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David C. Pack: Inept Magician - "So, we’re on the clock. This is the end."

David C. Pack: Inept Magician

David C. Pack is an inept magician whose bumbling talents turn gold into lead. The Pastor General of The Restored Church of God is a failed prophetic alchemist desperately mutating the language of the Bible into the shape of his own corrupt likeness.

David C. Pack is a sorcerer and false teacher about whom the Bible warns. Powered by the Spirit of Error, he plucks all manner of filthiness from the darkness of his mind and presents it as revealed knowledge to the brethren. He sits on the stage at Headquarters performing cheap tricks for his spiritually drained and mentally exhausted audience, who are too weary to bother to prove anything.

He is such an incompetent novice of his craft that anyone paying attention and reading slowly can see the smoke, mirrors, strings, and holes in his tedious act. He declares how dazzled his audience should be when they should flee to the doors to escape his evil stench. 

David C. Pack is a blaspheming liar with a long history of conjuring unbiblical illusions devoid of truth:

These are all just magic tricks, folks. They are easy to spot when you know how the gag is rigged.

One example of passive magic appeared during “The Greatest Untold Story! (Part 488)” on December 30, 2023. Dave dramatically stood up, and instead of staring at his crotch, the camera was forced to show the wide shot of the Main Hall.

Wow. Compared to Part 476 on October 21, that room looks very full now.

Those two shots give the impression that Headquarters experienced substantial growth in the past two months. But it is just a lousy gimmick.

No matter how convincing the surface presentation may appear, always remember the substance is a mirage. Here is how Headquarters fabricated the impression of more people:

Part 476 had five rows of five chairs in the front of the Main Hall. Part 488 had four rows of five. The chair count dropped from 50 to 40. Headquarters is not growing even when it appears to be on camera. In typical RCG fashion, a lie is presented as truth. Do not be fooled.


During “The Greatest Untold Story! (Part 489)” on January 6, 2024, David C. Pack shamelessly pulled more skunks out of his hat.

The worst part is that the hirelings at Headquarters, including Bradford Schleifer, Ryan Denee, and Jaco Viljoen all know their boss is making it up. Edward Winkfield has too many moons and stars in his eyes to admit the reality that even the field mollusks understand.

The introduction to Part 489 was a premature self-congratulation.

Part 489 – January 6, 2024

@ 00:01 It’s interesting. Mr. Jezhi, in his prayer, asked that I speak with clarity and power. I think every single message I’ve ever delivered in this Series (at least, the last hundreds), I’ve asked for those exact two things. And I wanna be clear and, where necessary, bring the power that God believes the subject matter demands.

“Clear” and “powerful” are two words David C. Pack thrives on. During my years in the Main Hall after Services, I witnessed the enablers gathered in a semi-circle group-stroking Dave’s inflated ego until he grimaced and his eyes rolled back.

I can still see the faces and hear the voices of some of those men I call friends today, all safely repeating those two rapturous words over and over when Dave sought praise. “Very clear, Mr. Pack. Very powerful.” It was the safest response they could ever offer when put on the spot.

The vipers at Headquarters still provide this verbal fellating in abundance unto this day.

The real truth is David C. Pack has devolved into a feckless, incoherent stutterer constantly interrupting himself with nonsensical parenthetical remarks, which is the audible expression of the chaos churning inside his mind. He is a deranged, confused man spouting deranged, confused ideas.

@ 00:27 So, we've got a series of things to cover, and I told ya there was one more message, and it's tonight…because we are not going beyond tonight. This is it. And we’ll be on the clock (if you will) when I end.

You heard it. The Series is over. Mark your calendar.


One deceitful trick David C. Pack cannot avoid is adding more layers to lie that Jesus Christ will take the Passover Symbols on Abib 15 when He returns. Because the Bible never says this, Dave provides false ancillary ideas.

@ 35:25 Have years always been from Abib 15? Have they always been from Abib 15?

@ 35:48 But, we do know (and this is impossible to argue). This is impossible to argue because it’s literally going forward it’s the the we know that the next one thousand and seven years all begin with a season. The seven years and a thousand absolutely, immutably impossible to argue those begin on the first night of Passover.

The first night of Passover is Abib 14. But Dave is referring to Abib 15, The Night To Be Much Observed, which God calls the beginning of the Days of Unleavened Bread. Separate days in the Bible are blended together for the sole purpose of indulging Dave’s prophetic fetish.

@ 37:28 So, I made an astonishing discovery…this is gonna be a partial clue to understanding how long thisfirst period is that involves three months and a year.

@ 37:49 Now, I ask again, have years always been from Abib 15? We know they will always be going forward. Inarguable.

Inarguable based on only his say-so. Reality is manifested via repetition.

 @ 38:00 “What about Exodus 12, Mr. Pack?” and I I’d I’d made some discoveries and I went over and I'll said, “I'll bet if you read,” I learned a a number of things, and I thought, “I gotta go read that again. I'll bet it does not say Abib 1 begins the year. I'll bet it does not.”

David C. Pack seems to come up with his best ideas in the middle of the night 

@ 38:19 I was lying in bed one night, and I've often get up because I gotta make notes and and remember things. 

If he is not already up into the wee hours, ideas blast into his sleepy brain, kicking him into action. Dave brute-forces his way through Exodus 12:2 by leaving critical thinking out to freeze on the back porch. 

@ 38:35 Now, let's read very carefully. "And the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt saying, 'This month shall be unto you the beginning of months. It shall be the first month of the year to you.’” Now, you can read that once or twenty-one times and see if you can find where it says, "Abib 1. Abib 1 is the start of the year," and you just will not see it.

The absence of words proves his point by utilizing the Power of Presumption. Like when Protestants and Catholics note Saturday is not mentioned alongside the weekly Sabbath verses. Dave uses that same logic.

The problem is that Abib IS the first month, and the first month DOES begin a year. God does not mention the fifteenth of the month. But Dave slithers right around that by inserting his own ideas.

@ 39:12 On the other hand, I'll show you a load of evidence that suggests it's been Abib 15 since the Garden. In fact, I believe I can prove to you that the Garden was literally built in the seven days ("the Creation Week," we call it), seven days. I can prove to you those seven days were the seven Days of Unleavened Bread. "How would you do that, Mr. Pack?" Well, I'll do it quickly but thoroughly. 

…but just not correctly. He props up one falsehood by holding up a different future falsehood. The Creation Week lie coming up is another lousy magic trick.

I remember the days in The Restored Church of God when “explaining away the Scriptures” was considered a bad thing that only dishonest Protestant and Catholic ministers would pull. This technique is now the Get’R Done way for establishing heresy as doctrine. How proud of that are you, Brad?

@ 51:46 Exodus 12:2 says now, I just it’s just this is the first month, but it’s the 15th of the month.

David C. Pack cannot prove what he says by quoting the Bible, so he makes the Bible quote him. The man has no fear of God for continuously adding to and taking away from the words of the prophecy of this Book. The words from a man's mouth supersede the words from the mouth of God. 

David C. Pack attacks the Jewish people when it suits him but then camps under their huppah when it is most convenient. It is hard to know if he is going to accuse them of being devil-worshipping idolaters or the oracles of God. He keeps both of those options in his back pocket.

@ 53:37 So, the Jews say, “Next year in Jerusalem.” So, they know this. They wanna see Elijah at the Passover table. Well, the Jews know that the year begins the 15th [of Abib]. They’ll say the 1st, but they know that Elijah will be here on the 15th. So, that’s interesting.

That is not interesting. That is a lie. David C. Pack just committed the Jewish people to be participants in his biblical fraud about Abib 15 starting a year. He makes up another “fact” by simply stating it as such 

@ 54:00 So, they know that somehow there’s a year beginning on the 15th, and that's when Elijah will be there just like we can see we're gonna take the symbols with Christ.

Judaism now agrees with Packism? Boy, Dave really, really, really needs the beginning of a year to be Abib 15, not Abib 1. He is out on that flimsy limb all by himself. Nobody will want to catch him when he falls. All the hirelings at Headquarters will take a step back and let God’s will be done in that matter.


When David C. Pack says Passover, he means the Days of Unleavened Bread. He adopted the term “seven days of Passover” from Jewish tradition and has cited Ezekiel 45:21, Mark 14, and John 13 as proofs. This hairy topic invaded RCG on April 9, 2020, during “The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 247)” to prove the church was still “on track” and RCG was "not gonna wait another year.” So, consider the source.

My rule of thumb concerning all things RCG is now: If David C. Pack preaches something, you can rest assured it is wrong. History has not budged from this side of the reality fence.

One of the more significant points in Part 489 that Dave used to cap the Series, proving that years begin on Abib 15, is also one of the easiest to refute using a single verse.

@ 54:51 So, you could ask, Were the seven days of Creation the seven days of Passover? It practically says so in Genesis 1. Wow. Really?

Practically? Really? No. Not at all. His interpretive dance through Genesis 1 is anemic wizardry packaged in presumption marinating in supposition.

@ 55:46 Years are all lunar in the Bible.

@ 56:14 “And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth. And it was so.” Now, tell me how that was a black moon.

@ 56:38 Now, only very careful reading would cause you to notice that. “And it was so, and God made two great lights. The greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night. And He made stars also.” So, the great light at night (let’s be honest) is the moon on a full moon.

Genesis 1:14-18 does not state the moon was visible or full. The Bible only records that God created it to rule the night. Even if you give Dave the point that there was a full moon during Creation, and that happens on the fifteenth of each month, it still shatters his purpose for reading this.

Remember, we are “proving” this concept: 

@ 54:51 So, you could ask, Were the seven days of Creation the seven days of Passover? It practically says so in Genesis 1.

Dave left the brethren assuming the Creation Week was the Days of Unleavened Bread, but he mysteriously shied away from stating it after reading those verses. Maybe he caught his own Whoopsie Daisy right there at the front of the room and wanted to bolt away from it as quickly as possible.

Dave could have profited from some “careful reading” if he had bothered to, you know, keep reading.

Genesis 1:19

And the evening and the morning were the fourth day.

If “the seven days of Creation” were the seven Days of Unleavened Bread, the moon would have been created on Day 1, not Day 4. Genesis 1:14-19 takes place on Day 4. If a full moon was Abib 15 on Day 4, then Creation started on Abib 11, not Abib 15. Someone please relay, “Dooh!” to Dave for me.

Dave’s Genesis Lesser Magic Fail: The Creation Week was the same seven days as the Days of Unleavened Bread.

Dave’s Genesis Greater Magic Fail: Abib 15 began the Creation Week, proving years started on Abib 15 since the Garden.

David C. Pack’s astonishingly piss-poor reading comprehension skills thwart his ability to read Bible verses with any understanding. Like his inability to grasp basic math, basic English also taunts him.

Some people believe that Dave is intentionally deceptive with the Scriptures. I do not know the man's heart, but I can report on his dishonest words. By his fruits, we know him clearly. And clearly, he is so inept he is not qualified to preach anything to anyone.


The following statement summarizes the entire Unending Story:

@ 1:36:36 I hope I’ve proven that to you with some simple commentary.

Commentary is the entire foundation of David C. Pack’s doctrines.

@ 1:41:32 You can’t know the day or the hour.


@ 1:41:51 So, we’re on the clock. This is the end.


@ 1:42:02 Lacking something akin to an oracle, the Series is officially done. I’ve told you all that I know. Christ said (if I may be so bold as to quote Him), “All that My Father gave me,” He said to the disciples, “I have told you.” All that I’ve been shown, I’ve told you. We all wanna be like God. Well, in that one way, I wanna be faithful and be like God. I don’t have anything else to say. I’ve corrected the things WE got wrong. We're done. We're on the clock, and it literally can be (by any standard that I can see) any time in the next 21 days.Godspeed the earlier dates. Good night.”


The timer on is already counting down to sunset on January 27, 2024. Trust me, none of us will need to wait that long for him to change his tune and move the dates around again. Whether he utters something specific or “hints” at a range, they are all guaranteed to fail because God is not using David C. Pack to teach any of this to anyone.


The Pastor General of The Restored Church of Another god is a hypocritical blaspheming liar, false prophet, false teacher, and advocate of antichrist theology. He is incapable of reading Bible verses with correct understanding and is living in a hell of his own choosing.



I am no magician or oracle of special knowledge but simply an unordained non-prophet/non-psychic. However, I dare to pull a few reasons out of my non-existent, non-magical top hat that will compel David C. Pack to unretire the Series to astound his captured audience with Part 490, 491, 492, 493, 494, 495, 496, 497, 498, 499, and the inevitable Part 500.


Reason #1

Dave's 21-day theory expires on January 27, 2024. The man cannot endure a failed date as being the exclamation point in his never-ending saga. He will return to "clarify" what "WE misunderstood" to make up new stuff to drag things along.


Reason #2

He is a narcissistic attention addict. Being away from the focus of church brethren for more than a few days causes him to break out into hives. The spotlight needs to be focused on someone, and since The Restored Church of Another god cannot focus on the true Jesus Christ, they have to focus on their human idol: David Crowl Pack.


Reason #3

This is the best-kept secret at Headquarters because nobody wants to be the one responsible for telling Dave about it. They all know what his reactions will be. There will be a solar eclipse across North America at the cusp of Abib 1 on April 8 at 3:15 PM ET, and Wadsworth will be in the direct path of totality. Is that just a coincidence?


The total eclipse will occur on Adar II 29 here, but it will be Abib 1 in Jerusalem during those four minutes. Once Dave finds this out, all the prophetic timing will shift away from Passover falsely being on Abib 15 and back onto Abib 1. Wait for it. It shall surely come.


No matter what foolish tricks David C. Pack tries to perform, they will all end in failure. His illusions have the tangible substance of cigarette smoke and are wafted away just as easily. None of his doctrines are rooted in truth but are merely distorted reflections bounced off warped mirrors and split through corrupt prisms.


There may come a frightening moment for David C. Pack when he pulls a venomous serpent from his hat that bites him. Only in that horrific moment will he realize what was real and what has been false, inept magic.

*All AI-generated concept art courtesy of Frank Kelley.

Marc Cebrian

See: David C. Pack: Inept Magician

Church Hopping Will Give You A Spiritual STD...Who Knew?


Timothy Kitchen writes:

So church hopping cause you to have a spiritual DISEASE! When you're in one group, the spirits and beliefs cling to you like a man and woman having SEX. Then you hop over to another group with different spirits and different doctrines and beliefs and they cling to you once again. It is like a man or woman having multiple sexual partners. Here God says you'll get their spiritual STD! Is that what we want?



Obnoxious Pastors, Loud Mouthed Evangelists, Empty Wallets and Sore Butts


Ah, the memories of growing up in the church...

I was a member of WCG back in the early 80’s and a very short time in the 90’s in the Enid and Oklahoma City churches. I quit going after graduating from college. I didn’t see the point in continuing to be a part of something that I never really felt comfortable with. Private jets, mansions, private nurses, marathon sermons, obnoxious and controlling pastors, loud mouth evangelicals, empty wallet, and a very tired and sore rump pretty much did it for me. I didn’t even believe that stuff anymore. Too many things just didn’t make sense to me anymore. My journey away from that slop eventually led me to where I am now. I don’t have anything to do with any of it. It makes me sad for the people that are still being suckered into it. Makes me wonder why we are so gullible. Exit and Support Network

Never Eat Turkey Bacon


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The Platitudinous Mantle Role of Bob Thiel, Dibar Apartian, and Rod Meredith


A comment on Will "Thinking" Land You In Hot Water With Your Church?

Folks, here is a "mantle dream" B. Thiel posts he dreamt in '08 or '09 about who was/is/might be/might have been "the mantle" rather than who was or is the leader at a given time in the once "righteous", "pure", apple-of-God's-eye, "Philadelphian", LCG (before they became the "now Laodicean" LCG)⏳ :

"But before I get to that, let me relate a dream that probably happened in 2008 or 2009." <--(which is while Dibar Apartian was still alive, not passing away till Dec. 8 2010).

"I was about 50 at the time (which essentially makes me an ‘old man’ per Numbers 8:25; cf. John 8:57). At first the dream made little sense".

"In my dream, there seemed to be two parallel lines. The then presiding evangelist of the Living Church of God (LCG) Roderick Meredith was on the top line and I was on the line much below. In the dream, I kept calling up to Dr. Meredith, but he never would respond." <--(if this dream was in '08 or '09 while Mr. Dibar Apartian was alive till Dec. 2010, then wouldn't God likely have considered maybe showing in that dream a 3rd "parallel line" for Dibar Apartian during the RCM/B. Thiel parallel lines rising/lowering/intersecting scenario...thereby helping B. Thiel (& us) clarify what mantle role Mr. Apartian sort of "secretly" held, despite all the LCG doormat loyalists adhering to Rod Meredith's bloated mantle role which was soon to be humanly decided on being disregarded & discarded i.e. formation of CCOG?). 

"This lack of response made no sense to me during the dream. Then after what seemed to be a long time, the lines crossed with his line dropping and my line going up." <--what line or position might "secret" mantle Dibar Apartian have had somewhere in that dream...did the lines cross onto Dibar somewhere, or ONLY ONTO Bob's "super" line šŸ“šŸ“.

If Bob can humanly decide when or when not to stay loyal to or to discount Rod Meredith's (or even years prior with Tkach Sr.'s) hierarchical "mantle", then why did or does Bob & the doormat folk place such high regard on adhering to all these hierachical top leaders that eventually become disregarded & dismissed from hierarchy anyway? 

Bob got "the mantle" from a place (LCG) which likely was NEVER the mantle itself. Why didn't Gaylyn Bonjour practice COG separately from LCG before participating in a "mantle transfer" from LCG to CCOG? If Mr. Bonjour were to "forsake assembling together" with the increasingly corrupt LCG, wouldn't he have then been actually suitable to participate in a mantle transfer?

"On October 3, 2008 when Dr. Roderick C. Meredith (Presiding Evangelist of the Living Church of God) called me and said to me, “God may consider you to be a prophet.” Dr . Meredith and I discussed this in depth as Dr. Meredith was the one who brought the topic up."<--who cares what a bumbling Rod Meredith thinks he assumes to know about what God may or may not be considering? 

"The conversation with Dr. Meredith weighed on my mind, so I asked Dibar Apartian (who was the Feast site coordinator) and Dr. Jeff Fall (who was my pastor then, and who also attended there that year) to meet with me before services one morning. I told both of them about the conversation with Dr. Meredith.

Upon hearing this, Dibar Apartian got upset. He told me that Dr. Meredith did not say such a thing and I assured him that he had.<--HEY, who cares what Rod Meredith non-mantle said? 

Why did Bob ever follow Rod M. in the 1st place? Why does Bob expect us to count it as credit that he "trusted" & had "faith in" the curmudgeon bully Rod C. Meredith? When Bob still harps on us to follow his mantle role now, why did Bob get to prove all things regarding J. Tkach Sr. & later, R. Meredith? But if we try to prove all things too such as this Dibar Apartian secret mantle stuff (with RCM still at times supposedly commanding hierarchical church governance allegiance/faith loyalty), suddenly we are an accuser of the brethren, but Bob wasn't?

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Will "Thinking" Land You In Hot Water With Your Church?


"Religion is the unbiblical idea that our performance earns us a higher standing with God than we would have otherwise enjoyed. Religion proposes that humans control their relationship with God on the basis of their attempts to be good and their abstinence from evil behavior."


In the world of religion, thinking can land you in hot water. No doubt about it. So why should I encourage you to think about religious stuff? [Remember: Religion is the unbiblical idea that our performance earns us a higher standing with God than we would have otherwise enjoyed. Religion proposes that humans control their relationship with God on the basis of their attempts to be good and their abstinence from evil behavior.]

One thing Armstrongism was good at was encouraging members not to think or question. Daring to question meant you were thinking deeply about a subject and the church could not have that happening. That is another reason why church "government" was shoved down our throats and still is today in the more aberrant COG's like the Restored Church of God, Philadelphia Church of God, and the improperly named "continuing" Church of "god". 

Failing to think within a religious context is what religion counts on to enslave its followers to its edicts, dogmas and traditions, as compared with the gospel of Jesus Christ. “Bad news religion” would lose a lot of its business if most religious folks just started to think. That’s something worth praying about.

Daring to think and question held the minister or church leader accountable and we all know how that worked! DISFELLOWHIPMENT! 

Church: A Place to Suspend Critical Thinking?

Many people go to church for prepackaged and even predigested answers. Nothing wrong with answers, but have you carefully considered the teaching ministry of Jesus? He seemed to raise far more questions than answers, and he often didn’t even directly answer questions he was asked.

Armstrongism has made an industry of maligning and ridiculing Christians and other people of faith for swallowing everything they are told by their faith leaders. That's why the church then and now continues to call Christians "so-called", "deceived", "the blind following the blind" and many more words to ridicule and characterize non-COG people as less-than compared to the enlightened true believers.

Does Jesus want us to think? Of course he does. Does he want us to carefully consider the claims of Christ-less religion? You bet he does—just read Matthew 23 sometime. Many otherwise sound minded and rational people regularly check their brains at the door of their place of worship. At most other times, these same people balance their check books, drive within the speed limit (almost anyway) and are able to engage in normal conversations with others.


But when some enter into a place of worship, they willingly suspend critical thinking, and in effect seem to say to religious professionals, “Here I am—spiritual silly putty. Crank up the atmosphere, mesmerize me, place me in an altered state of consciousness, make me feel good—take me to any emotional destination you wish. I’m here to be entertained and escape the real world. I’m not going to think—I’m just going to emotionally react.”

Critical thinking was never encouraged in the COG movement. That is why we had hundreds and hundreds of booklets, letters, articles, magazines, and broadcasts. They were there to spoon-feed members so that they never had to question anything. The answer was a short literature request or an article away. 

In the name of God and Christianity, millions within the world of Christendom sit in cathedrals, sanctuaries and warehouse-like mega-churches and blindly allow religious authorities to tell them what the Bible really means. You see, according to some religious authorities, the Bible doesn’t mean what it appears to. That’s assuming the Bible even makes it into the sermon, for in some religious environments people are assured that their religious leader has transcended that silly old book, and under his or her leadership and teaching they too can leave the Bible behind.

Armstrongism is not the only one who does this. It happens in a lot of Christianity. People like to look to authority figures as having all the answers. It makes them feel safe and secure in a crazy world. Not having the answers or realizing that you do NOT need an answer to everything is a dangerous place to be for some.

Millions not only accept anything their religious authority tells them about the Bible, but then they allow that authority to tell them what to do and when to do it—and what kind of look to have on their face while they’re doing it.

Look at Dave Pack's followers, Gerald Flurry's, and Bob Thiel's; their followers blindly follow everything they say, unquestionably. 

Institutionalized religion is primarily concerned with teaching its followers creeds to memorize, believe and recite. Religion has its prayer and hymn books and its study Bibles so that its followers will toe the party line.

“I’m Better Than You Are!

Just in case I haven’t ruffled enough feathers already (how in the world am I going to encourage you to think if I don’t challenge you?) let’s discuss one of the most illogical of all core religious beliefs. The average religious person assumes (because they have been deceived by religion) that they are better than other average religious persons. Religious folks sit in church and think: “Oh the Methodists or Lutherans down the street. You know, they’re nice people. But they are so messed up. They don’t get it…not like I do.”

"Oh, the Living Church of God people are deceived because they refused to listen to me." Bob Thiel.

Restored Church of God people are better than Philadelphia Church of God people. Living Church of God is better than United Church of God. COGWA is better than the United Church of God. Philadelphia Church of God is better than ALL Churches of God. The silly list can go on and on.

There is, of course, no biblical rationale for such a silly, nonsensical conclusion. In fact, it’s so arrogant and unbiblical that while many churches covertly teach that they are better, have “more truth” or are more “spirit-led” (because, after all, such lofty “truth-claims” are one of the main ways to keep folks coming back) they have long-winded, carefully written statements to say that they don’t actually teach what they have carefully indoctrinated their members to fervently believe.

How do you arrive at the conclusion that you are religiously superior by studying the Bible? You don’t. How do you come to such a conclusion if Jesus is living his life within you? You don’t. You need religious propaganda/brainwashing to seduce you into accepting such a conclusion. You need religious stuff that nullifies Jesus’ selfless life of the Spirit to believe such a preposterous conviction.

If the mind of Jesus (Philippians 2:5) guides our thinking, we can conquer such religiously induced beliefs, so that we won’t look at another person and say, “Oh, I would never do that! Look at where she has a tattoo. I would like to pay attention as I sit here in this brick-and-mortar church, but my eyes are glued on her tattoo. I might get a tattoo, but not there! I might have a discreet earring, but all that metal hanging from my nose, lips or eyebrow? No, I would never do that.”

We will always see ourselves as better than most folks, that’s natural. But along comes religion and gives us a huge boost—now we think we are not only better, we actually believe we are spiritually superior. 

Armstrongism blew this concept out of the park. Armstrongims was better than all of Christianity combined and its members better than anyone in the last 2,000 years. After all, they are going to be kings and priests, gods and goddesses in their mythical kingdom to come. 

Think of a religious fast food emporium—there we are, lined up in the religious drive-through, waiting for our “God-fix,” and when we get up to the window (and remember, I’m talking about the idea that God is so impressed with what we do that we can actually cause him to love us more because of all the religious rituals we perform) religion asks us if we want to supersize our natural pride. Of course we do!

Don’t you want to be convinced that you are better than the average religious Joe? Of course! And there are many churches just waiting to accommodate you. When we are religiously super-sized, we come away thinking we are better than everyone else—we are the only, the chosen, the best, the called—the select.

Look at how well this worked for Bob Thiel. Living Church of God REFUSED to change any of their understandings to fit what Bob imagined was true. They actually laughed and made fun of Bob when he tried this. 

Unique in Christ

All of this spiritual pride is a clever counterfeit, because God actually does supersize us. But when God makes us better he tells us that we can be special to God only because of his grace. He tells us that there is only One who is unique—Jesus (John 1:16). If Jesus lives his risen life within us, we become God’s very own children. How much more super-sized can you get than that?

Damn it! There is that epitaph that COG members cannot stand - grace. In many COG members' eyes, this is a license to sin and do whatever ever want. That nonsense shows just how well the indoctrination of the COG was in maligning this topic. 

God consistently tells us that he sees us as special only because of his grace—only because of the cross of Jesus. We are not better because of the things we do and don’t do, because of the real-estate-located church we attend or the ones we would never attend—we are special to God only because of Jesus.

The message of the resurrection of our Lord is an invitation to sit up and think. He won the victory over death and the grave. He is risen. He triumphs over all powers, principalities, rules and religions. He alone is worthy of our worship. He invites us to come to him, to examine the promises he gives, to live the life he will lead within us.

The Church of God leaves Jesus dead on the cross in the high school gym or Masonic Lodge hall when Passover is done. He stays there till the following year. The resurrection only tends to be acknowledged when it comes to encouraging the divine healing of members.

He does not encourage superstitious, emotional knee-jerk reactions to his resurrection, but thoughtful and careful consideration of the difference he will make in your life. Read what he told the two men on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35).

Let us shed the silliness and legalism of Christ-less religion. Let us come to the Lord of our lives, who lives that we might live. Let us come to the freedom he offers us, freedom from religion, freedom for a life of service to him. He is risen! It’s a fact—think about it. WARNING: THINKING MAY BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR RELIGION 

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The WCG/COG Talmud


From the late Gavin Rumney's Ambassador Files


The WCG Talmud

The following list was compiled by Robert Gerringer, and first published by Ambassador Report in the 70's. It represents some of the customs and traditions of the Worldwide Church of God up until about 1973. How times change!

Do not use medicines or drugs. 

Never wear sideburns below the middle of the ear, or comb your hair over the forehead. 

Never dance without holding your partner and don't wiggle your hips. 

Never listen to hard rock music. 

Do not contribute to charities (Easter Seals, March of Dimes, etc.). 

Women should wear skirts long enough to at least touch the top of the knee.

Women must wear their hair long enough to cover the nape of the neck. 

Never vote in any elections. Never join a political party. 

Avoid doctors and hospitals. Never receive a blood transfusion. Do not donate blood. 

Never serve in the military in any capacity. 

Never celebrate Christmas, Easter, New Year's, Halloween, Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day, or April Fool's. Celebrate Thanksgiving. 

Do not have more than two drinks a night. Don't be a teetotaler. 

Never wear make-up. 

Men should never wear a toupee or wig. Women can only wear wigs if they are bald. Never color your hair. 

Women should not wear pants (except for sports activities). 

Never ever smoke anything. 

Pray at least 30 minutes a day. Study your Bible at least thirty minutes a day. Fast and meditate regularly. 

Never join or remain a member of a "worldly" club (Elks, Lions, Kiwanis, etc.). 

Watch only movies rated G and occasionally PG. Do not observe Mother's Day in England (Mother's Day is OK in America). 

Do not earn a living as a policeman, judge, fireman, physician, elected official (except Mayor of Big Sandy), astronaut, gambler, concert musician, actor or ballet dancer. 

Never have a picture of "Christ", "God", "angels" or "saints." 

Women should not go braless. Women should not take "the Pill" or have an abortion. 

Do not allow your children to join the boy scouts or girl scouts. Children should not play "pretend" games. 

Women should not wear Tampons. 

Always take notes during church services. 

Never call a minister "Reverend." 

Never bring the "unconverted" to services without the minister's permission, this includes close relatives such as an unconverted mate and children over 16. 

Never co-sign for a loan. 

Do not wear heart shaped lockets. 

Beware of classical music written by demon inspired composers. 

Never serve on a jury. 

Never sign over your body for scientific study. 

Do not read the writings of philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle. 

Do not vote for or initiate a labor strike. 

Going to night clubs is allowed, in moderation. 

Do not have organ music in church. 

Men should not wear pink or flowery shirts. 

Children should not be allowed to read fairy tales or nursery rhymes. 

Single people should date widely. Never date a non-Worldwide Church of God member. Never neck on a date. If engaged, a good-night kiss is permissible, if not prolonged. Never hold hands unless married or engaged. When married, have sex only in the two approved positions; never kiss below the neck (pre-1960's), never kiss below the waist (pre-1975). 

Dentists are OK. Novocaine is OK. Antibiotics are not OK. Immunizations are not OK. 

Only unmarried women should be employed. 

Never date or marry outside your race. The races should be segregated whenever possible. 

Men should not wear beards. 

Do not eat maraschino cherries. 

Never get a tatoo. 

Avoid "Protestant type" hymns. 

Minimize contact with non-believers. 

Use olive oil and wine on sores. 

For weddings, use only the Herbert Armstrong approved ceremony. 

Card playing is OK. Never listen to "soul music". 

Have only a graveside service at funerals. 

Never wear or own a crucifix. Never sign a letter "in Jesus' Name" unless you are a minister. 

Church buildings should not have steeples or stained glass windows. Never build or own an obelisk. 

Never celebrate birthdays. 

Don't go into partnerships in business. 

Never say "God bless you" when someone sneezes (in fact, never say "God bless you"). 

Always buy "quality". Strive to become "cultured". 

Do not break an engagement to be married. 

Always get a minister's advice before making any important decisions (changing a job, marrying, selling your home, etc.). 

Never go along with new styles or trends until at least 50% of the public has adopted them. Never be a leader in setting styles or trends. 

Never support or attend the services of any Catholic or Protestant church. (The Catholic Church is the "great whore" of Revelation. It is Satan's church and Protestant churches are its children.) 

Do not listen to preachers who teach contrary to the WCG doctrines. 

Do not practice vegetarianism. 

Do not have your body cremated. 

Women should not wear two-piece bathing suits and especially not bikinis. Men should not wear tight bathing suits (in England only). 

Do not engage in sky diving (before David Armstrong's interest in same). 

Never chew tobacco. 

Do not speculate in stocks or bonds. 

Never ever use "unnatural" farming methods (chemical fertilizers. pesticides, etc.). 

Never act in, direct, produce or write a drama. 

Never hypnotize anyone or be hypnotized. Do not celebrate the 4th of July (pre-1965). 

Do not adopt children. 

Do not have your ears pierced. 

Make ample use of corporal punishment in rearing children. 

Do not use euphemisms such as gosh, darn or gee. 

Do not create or own "modern" art. 

Sex on Friday night is OK for married people. 

Never go to a psychiatrist.



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Always Remember, God Has Delayed The Endtimes Because It Is Your Fault!


For decades Church of God members have been blamed for all kinds of issues in the church and with the failure of the predictions by self-appointed prophecy addicts.

One of the most appalling examples of this was when church members were blamed for Loma Armstrong's death. Her constipation/blockage of the bowel could have easily been remedied but it was not. It was the perfect opportunity for Herbert Armstrong to blame the church members for it. I remember the Saturday at check when all of the congregation was told to get on their knees and pray for forgiveness and for the healing of Loma. With the hard-heartedness of the members and refusal to follow all of the dictates of Herbert the church was blocking God from doing a mighty work through the church.

When Herbert's failed predictions in 1971, 1972, and 1975 made a complete mockery of him, he and the church turned around and blamed it on the members. The church wasn't ready for God to do his work through them. Too much sin and corruption filled the hearts of members, but never the elites in Pasadena, but the slovenly members.

Each successive year now members get blamed for all the failures of the false prophets of Armstrongism. If only the members would get their act together and God could complete his plan.

The Kitchen clan had this up the other day. Note: Dwight Viehe was not a shining example of godliness.

The following transcript was of a sermonette that was given on June 25, 1985 by Mr. Dwight Viehe in the Pasadena PM Services, the transcript was published in Mr. Armstrong's Coworker letter Aug 25, 1985.
" I brought with me this afternoon a recent member and co-worker letter from Mr. Armstrong. I'm sure most of you will recall this one. You should. He began by telling us how we are helping fulfill Bible prophecy. It goes on to explain how there is indeed a purpose being worked out here below, and that the events working out that purpose of God are recorded in the history of the past, and the prophecy of the present and the future in the Bible.
A few paragraphs below that he mentions how, right now, it seems that God has been holding events in the world back.
Mr. Armstrong says: "We had expected the Great Tribulation to come before now. Why the delay? Surely it seems God has held the winds of terrorism and the Great Tribulation back to allow time" for the preaching of the Gospel message as a witness unto all nations "in a more complete way." And then Mr. Armstrong concludes the paragraph: "Perhaps we ourselves have been holding the march of events up."
Mr. Armstrong has mentioned that before. I've heard him mention it several times. And each time I pondered that thought, but then something else would get on my mind and I would soon forget it. But this time I decided to think a little more deeply, because it's an incredible, awesome thought that it is possible for God's chosen people, his called-out ones, spiritual Israel, to actually alter the divine agenda of the Almighty God. Let us look at an example. In Acts 13 Paul is giving what has been said to be his first sermon. Beginning in verse 14: "... when they [he and Barnabasl departed from Perga, they came to Antioch in Pisidia, and went into the synagogue on the sabbath day, and sat down. And after the reading of the law and the prophets the rulers of the synagogue sent unto them, saying, Ye men and brethren, if ye have any word of exhortation [or earnest urgings] for the people, say on."
Speak up. What an invitation, because Paul, being Paul, stood up, and he said, Well, as a matter of fact, I do. It says then he, "... beckoning with his hand said, Men of Israel, and ye that fear God, give audience. The God of this people of Israel chose our fathers, and exalted the people when they dwelt as strangers in the land of Egypt, and with an high arm brought he them out of it." In this passage I want you to notice that Paul always bases his ministry on the plan of God. Verse 17 talks about how God has chosen a people for the outworking of his purpose. He brought them out of Egypt by many wonderful, powerful miracles and he began guiding them and teaching them in the way they should live their lives. In other words, teaching them how to be in the world but not of the world. A large portion of scripture is devoted to the recounting of the way in which God labored to prepare his chosen people for his plan, for his purpose.
We never want to forget that God has a purpose being worked out here below, that he has a plan. We need to remember that God calls a people to himself for the working out of his purposes. He always has. And God has predestined a people to himself in this end time to be the very basis of his divine work on earth. For that people to be effective, they must be a people who are convinced of his plan, who are solidly committed to and supporting that plan, and who are diligently preparing themselves for the very next step in that plan. And it also must be a people who are fully convinced that God is totally and utterly able to carry out the entirety of that plan and purpose to the nth degree.
Through God's Church we've come to understand that God brought ancient Israel out of Egypt, a type of sin, to make of them a society to show other people how to live. So today he is calling his Church, spiritual Israel, out of this world, to show and to teach people ultimately how to live in God's kingdom. God led ancient Israel through Moses teaching them, preparing them, showing them his way. So God today is leading us through his apostle for the working out of his purposes. And just as his purpose was rooted in ancient Israel then, so is it rooted in us today.

Yeah, right. When every single Church of God today sees itself as the ONE TRUE CHURCH above all together COG's and self-appointed morons like Bob Thiel set themselves up as the ONE TRUE COG leader, it is plainly obvious that the Church of God movement has never taught anyone in the world how to live in unity in preparation for God's Kingdom. What a farce the COG has become. 

It's very important that we understand this duality. God began his purpose from the day he breathed air into the lungs of Adam. And of course, he continues that work today right through his Church, the Body of Christ. As long as we can keep this clearly in mind -- that we are the ones whom God has called out and through whom God is working out his purpose in this world today-- then we're less likely to let the world get to us with its message of permissiveness, because we're so wrapped up with and committed to the task of getting God's message to the world. When we lose sight of the purpose, then we begin to get ourselves into all kinds of trouble.

The CHurches of God lost sight of God from the day Herbert Armstrong apostatized in rebellion from the Church of God 7th Day. Rebellion and false teachings reigned supreme and still do to this day.

Paul was quick to point up the plan and the purpose that God is working out through his chosen people. But now I want you to notice something else, the second thing that he speaks on, which concerns the patience of God. Look at verse 18. "And about the time of forty years suffered he their manners in the wilderness." Now this concerns the tremendous patience of God. Any of you who may have young children and had guests over to eat with you can understand what this statement means: suffering their manners. [Laughter] Because it seems that young children want to slurp their soup, and put their elbows on the table, and perhaps eat with their fingers when there are guests. They assume if there are guests you won't correct them, and so they can go ahead and do what they would like to do and somehow get away with it. That is, of course, unless it's my house. And as we have guests quite often, we go right ahead and correct them. I believe I have seen some fruits of consistency taking place lately. But we suffer their manners, so to speak, in many different ways. And that seems to be what God had done with the children of Israel, suffered their manners. The New King James Version reads: "put up with their ways" for 40 years. When the time came to bring the descendants of Israel out of Egypt, God prepared the human leader, and he brought them out with a high hand. But I don't believe that he intended it to take 40 years to get them into the land of promise.
Israel left Egypt on Passover and arrived at Mount Sinai and received the law at Pentecost. Conceivably they could have gone right ahead and taken the land of promise on the Day of Trumpets, and perhaps enjoyed the Feast of Tabernacles with the abundance of the harvest. If not in that one year, surely leisurely, the next. But 40 long years God patiently waited to get on with his plan. Let's look at Psalm 78 and get another view of this. In Psalm 78 David had been recounting all the mighty miracles of God in bringing the children of Israel out of Egypt, and all the mighty miracles in preserving them in the wilderness. He says, verse 32: "For all this they sinned still, and believed not for his wondrous works. [They kept forgetting the mighty, powerful workings of God.] Therefore [listen to this] their days did he consume in vanity, and their years in trouble." And the New King James Version says, "their days He consumed in futility." Forty years of futility. Forty years Israel went around and around in that wilderness, getting deeper and deeper in their groove, accomplishing nothing.
Then in verse 41, "Yea, they turned back and tempted God, and limited the Holy One of Israel." Incredible. Limited the Holy One of Israel. They did not remember his power.
I thought how Mr. Armstrong recently has reminded us of that time during the '70s when men whom he had put in charge of the day- to-day affairs here at Pasadena began to liberalize the sound doctrine of God's Church. Men who lost sight of God's purpose and began to let the world get to them rather than them getting to the world with God's message, and began to water down his doctrine, did not believe his wondrous works, his almighty works, his great miracles, the miracle-working power of God who heals, the miracle- working power of a God who's able to work in the minds of people whom he would call, and open their minds, and give them an intellectual awakening by the power of his Spirit to understand things that they could never understand before. I believe they limited the Holy One of Israel. As a result, God removed his blessings. We can honestly say that God consumed their days in futility, because, during that period, for the first time in the history of God's Church in this era, there was negative growth.

The church was rotten to the core and it was never any "liberals" that caused it. If anything, it was the hardcore hardliners that made life miserable in the church and still do today. The present COG's are impotent, including Bob Thiel's group. No one cares what these guys say anymore.

Can a group of little human beings stop an Almighty God from doing what he wants to do? No! No, God's purposes will stand. But can a group of little human beings alter the time agenda for God doing what he wants to do? The Bible speaks loudly that it can, especially when his time frame involves their faith, and their cooperation, and their commitment. We're told that ancient Israel limited the Holy One of Israel, and therefore their days He consumed in futility. God's work was hindered; not stopped, but slowed down. Plan A shattered. Plan B came into effect. And you know it's a grievous thought, a sad thought, to think that a people that could be enjoying the tremendous blessings of the promised land were not, and instead were still wandering around in the wilderness.
Of course, that's the lesson. That's the lesson that came home loud and clear to me. And that is why we should indeed be very, very thankful for the plan and purpose of God, and that we've been given the knowledge of it. And why we should indeed be very thankful and grateful for the incredible patience of God. We dare not presume upon that patience.
With that thought in mind, I'm overwhelmed again with how thankful that we should be that God has brought his apostle back to put God's Church back on the track of faith, back on the track of repentance, and back on the track of doing the will of God so that we can do the work of God by the power of God. Thankful that he's exhorted us to come out of this world and be separate from it so God can restore his blessings to the Church and thereby we can get the message to the world and thereby bring to fulfillment man's only hope for salvation, for peace, for joy.

The Church never was on track so it is pretty hard to get it back on the right track. When has the leadership of any COG repented? When has Pack, Flurry, Weston, Thiel, and Weinland repented? 

And very thankfully God's Church is again moving forward with great power. The statistics are amazing. God has again restored his blessings. We need to make sure that we're growing with it and we need to make sure that our spiritual statistics are improving. We need so to commit ourselves that it never again need be written in the annals of church history, or even alluded to, that they limited the Holy One of Israel. But rather, let it be said that by their faith and obedience, and by their commitment and zeal, they hastened the day of his coming."

Faith and obedience have never been a hallmark of the church. Rebellion and apostasy have. Heretical doctrines have destroyed members' lives. Abusive apostles, pastor generals, chief overseers, evangelists, and more have wreaked havoc for decades. 

Since church members have been made out to be that powerful, perhaps it is time to start wearing that mantle proudly!