Monday, September 25, 2023

Bob Thiel And His Money For For An Africa Lawyer To Sue Terry Nelson

Sasha continues:

Now about a lawyer to sue Terry Nelson. Bob Thiel never spared money when it comes to Africa and the false Christians there who cling to him and adulate him because they are constantly being financed by him. So, Bob Thiel is now financing a criminal in Malawi, a criminal on whom the very government of Malawi has a file because for quite some time the government of Malawi has investigated Radson Mulozowa, and has indeed reported to us that Radson Mulozowa was on the run, and they also informed us when they issued the arrest warrant. So, accused criminal and liar in Malawi, Radson Mulozowa, got funds from Bob Thiel to hire a lawyer to defend himself. One has to wonder when such an act of kindness of Bob Thiel was extended to any other CCOG member? 
Five years ago, during the Feast in Serbia, I asked him to donate 100 euros for a Church member in Serbia who wanted to dig a well on his property. I was flatly refused. An Australian family that came on brink of bankruptcy could only count on Bob Thiel's prayers for them. Also, a hard-working widow that does so much for CCOG, did not have enough funds to travel to the Feast, but that did not bother Bob Thiel at all. But as soon as an African criminal and witchcraft practitioner was finally arrested by the authorities, here comes "saviour of Africa" to help in prosecution of the man (Terry Nelson) whom he, Bob Thiel, sent in the past to Malawi as his representative. Moreover, Bob Thiel writes to Malawian police that Terry Nelson has no right to investigate any misdeeds of Radson Mulozowa. 
Well, just those facts prove to any person who knows the Bible that Bob Thiel not only is not a prophet for the end times, and the one man heading the only one Philadelphian remnant in the world, but that he is a plain sinner without any regard for the holy Word of God. For, the Word of God, in the writings of the apostle Paul, tells us in 1 Thessalonians to be checking (investigating, if you wish) all things and to hold on to what is true. The apostle Paul also tells us in Romans 13 to respect the civil authorities. 
In this case, there is a criminal on the run being hunted by the government of his nation for the crimes he committed in his country. So, by supporting him, Bob Thiel is also not heeding Romans 13, besides that his action is defying the common sense. So, he has proven (once again) by his actions and his reasoning that he is certainly not a prophet, and that he defies the Word of God believing to be above it.


Sweetblood777 said...

Should this not be alleged crimes?

James said...

bob does think he is above others. I recall years ago he came to the Modesto church and had hos groupies surrounding him, he took one look at me and my longer hair and curled his lip up in disgust. Truly an arrogant asshole. His end won't be pretty.

And as far as suing, bob is in a mad scramble in covering this up. And just remember that one can sue back.

Tonto said...

Meanwhile Prophet Tonto's work in the continent of Antartica continues to grow, and is the LARGEST COG on that continent.

Last week, we had another MASS BAPTISM , as can be seen on the below video as proof. We also currently do not have any members or ministers with arrest warrants either. Prophet Tonto carries forth this tremendous work without any financial support, common, or other beggarly financial schemes.

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RSK said...

Not convinced that I trust these informants any more than I trust Thiel.