Saturday, January 16, 2021

The 140 Ex-Employees of David C. Pack and the Restored Church of God


If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, what is this worth? 

This is a crowd-sourced list of all ex-employees of Dave Pack and his 
Wadsworth, Ohio Headquarters compound. 

RCG is the biggest revolving door around. 

What do all these former employees know?

It's only a matter of time until more figure out the Real Truth of David C. Pack.

Disclaimer: A handful on this list remain in RCG as members. 
The vast majority, are long gone. 

1. Landon Adler
2. Adelle Ambrose
3. Jeff Ambrose
4. William Behrer
5. Craig Beidler
6. Ckameka Bell
7. Joe Birt
8. Charles Bishop
9. Brock Boozer
10. Whitney Boozer
11. James Boyle
12. Brandon Buil
13. Raphael Buil
14. John Capozzolo
15. Nathanael Carson
16. Jessica Caswell
17. Lewis Caswell
18. Ryan Caswell
19. Beth Caudill
20. Thomas Cayne
21. Cristina Christian
22. Ken Christian
23. Michael Ciampaglia
24. Laurie Cimino
25. Barb Cimpaglia
26. Scott Clark
27. Gerhard Coetzer
28. Cristina Coffan
29. Mark Craig
30. Baxter Cruttendon
31. Deborah Davis
32. Jeffrey Davis
33. Jennifer Denee
34. Kevin Denee
35. Jonathan Dicen
36. Ben Dickman
37. Kelly Djuricic
38. Joe Douglas
39. Richard Easthom
40. Chet Echelbarger
41. Robert Farrell
42. Courtney Frazier
43. Justin Frazier
44. Michael Gammel
45. Luis Garcia
46. Darrell Gaug
47. Joe Gillen
48. Kelly Gillen
49. Gary Goebel
50. Alex Groen
51. M ark Hall
52. Bob Harrington
53. Wendell Hendren
54. Malcolm Hepburn
55. Charles Herzog
56. Deborah Herzog
57. Elizabeth Herzog
58. Rick Heymann
59. Kyle Holcombe
60. Cristy Houk
61. Chelsea Houk
62. Brian Jackson
63. DeeDee Jackson
64. Gairy Johnson
65. Karen Juniper
66. Greg Kaidannek
67. Ashley Kaidannek
68. Karthlaine Larose
69. Jim Leighty
70. Davina Lischak
71. Gabe Lischak
72. Chris Lomas
73. Janey Lomas
74. Nathan Lopez
75. Nicole Maiden
76. Sam Maiden
77. Carlos Martinez
78. Gina McCaully
79. Ann McCormick
80. Jarett McFarland
81. Joy Mcmillin
82. Rick McPherson
83. Anthony Mew
84. Melanie Mew
85. Joe Milich
86. Tom Munson
87. Larry Myers
88. Susan Myers
89. Josh Noble
90. Stacy Noble
91. Rob Pack
92. Justin Palm
93. Stacey Palm
94. Robert Papay
95. James Pastor
96. Rose Ann Pastor
97. Tad Peace
98. Daniel Perkins
99. Sarah Perkins
100. Brittany Phelps
101. Dan Quimby
102. Nicole Quimby
103. Bruce Ritter
104. Denise Ritter
105. Ken Rock
106. Rita Rock
107. Ben Rodger
108. Missy Rodger
109. Gunner Rodger
110. Sandy Rodriguez
111. Tristan Roetzel
112. George Rogers
113. Melany Sandman
114. Dale Schurter
115. Gary Sims
116. Thomas Solmo
117. Justin Tessiner
118. Joan Thompson
119. Steve Thompson
120. Don Tiger
121. Jacob Toews
122. Robin Toews
123. Diana Toro
124. Nestor Toro
125. James Turck
126. James Turck II
127. David Turner
128. Ken Turner
129. Chase Twigg
130. Michael Venish
131. Sharon Waychoff
132. Candace Wazny
133. Steve Wazny
134. Mike Webster
135. Shun Wells
136. Hannah Willard
137. Emily Williams
138. Aisha Wilson
139. Jamaica Yarbrough
140. Amber Zook


Anonymous said...

They all have stories to tell. Some may well publish. For those who claim HWA was a prophet to "Israel" and a revealer of "secrets",
ask these folks!
And the many others who's lives were impacted negatively by this COG movement.
There is much I don't understand but ultimately I come to the conclusion that in spite of this movement many have come to faith in our Redeemer.
And many, many have suffered and are hurting. What a legacy.
The COG can hang its head in shame.

Anonymous said...

The exiting members is also staggering. I visited for a few months. I really need to thank Dave. He turned me into an agnostic. I’ve never been happier.

Anonymous said...

Luckily there are hardly any new members joining Dave Pack’s RCG cult. The ones that do leave within a few years. Not only because of their gut feeling telling them there is something fundamentally wrong with this cult and the teachings of that madman, but also because they can fact check things on blogs like this.

That is the main reason why Pack keeps spitting on the use of internet by the members and why he has told them that “There should ALWAYS be a minister present in chat groups.”
He wants to make sure they’ll never find out the REAL TRUTH: that Dave is a greedy, evil psychopath and a conman.

Good for all these people leaving! I hope many will follow..

EX-RCG said...

This list doesn't even include several field "ministers" who didn't get paid from RCG funds, but had real jobs. I could add a few more names, but won't.

Anonymous said...

"I could add a few more names.."

Please add them, we've got to make it to a prophetically-significant 144.

R.L. said...

Is Rob Pack Mr. Pack's son? Or related in some way?

Tonto said...

Pack has more ex-staffers than Bobbylonia has in North American membership!

Anonymous said...

His son.

Anonymous said...

Name some field ministers that have left!

Anonymous said...

Here's an out of date ex rcg minister list. Many more have left since.

Anonymous said...

"11:42 Name some field ministers that have left!"

You surely cannot be silly enough to claim no ministers in RCG have left, are you? I hope not because if you are then you have egg on your face!

Anonymous said...

Is that Jake Towes from Canada?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sooner or later, one way or another, everyone eventually ends up out of that satanic imposter cult known as the Restored Cash Grab (RCG).

Of course, all their cash, savings, retirement plans, possessions, and houses, that they got swindled out of, will remain in the RCG with Satan's false leader known as klepto-Dave Pack-of-lies.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to put a lien against property that's in a church's name? Pack has promised a fake bill of goods, would a lawyer even touch this?

Anonymous said...

Anybody know if James Pastor (JD) is still at the compound?

Anonymous said...

James Pastor is off the compound. Word is he is in Florida.

Anonymous said...

UCG has far more ex employees.

Anonymous said...

A big number on this list are still in the Church. You know what that makes you.

Anonymous said...

From this list, I see that Pack has more ex-employees than Bob Thiel has as actual members.

Marc Cebrian said...

Boy, does this list need a refresh...