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The Great Monarch In Prophecy

God's greatest self-appointed prophet who knows everything about everything, is letting the world know that there is a Great Monarch coming along with 50 other Beasts.  Oh, noes!  What will we do?????  Oh, wait!  When has a single prophecy or prediction made by ANY COG minister or leader EVER been true?

Almost arrested, but never arrested, constantly harassed and maligned, self-appointed, homoeopathic pill pusher, and world-renowned authority on Mayan and Fatima prophecies, Elijah Amos Bob Thiel has weighed in on the Great Monarch in world history along with 50 prophecies about OTHER beasts!

The amazing power of God at work in prophecy! 
The true reason for the nations!

Here are some of the shocking Beasts that are rampaging around the world at this moment
as PROOF of prophecy!

 Prophetic beast attacks Laodiceans

Oh, what a tangled web we weave...the origin of the downfall of Herbert Armstrong
Herbert Armstrong's Tangled Web

Unclean meats enforced upon true believers

Collecting Americans for deportment to concentration camps!  Horrific!

Foretold in Revelation!

Scorpions of Revelation attack satanic beast

You too can listen to this amazing sermon here:
Great Monarch and 50+ Beasts Prophecies
WARNING: Lot's of jazz hands and jumbled curtains!

"Since the fourth century, it has been claimed that an Emperor of the Romans, also known as the Great Monarch would rise up. He is prophesied to eliminate Islam, Protestantism, and heresies. He is also prophesied to essentially bring a Catholic-form of world peace and prosperity to the world. Although he is predicted in Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic writings, some Catholic writers have warned against him. Is the Great Monarch sent by God or is he on the side of Satan? Will he bring in utopia or tribulation? Does the Tiburtine Sibyl, where some say this leader was first predicted, have pagan origins? Does he have the true message of the gospel of the kingdom or will he and his supporters be pushing a false gospel? In this sermon, Dr. Thiel goes over predictions about the Great Monarch, Hindu & Chinese prophecies, Catholic teachings, and scriptures that seem to have a connection with the Great Monarch. Will the Great Monarch truly be Catholic or an apostate? Will he work with a pope or anti-pope. Dr. Thiel addresses those issues and also goes over a list of 50 predicted characteristics of the Great Monarch that tie in with biblical prophecies. Sadly, when people see signs and lying wonders associated with the Beast/Great Monarch, nearly all on earth will accept him, despite the biblical warnings. Dr. Thiel also goes over predictions related to his rise, name, and some physical characteristics."

Adult Sabbath School: Romantic Relationships in the Bible.

2 Samuel 12: 
1 "And the LORD sent Nathan unto David. And he came unto him, and said unto him, There were two men in one city; the one rich, and the other poor. 2 The rich man had exceeding many flocks and herds: 3 But the poor man had nothing, save one little ewe lamb, which he had bought and nourished up: and it grew up together with him, and with his children; it did eat of his own meat, and drank of his own cup, and lay in his bosom, and was unto him as a daughter. 4 And there came a traveler unto the rich man, and he spared to take of his own flock and of his own herd, to dress for the wayfaring man that was come unto him; but took the poor man's lamb, and dressed it for the man that was come to him."
Great story here! Enough to make any caring man angry which is exactly what it was intended to do. It is a story about having "one little ewe lamb," even though she was evidently one "ewe la la" type ewe! But it was his. She belonged to him and was his prize possession. Middle Eastern men possessed their women like farmers possessed cows and sheep, oxen and asses. Not committing adultery in the Ten Commandments was a function of it being wrong to take a man's property. Coveting was a function of taking a man's property, animals and oh yes, wife. If he trashed her, you could take her.

A married woman was property and all laws punishing her unfaithfulness were designed to prevent not knowing who the father of her children were and associated inheritance rights of those children. Before DNA testing, there was the fear of stoning to keep a woman having only the children of the one man. It insured a positive DNA test! The one man, however, could enjoy as many wives as he could afford. Stoning kept women honest about whose child that was. 
5 "And David's anger was greatly kindled against the man; and he said to Nathan, As the LORD liveth, the man that hath done this thing shall surely die: 6 And he shall restore the lamb fourfold, because he did this thing, and because he had no pity. 7 And Nathan said to David, Thou art the man."
! David fell right into that trap. He became  compassionate toward the little lamb, angry at the man and pronounced judgement on him...actually on himself, for having taking Bathsheba from Uriah and gotten Uriah killed in the process. But now it get's interesting.

"Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, I anointed thee king over Israel, and I delivered thee out of the hand of Saul; 8 And I gave thee thy master's house, and thy master's wives into thy bosom, and gave thee the house of Israel and of Judah; and if that had been too little, I would moreover have given unto thee such and such things. 9 Wherefore hast thou despised the commandment of the LORD, to do evil in his sight? thou hast killed Uriah the Hittite with the sword, and hast taken his wife to be thy wife, and hast slain him with the sword of the children of Ammon."
Notice what the issue here is. David killed Uriah and took his wife Bathsheba. This is bad stuff to be sure. But it is not an issue of the rightness or wrongness of having multiple wives. David already had that and evidently, if he needed more houses, power and wives, God would have been more than happy to do that. Just don't kill a man and take his! The issue seems more one of killing off a great soldier than taking his wife in the process. But no matter. God is saying that if David needed more wives, more women, more variety, all he had to do was ask and "I would have given thee such and such things." Such and such is almost code for "the women" Guy to guy stuff more than God to guy stuff!
10 "Now therefore the sword shall never depart from thine house; because thou hast despised me, and hast taken the wife of Uriah the Hittite to be thy wife. 11 Thus saith the LORD, Behold, I will raise up evil against thee out of thine own house, and I will take thy wives before thine eyes, and give them unto thy neighbor, and he shall lie with thy wives in the sight of this sun. 12 For thou didst it secretly: but I will do this thing before all Israel, and before the sun. 13 And David said unto Nathan, I have sinned against the LORD. And Nathan said unto David, The LORD also hath put away thy sin; thou shalt not die."
Well David now has to be punished. So he gets "the sword not departing from his house." Never mind that the sword was a part of every kings house and war has raged between them all since there were kings. This is really nothing new. It's not like there was great peace in the land and now it would get nasty.
Notice also that God was going to take David's wives. David had wives a plenty. He could afford them. No one minded and it was rather expected and God never brought it up until he took one from a favorite soldier and got him killed doing it. So God says that his wives would be raped that very day in front of David. No evidence this ever happened, but notice, the poor women pay for David's "sin" not David. Would have been more real if God said, "now David, today YOU will be raped in front of your people." But that's not how it works. The women always pay and get to be the rapee to punish the guy. Notice that David quickly says, "I'm sorry." and just as quickly, Nathan says, "No problem, we forgive you, we had to say this, you'll be fine." See how easy it is for guys? Meanwhile, the ladies are out in the yard getting raped by who knows who and how. I hope this did not really happen.
14 "Howbeit, because by this deed thou hast given great occasion to the enemies of the LORD to blaspheme, the child also that is born unto thee shall surely die. 15 And Nathan departed unto his house. And the LORD struck the child that Uriah's wife bare unto David, and it was very sick. 16 David therefore besought God for the child; and David fasted, and went in, and lay all night upon the earth. 17 And the elders of his house arose, and went to him, to raise him up from the earth: but he would not, neither did he eat bread with them. 18 And it came to pass on the seventh day, that the child died...... 24 And David comforted Bathsheba his wife, and went in unto her, and lay with her: and she bare a son, and he called his name Solomon: and the LORD loved him."

Well, once again, it's not David that gets punished, but an innocent baby that never gets to survive David and Bathsheba's relationship. Maybe it was a girl anyway so easier to let go of. I suppose they were sad, but they graciously accept it, get back to worship and have another cute little boy who goes on to be Solomon, the wisest guy on the planet so they say along with being the most wealthy who has 500 wives and 700 Concubines in his own stable in due time.
(I often wondered, as do many, just where was the man "caught in the very act" with the woman taken in adultery in John 8?   The man is never the issue in the Bible.
Maybe a deformed or handicapped child would have taught David and Bathsheba a  better lesson, as that was also the ignorant belief of the day, but not so this time. (The Presbyterian Minister told my parents that they must have done something wrong because of the birth of my brother who ended up blind, deaf and unable to speak.)The Lord ends up loving them all and David gets to be "a man after God's own heart." So see it all works out!
It is common to say that they did have these multiple relationships but that it was only allowed because of the hardness of their hearts. Well, who's in charge here!? God seems to give up rather easily when humans won't go with the program. "Ok, since you don't want to do it, go ahead. But I don't like it." Divorce also was only permitted because the men did it anyway but "from the beginning it was not so." But actually from the beginning it has always been so.
Marriage in the Old Testament was not the romantic one on one affair that is required to be in our time. In our day, the Church demands that a young couple promise upon pain of eternal judgement and death that they will never change, ever. Then the Church conveniently forgets to mention that from the moment they make their vows, everything else in the universe will begin to change. A little unrealistic.

Even the New Testament says that the Elder must be the husband of one wife, as if other members did have more than one but could not be an elder unless they pared it back to one. But the New Testament, unlike the Old where men have multiple female relationships, is a book where the leading men have little  or no real relationships, romantic or otherwise. Twelve men, with no female relationships, save maybe Peter, following  the no relationships Jesus around and then celibate (who knows)  men telling everyone else how to be married, raise kids and enjoy a relationship "God's way". 

After the restoration of Da Vinci's "Lord's Supper" it became obvious the artist believed Mary Magdalene had a personal relationship with Jesus . She is seated on his right hand.
Makes no sense. There are no male/female relationships in the New Testament of any worth. It's the unspoken taboo.  The Gospel of Philip indeed describes Mary M. as the "one who was called his companion", i.e. the companion or wife of Jesus. Jesus "loved her more than all the disciples and used to kiss her often on the mouth....The rest of the disciples offended by it and expressed disapproval. They said to him, 'Why do you love her more than all of us?'..." Jesus is said to have replied, "why does she love me more than you?" You can see why this book did not make the cut! 
Catholic priests, in time past, were married and even had multiple relationships but that was ended in the Middle Ages by the Church so that any properties amassed by the clergy in their lifetimes would go to the church and not the wife. In time, celibacy was required across the board for Priests, but that was a value added law by the Church and not Biblical in any way. An unmarried Rabbi in Judaism had little credibility and it didn't happen from what I understand. Makes one wonder what was left out when Jesus was called "Rabbi". 
Men got off rather easily with many perks, while women paid and paid and paid for the sins of the men by having to be raped, thrown out and sent into the desert to teach the man a lesson. Women were basically worthless possessions in scripture.

Only in the Song of Solomon do we see any one on one emotional and dedicated love expressed. Of course if any Solomon really wrote this, and some historians see no place for a real Solomon in history,  I imagine he heard "I bet you tell that to all the girls" quite often. So much so that many churches see the Song of Solomon , out of embarrassment , as an analogy of Christ's love for the church.   Go figure. Taliban Christianity is not much different today.
The Bible is not  a primer on loving and caring relationships.  The New Testament picks of the male/female themes of the Old Testament with regards to the "role" of women in the church. because "the woman sinned and not the man", (I Timothy 2:14) but that's another Adult Sabbath School lesson.

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Dave Pack Exposes the Duplicitous Actions of United Church of God Leaders As They Started Up UCG

After Dave Pack rebelled against Pasadena and WCG due tot eh doctrinal changes he decided to join forces with Rod Meredith.  What he describes below proves once again how duplicitous the leadership of the United Church of God was.  Not only did Kubik and others sit in church-owned housing, while still on WCG payroll as they planned UCG, they also manipulated the church in order to get as much money as they could before that left for UCG.  Pack's comments below also show what a total jerk Rod Meredith was in starting up Global Church of God.

It was March 7, 1993. For the first time since 1972, Mr. Pack was unemployed—only this time the family was also without a vehicle! The Packs could not afford and never had a second car. He also had no computer to communicate through email.
The Worldwide Church of God gave him only two weeks severance pay for his over two decades of service in the ministry, plus a few days of any unused vacation that all terminated ministers received by policy. The small severance was because the Packs had officially declared that they were going with another organization. This made them, also by policy, “opponents” of the WCG. Virtually all other ministers, most of whom that would leave would do so two years later, would receive one week of pay for every year that they were in the ministry—because they did not immediately declare their new allegiance. These waited until the larger check had cleared the bank. This was made possible by high-ranking sympathizers in Pasadena carefully coaching them step by step regarding exactly what (and what not) to do, and when.
Mr. Pack took a deep breath and resolved to move forward—regardless of giant obstacles ahead.
But what about a car? The Packs had insufficient money to buy one.
Since the Global Church of God had been in existence for just two months, there were only about 275 members worldwide. There were a handful of deacons and local church elders to help, but no full-time ministers had yet been hired into the field. Mr. Pack was the first. The fledgling organization had limited resources. The tithe-paying base was small. The headquarters could not afford to advance a down payment for a car.
Understanding the crucial juncture facing God’s people, Mr. Pack could not let days, let alone weeks, go by. There was work to do!
His very first action as a yet unpaid minister was to go obtain a $4,000 cash advance on a personal credit card. He then sent these funds to the Global Church Headquarters so they could purchase a car in the Church’s name with this money. The promise was that they would try to repay the principal amount when and as they could.
Thrilled to get back into the field and to visit brethren, Mr. Pack charged into this unique, new assignment with gusto.
“Someone was kind enough to loan us a car until we could get a new one. We were most grateful. It allowed us to run errands and buy groceries for about 10 days.
“We had faced obstacles in the past where the only path was that of faith. This decision was easy. But what choice did we have? We needed a car, and the Church could not afford to buy one. So I offered to act as an agent to purchase the vehicle on their behalf. There was a Ford dealer nearby and we got a brand new Aerostar exactly like the one that had just been driven from our garage.
“It would look better for Global if it had purchased the vehicle, rather than I having done so on my own behalf, or even on their behalf. The goal was to have other ministers be able to see that Global was a legitimate organization—that all manner of familiar procedure, activity and support was present. We were happy that no other Global ministers had to do as we did. I would certainly do it again.
“I would only learn later about how the many scores of ministers went with the new splinter in 1995 with a tremendous amount of money—sometimes tens of thousands of dollars—simply because they did not declare their affiliation until the larger ‘severance’ check had been cut for them.
“These men would wait in the back of the hall for one Sabbath, officially ‘undeclared’ in terms of organizational destination. Of course, everyone knew exactly where they were going in a couple of days, and could not understand why they were delaying the changeover. There were always salaries, cars and expense accounts waiting from the start for these faithless, hypocritical appeasers because large numbers of tithepayers followed them out the door to the same new organization.
“There was a very early surprise, however, in all of this. Instead of a thank-you for buying the car from my (borrowed) funds, the Global leader was disappointed that I had only brought an initial group of 38 people with me. It was absolutely stunning. I was not bringing enough human ‘booty’ right out of the gate to suit him.

Dave Pack: I was so good as a minister that it made other ministers jealous

What else could we expect from the most superfantabulous man who has ever existed in human history!

Jealousy Breeds Resentment

There was another reason the transformation of the Rochester and Syracuse congregations stood out: Many ministers in surrounding areas were not following correct doctrine and policy. This created a double standard with discerning brethren. Also, these areas were not being blessed in the same visible way.
While multiple, large activities regularly occurred in the Rochester area, the lack of such activities in the surrounding pastorates made a huge statement. Brethren from other pastorates often expressed how wonderful it was to see unity, organization and participation so evident. Since so many WCG ministers preferred to idly coast along and were slack in their ministerial responsibilities, resentment arose. Their comments would on occasion be reported back to Mr. Pack from Church Administration. (Remember, the apostasy demonstrated that two-thirds of all ministers readily gave up everything they had professed to believe, and did so easily and quickly, so a lack of zeal in such matters is not difficult to understand. And most of the rest of the ministry would later prove themselves to be lukewarm at best.)
Another critical element in transforming these congregations was the attention paid to the local youth programs. Previous programs had been overly tolerant of worldly influences when it came to appearance, music and conduct. Programs were purged of lowered standards that mirrored society in the late 1970s. Parents and teens were educated about God’s Way. Youth programs were built, which lessened the problems among young people.
But despite the positive results, a select few (locally and in neighboring pastorates) harbored the feeling that Mr. Pack was “the hard guy.”
Looking back, Mr. Pack recalled:
“When you draw a line in the sand, and the ministers around you do not, you stick out like a sore thumb. Some saw me as harsh compared to others. Never mind that I was tall, and from a high-profile family in the Church because I had married Mr. Armstrong’s secretary. I simply could not hide—nor did I seek to. Decisive leadership was necessary. Of course, I could never have imagined that merely administering standards the Bible taught and Mr. Armstrong adhered to could be so problematic and controversial.
“I was sent into these troubled areas time and again where many were ‘lying in wait.’ Tares were everywhere, waiting, ready to explode when true standards were re-introduced. And it seemed surrounding pastors always grew resentful. All of these factors made my ministry a tremendous challenge.
“Cleaning up programs and standards was interesting and rewarding as I saw the many positive effects on people’s lives, but it was also extremely difficult, and wearying, dealing with the constant politics of what later were understood to be, for the most part, a carnal-minded ministry that had grown up throughout the Church. Of course, this was later evidenced as true in the same large percentages among the lay members.
“I just could not always put together the great overall meaning of what I was observing—and enduring—at the time. None of us could know until later how right was Mr. Armstrong when he said, ‘90 percent of you do not get it.’ However, I was sure getting good training for all that would come.”

UCG: Why are Kubik and others in Cincinnati turning a blind eye to problems with the ministry

Like normal in may COG's, the membership see what is going on and yet the leadership are so set on their agenda's that they ignore the debacles they have created.  UCG has had to do a major amount of ordinations to replace the men who left with COGWA. It now looks like many of the men they have ordained are not qualified to be leading congregations.  The members know this, but Cincinnati does not. And UCG wonders why members are leaving.

Comment from another thread:

UCG has not wholesale changed doctrine, but those of us here who watched the rush to ordain men to replace all the elders who left know that it just isn't right. We have people serving as elders and pastoring congregations now who many UCG members know have no business doing those things. There are still good, solid people in UCG, but the effect of Victor Kubik's leadership has set this organization on a bad course that probably cannot never be reversed or fixed.

Grace Communion International May Be In Hot Water In Australia

Grace Communion International (former Worldwide Church of God) seems to be holding on to some of their old ways.

GCI may be in hot water because its Australian branch still advocates for conversion therapy for gay and lesbian members or children of members.

For many years now various gay and lesbian members of the Church of God had shared horrific stories about parents who forced them into conversion therapy.  Violence and abuse were rampant in these facilities and yet the church pushed people into them.  Some were beaten, some were starved, some had testicles removed, some were electrocuted and some kept in cages and allowed no contact with others until they "repented."

Various Christian groups around the world now are rebelling against forcing youth and others into these programs.

California has passed a law banning the conversion therapy programs in the state.  This, however, is just forcing people to send children into camps in Utah and elsewhere.

School chaplain allegedly told anorexic student she was 'hungering for the word of God'
A school chaplain told an anorexic student she was "hungering for the word of God", according to Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young.
Senator Hanson-Young used a Senate Estimates hearing to quiz department officials about the Federal Government's school chaplaincy program.
She made the allegation based on information she gathered from a Monash University report, which investigated chaplaincy services provided by Melbourne's Access Ministries.
"This university professor says that she was, quote, 'speaking to a teacher and told that the chaplain at their school, when a student went to her to talk about an issue of anorexia, said she was hungering for the word of God'," the senator told Estimates.
Senator Hanson-Young also sought a guarantee that chaplains who speak in tongues and practise exorcism for healing are not being employed in schools.
And she raised concerns about Grace Communion International, a chaplaincy provider that supports gay conversion therapy.
"This is not really the type of program or ideas, as a parent, I'd like to see being promoted to my child," she said. 
Here are many first had accounts of Christian men and women forced into conversion camps and the damage it has caused.

15 Haunting Stories From Gay Conversion Therapy Camps

11 Shocking True Stories from Gay Conversion Camps

I Was Tortured in Gay Conversion Therapy. And It’s Still Legal in 41 States.

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Philadelphia Church of God "No Contact Policy" Causes Another Suicide

This was sent to us by a reader and is from the Facebook page of a former Philippines member of the Philadelphia Church of God.

Another PCG member has committed suicide due to the obscene and vile "No Contact" policy that Gerald Flurry instituted several years ago in PCG.  His various goons around the world wreck peoples lives as they enforce this unchristian lie.  This is the 4th suicide by Philippine members in the last few years.


Brethren in the PCG, 
We are so saddened by the news that came to us through one of your own people from Angeles City who could not hold the cat from coming out of the bag anymore. So we heard that Errol Concepcion committed suicide by hanging himself to death. 
We took Errol in our group and provided him all the help we can give: a home, a foster family, encouragement, and our love. But because he misses his family, we tried to turn him over to his grandparents who were acting as his former guardians. The Concepcions were initially reluctant to take him back because of fear of the repercussions of acting against the counsel of Mr. Cara. Eventually, Errol was taken by his grandparents only to bring him to his uncaring relatives in Lucena. With that, his situation became even worse. He was a lot better off when he was still with his foster family in our group. But we are not blaming the Concepcions. They are mere victims of deception in the PCG.  
Actually, it was Mr. Cara who made the situation unbearable for the physically sick young man by preventing his being reunited with his family due to his strict and uncompromising implementation of the irrational, illogical, Satanic NO CONTACT POLICY! That same policy has already claimed the lives of two other Filipino PCG members, namely: Mr. Rodolfo Marquez and Mr. Orville Lilangan. Errol Concepcion is now the 3rd victim of the murderous NO CONTACT POLICY of the PCG Ministers in the Philippines. 
By God's words, what Mr. Pedrito Cara and his fellow ministers in the Philadelphia Church of God are doing in implementing their NO CONTACT POLICY is MURDER. Notice this: 
1Jn 2:9 He that saith he is in the light, and hateth his brother, is in darkness even until now.
1Jn 2:10 He that loveth his brother abideth in the light, and there is none occasion of stumbling in him.
1Jn 2:11 But he that hateth his brother is in darkness, and walketh in darkness, and knoweth not whither he goeth, because that darkness hath blinded his eyes.  
Brethren, please use some common sense and let the Holy Spirit of God guide you so you can see what's going on in the PCG with true WISDOM FROM ABOVE! 
CAN YOU SAY THAT SEPARATING A VERY YOUNG MAN FROM HIS GRANDPARENTS-GUARDIAN BY THROWING HIM OUT OF THE HOUSE AND CUTTING HIM OFF COMPLETELY AND LETTING HIM LIVE LIKE A PAUPER IN THE STREETS AN ACT OF LOVE? Where in the Bible can you see where it says that you can show your love for your son, daughter or even your parents by CUTTING THEM OFF COMPLETELY like what they have done to Errol Concepcion, Rodolfo Marquez, and Orville Lilangan? How many more ex PCG members will they kill? Who will be the next victim? 
Just knowing the 10 commandments of God without truly understanding the intent of His law is useless knowledge! You have to use GODLY WISDOM to see through the lies you have been made to accept and practice like the NO CONTACT POLICY. It is premised on HATRED which is the exact opposite of God's love. 
Your unrepentant ministers are all going to be burned in the Lake of Fire. Why should you give your support to the men who are worse than criminals since they are causing people to die the eternal death. That's where they are taking you!

On another entry on the same Facebook page is this story that continues the repercussions of the "No Contact" policy of PCG:

A request should be submitted to the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Bureau of Immigrations to declare Mr. Alex Harrison as "persona non grata" in the Philippines which will mean the inclusion of his name in the list of persons blacklisted from entering the country.
Under his term as Regional Director of the Philadelphia Church of God in the region including the Philippines, we have proofs that the church’s irrational, unconstitutional, and criminal NO CONTACT POLICY has caused the physical death of 3 members namely: RODOLFO MARQUEZ, ORVILLE LILANGAN and ERROL CONCEPCION. Despite the wicked nature of the policy which he would not apply to his own disfellowshipped son Paul Harrison, resulting in the earlier death of Messrs. Marquez and Lilangan, he still encouraged the continuing application of the policy in the Philippines. The death toll from this cultish practice has increased to 3 with the inclusion of Errol Conception who just recently committed suicide by hanging himself to death.
The ministers of the Philadelphia Church of God in the Philippines are going over and above the level of wickedness of their fellows in other parts of the world, as they continue to follow the examples set by John Macdonald whose heart is rotten to the core. The continuing influence of this man has remain strong due to the support of Alex Harrison who took over when the former fled to Australia to avoid his accountability in the death of another PCG member, Liza Fe Columna. Alex Harrison’s right hand man in the Philippines, PEDRITO CARA, is not using his own brain as he just follow the examples of John Macdonald and the guidance of Alex Harrison. PEDRITO CARA has lost his self-respect and considers himself a robot or a yes man in following these men. He has stopped using the guidance of the Holy Spirit in discerning between good and evil.
One day, Mr. Alex Harrison will find himself being held by Immigration officials at the airport and being deported back to his country.

Does Jim Franks Think UCG Is Not As Unified As They Keep Proclaiming?

Ever since the United Church of God ruptured with an appalling number of ministers and members jumping ship to join Church of God a Worldwide Association, it has been going overboard on how "unified" it is as a church.  The track record over the years has proven otherwise.

UCG struggles to remain relevant as it seeks to draw in members with personal appearance campaigns, billboards and other drastic measures that have all ended up being failures.

COGWA likes to portray itself as a better version of UCG.  It is currently bragging that it has a 19% increase in income while UCG struggles. It also seems that Jim Franks is taking a big dig at UCG in the comment below:

On In Accord, 24 May 2018, President Jim Franks described how he spent the Pentecost weekend in North Carolina, attending services on both days, and driving more than 800 miles to hold discussions with all the elders in the four congregations there. 
After quoting Acts 4:32, he commented, “Striving for unity is always something we do. We do it because we want to be more effective in preaching the gospel to the world and also caring for the brethren.
But you know, we live in a time 2018 when there is a lot of cynicism. I see it and I see the reasons why. We can have an organization that will make a claim, “We’re unified now.” Well sometimes the loud cries of unity are only a mask to cover up division. We’ve seen that as well, and it’s always disappointing, and sometimes disillusioning.”
Church of God News

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Pre-Adamic Man: Falsely Called "Christian" Splinter Leader Has The Final Answer

Why is it that the Church of God had to weigh in on every matter under the sun and attempt to provide an answer?

Today the leader of the improperly named "continuing" Church of God, and a so-called "Christian", has weighed in on preAdamaiac humanoid's.

Almost arrested, but not arrested, Elijah, Amos, Joshua, Bitter Bob Thiel has now solved the issue and has laid down the final truth of the matter. Afterall, he is now God's final end-time chosen man, the only one doing a real work and the only one who properly understands scripture.

Scientists admit that all humans have the same mother, though they often consider that mother was older than Eve of the Book of Genesis. 
Now, as used by critical historians, “prehistoric time” is said to refer to earliest antiquity nowhere documented in written records. But the Bible records, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). Here is a documented account reaching back to the beginning of the physical universe. “Prehistoric time,” in that sense, is therefore irreconcilable with Scripture. It should come as no surprise, therefore, to learn that biblical passages reveal occurrences prior to the time of man. 
If however, we define prehistoric as the time before humans began to write, then we can speak of prehistoric creatures and events. 
There were no prehistoric humans prior to Adam. Including others of the ‘genus Homo.’ 
As modern humans are concerned, the Bible plainly states that Adam was “the first man” (1 Corinthians 15:45), and he named his wife “Eve because she was the mother of all living” (Genesis 3:20). Adam and Eve were therefore the first humans. 
While there are fossil records of apes and other creatures that predate Adam, these creatures were not the same as modern humans as far God is concerned.
God gave animals instinct, but not the type of understanding that He gave humans. Many scientists will not admit that there is a spirit in man that God gave. 
Pre-Adamic primates, were, at best, like advanced chimpanzees. There were no humans before Adam.
Why would anyone trust the words of a peddler of homoeopathic false remedies and preacher of heretical nonsense be trusted as the final word on prehistoric humans?

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Dave Pack: Big Bad Meanie Tkach Demoted Me And Deliberately Tried To Ruin My Life By Sending Me To New York City

Uncertain of the future, the Packs returned to Buffalo. 
Weeks later, on a Friday afternoon in August 1985, 
they received a telephone call
that would dramatically alter their lives.

It was from Mr. Tkach. Mr. Pack knew instantly that he was not calling with good news. Mr. Harold Jackson, an elderly evangelist and Mr. Pack’s friend, was also on the phone. 
“Dave, are you seated?”, Mr. Tkach began.

The field minister said, “No, but I can sit down.”
Mr. Tkach wasted no time: “We’ve heard some complaints. We think there are some lessons you need to learn, so we are sending you to New York City as an associate pastor.”
Mr. Pack could not believe the news. Yet another gross injustice, this time a plain demotion, and it had been stated in such a matter-of-fact manner—a terse notice that they would need to leave Buffalo as soon as possible—within a month. Mr. Tkach offered few explanations as to what were the problems, what lessons needed to be learned, or which brethren were upset.
“I was more shocked at this moment than at any other in my life to that point. I suppose in a way I feared it was coming, but the actual arrival of such an unbelievable injustice was the single most difficult experience in my life—or that of my wife. I had experienced injustice before, but NOTHING of this order. I knew that I had been the victim of a conspiracy of evil thinking, but would only learn later just how great that evil would be.
“What was worse, and what drove the moment indelibly into my mind, was that, while on the call, my 11-year-old son, Robby, ran into the house crying. Both sons had been playing a football game with neighborhood friends in the backyard—and Robby had snapped his collarbone—for the second time! He was simultaneously pleading for my help, while holding his shoulder as the bad news was being received. I did not realize the seriousness of his injury, and told him to go upstairs and I would be with him later.”
Mr. Pack hung up and walked upstairs in a daze to check on his son. Seeing his condition, the parents took him to the hospital. It was in the emergency room waiting area that the reality of the life-altering phone call sank in.
“I understood that New York City had been selected for my assignment because the goal of this maneuver was an all-out attempt to destroy my life. I would have no understanding of the true level of evil I was dealing with until years later. It was only in the apostasy that I fully understood the devil’s role acting through one of his chief agents in trying to destroy my ministry, in trying to get me to give up. Strangely, I was better able at that later point to more completely forgive the man for simply following the alien spirit that was probably always leading him.”

Dave Pack: New York, the "most dangerous Neighborhoods on earth!"

It has been reported many times that New York scared the crap out of Dave. Here he talks about his time in New York having to venture into the "gentile" neighborhoods of some of the church members.

He and Mr. Fahey enjoyed a good personal relationship. Both were experienced ministers and had long conversations in the first months of Mr. Pack’s transfer. The men were also skilled racquetball players. Since neither had lost a match to anyone for a long time, they enjoyed finding a worthy opponent. This also gave them the opportunity to socialize and talk about issues the Church faced.
The pastor also helped the Packs become familiar with New York, and to keep certain things in mind while living there. For example, there was the importance of moving confidently in crowds in certain areas of the city, while also avoiding prolonged eye contact with people.
“Always keep your suit coat open,” he was told regarding visiting members and prospective members. “Never button it. People will think you are the law, and carrying a gun. Almost always, residents of rough neighborhoods assume anyone in a suit is a police detective or FBI agent. Therefore, they will leave you alone.”
But the inevitable could not be avoided in New York. Mr. Pack was robbed almost immediately upon arrival and his car was broken into on several occasions later, often due to loose change or subway tokens left in plain view.
But nothing could prepare one for the shocking and deteriorating environment of Harlem and of the South Bronx.

Later Pack writes:

“In late 1985, just before Mr. Armstrong died, I was demoted by his successor, after he had already systematically stripped away most of my pastorate. This man had deeply resented my relationship with Mr. Armstrong and openly told me so. With Mr. Armstrong dying, he pounced. 
“I was sent to New York City and placed under two successive men who were told to give me very little to do—‘teach me a lesson’—‘break me.’ This intensely difficult trial lasted for 4 1/3 years. I went from pastoring almost 1,100 people (some time before my transfer) in a beautiful part of western New York state to a level of responsibility equivalent, in some ways, to little more than what a deacon would do. (This is not intended to denigrate the important service of faithful deacons, but merely to explain my severe reduction in responsibility after having had such special and extensive previous training for pastoral service.) All of this occurred while having to serve in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods on Earth!