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The Son of Man Residing In Wadsworth Facing External Threats


External Threats


David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God is a blaspheming liar and a hypocrite moved by the spirit of antichrist. That is not an opinion but a documented fact of observation. He is That Prophetthe Branch, the Shepherd and Stone of Israel, the Messenger of the Covenant, and now he is “like the Son of Man” from Revelation 14.


Over the past several weeks, David C. Pack has been replacing Jesus Christ in the Bible with himself. He has become the Vicar of Christ.


That accelerating trend should chill The Restored Church of God members to their bones. There should be a stampede out the door. Instead, they sit quietly, scribble in their notebooks, and passively accept their role as sheep for the slaughter.


Acts 20:29-30

For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock. Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them.


During “The Greatest Untold Story!” Parts 467-469, David C. Pack continued his pursuit of perverse things. He proved that he must increase while Jesus Christ must decrease. No matter what he teaches about the Father and Jesus Christ, he is always somehow in the mix. A new Trinity has been established in Wadsworth.



The opening prayer before a message gives the congregation an opportunity to come before God and ask for His blessing upon the message so the Holy Spirit may inspire the man to speak the truths of God in a way that honors Him.


The man speaking is the one who needs this prayer the most. Clearly, this does not apply to David C. Pack.


One quiet observation I never focused on was David C. Pack’s behavior during the opening prayers. He must forget the cameras are recording while everyone else in the room has their eyes closed and heads down. The livestream audience sees him. Those who watch the raw recording see him.


He is often taking a drink, shuffling papers, sucking on his glasses, rubbing his eyes, or wiping his nose. He is doing everything except paying attention. He was too rushed to do any of that before the prayer, so during it while people are not looking at him is the perfect time to secretly get physically ready.


I have seen this many times but said nothing. Until now.


Dave casually admits to things and does not know what he is saying.


Part 469 – September 14, 2023

@ 00:02 I didn’t hear a word he said [opening prayer], and he was right here. But I heard the "amen," so I knew my cue like my children used to be. They didn’t understand, but they knew to say amen and dig in.


Dave's asides expose his character more authentically than he realizes. Hypocrisy comes so naturally to him that he does not even notice when it happens. He has made it an easy habit of avoiding the commanded assemblies in his own church. He has skipped Sabbath Services, AM Services on Holy Days, and many “regular” Feast of Tabernacles days even when he is not traveling.


Acknowledging that he does not pay attention during the opening prayer is a drop in the bucket.


David C. Pack cannot be bothered to actively participate in the opening prayer. Pausing to humble himself before God with everyone else is unnecessary. After all, it is the men of lesser stature who need God's blessing and inspiration.


God’s blessing? No, thank you.


In the early days of RCG, Dave was in the front of the room, so everyone could see him as an example of how they should strive to be. In 2012, when I came to One Park Centre in Wadsworth, he was sitting in the center of the room.


But when the Campus was built, Dave strategically placed his chair at the very back of the room against the wall next to the kitchen door so he could sneak in and out unnoticed.


In rare cases, when he was in the room for other men’s sermons, he often read the newspaper, took notes, or had loudly whispered discussions with other men. I have personally witnessed David C. Pack leave the room at the start of a sermonette and sneak back into his chair just before the last song. This was a regular routine at Headquarters, and those seated in the back could testify to this.


Commanded assemblies are for the little people, I suppose. He gets plenty of spiritual food from his own preaching and has need of nothing from men beneath him. After all, what would they possibly teach him that he does not already know?


In 2020, during the First Day of Unleavened Bread Offertory, Mrs. Pack put the green envelope into the basket because her husband was elsewhere. At least she knew to not come before the Lord empty-handed.


Regarding the opening prayer comment, I find it humorous that the Pastor General of The Restored Church of God likened himself to children who do not understand. He has absolutely no comprehension of that which he does not understand.



Part 468 – September 9, 2023

@ 1:04:52 “…for he,” this man, “is like a refiner’s fire and like fullers’ soap.” …But, this man's responsibility, his job assignment, and it says it, he's been a refiner before you ever got to the year, and I wanna just say that and some didn't make it. His personality or his style of speaking (however you wanna say it), I know I’m a very incisive, a very precise man…I wanna be gentle, and kind, and patient with people and in counseling sessions. I think I am.


@ 1:05:40 But, the way I speak, I'm incisive, and I've been told by people…that I tended to be that way. And it made a lot of people angry and uncomfortable. …But, this man is described by God, not me.


@ 01:06:03 If Zechariah calls him a poker, he’s the guy–guess who kindled the fire that Christ finds when He gets here?


Luke 12:49 

I am come to send fire on the earth; and what will I, if it be already kindled?


@ 1:05:25 Now, I never, I never thought for one split second before days ago that was anybody but Christ. I never ever, for one minute of my life (and God hears me in heaven), ever saw myself as that person.


And yet, here we are. 


With this clarified understanding courtesy of The Restored Church of God, we can now read Malachi 3:2 with perfect doctrinal precision for the very first time.


Malachi 3:2

But who may abide the day of Dave’s coming? and who shall stand when Dave appears? for Dave is like a refiner's fire and like fullers' soap.


I wonder if Stepford Prime will be commissioned to help create a more accurate version of the Bible that strips away the corruption of those Jewish and Christmas-keeping translators.


Well, if only there was more time. Right, Ed?



Part 468 – September 9, 2023

@ 30:34 Now, who is the Sixth King? Ready? I don’t know. Okay, let’s go to the next thing. [audience laughs] I referenced–no. No. We’ll talk a little bit about it. Everybody seems to want to know that.


The Sixth Head of Revelation will be responsible for the deaths of thousands, and knowing his identity would be critical to the people of God. But instead, it is a ha-ha-ha moment.


@ 31:04 Let me open by saying I’m not sure which of two prime candidates is the correct one. I’ve been torn between them for a while.


@ 32:32 It may not be good to identify him. It may not be something that should be said. God, or we could ask, Did God give two possibilities because He wanted us unable to miss him more than to know and then to state his identity. You know, if I’m to be wise and faithful (and we all are)…if we are, it may not be a good thing to go shooting a name out there. The moral of the story maybe don't look like a candidate. [laughs] Okay?


Reserve this quote for when Dave is overcome by his temptation to name names in the future. Like when he declared that setting a date was “particularly arrogant" and did it again right after, Dave will absolutely pin the Sixth King's tail on the Unidentified World Figure donkey.


@ 37:07 And I there are I’ve got a lot of research. I could get into it. But, I think I’m just not gonna do it. It’s important to know there is a Sixth King. I think wisdom says don’t get too far into describing him. But maybe I've done enough. So, we’ll leave it at that.


By listening to all seven minutes and the hints Dave throws in about the most powerful man in the world, who is also Catholic, left little to the imagination he was referring to United States President Joe Biden. Perhaps my letters to the Russian Consulate spooked him.


In a way, I am relieved. The idea of also writing the US State Department made me nervous.


But, Dave being Dave, he could not stop from dropping another hint later.


@ 1:28:55 …that [Sixth] King is harmed this church now. Our income is down because of the horrific policies that are in place in the world today. Inflation is ravaging a lotta pocketbooks in the church. Yours.


The problems with The Restored Church of God are always external. The forces hampering Dave and his hireling enablers in Wadsworth are threats from without rather than decay from within. The core of RCG is rotten, and it starts with their human idol. Pastor General David C. Pack is responsible for the downward movement of RCG, but he cannot see it because the concept of accountability is too unacceptable to consider.


@ 1:29:14 But it's ravaging the church's pocketbook, as well. Banks are nervous. The little banks are struggling. It’s a challenge to keep rolling.


All the problems plaguing RCG originate from outside the Campus walls rather than from inside the heart of the Pastor General. If you fix him, you fix the problems. But, it is easier to blame everything else under the sun rather than the one person casting spiritual darkness on the church.


Once you throw out the true Gospel, the true Jesus Christ, and the true God, true blessings go with it. It is what I like to call "Cascade Learning." Blaspheme God and steal the names belonging to His Son, and what cascades is further grief and difficulty.



David C. Pack believes he cannot be the root cause of RCG’s measurable downfall.


There is always an external reason for the failings of David C. Pack and The Restored Church of God. Us v. Them is a warm blanket on a cold winter night.


When people leave, they are impatient and will never make it anyway. “This is taking too long!” They cannot wait to disobey God and eat pepperoni. (There is turkey pepperoni, folks. Don’t leave over that.) When teens leave, they are seduced by the devil’s world and just want to drink beer and watch porn. When the income tanks, the rotten policies of the US Government under President Biden, and the faithless, covetous brethren who will not give up their Common are the cause.


And when the Kingdom of God did not arrive on Trumpets, there is a gaggle of culprits to blamestorm. The Jews infected Dave’s thinking. Herbert W. Armstrong and The Worldwide Church of God indoctrinated him with inaccurate understanding. The translators really enjoyed mucking up the Bible, making it almost impossible to understand what God really meant. God wants to continue to test His people just to see “who’s gonna give up” because the Mystery of God needs to be finished.


Further examples of outside threats come in the flavor of former members. We are a persnickety bunch.


Part 468 – September 9, 2023

@ 50:12 And we lost som–a lot of people. We kept more than we lost, but we lost a lot.


Dave's nose just grew two feet. I call shenanigans on this as a statistical lie. The Restored Church of God was established in 1999. There is no way to look at the membership numbers over 24 years and claim more people are still in RCG than have left.


Just looking at this infamous RCG Ministerial Conference photo alone should tell the tale. The circled faces are still there. The rest left.

In this one photo of 74 total, only 22 remain. Read Dave's statement and imagine how it can be remotely accurate.


Perhaps Jim “Coffee Kid” Habboush performed his signature accounting magic to present numbers in a way that makes this appear real in Dave’s head. There must be an unspoken asterisk like it only applies to the last six months or something. Since he did not qualify the statement, Dave presented intentionally deceptive information that may be “accurate” on a carefully crafted piece of paper in the Third Floor Executive Imaginarium. But do not buy it. Not for a second.


David C. Pack has not publicly acknowledged “that devil Marc Cebrian” like he has at the Feast of Tabernacles supper table. I catch hints occasionally that he might be referring to, but I do not think I am the only source of woes.


I know local advocate Dawn Blue is of particular annoyance to them. She got blamed when Brad was booted from the local Wadsworth Neighbor’s Facebook group, even though she had nothing to do with it. He pled his case to the Wadsworth #2 group. The reception there was far from warm.


@ 49:59 But we had to endure this world. And I mean, we’ve been under attack.


@ 50:37 And that’s, you know, that’s all I feel I can say here.


To get Dave to exercise the slightest amount of prudence is a huge compliment. I cannot say he directly refers to these articles, but he must know that some who leave RCG have already reached out to me far in advance for advice and support.


@ 01:06:12 Who didn't handle refining fire and fullers' soap? A lotta people left because they couldn't take the heat. They didn't wanna get washed up, cleansed by the Word of God, or take the heat.


That entire statement is fiction. Nobody leaves RCG because of "heat" or resistance to being "cleansed by the Word of God." In his eyes, people depart due to their own sins and shortcomings. It could never be because he is a proven false prophet and blaspheming liar heeding to the spirit of antichrist.


Those same people who cannot handle Dave’s heat use Is “That Prophet” Alive Today? and “30 Reasons to Follow the Truth” as tools to cross the fence once and for all. Dave talks them out of RCG…not me.


@ 1:17:03 This a powerful statement. “You were made a gazing stock.” We’re mocked like you wouldn’t believe right now. You just wouldn’t believe it.


While uttering these statements, he was teaching the brethren to expect Jesus Christ “maybe Tuesday,” “maybe Thursday night,” “maybe Friday morning,” and “maybe on Trumpets.” Meanwhile, none of those happened. Jesus Christ did not invisibly bring Dave his new commission on a silver platter.


Who is more worthy of justified mocking than David C. Pack? He holds my deepest disregard and righteous indignation. I would tell him to his face if I had the opportunity. (Invite me over, Brad. You know I would come without hesitation.)


Elijah mocked the Prophets of Baal. The enabling hirelings at Headquarters serve a human idol in The Restored Church of Another god. They are worthy of mocking since they mock God by supporting the Spirit of Error.


Brad Schleifer • Ryan Denee • Ed Winkfield • Jaco Viljoen

Jim Habboush • Andy Holcombe • Salasi Jezhi • Frank Lydick

Ken Orel • Tim Ranney • Raymond Garb • and the rest


Shame upon the lot of you.


@ 1:17:19 We were companions with people who would go out and do that to us, but they once sat with us. Wow. Wow, that’s a hard one. It’s one thing if you’re attacked by people out in the world or in the Splinters who were never here, but some of ‘em were our companions. And then they go out and pile on. And then, they think it’s gonna be smooth sailing? Apparently not.


Post-leaving RCG is hardly smooth sailing. It is a gut-wrenching decision that takes months or years to reach after much Bible study, fasting, and prayer with tears. Leaving what you believed and the people you served alongside is a traumatic experience. But it was the right choice for all of us.



While trying to make a case for Trumpets this year, Dave made the points I would make about why he is a biblical fraud and can never be trusted. It is astounding how the words of David C. Pack destroy the reputation and credibility of David C. Pack.


Part 468 – September 9, 2023

@ 1:24:13 But, is that what [God] would do? And then we’re the people watch one day every year until we hit that good year.


The most straightforward answer, never part of the discussion, is that David C. Pack is plain wrong.


@ 1:24:23 We’d be known as the crazy people who wait for Christ every Feast of Trumpets.


Dave said that as if it were a potential future tense. Since the inception of, the prophecy-addiction lunacy of David C. Pack has been well-established in the public sphere. It is now a part of the online record of history. That is not future tense, Dave. It is past tense.


@ 1:24:27 It would get out. Don't worry. If we went past this year, I promise you there are people in this church who will be gone on Monday after Trumpets. I promise you. They won’t stay and wait.


And rightly so. How many times can a false prophet expose himself in the presence of Bible-reading believers who continue to choose not to take action? Sadly, only a fraction of a percent will leave over this, but double-digits know what is going on is wrong yet still do nothing.


What are they waiting for? Dave is “like” Jesus Christ now. Once he starts doing miracles, the door has been shut, and they will be unable to escape.


@ 1:24:38 They were never gonna go first. But those people would whiz out there and say all kinds of things.You can be sure of it, and then, we'd be known. So, the question would be: Is that what would God sentence us to being mocked and slandered?


Remember, Dave is making a case for why Trumpets on September 16 was certain. It had to be true because if Dave’s god tricked him again, there would be uncomfortable consequences for the brethren.


And yet, here we are.


For the record, The Restored Church of God and David C. Pack are NOT being slandered. They should hire an attorney to take legal action if they are being slandered.



the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation



published false statement that is damaging to a person's reputation; a written defamation.


The key to slander and libel is that the statements must be false. The website has been dedicated to the verifiable documentation of professional blaspheming liar David C. Pack and his cowardly enabling hirelings. No articles on the website written by me or other former members contain any libelous content.


The interviews posted on the website conducted by Dawn Blue and Mike and Jeff from CGI contain zero slander. Zero. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada.


Another crucial element of slander is that the statements damage a person's reputation. David C. Pack has a horrible reputation dating back to his days at Ambassador College. Dennis Diehl would gladly raise his right hand to solemnly affirm.


So, it is impossible…it is impossible for David C. Pack’s reputation to be further damaged.


If he wanted to complain about someone, he should complain about himself. He is his own worst critic.



The Restored Church of Another god members do not assemble to learn about the ways of God. They come to learn about Dave. Their Sabbaths focus on Dave so he can teach them about the ways of Dave and the wonderful things Dave will do.


Part 468 – September 9, 2023

@ 1:19:06 Now, the Bible (we’ll say one last time), Elijah knows, the Goodman knows the day and tells the little flock. That would seem to hafta include the year…So, let’s close with some things about this year.


@ 1:19:34 But Amos 3:7-8, I’ll just say, God finally made His plan clear to me. Elijah coming first now, and three kingdoms is just unbreakable. It’s too simple to get wrong. Can’t change. We been at this place for three months. And now you know it could never change. I couldn’t come back in some other year and give ya a different picture.


And yet, he presented a different picture yesterday. Early reports on Part 470 show that The Feast of Tabernacles is back on the watch list as Trumpets fades in the rearview mirror.


When something is "too simple to get wrong," you can rest assured David C. Pack will botch it. He has been blowing it since 2012 and will continue to do so. When he states something cannot change, rest assured it will. He will always come back to give clarifying updates.


It is his curse. It is his nature. But, brethren, you do not need to partake of his madness. The problems with RCG are not external in nature but internal. The whole head is sick. And you know this.


Just because you don’t know where else to go does not mean you can stay. Read Is “That Prophet” Alive Today?—The Rise of False Prophets. Listen to the three-part sermon "30 Reasons to Follow the Truth" by David C. Pack. He gives 90 reasons why you must flee The Restored Church of Another god. 


Do not heed my words. Heed his.

Marc Cebrian

See: External Threats


Anonymous said...

Jeez! If only Dave's parents had bought him a nice Fender Telecaster and Mel Bay Chords book instead of a King James wide margin Bible for graduation!. There could be two Dave Pack rock stars! The guy from Ambrosia and David C. Pack! David C would probably be going bowhunting with Ted Nugent, seeing as how their politics would probably be the same!

Anonymous said...

How do I decipher betwixt which charlatan is more bamboozling...D. Pack in OH or G. Flurry in OK? hmm-mmm

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the people who make the law consider themselves to be above the law. That explains much of the cheating in politics and could explain Pack too.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please smuggle out a photo of attendance at RCG's palatial HQ auditorium. The only view we've seen is a now outdated internally generated inadvertent wide-shot that showed an alarming number of empty seats!

Àyelböůrne, Elder on Ørgæñìa ⚖️ said...

just fly the smallest video drone available in there and get a peek

Mark Wolfe said...

LOL. That picture with Dave, finally getting his wings, standing over the city with a sickle is a truly frightening sight.

Anonymous said...

You could use a discreet lapel camera they have now that the RCG cops wouldn't see!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Dave composite graphic is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Davy's wavy wings are just a series of Chinese fireworks drones performing like Lawnchair Larry's helium balloons & the scythe is like L. Larry's b.b. gun to get back down again