipermeable membrane, also known as cells.


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

I'm still having some cognitive dissonance with almost arrested doubly blessed Elijah Profit bitter Bob Thiel's conflict of interest. How can he be BOTH Pastor General & Grand Poobah of the Discontinuing Church of God AND also occupy the office of Profit (Ooops, I mean Prophet)?

He is at odds with God's 20th Century Apostle Herbert W. Armstrong who claimed there are no Prophets in today's modern end time era. Who are we going to believe - Herbert Armstrong OR little Bobby Thiel?

So Thiel claims a title that even Herbert Armstrong never took and is both running a Church organization AND being a Prophet. It just doesn't sound biblical to me. But what the heck, if you are playing Church and having fun with prophecy, I guess there are no real rules. Thiel's Feast attendance numbers only proves PT Barnum a better Prophet than almost arrested doubly blessed Elijah Profit bitter Bob Thiel, who once prophesied - "There's a sucker born every minute".


Anonymous said...

Despite what HWA said, he did in fact take on the role of Prophet with his incessant 40 years plus of 'in the name of the Living God,I tell you that we only have a short 3-5 years left.'
Doing something, then verbally or in writing denying one did it, is a common deceitful ploy used by ministers and children.

Gordon Feil said...

You just THINK you are. A bunch of them got together to influence your thoughts.

RSK said...

HWA has been dead for over thirty years. As time goes on, the various splinter groups, backyard prophets, internet evangelists and random recycled-theory nerds find it easier to credit HWA as being the man who restored all things but somehow not (pet doctrine), as the one who launched all this so that they could come along and assume their rightful role as (whatever), as a convenient authority to be manipulated at will, et cetera.
Bob, with his desparate push for prophetdom and his even more desparate wish to be a "Two Witness", is just another example of that foolishness. They don't worry about contradicting HWA, because they've already found rationales around him.

RSK said...

Or perhaps we should call such aspirants a "Too Witness"? Heh.

Hoss said...

Do not fear little flock - Small is beautiful!