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Dave Pack's Cruel "god" And Its Elaborate Ruse


Validation, Please.


There have been a few times during “The Greasiest Unending Story!” Series when David C. Pack completely validated the website since it launched in June 2022. One of the perfect examples came during Part 470 on September 23, 2023.


David C. Pack made a "powerful case" for why The Restored Church of God's brethren should follow this site and subscribe to the YouTube channel to receive consistently accurate information. Most of the time, listening to Dave presumptuously bloviate through fits of explosive verbal diarrhea is as pleasant as that word picture presents.


However, I was tickled silly while listening to portions of Part 470.


            Spoiler Alert:

•  The Feast of Ingathering IS Tabernacles, not Trumpets

•  The Kingdom of God arrives at sunset in Jerusalem

            on September 29 at 11:27 AM ET

•  David C. Pack felt “uneasy” teaching about Trumpets

•  A critical church error has been “increasing” Jesus Christ

•  Part 470 is a prophesied “final message”

•  God blessed David C. Pack with illness



Despite September 16 being the Fifth Anniversary of “Nothing Happened on Trumpets” (2019-2023), David C. Pack opened Part 470 with good humor and sympathetic mucus. 


Part 470 – September 23, 2023

@ 00:11 Good afternoon, everyone. So, when’s this gonna happen? [chuckles]


The best way to avoid discomfort in a room full of people you falsely told would experience the Kingdom of God the week prior is to push through it as though the Bible makes no warnings about false teachers and false prophets.


Then, admit you are sick and add more humor.


@ 00:53 …because I feel worse than I look. And I don’t know that you’d say I look that good. [big audience laugh]


“Well, the Kingdom of God did not arrive like we were told for over fifty days for a fifth straight year. But hey, Mr. Pack sure is funny even when he’s sick. All is forgiven. Tell us more.”


Dave showed up at Sabbath Services with throat and nose problems because he had to preach the truth to RCG. He was sick for over a week by then.


Flashback Part 469 – September 14, 2023

@ 1:24:51 Wuddn’t feeling that great last night. I never get sick, but I’m little bit in my throat and I, and I just I I I've rushed to call out something…


The man is a walking contradiction. He never gets sick, but he was in his throat. I wondered if this was more prophetic phlegm, like in 2020 when Dave got COVID-19 after the Feast of Tabernacles.


Part 470 – September 23, 2023

@ 19:30 But now I'm in a position (kinda glad) I did get ill (in a way) that allowed me to prepare a messagewhere we could check every box. So, we’re gonna fix timing, and we're gonna check every box. Simplicity, at some point, should (and really must) prevail.


David C. Pack is an insufferable public speaker with terrible habits. It takes real effort to get through his coughing, sniffing, snorting, and more-than-usual throat clearing without feeling sick yourself. 


Ordinary people just get sick. But, when David C. Pack falls ill, it is unavoidably God-ordained.


@ 23:45 Since we left it [Feast of Tabernacles] and we’re coming back, I feel duty-bound, and God gave me extra time to do it…


God gave Dave extra time after Trumpets failed by striking him with pestilence. You know, the most productive way to motivate a wise and faithful servant to study the Bible and reveal time-critical truths to His people with a clear mind.


When David C. Pack got COVID, God wanted that to happen. When David C. Pack caught a cold, God wanted that to happen. The brethren should be asking: Why would God do that to the Goodman of the House right as he ends the Mystery of God?


I wonder how many in the first two rows got sick after this. They can attribute that to a pre-Feast blessing courtesy of their Pastor General, who had no regard for their well-being. If any brethren showed up in his condition, the hirelings would have told them to stay home on the Sabbath to show outgoing love and concern for their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. But not Elijah That Prophet.


Dave never considered that if God struck him down with sickness, it was to spare His people from hearing more biblical nonsense so that they could enjoy at least one Holy Day without checking their watches and calculating the time in Jerusalem.


Instead of resting at home to avoid exposing brethren to contagious pathogens, Dave accosted the Sabbath, coughing and snorting through another pointless message that tested the resolve of the people in the front rows who used all their strength not to wince and turn away. He is just plain gross during Part 470.


Maybe Dave should start participating in the opening prayers after all.



Trumpets did not work out, so the Feast of Tabernacles is the runner-up.


@ 19:08 The Bible says, "If it tarry, wait for it." Well, it did. [laughs]




Nothing “tarried” or “hesitated.” Not for a maha or a micron on September 16, 2023. Nothing biblical was EVER going to occur on that date. David C. Pack talked until it became true for him using the power of presumption.


@ 19:13 But I was beginning to be suspicious a while back before Trumpets. I was, and I said that I was. I said, "If this doesn't happen, I think I know, I think I know the explanation." I wasn't completely resolved yet. 


@ 20:56 So, until you got to the very end, the (maybe) the last element of simplicity that needed to come as a Mystery of God would be exactly which day did God choose with His Son beside Him to come build the First Kingdom. So when is that?


Simplicity is the right idea. 470+ Parts of an 8-year circular Series with hundreds of false dates for the return of Jesus Christ are:


1) An elaborate ruse by a lying, cruel god.

2) David C. Pack is just wrong.



David C. Pack has a habit of making public admissions ex post facto, further exposing his character. Why the brethren of The Restored Church of God cannot hear his words is a mystery. The man tells you everything you need to know whether he is of God or not. His actions and words all point in the same direction.


@ 22:29 Well, WE thought many things for a long time, but then WE came to settle on the Feast of Tabernacles a few weeks ago. Then, WE came back, and WE WE WE said, No, it’s Trumpets. But I I was uneasy with with that.


Dave should stop preaching until the “uneasy” feeling goes away. Most human beings have some level of self-awareness about whether or not they should do or not do, say or not say something. Dave blows past those uncomfortable instincts telling him to shut the hell up. Longtime readers know that is not a new concept for him.


Instead of exercising self-restraint, Dave blurts out a date for months while feeling “uneasy” about it. He purposefully instilled brethren with false hope, lying to them by proclaiming how convicted he was about what he said. How many Headquarters enablers also knew Dave had doubts? Did you know, Brad?


One week earlier, this was how David C. Pack expressed being uneasy.


Flashback Part 469 – September 14, 2023

@ 00:15 Well, I didn’t think we’d be here today. I still think we’re right on track. I absolutely do.


@ 37:31 So, nobody needs to doubt whether I think we’re on for tomorrow.


@ 1:25:23 I still believe the Kingdom is tomorrow. But, I wanna just say something. Just wanna say this ‘cause I absolutely believe the Kingdom is tomorrow, and I think I gave you coup de grace in Habakkuk 3:2…Hope you're inspired. I absolutely am stick’n with tomorrow. Good night.


Based on this admission, how is Pastor General David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God NOT a manipulative liar? That is a mind puzzle for the enablers at Headquarters to solve.



Part 470 bestowed unexpected gifts. David C. Pack offered validation, vindication, and justification for the efforts behind


Part 470 – September 23, 2023

@ 50:27 Now, an interesting point. Ingathering fits the whole world immediately. Now, WE put Ingathering at Trumpets. I'm gonna show you what WE missed.


David C. Pack spent 16 minutes proving how the Feast of Ingathering refers to Tabernacles, not Trumpets. I wonder if he used the article Twisted Scripture as a jumping-off point. Reading that article will encapsulate Part 470 because he read the same verses and used the same logic.


@ 1:06:05 …and I don’t know how I missed this. “And in the Feast of Tabernacles.” So, there it is. The Feast of Tabernacles equals the Feast of Ingathering.


I know how he missed it. David C. Pack has the most astonishingly piss-poor reading comprehension skills of anyone I have ever known. He is incapable of reading carefully with proper discernment. He is a blaspheming liar, hypocrite, false apostle, and false prophet who has fully adopted antichrist thinking.


Worse than that, he did not “miss” anything. He consciously chose to disregard the verses because they disagreed with his presumption. This was noted in the article.


When he reached Deuteronomy 16:16, he opted not to bother reading the entire verse. On purpose. This was his "tell" moment.


Flashback Part 464 – August 26, 2023

@ 34:41 “Three times in a year shall all your males appear,” and then it lists the three.


This was only part of his “uneasy” feelings about Trumpets.


Then, a hilariously embarrassing moment for David C. Pack in 3…2…1…


Part 470 – September 23, 2023

@ 1:06:48 It’s impossible to read it any other way.


Says the guy…who made it possible to read it another way all through Part 464 until Part 470. This once again reveals that when David C. Pack says something is "impossible," you can rest assured that it is not only possible, it is likely.



@ 23:28 What I want to do is just blow away all possibility that it it there's any chance (even a sliver) that we would leave the Feast of Tabernacles for another date yet again.


Oh, Dave. Tracking statements like this is my “thing.” Five Bucks says Dave is already making adjustments during the Feast TODAY.


@ 23:57 I wanna just absolutely destroy all idea that this year does not sit exactly from one Feast of Tabernacles to this (now, I mean the start) to the start of the next Feast of Tabernacles. As surely as 1-2-3 Kingdoms or one year, seven, and a thousand…


@ 24:21 And if the Goodman of the House at some point had figured it out, he was supposta tell the House.


The alternative is that David C. Pack is not the Goodman of the House. Or even a good man at all.


@ 38:27 We're beginning to see it, and I didn’t see it quite clearly enough. Now I do. And I’m gonna remove all doubt about what WE misunderstood.


The last time David C. Pack offered to remove all doubt, he admitted his long-standing doubt the week after. He "didn't see it quite clearly enough" because he did not see it clearly AT ALL. Trumpets failed for the fifth year in a row, just as the Feast of Tabernacles will also fail this week for the fifth year in a row.


The “I didn’t before, but now I do” theme has been running for over ten years and is long past due for retirement. But, in the church, you retire into the grave.



David C. Pack does not seem to fear tempting God or putting his own life on the line for the sake of his latest presumption. The new thinking was that it HAD to be The Feast of Tabernacles THIS year.


@ 51:56 If you overshoot Tabernacles, that would make that would almost that would make God a fool.



the act or offense of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things; profane talk. Blasphemy is an insult that shows contempt, disrespect, or lack of reverence concerning God…


Dr. Ranney, I know $1.5 million is a hard thing to walk away from, but you do yourself no favors cleaving unto Dave. If you ever hear the sound of thunder, take at least three steps away from him.



The Kingdom of God will arrive on September 29, 2023, at 11:27 AM ET because that will be sunset in Jerusalem and the beginning of the Feast of Tabernacles.


Um. Well. That was the theory.

@ 57:30 I will never ever ever ever again (if time went on) I would never again believe it's remotely possible and I’ve given (we got powerful stuff here) remotely possible that God doesn't build His Kingdom at the Feast of Tabernacles, probably in the morning. Not Opening Night. You could wonder, “What about the hour, Mr. Pack?


@ 58:21 So, God works off Jerusalem time. Sundown Jerusalem time to start the year. Sundown to end the year. So it balances. I wish I'da thought of that…


@ 1:39:55 “He that shall come will arrive and will not tarry.” Guess why He can't tarry. Christ cannot miss the Feast of Tabernacles.

@ 1:44:34 A final message is given in season. I am so doing that message now. And right between Trumpets and Atonement. …There was a final message that had to occur after Trumpets before Atonement and certainly before Tabernacles where I would tell the House when Christ is coming. And I’d be found having done that.


Part 470 was not the final message. David C. Pack did not tell anyone when Christ was coming. All he has been found so doing is exposing people to spiritual and physical sickness, lying, and blaspheming God.


@ 1:45:25 So, a final message was always foretold to come in season. He's so doing that, and I am right now telling them when Christ was gonna come, and it's inarguable now.


Those words ring even more hollow on this side of reality. Today is the First Day of the Feast of Tabernacles, and the brethren have already slipped their third of four green envelopes into the passing basket.


At this very moment, Headquarters accounting personnel are feverishly defiling their High Day counting the funds that need to be deposited today and immediately report the tally to Headquarters so that by supper time, David C. Pack can know what the tree budget will be in the spring. Or which mouth at his table will need to be wished away into the cornfield.


@ 1:45:40 So, because a man was willing to be faithful to a faithful little flock who stayed with it (they were just as faithful as he was), they're now gonna lead the entire world starting in season at Tabernacles. But it's gotta be coded in a way that we could never understand until God removed enough of the impediments.


There must be more invisible impediments Dave’s god has thrown in his path because Jesus Christ did not return yesterday at sunset in Jerusalem, sunset in Wadsworth, or sunset on the planet.


It will be a very long eight days for the brethren of The Restored Church of God. They know what is coming. More Parts, more presumptions, and more excuses.


David C. Pack has validated while invalidating himself. The website has been consistent while David C. Pack has wavered. The website has presented facts, while David C. Pack presented lies. David C. Pack feels uneasy when he preaches, but I am at peace when I write about it.


Brethren of God, your concerns are valid. It is up to you to act on what you know to be true.


A special thank you to David Crowl Pack

for validating the content of

and granting it absolute legitimacy.

Marc Cebrain

Declaration On Continuing Church of God Leadership's Continued Lies and Campaign Against Our Community



Advisory council


       Since its inception, Hope of Israel Worldwide Church of God has been described with all kinds of lies whose sources have been African leaders of the Continuing Church of God, founded and led by Robert Bob Thiel.  Those lies originating from Africa have been published for months in Thiel’s weekly “Letter to the brethren”.  African leadership is known for adulating Bob Thiel whom they address as “pastor doctor Bob”.     

       Since its inception, Hope of Israel Worldwide Church of God has been targeted for destruction by Kenyan CCOG “evangelist” Evans Ochieng and his minions in Africa.  The reason for this hatred toward our fellowship is that deep corruption and lawlessness in Africa, orchestrated by the aforementioned “evangelist”, has been discovered by Terry Nelson who did not heed Thiel`s demands not to do any investigation about the affairs in Africa.  While in Africa, unsuspected Terry Nelson was approached by a Malawian government employee related to CCOG`s representative in that country, Radson Mulozowa.  The government of Malawi has been conducting an independent investigation on Mulozowa and introduced its evidence to Terry Nelson who visited that country being sent there by Bob Thiel.  Church members in Malawi confirmed various allegations against Mulozowa.  The allegations against Evans Ochieng were also confirmed through various witnesses and documents.  All those documents and witnesses testify about the gross lawlessness in CCOG in Africa, of which Bob Thiel was informed from his former friends whom he sent to Africa.  Terry Nelson appealed to Aleksandar Veljic, at that time a CCOG elder, who visited Africa before him, to help him present the evidence of ungodly things in Africa to the CCOG overseer.  All that evidence was rejected by Thiel, who labeled Terry and his son Andree as talebearers.  Since African lawlessness also involved the native religion of Africa – witchcraft – Aleksandar Veljic resigned from CCOG at the end of January 2023.  Several members also left as they did not want to be associated with the practitioners of Satanism in Africa, nor did they want to see it being financed by the leader who claims to be God`s prophet.  Aleksandar Veljic did not go a different way than what he learned in the old Worldwide Church of God.  He initiated Hope of Israel and formed it with Terry Nelson, Randy Freeze and the congregation of God`s people in Serbia.  

       While we have taken various lies originated in Africa, which could be easily disproved as they were so obviously untrue, we have recently witnessed a lie written by the very leader of CCOG, who claims to be a prophet and one man over the true Church.  That we cannot ignore without reaction considering that it came from the very top of the “only Philadelphian remnant church in the world” as many CCOG members are deceived to believe.  Here is the lie:

“09/25/23 a.m. Hope of Israel's Sasha Veljic reported that a cofounder of that organization, an accuser of the brethren, named Terry Nelson, was arrested in Malawi”.  

To resort to a lie in order to tarnish someone`s name certainly represents violation of God`s Law.  The only truth in the announcement above is that Sasha Veljic is of Hope of Israel and that Terry Nelson is a cofounder of that organization!  How shallow is this lie?!  Even if Terry was arrested, Thiel would be the last person Sasha would report it to; Sasha would certainly not publicize something like that, especially not labeling Terry Nelson “an accuser of the brethren”!  Therefore, to clarify confusion that has been continually spread by CCOG leadership, this Advisory council declares that:

1.  Hope of Israel Worldwide Church of God does not consider CCOG leaders its brethren because of various lawless things they condone and tolerate.  This does exclude the ordinary members whom we consider our brethren.


2.  Hope of Israel founders and members have experienced on various occasions the lack of sound judgment on the part of Bob Thiel, who trusts his African leaders with no limit.  In his unsound devotion to all African tricks and deceptions, Bob Thiel keeps financing them.  Even though he could be commended for not taking salary from his church, he believes that all the money he sends to Africa belongs to him anyway.  So, to his mind, he is sending his own money, the money that comes from members.


3.  Hope of Israel has established that some of Bob Thiel`s teachings are non-Scriptural.  It would take too long to expound on that.  But even more tragic is that Bob Thiel puts himself above the Scriptures.  To illustrate this point, we quote a response of his to Hope of Israel’s member Andre Nelson that “Hope of Israel cannot possibly be a Philadelphian remnant”.  This audacious statement contradicts God since the outreach of Hope of Israel is far greater than that of CCOG, while Hope of Israel, unlike CCOG, has a true Philadelphian style of governance.  Thiel obviously believes he can read hearts and minds and thus knows who are Philadelphians and Laodiceans.  As far as all true Christians know, only God can read hearts and minds and only God truly knows who is a Philadelphian.


4.  A true prophet gets revelations from God!  Commenting the current world events does not make one a prophet.  Also, would a true prophet ever tell someone not to investigate lawless deeds in Africa, like Bob Thiel said to Terry Nelson?  Would a person with prophetic gift not feel that something is wrong in Africa, instead of pumping huge amounts of money there?  Would a true prophet ever make a series of irrational comments and justifications of the actions of his co-workers in Africa?!


5.  Since our founders have witnessed firsthand the lack of sound judgments on the part of Bob Thiel, this Advisory council has concluded that his judgment capabilities are compromised, impaired and out of sinc with reality, even when faced with official documents!  Thus, this Advisory council rescinds and declares nill Thiel`s accusations against our members and this organization, such as that Terry Nelson is an accuser of the brethren and enemy of the Work of God, that Hope of Israel cannot possibly be a Philadelphian remnant and so on.


6.  Since true Christians are known by their fruits, here are the fruits that should worry any true Christian:


Bob Thiel puts himself above the Scriptures.  He also believes that there are (at least) 10.000 CCOG members in Africa.  Many of those members don`t have a basic understanding of the Bible, meaning of Holy Days and the prophesied events.  The leading men in CCOG Africa are involved in witchcraft.  We have obtained evidence of such rituals in Kenya.  


For years, CCOG host in Michigan was a heretic whose home is full of occult literature and whose beliefs were contrary to the sound teachings of the Church of God.  Aleksandar Veljic gathered witness statements on that and informed the CCOG overseer.  In spite of that, Terry LaFrance, in his capacity of a CCOG host in Michigan, continued to poison CCOG membership with his heresies in his attempt to overturn the faith of believers.  One of the platforms LaFrance used to promulgate his anti-Bible theories and teachings was CCOG electronic forum.  


That forum, in spite of spreading all kinds of senseless theories and anti-Bible stuff, as well as posts upholding gun ownership, contrary to teachings of the Church of God, was all ignored by the head of the “only true Philadelphian remnant”.  His comment was that people need “a point of connectedness” and that it is not strange that forum teems with anti-Bible stuff because many forum members were unconverted (not baptized).  Now, is the forum of the “only Philadelphian church in the world” supposed to tolerate heresies that can only confuse both converted and unconverted individuals?  Oh, well, Aleksandar Veljic was accused of not having love for the brethren and the reputation about him CCOG has cultivated until now.  Yet, Aleksandar Veljic and the COG Serbian congregation sacrificed time and efforts to educate CCOG members and provide them Skype place to fellowship electronically.  


We could go on, but suffice to say that Aleksandar Veljic was entrusted by Bob Thiel to visit Africa in 2017.  When offered to visit Africa again, he refused because he was maliciously and falsely accused by Evans Ochieng (also known as “Simon Magus of Africa”) that he was telling Evans how to run things in Africa and because of health concerns.  Terry Nelson willingly filled the void having a burning zeal to spread the Gospel and serve.  During his zealous service in Africa, he found out all kinds of detestable things done there in the name of Christ and under the name of CCOG.  Terry also realized that a supposed “open door” in Africa was actually a big lie and a sham.  


7.  The man who was actually arrested in Malawi is a CCOG representative in that country, Radson Mulozowa, who is also guilty of forging a registration of CCOG in that country.  Forgery is sanctioned by the Malawian law as a federal offense.  CCOG has thus violated Romans 13.  Long is the list of the crimes of the minion Radson, involving witchcraft, adultery, theft of 130 Bibles and bribes.  On those crimes the Malawian government can fill in anyone who asks.  


Since various members of Hope of Israel are witnesses to the crimes committed by Radson Mulozowa, the government keeps us posted on that case.  Mulozowa has squandered Thiel`s financial donations, among other things, paying witch doctors in order to ensure “divine protection” for himself and harm to others.  During Terry Nelson`s recent visit to Malawi this false Christian, who represents CCOG in Malawi, who was summoned by the authorities for interrogation.  When questioned by the police about 130 Bibles that Terry Nelson donated for CCOG Malawi and Mozambique members, which Mulozowa sold and put the gain in his own pocket, Mulozowa denied any connection to the case.  The Malawian police knew he was lying and showed him evidence.  On top of that, the Malawian police also received a letter from Bob Thiel informing it that Terry Nelson had no right to investigate anything in Malawi related to CCOG and Radson Mulozowa.  Well, Terry has no need to investigate anything since the Malawian government is already doing that.  


Before being summoned to the police station to be questioned, Radson Mulozowa was on run in Malawi for months.  During that time he received money from Bob Thiel to buy a new car.  Since he is ill, Mulozowa was directed by the police to a hospital.  There were also cuts on his body which indicate that he hired witch doctors with whose help he sacrificed his blood to demons.  He also suffers from a strange malady.  He escaped from the hospital and is on run again.  Yet he received another financial injection from Bob Thiel to hire a lawyer and accuse Terry Nelson before the Malawian court supposedly for rumors and lies that Terry spread about Radson.  


Now, it is interesting that while there are individuals in CCOG who have difficulties making the ends meet, lavish donations are being monthly sent to Africa to build local churches, etc. And even for prosecuting Terry Nelson!  That by itself proves that CCOG does not consider him and us as brethren, because Bob Thiel knows full well what the Bible says about taking brethren to the courts of this world.  This also reveals Thiel`s unsound connection to “open door” in Afria for which he is willing to sacrifice anything even though anyone with a common sense can discern that cesspool of unrighteousness in Africa under the guise of Christianity.


8.  Considering all the above, we, humble servants of our God of Israel, members of the Body of Christ, realize that in the past we were duped about CCOG being a true Christian Church!  The subsequent events following our exodus from CCOG have proved to us that we made the right decision.  Namely, we realized that many people had crept in among us unaware and that CCOG had become a victim of those intruders` carnal greeds for money and power.  Besides, they used the money sent to them to build their local churches, yet none of those churches are owned by Bob Thiel or CCOG.  So, all that African “brethren” could do is change the names on those buildings and continue to practice church hoping as it suits their financial manipulations.


9.  Hope of Israel is particularly grateful to the Malawian government for having courage to reveal to us what they knew was going on behind the CCOG scene in Malawi.  We also declare to all true Christians that the same government holds responsible Evans Ochieng of Kenya for various abuses in Malawi.  The government of Malawi is also aware that it is Bob Thiel`s constant financial support that maintains this cesspool of unrighteousness in Africa.  It is a sad testimony of the “one true Church” with “Philadelphian governance” to a government of a nation in Africa, as well to the nation itself.  


Unlike CCOG leaders`example, Terry Nelson is well received in Malawi with much respect and honor.  He was in audience with government officials, he held a lecture to various church leaders, he was taken on a tour around the country and he put the Malawian local churches in order, those who en masse fled the aforementioned cesspool and found refuge in Hope of Israel.  The “Philadelphia governance” did not teach those members some basic things of the Bible, such as tithing, so now those churches are putting their lives in harmony with the God of Israel.  


10.                Speaking of “Philadelphian governance”, we declare that what is seen in CCOG is nothing like it, so its claim of such governance style is just an empty claim.  Herbert Armstrong, the head of Philadelphian era of God`s Work, was a man who communicated with people of all walks of life, and did not govern the Church alone.  There were various governing bodies in the Church, including an Advisory council.  In CCOG there is one man who is everything – what an example of brotherly love, cooperation and trust!  


Being the governing body of Hope of Israel Worldwide Church of God, we do call on our members not to engage in arguments with CCOG members because some of them just follow a man, while some show a substantial lack of discernment and hold on to a notion of being the sole Philadelphian remnant in the world.  The Bible teaches us that arguing is a useless activity that destroys the faith.  Thus, we instruct our members to leave CCOG to its own devices and confusion it has created.  Any further distortions of the truth coming from CCOG is up to God to deal with.  As for us, the God of Israel has given us enough signs of His favor and love, praise be to Him forever and ever!  May our God preserve us and finish the work He started in us.  Amin.






The Advisory council of Hope of Israel Worldwide Church of God:


Sharon Paz 

Jamie Stonham 

Terry Nelson

Slobodan Balovic

Aleksandar Stanisavljevic

Randy Freeze

Andree Nelson


Presiding elder Aleksandar Veljic


September 30, 2023

How To Be All You Can Be in the Splinters and Slivers:

Place your hands on your own head and repeat...

I Am an Apostle

"I am The Elijah to Come"

"I am The Messenger of the Covenant"

"I am The Branch."


(Double Portions Not Available in Your Area)

Davelatians 1:11 I want you to know, scoffers and critics, that the gospel I preached is not of human origin. No human could make up the shit I can make up. It's also not from any Higher Power. 12 I did not receive it from any man, nor was I taught it because no one tells me nuttin' and I am pretty much unteachable anyway; rather, I received it by revelation to myself and often which is a lot easier than that study to show myself approved and rightly dividing the word of truth stuff. If it wasn't irrefutable and impossible not to be as I declare it to be and I approve of myself, that's all you need to know...

13 For you have heard of my previous way of life in the Worldwide Church of God, how intensely I dominated and disheartened every church of God I got my hands and had pretty much pissed off most of the brethren and wreaked havoc in the churches. 14 I was advancing, however, in my own mind, beyond many of my own age among my people and was extremely zealous for the traditions of Herbert W Armstrong, until it no longer served my ego and theological ambitions. 15 But when I set me apart from my mother’s womb and then for all the other stuff, I was pleased 16 to reveal who I really am so that I might preach me to the Board of Enablers, the Go Along to Get Along Ministry and a few remaining brain dead groupies . My immediate response was not to consult any human being because, again, that's not what I do. I have never done it and I have no intention to ever do it. I did not go anywhere to see those who were apostles before I imagined I was, but I went into Wadsworth where, every day, I think up new titles to lay my hands upon myself for and prove it next week with way too many scriptures that I don't even have time to include and cover, brethren. 

...20 I assure you before God that what I am writing you is no lie. More like delusional, but don't worry and unfortunately, I'm not going anywhere.