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Zombie Ministries: Dead Men Still Do Tell Tales

Anonymous notes: 
"What is this?

"Isn't RLDEA now basically a "zombie" ministry promoting sermons by a dead guy? It's GTA version 2.0."
"Regarding RLDEA being a "zombie" ministry...
I get that observation if the person sees no value in the works of Ron Dart. No problem there.
But some of us believe that Ron's stuff is of really high quality. For that reason, we enthusiastically promote it. We believe that it can be helpful to those who wish to better understand the Bible."
--Wes White
Also noted: 
 "Ron Dart was an excellent teacher, very little that I disagreed with. (maybe he was wrong, maybe I was, or maybe we both were) I'm glad his material is still available."

As I mentioned as well as others, if one quotes from the Bible, Old Testament or New, to promote their own view of how all of life should or must be, they too are trusting in a Zombie Ministry.  All the authors of the Bible are dead and those dead men have been telling their tales and repeated by millions for over 2000 years.  Believing that "well that's different" because the original now dead Zombie Apostles were inspired by God directly and meant to pass it all on.  Actually that's not true as none of them thought anything they taught was for anyone but those of their own generation and would not be written up and circulated for two thousand years into the future, but that's another hot topic. 

In 2006, just three short years after the death of GTA, hearing him again on the radio  and experiencing the phenomenon of locally popular radio evangelists, now dead, still filling the airwaves and promoted by their surviving families to keep it all going, I found such a practice strange.  But now, I have mellowed with the realization that anyone using scriptures today is practicing the same kind of Zombie Ministry that still goes on.  Whether it is on tape, video or in books, new or old, bringing up the dead to continue their ministry as if they are not dead is indeed Necro- Evangelism.  So one has to at least admit that all religions by now are Zombie Perpetuated as those long dead still blast out their teachings to the living.

Just for fun: 

Necro-Evangelism-When Dead Men Do Tell Tales
"There is a phenomenon in evangelism that is quite strange to me. I call it Necro-Evangelism and it is where local or even national radio evangelical and fundamentalist churches continue to play the sermons of long dead founders to convert the masses. There are at least three major churches in my area and one I know of nationally that practices Necro-Evangelism and I'd like to explore the pitfalls of this if I might.  (Update: Whether they are "pitfalls" or not I no longer care.)
I find it funny in a macabre way to hear, usually the surviving son of the now dead evangelist, inviting the audience to stay tuned for a message from my now long dead father and pastor so and so. 
Some of these evangelistic types have been dead for just a few years, and so we might attribute his ongoing ministry as shock that the man died on the part of the family who has no clue on how to keep the business going. Others have been dead for decades and I suspect that as long as the tapes play and can be recopied, they will continue to preach right up until the Second Coming and maybe beyond! Usually there is a college or "work" that the family of the now deceased evangelist has inherited, or stuck with,  to be maintained and, while the current family members might be up to the task, it's just good to hear the founder as if he was alive and well on the air. Others, to me, seem like the type that would never themselves be able to do what dad did with evangelism, but can't give up on the programming dad put in their heads nor the bucks it still can generate. That is an observation about method, not sincerity.
People hate change and this delays reality for many who have grown up on the words of the evangelist, now dead. One local college where I live continues to play the sermons of the long dead founder even though two or three generations have taken over the family business of evangelizing since his death. I don't believe I have ever heard a sermon on the air by any of the sons, all identically named after the founder save for the II,III or IV behind the name. Some Christian evangelists might be happy to return to glory, but you'd never know it as family desperately tries to keep things the same  as always  before he became a Necro-Evangelist. Why do we do this and what is the message it sends? 
First of all, it matters not if it is a right or wrong thing to do. I am sure the argument is "well if we had Jesus or Paul on tape, would we not play it?" Well yes of course. We read their words every day still so hearing them on tape would just be a technological upgrade. However, pseudo-taperipha would probably be a problem and all we need is controversy over the "Jesus Tapes" to add to the already confusing topic of Biblical errancy issues. 
So while Necro-Evangelism might keep the family church, college or business going a few more generations, is it the thing to do really and what message does it send? One advantage is that, indeed, it does buy the unskilled or founder beaten children time to regroup and figure out what to do now that dad is gone. All their life they had preached that the Second Coming was going to for sure be in their lifetime but now what? Usually the first generation founds something, the second maintains it, and the third loses it all. Necro-Evangelism can postpone the Necro-evangelist having to being shown to be mistaken as they all are, for a time, but not for long. 
1. If family is involved,  Necro-evangelism tells the audience that the sons do not have the conviction or skills that dad may have had but aren't willing to give it up as something dad did but we don't wish to do. So we play dad's sermons and don't have to come up with our own, live ones.
 In my town, one such family member certainly does not have the voice quality or sound of conviction of his dad for sure, so I can see why he might wish to have dad keep it all going. He confines himself to introducing "my deceased dad, Dr...." and selling his tapes and even the library books his dad cherished, which obviously he doesn't. But he also has another line of work from what I understand, so does not depend on his Necro-Evangelist dad for his sole income.
2. Necro-Evangelism sends the message the survivors are spiritually lazy, but again, just can't give up on the potential to have a following or keep it all going. The second generation makes forays into the world of evangelism, usually getting caught up in politics more than dad did because down deep they know most of what dad either predicted or said did not really happen that way, and they just aren't convicted the same way dad was. 
Dad kept them out of "the world", and darn it, they are going to see it before they become Necro-Second-Generation-Evangelists too. Since dad impacted their lives with his own worldview, and often not in a very good way, they just don't have the same need to pass it along with dad the Necro-Evangelist's same fervor. In fact, they can't. So they busy themselves with producing dad's tapes and books and don't have to do much that shows their own creativity. They can run for public office or lecture as they wish, but keeping a ball rolling is much easier than getting it started. Anyone can be made the next president of a Necro-Evangelical College or Pastor of a Necro-Evangelistic Church. Starting the sucker is the hard part. Keeping it going can be a challenge but if we keep dearly departed dad in the picture, it is easier for sure.
3. Necro-Evangelism sends the message that the Necro-Evangelist knew all there was to know about the Bible and all related topics. There is nothing new to learn or even unlearn, since dad made no theological mistakes, which is not true. Since we all like to hear the "old, old story, let dad explain it over and over. This is one thing that is wrong with religion in general. It supposes that all it's spokesmen had it right to begin with. If they could read the bible, tell a few good stories, keep you interested and convince you that the reading was the same yesterday, today and forever, bingo!...why change a winning game? Problem is that for every tape played, there are many that can't be for they are either dated by comments made during the sermon or even the family realizes that how or what dad said that day is not true or not appropriate today so let's just not play that one. So you're really not getting the whole man, you are getting the "Best All Time Hits of the Necro-Evangelist," as selected by the next generation. That's kinda no fair to me!
4. Most of those that had been inspired by the now Necro-Evangelist are now themselves Necro-Christians so they aren't even around to hear dad anymore either. They were all about the same age and have long since moved on to other heavenly realms. The kids of those who loved the now Necro-Evangelist aren't going to be inspired by a dead man. Sorry, they just aren't. They will feel the above three points even if they don't voice it. Kids aren't stupid and will see what generations II and III might be up to and how lame it is. These kids tend to find churches by saying "as for me and my house, we shall serve a living evangelist" and not just the memory of the good ol' days when the parents thought the now Necro-Evangelist could do or say no wrong. I used to pastor a church that on way too many occasions sent out taped sermons from the then living Apostle and occasional Evangelist. It was hard enough when they were alive, don't make me listen when they are dead!"

Gerald Flurry: When Trump Is Reelected, He Will Deport PCG Members To Jerusalem

I think Gerald Flurry needs to be reported to the government for his assassination comment.  Given how incredibly crazy some COG members are in these lunatic fringe groups, there is a strong possibility that some whacked out member will do something stupid in order to make prophecy come alive.

From Exit and Support:
Flurry's "Prophecy" Might Shake Certain Members' Faith in Him:
August 2, 2019
If GF's "prophecy" in January 2017 [See January 14, 2017 PCG Letter] about President Trump fails, it might shake certain members' faith in GF. He has "prophesied" that Trump will be re-elected and will force the members of the PCG to be deported to Jerusalem, and will also be assassinated in his second term. --T. H.
Of course, we know it isn't going to happen.  It is just the diseased mind of Gerald Flurry dreaming up another lie like he is prone to do.  As his mental facilities deteriorate due to his alcoholism, his heart problems and advancing age, his mind begins dreaming up more and more idiotic scenarios, much like what Bwana Bob Thiel is doing.

Flurry is too stupid to realize that Israel would NOT accept a bunch of religious nuts from the United States into their country.  They prohibited Armstrongite David Ben-Ariel from entering the country as a single man, so they sure as hell would not let in a few thousand religious fanatics just because they restored a park in Jerusalem.

If we each had a dime every time a Church of God leader makes a false prophecy, we would all be multi-millionaires by now.  And yet, there are still gullible people who listen to these liars and send them their money.

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Armstrongism, Atheism and Their Shared Predicate

Armstrongism, Atheism and Their Shared Predicate

“They never stop, these Stepford wives. They something something all their lives. Work like robots. Yes, that would fit. They work like robots all their lives.” 

― Ira Levin, The Stepford Wives

There is a striking commonality between Atheism and Armstrongism beyond the fact that they are both belief systems.  Though they may be antithetical in their larger purposes, the intersection between these two systems is to be found in their shared anthropology.  In short, both philosophies paradoxically deprecate the value of human beings.  Their deprecation is paradoxical because atheists often tout an impoverished form of humanism. And Armstrongism is highly dependent on human resources for financial viability.   Humans, the objects of their diminishment, are pivotal to both.

In Brief: The Atheistic Materialist Perspective on Humanity

Materialism recognizes nothing beyond the material realm.  It is typical for atheists to adopt materialism as their explanation of reality.  This seems to be a natural pairing.  The Universe to the materialist is a place of physical objects and forces where the credo is written in terms from physics and chemistry and other hard sciences.  Anything that transcends the physical is outside its purview and is denied. 
Materialism diminishes human beings to an accumulation of atoms and molecules.  Consciousness and thoughts, without any compelling rationale, are believed to be merely swarms of chemical reactions.   Humans are thought to be biobots, a kind of biological machine - a pleonastic fallacy.   And the frequent appeal to analogy is that the human mind is like a computer.  This comparison is inapt because non-thinking computers are programmed and operated by human minds.  If we are to go by the physical evidence alone, a comparison of our brain anatomy with that of our primate cousins would indicate that we should be only a little smarter than chimpanzees.  Our excess of sentience is enormous. 
But if a human is just a biological machine that means that he may be repaired, modified, corrected, repurposed and made to march to the drum of someone else’s intellectual pretensions.  To the atheist who is truly committed to the purity of materialism, the faunal human has no dignity. If someone claims that atheism does not deprecate humanity, that person needs to recognize the impact of mechanistic materialism on society: racism, control of lives, brainwashing, sterilizations, eugenics, compassionless survival-of-the-fittest social principles and humans as an impersonal resource. 

In Brief: The Armstrongist Perspective on Humanity

While Armstrongism does not present us with a documented systematic philosophy or a systematic theology, we may induce its attitudes towards human beings by examining practice in regard to the common lay member.   For example:
1.     Herbert W. Armstrong (HWA), based on his own words, had a low view of the lay membership of the Worldwide Church of God (WCG).  HWA saw them, principally through tithing, as little impersonal moving parts of a great machine called “The Work.”  He was the steersman of this great machine.  For example, he one time told the congregations that if they did not help him in doing “The Work”, God would raise up stones to replace them (a mishandling of Luke 19:40).   In other words, they were easily replaceable, like mechanical parts, and their humanity, salvation and theotic potential was not a concern.

2.    Robots require programming or they will be inert.  The programming imposed on church members included Old Testament regulations, New Testament regulations and denominational regulations and norms.   This legalism was like a stringent set of internal programs that made the biobots function as desired and curtailed deemed undesirable behavior, all at the expense of their humanity.

3.    The highly structured caste system of the WCG was also a means of diminishing people to the status of mechanistic modules.  Each module plugged into a carefully defined port in the great machine.  And each module recognized its immutable boundaries – the protocols for mechanistic operation and the attendant loss of human value. 

Thesis and Antithesis

Armstrongism and atheism are alike and unalike.   Unlike atheism, Armstrongism seeks to cloak itself in Christianity.  Unlike Armstrongism, atheism seeks to cloak itself inaptly in the august nobility of the scientific method.  Where they are both alike, the point of synthesis, is in their debasing humanity to the level of the utilitarian machine.  In the case of Armstrongism this is done by treating people like “cogs in a wheel” to induce a backflow of money and in the case of atheism this is done by relegating people to the status of mindless biobots so they can be, I suspect, controlled.  Whatever the purposes, whether apparent or inapparent, the dreadful impact is the same: the loss of the human and the formation of the soulless android.

 “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.” 

― George Orwell, 1984

submitted by NEO

Resignation of Gary Gibbons from RLDEA

Resignation of Gary Gibbons from RLDEA
By Wes White

Dear Banned, 

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the resignation of Gary Gibbons from the board of RLDEA.  

            Gary explained his resignation as follows:

            “While serving as a member of the Board, I have seen much growth in this ministry and I am truly satisfied with the progress we have made.  I feel that my contribution as a Board member has met its limit and that it would be beneficial to the organization and myself if I were to step down.  In doing so, I will be able to spend more time with my home duties, other volunteer services and my part-time business.

“Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of such a strong and dedicated organization.  I have no doubt that Ron and Allie would be proud of our accomplishments and I look forward to hearing of the continued success of RLDEA.”
I am still close friends with the Gibbons.  Almost since the first day after Allie asked me to help her out by doing volunteer work at CEM, the Gibbons and I have been close.  Nothing in that regard has changed.  We still have lunch on a regular basis.  We talk and text and email regularly. 

            And, perhaps most important, Gary is still doing RLDEA’s commercials, voice overs, and other audio work.  So he is by no means gone from RLDEA.  

            I will always be appreciative that Gary did what he promised Allie he would do. He pledged to get RLDEA set up and moving in the direction that she wanted with a strong social media presence. Gary has met his obligation and is moving on with other things in his life.  He will receive a reward for his service. 

Personally, I will be forever grateful for his work on RLDEA because I certainly could not have gotten things this far without him and Cathy. 

            Which brings me to my next point:  If the goal of the Gibbons was to “take over RLDEA” and “get all of Allie’s money,” they are going about it backwards.  Until Gary’s resignation, the Gibbons had two votes on the board and I only had one.  They could have removed me from RLDEA.  They could have made decisions that I disagreed with.  They could have done things that would have forced me to resign for reasons of conscience.  (Yes, I have heard all the rumors.)

Well, now that Nancy has replaced Gary on the board, the Gibbons no longer have what other people call “control” of the board.

            And actually, this whole idea of “control” is absurd because the Gibbons and I have been in agreement probably 99 percent of the time as to what RLDEA needed and needs to do next. 

            There has been so much said about the Gibbons “getting” Allie’s money.  The Gibbons didn’t “get” any of what Allie’s will left to RLDEA.  I know how every penny of RLDEA’s money gets spent.  In fact, as the guy who hires staff and contracts jobs out and makes purchases, it is Wes White who actually spends RLDEA’s money – not the Gibbons.  

And I am proud of what we are accomplishing in the one year that RLDEA has been active.  We’ve only just gotten started.   We’ve got a lot more ideas for things we can do to accomplish our mission of preaching the Gospel and feeding the flock thru the terrific works of Ron. 

            All those who have falsely accused the Gibbons of being “snakes in the grass” might have to re-think the evil things they say about them.  In situations like this, the true colors of people come out in the end.  Gary’s departure from the RLDEA board is a demonstration that the Gibbons are people of high moral character – something I have been saying for years.   They have no desire to “control” RLDEA and, thereby, “get” Allie’s money. 

            Further, I hope there is at least some small degree of appreciation of the fact that RLDEA is transparent regarding its board.   Some of the Armstrong offshoots’ boards are NOT open about who is on their boards.

Even their members and donors have no idea who is running the organizations they support. 

            As soon as Gary resigned and Cathy and I replaced him with Nancy, we updated our website for the world to see. 

            We are a transparent organization, so please let me know if you have any more questions and I will be glad to answer them.  

            Wes White

Why did the Church use demons as a threat to its children?

David, in a previous comment, said: 
"When I began questioning the church as a teen I had delusions for around a year where I was convinced that a demon was talking to me and trying to trick me into leaving, as the church ministers had told us as children that demons followed us and watched our every move, reporting our actions to Satan and looking for an opportunity to possess us should we deviate from the church. I didn’t admit verbally for nearly two years that I questioned the teachings for fear that I would be attacked by demons. I am in my mid 30s and still can’t sleep without a light on in my home because the pitch dark makes me feel like something is closing in on me and suffocating me."
This comment is an absolutely significant and honest insight into what life was like for those of us who were growing up within the Worldwide Church of God. Fear was predominant in nearly every facet of the formative years of so many growing up within the Church - especially the fear of demons. 

I can remember sitting in the car driving to Church one day as a toddler - probably no older than 3 or 4 at the time. A couple who we drove to the Church was in the car talking about how demons were bothering her, and how they had the power, and we needed to be careful. She refused to stop talking about demons, and so, my parents had to stop picking her up to take her to Church. You can't imagine how this would impression into the mind of a young kid. 

I can remember being afraid of demons in my childhood. I was always on the lookout for supernatural things to happen, because that's what was talked about in my house on a nearly constant basis - and feared. Many times in my childhood, I would be told "listen" - we'd mute the TV, and listen carefully - for what was thought to have been a demon lurking and making noise somewhere in the house. When a crowbar fell upstairs in the attic for no reason, we attributed that to a demon. I can remember walking to the separated garage out back for something, and being scared there was a demon in the garage and running back to the house. I can remember not wanting to go down in the basement because I was afraid of a spirit down there. I can also remember covering my head because things I 'saw' I attributed to darkness and evil. (some of what I experienced were normal visual disturbances as a result of extremely low light). 
I would sleep with all the blankets over my head, even in 90-degree heat - because of my fears. (My mother would take the blankets off me, but as soon as she left, I grabbed them again). I had dreams about furniture moving by themselves - and woke up thinking it was real. When I got a little older, the fear enveloped U.F.O's, because I was told these were demonic too, and of course, if we lose our protection in the Church for whatever reason, then we're open to "demonic attack", so we were told, because being in the Church meant we were protected and safe from, well, just about everything - so long as we were obedient and compliant to the ministry. 

When one of my parents was temporarily removed from the Church for a few times and maybe half a time (lol), the fears got even worse - I was only "half protected", even though the parent who was in the Church tried to reassure me about the doctrine of sanctification and children in the Church. So the fears were escalating and the anxiety was ramping up even more than before.

This was supposedly in the "One True Church". This was supposedly in a "Christian Church". While we made waves upon waves railing against mainstream Christianity and protestants, and Christmas and paganism, and Easter, and Sunday, and ham, Jesus was nowhere to be found in my house. Nowhere. Because any mention of Jesus by anyone not in the Church was deemed "pagan". We would mute the TV when the "Gospel Quartet" from Hee Haw came on. We would mute the TV at any other preacher but Herbert - and when Herbert came on with his telecast, what was it about? Doom. War. Impending destruction soon to come. We would hide from "Demonic influence" when little kids would come to the door on Halloween. And that night was always scary because we were told demons were especially active around Halloween... and again, around Passover. 

Of course, demons were responsible for wanting to attack us at every turn. Watch out going to the Feast. Why did the car break down? Demons. Why did this person get sick? Demons. So whenever the Sabbath and Holy Days came around, it's watch your back because "demon activity gets worse this time of year". Where was this Jesus we were said to have been worshipping? Where was God? Where was God's power? Because truth be told, we gave a whole heck of a lot more power to demons then we ever did to the power of Christ! All you have to do is read the old Worldwide News papers to prove this - a WHOLE SET OF ARTICLES was devoted to the power of Satan, on the front page, of the Worldwide news back in the mid-1970s. 

This was what was being fed to the children. Intentionally, or unintentionally. Not even mentioning the sermon content of the time. Sermons about demons doing this, or that. And then there were the stories of the other Church members. I can remember one talking about how food would appear on her table during the days of Unleavened Bread to tempt her into breaking the Law. For a kid, this is terrifying. And here's the thing - these are just a few examples of decades of this kind of brainwashing. 

I don't have to tell you at this point how psychological and mentally abusive this was by the Church and the harm that this caused to myself and to hundreds and thousands of other youth who grew up in the Church just like me. It was a syndrome - and it was devastatingly harmful. This is not something that anyone can just "get over". It is just as bad as living with the fear of an abuser, only this was an abuser twenty times more powerful and completely invisible. It was like a never-ending horror movie mixed with Monsters, Inc. (if you've ever seen that movie). 

I don't say these things lightly, and I say them fully honest and transparent to bring home this point: When a person who grew up in the Church speaks out about the things that happened in the Church and in their lives because of the Church, do not dismiss them, or take them lightly, or think that they (We) are blowing these things out of proportion. We are not. We lived it, and we know it - and we will talk about it, and it is exactly what our reality is and was. And sadly, there are parents and ministers and leaders who continue to perpetuate and fertilize the toxicity of the rampant abuse to the young people through lies, through fear, with chains and shackles destroying so much of their young lives and think they are doing the right thing by doing it. 

This is why I will tell you firmly and clearly, right in the eye - that the Churches of Armstrongism are NOT CHRISTIAN CHURCHES. They may claim Christ, they may think they know Christ, they may say they have the only way, they may think everyone else is wrong. As one who lived through it, may I say that the fruits show they are not only not Christian, but the proliferation and embodiment of evil in it's darkest form. I lived it, I know. Others lived it, they know. Thankfully, more and more of us are speaking out; and will continue to do so. 

The Children of the Splinters deserve freedom from the oppression of lies and deception. It's the LEAST we can do for them. 

Submitted by SHT

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Dave Pack: Contradictions a Plenty

Sabbath Services At Home, COG Style

Well, good Sabbath afternoon brethren. Beautiful weather we're having here today. Thanks for moving the lamp over, and please turn off the TV. Thank you very much, and take the dog out. 

Well, would you all move the coffee table and rise. Turn with me in whatever hymnal you have to Onward Armstrong Church of God, a very fitting song these days for sure, Onward Armstrong Church of God. 


Ahem. *raises arms* 

All together. You, please sing softly, because you can't hold a tune in a bucket. *smiles*

Here we go. 

Onward, Armstrong Church of God
In hotel room doors
With the word of Herbert
Groups of three or four
Herb, their royal Master,
Word against the world,
All the other ministers,
Eyebrows strongly furled, 

Onward, Armstrong Church of God
Not knowing where to go
With the word of Herbert
Whimpered out the door. 

Like a puny whoopee cushion (6-year old laughs)
Moves the Splinter cults
Fighting with each other
How are they adults? 
They are so divided
Ripped and torn to see
Broken up and Fractured up
What a joke to see

Onward, Armstrong Church of God
Groups of three or four 
With the word of Herbert
Whimpered out the door.


Onward, then, ye Armstrongites;
Join our grumpy throng.
Blend with ours your voices
In the Dwighty song:
Stubble, Coals of Juniper
Through the windows leap
3 to 5 more years to go, 
so says prophecy...

Onward, Armstrong Church of God
Groups of three or four 
With the word of Herbert
Whimpered out the door.


Sorry about the lawnmower, today's mowing day for the neighbor.............

Now let's turn to another hymn, "No, We Never Said That, That's Not What We Meant".

submitted by SHT

God's Most Highly Favored Prophet Is Now The Worlds Most Knowledgable Scientist

Only in Armstrongism can we produce so many blithering idiots.  Bwana Bob Theil is no more a legitimate scientist than he is a prophet or end-time leader of "God's" church.
COGwriterAs a scientist, I have long known that proponents of evolution treat the subject more like a religious view than a scientific theory. This is somewhat also what the Ben Stein movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed revealed years ago (see Ben Stein’s Expelled).
Evolution is not scientific.
Bwana Scifi Bob then goes on to quote an article about a Yale scientist who stopped believing in evolution.

His next comment was this:
Sadly, society has been infested with the false religion of evolution. 
A more accurate comment should have been made:
Sadly, soceity has been infested with the false religion of Armstrongism. 

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Behold, It's Really Not a Mystery: Using Prophetic Speculation to Deny Reality

“It is necessary to meditate early, and often, on the art of dying to succeed later in doing it properly just once.”
Umberto Eco, The Island of the Day Before

Sam Harris on Death

Have the Splits, Splinters and Slivers Ever Noticed:

Herbert W. Armstrong
Garner Ted Armstrong
Roderick C Meredith
Dean Blackwell
Leslie McCollough
A personal philosophical photo shoot in downtown Greenville, SC

Dr Hoeh
Clint Zimmerman
Chuck Zimmerman
Carlton Smith 
Ian Boyne
Burk McNair
Marion  McNair
Art Mokarow
Ron Dart
Bob League
John Halford
Bernie Schnippert 
Leroy Neff
Dennis Luker
Charles Hunting
Dibar Apartian
Raymond McNair
David Jon Hill
Howard Clark
Ernest Martin 

...and so on and on and on.

The All Too Painful Truth

...and too

"Behold the day will come..."

Dave Pack
In Bankruptcy

Gerald Flurry
Any Minute

Ron Weinland
Clutching his gold and diamonds in the bathtub with the Prophetess

Gerald Weston
Of Boredom

Bob Thiel
Of a swollen head

James Malm
Of Legalitis

Joe Tkach Jr
Drown swimming with too many Rolex Watches on at one time.

Being in Therapeutic Massage I probably will get rubbed out

Don't let the True Fragment Churches of  God Steal Your Actual Life and Time on the Planet
...and hurry  :)