Sunday, May 27, 2018

Dave Pack Denies He Was Ever A Source Of Controversy

"Who? Me?" should really be Dave's mantra.  He has never done anything wrong in his entire life.

Some today assert that Church Administration, and later Ministerial Services, perceived Mr. Pack as a source of controversy in his pastorates, and that there was a necessity to frequently transfer him through the years to alleviate problems he had supposedly created. Had this been the case, and this should be obvious, he would not have been systematically promoted in 1976, 1977 and 1981 (and other times later).
On the contrary, he was viewed as a pastor who could reorganize and stabilize injured congregations.
The expanded Rochester/Syracuse/Buffalo pastorate spanned five and a half hours east to west, and three hours north to south, from Dunkirk to beyond Utica, and from the St. Lawrence River (Canadian border) down to Cortland, New York, below Syracuse.
Now pastoring almost 1,100 brethren, the Packs drove almost nonstop to attend three Sabbath services each week, on top of giving Bible studies and directing Spokesman Clubs and youth programs, as well as also making many visits each week. He did have two unordained, but full-time, ministerial assistants to help.


Anonymous said...

Dave Pack reminds me of the minister I had when I was attending WCG back in the 1990's, the guy was always boasting about his accomplishments and to hear him tell it he could do no wrong. He was a complete dip-shit, and I told him as such the day I walked out of sabbath services.

Anonymous said...

You can brag about all the peons under you or you can have a small flock and actually get to KNOW some of them a little bit. Dave's heart is where his status is.

Byker Bob said...

This explanation will play well with the extreme Armstrong stalwarts who believe that making a fetish out of the law is love, and that the minister is always right as people with a good attitude will always realize. However, this Armstrong party line has always given rise to extreme abuse of authority.

For those concerned about damage caused by many of the ministers’ bad advice or direct orders, this abuse will immediately be recognized as one of the worst elements of the Armstrong problem. Over the past decades, some of the nastiest bastards in the ministry were promoted, and all too frequently. Consequently, the reality is that the promotions Dave cites do not get him off the hook! They only serve as further condemnation. He can’t exactly claim to have bucked the abuse trend as did Dennis Diehl.

I don’t recommend that seniors run out and obtain medical marijuana cards. But It would be interesting to see if regular therapeutic usage of it would improve Dave’s condition, as well as the day to day lives of his RCG members. Somehow, I doubt that even that would help!


Hoss said...

On a few of HWA's old radio sometimes made analogies to a professor emeritus who "used to do great things" in his day, but then lost it. Dave claims to have done great things in his WCG days, but what has he done since? What great things has he done since August 30, 2013?

Anonymous said...

I noticed HWA did not appoint him to fill HWA's vacant apostleship. No matter. Dave ordained himself, and often.

Anonymous said...

I was once told by a coworker at work that the best way to get rid of a bad boss is to promote them. It gets the person out of the way and you can actually get some work done. I also think I heard it at a seminar I once attended for work as well.