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Dave Rains Down Damnation On RCG Teens: "So let's talk about what God says He has in store for young people today who will be ripped up and eaten alive if they don't pay attention."


Suffer The Children


David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God must love the phrase, “Kill them with kindness.” He just needs to figure out what that second part means.


During “The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 443)” on May 18, 2023, the Pastor General goes out of his way to prove the Tier System of his self-control has further eroded. He goes complete hellfire and brimstone on “the young people” in The Restored Church of God who do not sit up straight enough in his presence.


Grandpa Dave dumps an ice-cold bucket of harsh reality upon the youth of RCG. God will not protect them in the days ahead solely because they attend Services. Sanctification through a believing parent does not apply when the First Kingdom to Israel arrives Saturday night. Or maybe it is Sunday morning. Hard to know.


If the young people have their eyes on the door or only come because their parents make them, the Tribulation will turn them into sausage. This applies especially to those teens who want to see Taylor Swift in concert. If you think those are jokes, keep reading.


Fearmongering is no longer just for the adults in The Restored Church of God. Now the kids can lose just as much sleep as their parents. Talk about renewed family unity.


Grandpa Dave takes “tough love” seriously. He just needs to figure out what that second part means.



Part 443 is Ken Orel’s new favorite message because Grandpa Dave really sticks it to the shrinking youth population. He must have been tapping his feet, thinking about all the teenagers soon to be kicked out of their homes for leaving RCG.


Messages like this prove to the remaining teens the wisdom of their friends who bolted out the door once the turkey thermometer popped 18.


The opening comments set the somber mood in the Main Hall at Headquarters on Thursday.


Part 443 – May 18, 2023

@ 00:09 Let me open with a kind of a stark statement. What’s coming in the First Kingdom is vastly worse than anything we dreamed. And I am thankful of my responsibility, my charge, which is to make plain what I have not yet made plain…This’ll be the most sobering, most horrific message you’ve ever heard. Yet, the most fascinating in its own way. And I wanna talk a little bit to start about the generation that God is gonna deal with.


Grandpa Dave paints a black-and-white picture for the members of The Restored Church of God with Part 443. But early on, he relates to the teens by making a pop culture reference.

@ 00:57 First, how many of you’ve heard of Taylor Swift? Okay. She’s this filthy, lewd entertainer who travels the world with barely anything onand she’s starting a world tour right now where she expects to net something over a billion dollars for herself.


Brethren previously learned what a "filthy thing" Kim Kardashian was for selling underwear. Now they realize that Taylor Swift is also "filthy" because she keeps the money for herself that could be spent on trees for the Campus.


He is disgusted with how much Taylor Swift tickets cost and all the money she will make. You cannot help but hear a tone of jealousy in Grandpa Dave's voice. He must be tormented about all that Common money not finding its way into his pocket so he can pay off the buildings or “whatever we’d do.”


He goes on for so long you start to wonder if he will declare her to be the Whore of Babylon.



Grandpa Dave patches his flawed ideas of the First Kingdom to Israel with generous layers of biblical spackle and prophetic Bondo. It took 77 minutes in Part 443 to fix 61 minutes of Part 442 from five days ago.


The First Kingdom to Israel is one month long, not ten days.

It begins on Sivan 1, not Pentecost.

Sivan 1 is May 20/21.


The Second Kingdom of God begins on Tammuz 1, not Trumpets.

Tammuz 1 is June 19/20.


Perhaps the yawning teens in the room finally set Grandpa Dave off. Maybe a teenager at Headquarters just left. Someone ignited a reaction from “This Old Shepherd” because he goes for the jugular.

@ 1:24:22 Turn over to Jeremiah 5. 'Cause I'm gonna have to talk to our young people. Our young people in the church are in a different category than their baptized parents, and they need to know it. And I'm gonna tell them right now exactly what the Scriptures say. You are not under God's protection because you come to this church. And if you were born to Noah, Daniel, and Job, and they were in it, you wouldn't be under His protection. So if you are a young person out there today, listen now…I've watched them sit in this room. There may be some now. There are two types of young people…those that have left the church and those that will. We've reached a point where that's it.


The young people watch the continual date-setting. They hear the ranting and raving that prove false just a few days later. In many ways, the youth of RCG believe their Bibles more than their parents do. They are proving to be the bravest and wisest among the brethren of The Restored Church of God because they refuse to stay under the rule of a PROVEN false prophet.


David C. Pack is not a man of his word, and the young people know it.


And he wonders why they choose to leave?


@ 1:25:20 I watch their eyes and dance. They think the old man doesn't read 'em. I read 'em like a book. I read 'em easier than "See Spot Run, Sally." Just watch 'em leave. Watch the way some of 'em sit in their chairs. They're here because their parents tell them to be here. So let's talk about the youth of The Restored Church of God. They will get no slack because they haven't left. Unless they fear God and start right now. So let's talk about what God says He has in store for young people today who will be ripped up and eaten alive if they don't pay attention.


Listen to Grandpa Dave or be ripped up and eaten alive, kids. Listen to a man chasing his tail for over ten years, setting over sixty failed dates for the return of Jesus Christ, and threatening parents with the Lake of Fire if they do not sign bigger checks.


And he wonders why they choose to leave.


@ 1:26:15 Jeremiah 5:7. God says, "When I fed them to the full, they then committed adultery and assembled themselves at harlot's houses like troops," like soldiers in Thailand or Vietnam. Verse eight, "They were as fed horses in the morning. Every one neighed after his neighbor's wife."


How exactly does this apply to the young people in The Restored Church of God? Which teenagers are committing adultery or neighing after wives?


Wait. Headquarters has some hot moms, so maybe Grandpa Dave knows more than he is letting on. You know, for the sake of discretion that he is well-known for.


@ 1:26:41 And the younger you are in this generation, the likely the more rotten you are inside. Unless you change. There are exceptions, of course.


To be fair to Grandpa Dave, this did not sound like he was saying 8-year-olds are more rotten than 12-year-olds. I think he meant that a 4-year-old is more rotten than a 24-year-old. Actually, that does not sound any better.


The young people in the room must have been thankful when Grandpa Dave moved on to other topics. Little did they know he was not done with them yet.



@ 1:31:35 Presumably, we would believe that Noah, Daniel, and Job’s kids attended Services. But, if they were filthy kids, they die.


Watching Dave imitate the teens is not humorous, like his impression of Kim Kardashian. There is a deep-seated resentment coming to the surface as he mocks them. He must have been stewing on this for a long time. The swelling bitter waters broke forth from below the surface, and he was determined to drown them in brotherly love.

@ 1:32:49 “Well, I don’t think I hafta obey God.” Really? “I don’t believe a lion’s gonna come and eat me.” “Well, you’ll believe if yer in his mouth.” That’s what I’ll say. I don’t like to talk to our young people this–I don’t wanna give this sermon. No one would wanna give this sermon. The next group that hears it is eight billion. But there it is.


What does he mean he does not like it? But, Grandpa Dave, you are so good at it. You are in true form when you dole out corrections stemming from a place of meanness. His tirade is not shrouded in outgoing love and concern. The young people are leaving RCG, and it ticks him off.


They roll their eyes and slump in their chairs because they are not as good as their parents at hiding the "Oh, please…" expression each time he sets a new date and reverses what he taught the day before. “Oh, ANOTHER final message?” Kids are good at sniffing out lies. And they lose respect much faster than adults in the face of proven fraud.


The assessment of the young people in The Restored Church of God about their Pastor General is no more severe than their parents. The parents just fake it better.


And he wonders why they choose to leave.



@ 1:33:20 I don’t stop and talk to the young people very much. I love ‘em. I go to Camp when I can and see them. There’re many of them that are fine people.


How can you love someone you do not talk to? Maybe that happens on OnlyFans, but not in the real world. Grandpa Dave has little patience for young people who do not give him the proper respect and attention he deserves. He generally avoids the kids at Headquarters, and they generally avoid him. It was a mutually beneficial arrangement that worked up until now.


He does spend time with his favorites, though. Especially his unrelated yet annexed "grandchildren." There is an elite group of teens he will engage with from time to time. If they are a minister’s kid, he will sometimes throw them a bone by acknowledging they exist as he walks by.


When AYC Campers come to Headquarters, Grandpa Dave puts on his Best Behavior Underwear to appear personable and engaging. Outside of that, it is mainly kissing babies and hugs from toddlers.


@ 1:34:02 So, what do you do with young people like that? A lotta ‘em are gonna get ripped up. “Oh, Mr. Pack, you’re being too harsh.” Well, I’m just quoting God. I’m only quoting a fraction of the verses on this subject.


This is the God that Pastor General David C. Pack presents to the youth of The Restored Church of God. The teens in the church can look forward to the same punishment that fornicating, drug-using, parent-hating children “in the world” get. So, what is the point of dressing up for Sabbath Services and sitting through two hours of prophetic fraud every week?


Whether you sit in the chair or not, if you know Grandpa Dave is full of malarkey, being lion food is your fate within the next four days.


And he wonders why they choose to leave.



By this point in the message, Ken Orel must have pissed himself with excitement. He is no longer the “most harsh minister” when it comes to letting the RCG young people know “how it really is.”


Even though some wife-neighing teenagers in RCG will be eaten by lions next week, Grandpa Dave points out that there is a happy ending.

@ 1:39:52 …you’ll love the finished product. When God has to deal with our young people, if they’re too stupid and can’t seek God and avoid this, then God says, “You know, I got this. I got this. I’ma work it out. You'll like the way it ends with your kids. But you won't like the process. Kinda like everybody likes to taste sausage, but you don’t like to see how it’s made. And God’s gonna He’s gonna it’s gonna be something.


Children of The Restored Church of God:

Our Sausage of the Future™


Undoubtedly, the parents in the audience appreciated the idea of their children being likened to meat pressed through a grinder.



@ 1:55:50 There is no [Part] 444. I made it plain. I believe absolutely, with every fiber of my being…the Lord Jesus Christ will surely come, and all of this will start. But I will wait for the rest of my life. I hope all of us will. And you young people, get on your knees. You don’t get a pass because of whose womb you came out of. Or whom your father is. Someone who loves you, God chastens every son that He loves. I’m telling you, young people, listen. And if you’re gonna move, you better move fast. You better move fast. Godspeed Saturday night. Goodnight.


This message was on Thursday. The young people in The Restored Church of God have until sunrise in Jerusalem at 10:38 PM ET tonight to turn things around.


Grandpa Dave cared so much about these unbaptized members of The Restored Church of God that he forgot to tell them HOW to do it. How does one without the Holy Spirit repent before God?


He did not offer the concept of fasting to show their commitment to change. Perhaps he was leaving that for the parents to instruct. How many RCG families prayed and fasted together on this topic? How many parents were peppered with frantic questions after Mr. Pack marched back upstairs?


How many young people and adults alike knew to ignore Grandpa Dave because he would probably change his tune on Saturday?


That is not far-fetched. This is the same false apostle who said this and completely reversed it the next time he spoke.


Flashback Part 438 – April 27, 2023

@ 1:07:23 If your relatives are dead, thank God every day that your relatives are dead…everybody who’s shot and killed in this world right now…drop to your knees and thank God they were killed.


The young people in RCG pay attention more than he thinks. They remember exactly what was said and recognize when it is walked back.


Grandpa Dave never clarified one vital detail: What does "young people” mean? Was he talking to 19-year-olds or 9-year-olds? Or both? How young is too young to be eaten by lions next week?


If the sanctification of the believing, baptized parent is nullified in the coming days, does that mean toddlers are held to the same standards as teenagers? He never explained this.


David C. Pack and Kenneth M. Orel still wonder why young people leave RCG. They want to blame this rotten generation and worsening world conditions.


Both men are too blind to see it is due to the worsening conditions inside The Restored Church of God.

Marc Cebrian

See: Suffer the Children 

Sad Little COG Prophet Still Dealing With Witchcraft Fallout


Just when you think things in the world's most perfect Church of God are all rosy and pink, the Great Bwana does another dump in his member letter on witchcraft. Still feeling the fallout of the recent expose of improperly named "continuing" Church of "god" members engaging in witchcraft in Africa, the Great Bwana has his hackles up with a note to his few faithful:

A couple of people once affiliated with us that went out from us (cf. 1 John 2:19) have continued to spread false information as well as lies related to witch doctors. Regarding falseness of witch doctors, you can watch the video: Can Witch Doctors Cast Spells on Christians?

As far as other false information goes, I saw a report late last week that supposedly all of our supporters in Zomba, Malawi left us. However, pastor Radson Mulozowa sent the following:

Pastor today I visited Zomba since … and his friends were saying that there is no congregation in Zomba and brethren has left ccog to hope of Israel worldwide church of God which was not true. So today I collected photos for you to see that there is church growth both Malawi and Mozambique and your prayers for us are doing well
Continue praying for us
They tried to start a church in Migowi but it has ended
Nobody is being bought but brethren are following the truth in ccog
While I was in Zomba I gave fund to Kachingwe congregation so that they can start moulding bricks for the church as you know that most of our churches fallen down due to Fred cyclone and most of our churches we are rebuilding the church structures as you can see that they are meeting in temporary structure
Attached is the photos for my visit
Best regards
Radson Mulozowa

Despite our trials and faults, we continue to work with people in Africa and elsewhere.

Bwana Bob continues to stick his head in the sand as certain African leaders pull the wool over his blinded eyes.

More will be coming here soon over the ongoing Africa trouble his group is facing. It's not all rainbows and lollipops as Bwana wants you to believe.

Dave Pack: News Flash - More Date Setting And Teens Now Fleeing Church


RCG News Flash – May 20, 2023


David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God delivered “The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 443)” on May 18, 2023. He revealed the First Kingdom to Israel now begins on Sivan 1 and is one month long. It is no longer ten days as he stated in Part 442.


Sivan 1 at Sunrise

May 20 at 10:38 PM ET

or May 21 at 6:03 AM ET


The Second Kingdom of God will arrive on Tammuz 1. That should sound repulsively familiar.


Tammuz 1 at Sunset

June 19 at 9:02 PM ET


The Pastor General set new dates, but the more pressing news coming out of Wadsworth is why the teens of The Restored Church of God are fleeing in droves.

This update documents the fraudulent dates declared by David C. Pack during Part 443. He is not a man of his word and should not be feared. The increasingly toxic environment of The Restored Church of God is exemplified as the “young people” get a taste of the correction normally reserved for their parents.


That article is forthcoming.


Marc Cebrian

The Restored Church of God & David C. Pack EXPOSED

Friday, May 19, 2023

Crackpot Lying Bitter Prophet Still Crying About Living Church Of God Rejecting Him


One would think that after 12 years of running his own little lackluster personality cult, Bwana Bob Thiel would be over his bitterness towards the Living Church of God. Yet, here we are in May of 2023 and Bitter Bob is back again bemoaning the fact that LCG leadership and church members refuse to acknowledge him as a real prophet.

After reading on this blog the latest update from LCG  about recent ordinations to "evangelist" rank of several men, Bitter Bob had to post a comment on his blog about it, crying about how they refuse to accept prophets in this day and age.

05/18/23 a.m. LCG reported the following:

This has been an exciting and enlightening week for those of us on the Council of Elders. Nineteen of the 20 members were able to meet in person, and Mr. Robert Tyler participated online from Australia, despite the significant time difference. ... Our experiences down through the years have been different and our gifts from God are different, just as Paul explained in 1 Corinthians 12. A highlight of the meetings was the ordination to evangelist of Messrs. Peter Nathan, Jonathan McNair, Rod McNair, and Wallace Smith. Another highlight was presenting to Peter and Karen Nathan a crystal eagle in recognition of their fifty years of service in the ministry. We pray all will return home safely and energized to pass along news of the Work.—Gerald Weston

Council of Elders: Mr. Gerald Weston, Mr. Richard Ames, Mr. Steven Elliott, Dr. Jeffrey Fall, Mr. Lambert Greer, Mr. Daniel Hall, Mr. Mario Hernandez, Mr. Jonathan McNair, Mr. Rod McNair, Mr. Rand Millich, Mr. Peter Nathan, Mr. Paul Shumway, Mr. Wallace Smith, Mr. Rick Stafford, Mr. John Strain, Mr. Rob Tyler, Mr. Stuart Wachowicz, Mr. Dexter Wakefield, Mr. Adam West, Dr. Douglas Winnail

So, several in LCG have been elevated. 

"So",,, well, we can quickly see the bitterness starting to rise up in vain Bob. They were raised up but I never was! Boo hoo!

Gerald Weston pointed to 1 Corinthians 12 which teaches:

7. But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the benefit of all. 8. For to one, a word of wisdom is given by the Spirit; and to another, a word of knowledge according to the same Spirit; 9. And to a different one, faith by the same Spirit; and to another, gifts of healing by the same Spirit; 10. And to another, the working of miracles; and to another, prophecy; and to another, discerning of spirits; and to a different one, various languages; and to another, the interpretation of languages. 11. But the one and the same Spirit is operating in all these things, dividing separately to each one as God Himself desires. (1 Corinthians 12:7-11, A Faithful Version)

LCG does not accept that God has given the gift of prophecy as it does not accept prophets-despite its founder who said that God might consider Bob Thiel to be a prophet. As far as gifts prophesied to exist now, check out the article: Does the CCOG have the confirmed signs of Acts 2:17-18?

Rod Meredith was correct in not acknowledging Bob as a prophet. Meredith recognized Bob's narcissism as not good for the church and the fact that Bob is a liar when it comes to prophecy and Bible knowledge. Bob still is bitter about the fact that THREE different Churches of God REFUSED to ordain him--the Worldwide Church of God, the Global Church of God, and the Living Church of God. 

As for his prophet status, it is a moot point. Real Biblical prophets make a statement about an event that WILL happen, then does happen. Bitter Bob's only avenue as a prophet is to qualify each statement with a "what if", "maybe", "could it be" or after every utterance use this "?". The only thing real about Bob is the fact he is a fraud. Living Church of God recognized that.

Crackpot Prophet: Because I am dumping hundreds of poor translations of my books on the web I am now fulfilling prophecy!!!!!


In a letter yesterday to his 100 Caucasians and a few in Africa who might really care, the Great Bwana announced that he is dumping another load of books on the web that have been translated by language bots into foreign languages, and by doing so is preaching the greatest gospel message in human history! Due to that fact, Bwana Bob wants you to join his gravy train and send him your money because no other church on the face of the entire earth deserves it more than he does! Open those wallets up boys and girls! He doesn't want to hear metal clinking in the offering tray!

For some idiotic reason, the more translations of his booklets he gets translated by language bots is getting the gospel across to the world. How can that be when what he presents is a false gospel and is lucky to have one or two people in an entire country read it?

Dear Brethren and Co-Workers in Christ:

Greetings from the Five Cities region of California. 
We have been working on many aspects of the final phase of the work. 
We hope and pray that you believe God wants you to support the final phase of the work. 
Continuing to Make the Gospel of the Kingdom Booklet Accessible in More Languages

The final phase of the work includes reaching all we can with the good news of the kingdom of God to the world as a witness–which will also bear fruit. 
Jesus said:

14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come. (Matthew 24:14) 
29 They will come from the east and the west, from the north and the south, and sit down in the kingdom of God. (Luke 13:29) 
Those scriptures support the view that multiple languages being used to reach people before Jesus returns–and that is also specifically pointed to in Revelation 7:9,14. 
While we had the English version of The Gospel of the Kingdom of God booklet translated into hundreds of languages, we still want to reach more people in as many languages as we can.
Last evening, we received formatted files for 25 more languages–this is in addition to the 27 translations we reported about last week. We plan to upload them and make them available shortly. 
We also expect that we will receive many more translations as that is also something we are working on. 
Having materials in as many languages as we can helps set the stage for the fulfillment of the prophecies of Luke 13:29 and Matthew 24:14 as well as others such as Revelation 7:9,14 and Romans 11:25. 
Never before in history has a booklet on the good news of the coming kingdom of God been translated into as many languages as we have done in the CCOG. 
And, as also mentioned last week, more are expected!

Thursday, May 18, 2023

RCG/Alex Groen: After upstart church failed to attract new members, Revived Church of God rebrands Its self


In May of 2022, we reported here about another one of Dave Pack's ex-ministers who had started his own church to proclaim the gospel Dave Pack was no longer preaching, His name was Alex Groen' and he started up The Revived Church of God. Groen was a former employee and minister in the Restored Church of God. He is also one of well over 140 RCG ministers/employees who have left the RCG over the past several years.

Groen, much like Bob Thiel apparently imagined COG members would flock to his new upstart and help propel a final push for the COG that was filled with restored truths. Well, here we are one year later and Groen's upstart turned into an abysmal failure, so much so that's has rebranded himself as The Church of God Unity Project. He now envisions his "work" as unifying all churches of God into one big unified family which is ultimately working towards the same goal.

The Church of God Unity Project (COGUP) is a registered 508(c)(1)(a) not-for-profit faith-based organization with a steadfast commitment to fostering unity within the Church of God, the "called out ones." Our primary focus is to bridge the gap between various Church of God corporate organizations by collaborating and working together towards common goals. By embracing the shared values and beliefs that bind us as one body, we strive to create a more harmonious and collaborative environment for all Church of God members worldwide.

Our History
The Church of God Unity Project emerged from a desire to think beyond the boundaries of traditional Church of God organizations. Our story began in 2022 with The Revived Church of God, founded by a minister who, after being part of an organization for 12 years, was navigating the complex landscape of the Church of God community. Despite the initial effort to establish a new organization, a growing sense of purpose revealed the need for a more impactful and innovative approach. 
Creating another Church of God organization often carries a stigma within the greater Church and tends to limit the reach of each corporate group to its immediate members. This realization highlighted the pressing need for a different solution – one that could bridge the divides that had emerged among the numerous organizations following the dissolution of the Worldwide Church of God under Herbert W. Armstrong.
Understanding the vital importance of unity and collaboration, we transformed our vision and founded The Church of God Unity Project (COGUP). Our mission is clear: to unite Church of God groups by collaborating on shared projects that promote common goals. As COGUP, we are dedicated to breaking down barriers and fostering an environment where unity, cooperation, and collective growth can thrive through joint efforts and initiatives.

Groen either was not aware of another "unity" group that has been running successfully for many years now or he is deliberately trying to undermine it.

That group is called Common Faith Network.

What is Common Faith Network?
Common Faith Network represents a collaborative effort between churches, congregations, ministries, and individuals to engage, equip and empower fellow Christians and congregations to fulfill the purposes for which God our Father and Jesus Christ, His Son, have called them.
CFN is not an incorporated organization but rather reflects working relationships between Christians accomplishing things together for the good of others. 
How did CFN start?
Several years ago, various individuals within the Churches of God Movement began to sense a void in the Christian World. Tiring of the frequent divisions and bickering within the church communities, they decided to start cooperating with one another as autonomous independent entities. 
Out of that sense of longing for unity and cooperation, the Common Faith Network movement was born. CFN organized and kept their first joint Feast of Tabernacles observance in the Fall of 2011. 
What is a CFN affiliate?
As mentioned above, CFN is an effort of individuals, ministries, congregations, and churches to work together. An affiliate can be either a person or a group from any one of those categories.
Our affiliates believe in the vision and purpose for which CFN operates and exists, and are willing to help in the work to be done. 

CFN has been holding many activities for COG members, regardless of church affiliation,  including open Feast of Tabernacles sites in various locations. 

Groen's new group will fall upon deaf ears of COG members who are tired of every other day hearing about a new COG splinter group claiming to be the best. After witnessing the absolutely appalling behavior of Bob Thiel and his group, members are shying away from this kind of upstarts big time. More will join up with CFN than Groien and Bob Thiel will ever attract.

Hat tip to a reader for this...


EXCLUSIVE Another RCG Headquarters' Minister Leaves, Blasting Dave Pack's Prophetic Confusion in a Letter to RCG Ministry

Behold Alex J. Groen - The man of God. (Dave Pack 2.0)

Other splinter groups of Dave Pack:


Crackpot Prophet: I have the restored truths that COGWA does not know!


The best part about monitoring the Great Bwana to Africa and 100 Caucasians is to continue to witness his sheer arrogance and blinding narcissism. No other human on earth is as great as he is and is filled with such amazing truth as he has. He and he alone has restored the true gospel to this end time age. Never since the dawn of creation has a man so incredibly knowledgeable walked the face of this earth as we witness in the Great Bwana. 

No human in history has understood the Bible better than the Great Bwana Bob Thiel. Even Herbert Armstrong after spending 6 months in a public library was unable to match the wits of the Great Bwana who attended a few classes here and there at Fuller, Ambassador, and who finally got his "degree" in theology from an online diploma mill in India that operated out of a trailer. God was well pleased!

Today, the Chief Narcissist and Overseer of the improperly named "continuing" Church of "god" took another swipe at COGWA (CoG a Worldwide Ass.). Those poor ignorant fools over at COGWA do NOT have the complete revelation from God to certain doctrines. Only the Great Bwana has restored those truths to us and those truths can now only be found in his little cult.

COGWA reportedly asked these two questions on their website: What is the Purpose of Life? and What is God’s Will for Me?. COGWA's main point was that our purpose is to become gods and goddess just like God is.

The Great Bwana goes on to say how he search long and hard on COGWA's website for more answers but could not find the truths that he claims to hold.

What is your purpose? 
YOU are not the same as anyone else. The Bible teaches that “all the members do not have the same function … individually … God has set the members, each one of them, in the body just as He pleased” (Romans 12:4-5, 1 Corinthians 12:18). 
So, you are different. Your destiny is unique and important. Your life has meaning. 
What is the biblical meaning of your life? 
Who are you? 
YOU are one who can give love in a unique way. 
And that is something you will be able to do eternally. 
In the middle of the last century, the Church of God (Seventh Day) published: 
The Christian lives not only for today; he anticipates a better tomorrow. (What the Church of God Believes. The Bible Advocate and Herald of the Coming Kingdom. October 3, 1949, p. 7) 
But a Christian does not simply anticipate a better tomorrow. A true Christian builds character now through the tests, opportunities, and trials in life (cf. Romans 5:1-4) which will help the Christian be able to personally contribute to the “better tomorrow.” 
Ultimately God has special plans for YOU personally. 
God made you to give love in your own individual way (cf. 1 Corinthians 12:20-13:10). 
But how? 
Essentially, by now living by faith and obedience to God in this life. 
By being obedient, making biblical choices, having faith, practicing love, and enduring to the end, Christians will not only build character but make eternity better for themselves and others. …

Bwana then goes on to add that he has restored the rest of the truth that no one else knows about. 

More restored truths on this subject can be in the free online book: The MYSTERY of GOD’s PLAN: Why Did God Create Anything? Why did God make you? (hyperlinlk removed)

His followers are told that they will soon be "instructing many" and should be preparing to do that by reading his booklets.

Will YOU Instruct Many?
Christians are always supposed to be able to give ‘an answer’ (KJV) ‘a defense’ (NKJV) according to the Apostle Peter. There are prophecies concerning witnesses in the end times that will “instruct many.” Will you be among them? Are there materials that you can study now which may increase the chance that God will use YOU as one of His witnesses to instruct many in these end times.

The world will be in really bad shape if any of Bwana Bob's members are left to educate humanity! When he himself and his other speakers cannot deliver coherent sermons what hope is there for the rest of the world? 

Bob needs to stop lying. He and his followers will not be "teachers in any so-called "kingdom" he expects to come nor will they be teachers in a "place of safety". 

The Real Mystery of the Ages Part II


The Real Mystery of the Ages II


Lonnie Hendrix

In the chapter of Mystery of the Ages dealing with human civilization, Herbert Armstrong wrote: “God placed man here to restore the government of God to the earth. Lucifer and his angels had been placed here originally. God had put them here on an unfinished earth. Remember, God creates in dual stages. Like a woman baking a cake, she bakes first the body of the cake, but it is not finished until she puts on the icing. The substance and body of the earth had been created before the angels were placed here. But God intended for the angels to develop the surface of the earth, to beautify and improve it. For this purpose he gave them his government to regulate their conduct and performance together in so doing.”

There are, however, a number of passages which indicate that the original home of the angels was heaven (Genesis 28:12, Matthew 18:10, 22:30, 24:36, Mark 13:32, John 1:51, Jude 6). Moreover, in the previous post, we quoted from the first two chapters of the epistle to the Hebrews to demonstrate that God NEVER intended for the angels to have ANY part of man’s potential or mission! Also, God did NOT place humans on this earth to “restore” the government of God. There are numerous passages which suggest that God’s ultimate aim/goal/purpose was to prove to humankind that they needed God’s government – that God’s Kingdom was the only thing that would bring mankind the peace, prosperity, and other blessings which they had sought in vain to establish for themselves (Isaiah 9:7, 11:9, Daniel 2:44, Revelation 21:1-4). Indeed, Jesus Christ instructed his disciples to pray for God’s Kingdom to be established on this earth (Matthew 6:10, Luke 11:2).

In this same chapter, Armstrong also quoted extensively from C. Paul Meredith’s thesis (which was heavily dependent upon the thoroughly discredited work of Alexander Hislop, The Two Babylons). For Herbie, modern civilization was founded in paganism influenced by Satan the Devil. In other words, he completely ignored and/or dismissed the influence of Judaism and Christianity on Western civilization. For him, those faiths were also riddled with paganism and deception and had exerted a mostly negative influence on humanity. Of course, this view of human history is neither Scriptural nor consistent with secular historical scholarship. Hence, it is clear that Armstrong’s teachings about human civilization were deeply flawed and based on erroneous interpretations of Scripture.

The next “mystery” which Herbert sought to unravel was that of the modern identity of the ancient people of Israel. Unfortunately, much of the information in this chapter was lifted from another important book by Armstrong which promoted the notion that the English-speaking nations of the earth were the descendants of two of the tribes of Israel, Manasseh and Ephraim (The United States and Britain in Prophecy). Now, I (and many others) have written extensively about how the teaching of Anglo-Israelism is both scripturally unsound and genetically and historically impossible. I have also written about how this teaching distorts the promises made to Abraham, and how they were to find their ultimate fulfillment in and through Jesus Christ. Likewise, I have pointed out how Armstrong fundamentally misunderstood the purpose of Israel (to introduce God to the rest of humanity), and that the way that Herbie taught Anglo-Israelism was inherently racist in nature. Hence, once again, we see that Herbert Armstrong did NOT understand who and what Israel was/is, and that his flawed understanding also necessarily had a profound impact on his understanding/interpretation of Biblical prophecy.

In the next chapter, Armstrong wrote: “Perhaps the greatest mystery of all will not seem, at first glance, to be a mystery to most readers of this volume. The reason that is true is the fact that the true purpose and meaning of the Church is as little understood as the Bible itself. The revelation of that mystery must come as a shocking truth. The real truth about the Church, the reason for its origin, and its purpose has remained hidden from even the professing Christian world.” Unfortunately, once again, Mr. Armstrong’s understanding of the nature and purpose of God’s Church was just as superficial and flawed as was his understanding of the other “mysteries” he addressed in this book!

The Greek word translated into English as “church” is ekklesia. And, according to Blue Letter Bible’s entry for ekklesia, the word indicates “a gathering of citizens called out from their homes into some public place, an assembly” (In this case, an assembly of Christians). Moreover, in ALL of the places where this word appears in the New Testament in relation to the Christian Church, the sense is clearly indicative of a spiritual organism – NOT any human organization or corporate entity! Moreover, the ekklesia is clearly referred to in those scriptures as the property of God and Jesus Christ – founded on the Day of Pentecost with God’s gifting of the Holy Spirit to Christ’s followers. Hence, the emphasis on the proper “name” of the Church is misplaced. In other words, it was/is God’s ekklesia whatever we humans choose to call it! The Roman Catholic Church, the Worldwide Church of God, and the Southern Baptist Convention were/are NOT the ekklesia! They are human organizations which may (or may not) contain some of the members of God’s ekklesia!

In terms of the Church, it is also important to point out that Herbert Armstrong did NOT understand the governance which God placed within HIS ekklesia! As Krischan has recently pointed out on this blog, the hierarchical structure which Armstrong instituted within his Worldwide Church did NOT reflect the decentralized and service oriented model found in the New Testament. Jesus told his disciples that he did NOT want them to imitate the leadership models found in the world around them – that he didn’t want them lording it over each other (Matthew 20:24-28, Mark 10:41-45, Luke 22:24-27). Likewise, Peter reflected the exact same attitude toward leadership within the Church (I Peter 5:1-3). Indeed, rather than imposing one person’s will over the Church, we see that controversial issues within the early Church were settled by reaching a consensus among the leadership (Acts 15).

Finally, before we leave the subject of the Church, we should point out that Herbert Armstrong also did NOT understand the commission given to Christ’s disciples or the content of the message which they were to deliver to the wider world! In the Gospel of Matthew, we read: “Jesus came and told his disciples, ‘I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth. Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you.’” (28:18-20) Moreover, the book of Acts and the epistles of Paul, Peter, James and John make very clear that the message was focused on the person of Jesus Christ and the salvation which was available through him!

Herbert Armstrong, however, insisted that he was the only one preaching the “true” gospel! He wrote: “Why do the churches disagree on what actually is ‘the gospel of Jesus Christ’? During the first twenty or thirty years after the founding of the Church in A.D. 31 a violent controversy arose over the very question of what is ‘the gospel of Jesus Christ.’ There ensued a hundred years in which all history of the New Testament Church was destroyed. It has been called ‘the lost century of Church history.’ When the curtain lifted, about the middle of the second century, there appeared an entirely different type of church calling itself Christian, but in the main preaching its own gospel ABOUT Christ, not the gospel OF Christ. The gospel OF Christ was the gospel Christ proclaimed. Jesus was a Messenger sent from God with a message, and that message was THE KINGDOM OF GOD. Christ’s message was Christ’s gospel-the gospel OF Christ. It had not been proclaimed to the world until the first week in 1953, when for the first time in about 1,900 years-a century of time cycles-it went out on the world‘s most powerful radio station, Radio Luxembourg in Europe.”

First, there was no “lost century of Church history.” Mr. Armstrong was either ignorant of the many Christian writings available to us from this period or he intentionally ignored them! Moreover, those writings make very clear that the message of the Church was focused on Jesus Christ and the salvation that is available to us through him (see the epistles of Ignatius, Clement, Polycarp, The Didache, etc.). In other words, there was no interruption in the preaching of the Good News about Christ and his Kingdom!

In fact, Herbert Armstrong’s focus on a physical government and kingdom represented a DEPARTURE from the message of Christ, the early Church, and millions of Christians down through the centuries until the present day. Like some of those early disciples, Mr. Armstrong appeared to expect the immediate overthrow of current governments and the establishment of a physical Messianic Kingdom. Once again, Armstrong appeared to either not understand or intentionally ignored the very spiritual and salvific nature of the Kingdom of God. He also failed to focus on the King of the that Kingdom, Jesus Christ. Indeed, for Armstrong, the focus on Jesus of Nazareth was the problem with the message of other Christians!

Hence, we have seen that Herbert Armstrong’s Mystery of the Ages failed to deliver on its promised demystification of the Bible. Sadly, Mr. Armstrong either misunderstood Scripture, or he intentionally ignored anything which contradicted his interpretation of it! Thus, the real mystery of the ages is how anyone could so pervert and twist the message of the Bible and the Christian Church! In other words, it wasn’t just a matter of administration or character – Herbert Armstrong’s theology (as outlined in this book) is quite simply NOT consistent with Scripture or the history of Christian thought and practice.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

LCG: Angels Rejoiced In Heaven Over New "evangelists"


LCG has ordained some new evangelists, most notable are the two McNair boys and Wallace Smith. Some in LCG said this was only a matter of time till the McNairs and Smith were raised in rank. The three of these men do not have the best reputation in LCG with many members.

This has been an exciting and enlightening week for those of us on the Council of Elders. Nineteen of the 20 members were able to meet in person, and Mr. Robert Tyler participated online from Australia, despite the significant time difference. Some of you have asked who is on the Council, so I am providing a list of the men below. Brethren, I hope we can all appreciate the benefit to the Work received from counsel given by loyal and dedicated men—I certainly do! Most of these men have served in the ministry for 30 to 50 years or more and come from different backgrounds. Our experiences down through the years have been different and our gifts from God are different, just as Paul explained in 1 Corinthians 12. A highlight of the meetings was the ordination to evangelist of Messrs. Peter Nathan, Jonathan McNair, Rod McNair, and Wallace Smith. Another highlight was presenting to Peter and Karen Nathan a crystal eagle in recognition of their fifty years of service in the ministry. We pray all will return home safely and energized to pass along news of the Work.—Gerald Weston

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Dave Pack: Prophetic Etch A Sketch


Prophetic Etch A Sketch


That did not take long.


David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God is already back and sounds super excited. The sustained enthusiasm masks a sad desperation as he begs the brethren to believe he really, really has it all figured out this time. This really, really is the end of the line.


Really really? Really really.


Part 442 – May 13, 2023

@ 00:06 When we’re done, you will really really know the Series is done.


@ 56:27 I’ve never been I’ve never been so excited.


David C. Pack managed to re-gull his most gullible members when he proclaimed the Series was over last week. To his credit, the Pastor General let himself fade from the spotlight for six whole days, leading some to think that trusting him this one last time was a wise choice.


Until May 13, 2023. "The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 442)" unfinished the Series that will never finish. If you thought it might be over, you must be new here. It will be curious to see how he can top Part 441's 35 classic seconds of uncomfortable paper shuffling and water gulping that not-really-really concluded the seven-and-a-half-year saga.


I still cannot stop laughing at THE BEST David C. Pack clip of all time. His eight-second impersonation of Kim Kardashian is a hit at parties. Believe me. ;)




After a momentary lapse of reason, David C. Pack turned over his Prophetic Etch A Sketch and shook really, really hard to erase chunks of Parts 440 and 441.


The Pastor General is back in full form to setting dates like there is no tomorrow. Ahem.


•  The 10-Day Kingdom To Israel Starts May 17/18

•  The Kingdom Of God Begins on Pentecost, May 28

•  Israel’s Captivity on October 7: Nope

•  The Day of the Lord on November 5: Nope

•  Shot Glass Kingdom: Retired

•  Thimble Kingdom: Elevated


Hey, Dave. Maybe this is why RCG has flat growth. New people tune in on Tuesday to hear God will do big things within the next few days, but then they hear a different story on Saturday. Then, the next time you talk, you spend half your time undoing half of what you just said.


RCG’s growth is flat due to worsening world conditions? You wish.



Dave thought the best way to un-last his new last message was to focus on himself. He now believes that the name "David" means "loving" instead of "beloved" despite what you read on the interwebs. His piss-poor reading comprehension skills tie his shoelaces together in 2 Samuel, where he concludes that Solomon was "beloved" and not David.


His introduction was unintentionally insightful.


@ 00:54 The Bible is an amazing book. You can read things over and over and over again and think that you understand them. And you don’t. And then, suddenly, something will happen, and you'll simply see it differently, and it was staring at you, talking to you, and you may have read it hundreds of times.


Wow. That sounds like a summation of "The Greatest Unending Story!"


@ 06:13 So, we’re sitting here looking at something that people have read many, many times and missed all kinds of points because it wasn’t read carefully. Now, that’s the story of the Series [chuckle] in its own way. It's a terrific introduction.


On this, we agree.



Dave spends twenty-five minutes turning his back on the six-month theory from Part 441 and rebounds to Pentecost despite breaking up several times. When you see her in that skirt and high heels, well, you can understand why he cannot stay away.


@ 07:08 But I started investigating the fall again ‘cause I was trying to figure out, Now, how long would the Kingdom to Israel be?


@ 09:34 So, what are we missing here? We’re missing something. What’s wrong? What’s wrong? And I realized…I just couldn’t possibly settle on a date for when it would be in the fall.


@ 10:28 So, I began to look at I just set it aside and thought, I’m gonna focus entirely on when does the Kingdom to Israel come. ‘Cause it iddn’t gonna be a six-month kingdom even if you went to the Last Great Day and added thirty days. That meant all bets are off. All timing bets are off. I'm gonna hit Etch A Sketch, and I'm gonna take a whole new look at what I can see.


You later learn he worked on the new theory for Part 442 all week. That means immediately after Part 441, he started scratching out his Etch a Sketch picture before thoroughly shaking it to erase it. One could wonder how soon he was haunted after the awkward 35 seconds.


Dave is a malarkey salesman, and part of his brain knows it. That is why he cannot cross his own thresholds before conjuring a new game plan.



While introducing Pentecost, he threw out a red herring. David C. Pack is a manipulator and cannot help but expose himself.


@ 11:17 Now, I do not believe the Kingdom to Israel comes on Pentecost. I wanna just tell you that right now. But, I started looking at Pentecost as a possibility. It’s not an utter and absolute impossibility, but I wanna just tell you.


He intentionally throws the brethren off his scent to build drama with a big reveal later. He probably thought he was being dramatic and clever. The man is broadcasting he cannot be trusted.


While finding the duration of the Kingdom to Israel to be ten days long, it pointed to Pentecost as the start of the Kingdom of God. He was pretty sure about it.


@ 42:39 So, I I I I it’s just so crystal clear. I can see it in slow motion. The perferbial, you know, stereophonic Technicolor and stereophonic sound. As we used to say long ago.


Perferbial is another made-up word mashing two real ones together. It is hard to tell if this increasing pattern should be of concern to Dr. Ranney or is just a sign of exhaustion.


The red herring about Pentecost not being the Kingdom to Israel was a ruse by Dave to hide his later reveal it is the start of the Kingdom of God. The Second One-Year Kingdom.


@ 51:38 Wait a minute. Christ’s Day would be Pentecost. Not when He comes to us ten days before that. That’s the only way I can see this.


@ 52:13 No wonder Elijah the Prophet is talking to all Israel (typed as from Horeb) from Pentecost for one year to the Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord. And I’m sitting here thinking, Man o’ man. That is amazing.

@ 53:12 And it’s all clear. And I have no authority, brethren, to tell you it’s other than ten days. So, one of two things appears to be true…This ten-day Kingdom is four days out, or it's 389 days out because Pentecost next year with an intercalary year is 385 days plus add four…But, I’m supposta rush and call this out, and boy, I'll tell ya, I had a week you wouldn’t even believe to rush and call it out and lay it out and call it out and bang, here we are. I thought I did that last week. And I was still already suspicious of Pentecost. But, I was suspicious of Pentecost for a later kingdom.


Every new theory needs the environmentally-friendly padded insulation of defensive packaging.


@ 54:14 …unless I’m just all wet and somebody else can pick up the Bible and find, you know, the thousand years, the seven years, and the one year don't really exist, and they can make the Bible say the First Kingdom is other than ten days. If somebody else in some other age can do that, and the planet isn't blown up from nuclear war, then I guess it could be later.


Dave and his team must have spent the week reading Herbert W. Armstrong’s literature to bring imminent nuclear war into the timing picture. Brad, slip a 3x5 card into Dave’s briefcase to remind him the Basil Wolverton drawings are not real.



In Dave’s enthusiasm to solidify a ten-day Kingdom to Israel before the Kingdom of God starts on Pentecost, he stops in the middle of staking his victory flag on the hill to instead, acknowledge God.


@ 1:04:23 And is it a coincidence that I finally—God put this in place. Waited and put it in and out. We couldn’t understand it. And then put it in place. Had this little kingdom in front of it, and finally, we shrunk it from six months down to ten days. Because that's what the Bible says.


This sounds like he is praising God, but what he does is set the stage for blame later.


Notice how God toyed with the members of The Restored Church of God, knowing they would not understand it. Wow. David C. Pack has no fear of God when he places His name as a stamp of approval.


@ 1:16:12 It appears God is involving Pentecost and wants us to know.


Laying this at God's feet is going to prove to be unwise at sunset on Thursday night. If Dave is giving God credit for showing this to him, he is also opening Him up to accountability when it fails.


Flashback Part 253 – May 26, 2020

@ 1:54:28 Let me tell you what God would never do. He would never arrive on Pentecost. Never.


Future Dave kicked Past Dave’s teeth in again. Someone call an ambulance.



The coincidence-as-proof never pans out, yet Dave continually invokes it as a shield against doubt.


Part 442 – May 13, 2023

@ 1:16:19 I mean, there is the possibility that it's a great coincidence that I finally put this together with about 96 hours to go. Till an evening. Which fits a dawn, by the way. We’re waiting for an evening which fits a dawn ten days to another dawn when Pentecost fully comes.


Why Dave is convinced his perceived coincidences are significant evidence supporting his new theory is for his mental health practitioner to understand.


Flashback Part 177 – June 6, 2019

@ 1:29:38 Wow, we’re just learning this right now. What are the odds we’re learning it right in front of Pentecost because how long would you want people to know this?


Proximity is always a metric until it gets really, really close. Then, it is abandoned.


Flashback Part 269 – October 3, 2020

@ 52:52 I thought over the past two years about the Kingdom coming on a feast day. I thought Pentecost is it. Is it a couple of years ago? Is it Passover? Is it Unleavened Bread?...but there was so much I didn’t know.


David C. Pack proves whether or not he is a man to be trusted and how true his words are.



Noted artists know to sign their work. Even when you create something on an Etch A Sketch, you can still put your name on it. Elijah remains a significant part of the plan, as confusing as it is.


Part 442 – May 13, 2023

@ 1:06:04 “For yet a little while and he that shall come will come.” Well, that isn't Elijah, and yet, it is Elijahbecause it’s Elijah standing up. Christ giving him all that He has. So, it's Christ, but it's Elijah. It's both. And it's triggering this spectacular fire that had Habakkuk go, "Oh God, come and save, please. Come and save." Meaning himself, too. "Come now." It's all hell, all the way from start to finish.


@ 1:16:59 We’ve sorted out whether there’s any kind of Elijah period in front of it. There is. There is. It's actually bigger than I thought. It's three times as long as I thought. It's ten days. And you're part of it.


The countdown timer is already on for when Elijah opens his mouth to the world. Dave was very obtuse when it started. Sunset or sunrise? Local or Jerusalem time? For those conducting their own DCP Failure Watch, just pick a time. Every option is a winner.



Part 442 scratched out the notion that Part 441 was the end.


Just like Part 441 scratched out the notion that Part 440 was the end.


Is Part 442 really, really the end of the Series?


@ 00:06 When we’re done, you will really, really know the Series is done.


@ 22:37 We could ask, What other day would we know? The Series is coming to an end. None. This the only date we could potentially know. But yet, after this last message, we’re told we need patience.


@ 54:35 But I can't tell you anything else. I know that at the very end of my messages, I remove the Mystery of God. There’s no way we can fit a month between now and Pentecost.


@ 1:02:51 It’s a ten-day Kingdom right here…And you’ll understand why it took Mr. Pack seven and a half years…to get it straight.


Well…not so much. Part 443 is already on the schedule as of yesterday.


Prophecy Update – May 15, 2023

Brethren, we are still right on track. There is time—and unbelievable material to present—for one final part on Wednesday at 4:00PM Headquarters time.


How much shaking there will be to erase elements from Parts 442, 441, and 440 is anyone’s guess. If you think Part 443 will end the Series, I still have that bridge in Brooklyn for sale.


Expect more updates. More excuses. More goalpost moving. More can kicking. More scratching out.


The tired patterns have been repeated so much David C. Pack's Prophetic Etch A Sketch is worn out. He desperately wants to erase his own history and is counting on the brethren to forget what he just said.


This whole prophetic game is not a toy.

Marc Cebrian

See: Prophetic Etch A Sketch