Saturday, May 26, 2018

Dave Pack takes credit for turning HWA against Stan Rader

Is there anyting in the COG that Dave has not stuck his nose into and taken credit for?

Three months later, in mid-April 1979, Mr. Armstrong’s chief legal counsel was interviewed on the popular CBS television news program 60 Minutes.
At a point, after a heated argument with reporter Mike Wallace, the man stormed off the set, warning before the camera, “You’re on my list!”
Mr. Pack was far from the only minister who was terribly disturbed by what had happened on national television. A month later, at a regional youth track meet in Hershey, Pennsylvania, three field pastors vented their frustrations to him.
“If Mr. Armstrong doesn’t do something about this man, the Church will be destroyed,” they said with one voice. “You’ve got to say something.” Of course, many other ministers felt the same, but these three actually urged Mr. Pack to speak up to Mr. Armstrong. Their request was formal.
Convinced he had a duty to apprise Mr. Armstrong of the damage being done by the Church’s attorney, Mr. Pack called the Pastor General the next day.
“Mr. Armstrong, we have a major problem brewing with [name],” he warned.
Mr. Armstrong became angry. (He had been satisfied with the interview, not knowing he had been given an edited version of the program! He had no idea that all of America had witnessed a representative of the Church engage in an emotional outburst and seem to threaten a prominent journalist.)
“Dave, you just have to understand that he has a temper,” Mr. Armstrong said, “and when he shows it to me or raises his voice to me, he always regrets it and apologizes. You need to extend him the milk of human kindness.”
Unsure of how to get his point across, and very much now on the “hot seat,” Mr. Pack simply stated, “Mr. Armstrong, I just don’t understand how he is allowed to scream at you. People know that he does this. I would never dream of even talking back, let alone raising my voice at Christ’s apostle.”
His words stopped Mr. Armstrong in his tracks.
“You’re right!” the Pastor General said with some volume as he made an instant 180-degree turn in thinking. “If he ever screams at me again, it will be the last time!”
Mr. Armstrong’s perspective was the same as most others. He had grown accustomed to things a certain way. However, when someone presented him with the reality of the situation, he realized, “That’s right…That can’t happen. What is being tolerated here?”


nck said...


This is the first time I have to admit that the old HWA was still coaching juniors at times.

Although this junior is twisting it in "teaching the officers of the corporation".

By that time Stan had already indicated that Stan wanted to work for the government in foreign programs or at least focus on his firm.


Byker Bob said...

I notice that Dave allowed HWA to call him “Dave” at this time. He did not insist on being called “Mr. Pack”. (Heh. Just me being facetious)

It’s good that this material is being brought to light. It should be mandatory reading for anyone considering becoming a member of RCG. Anyone who reads such overkill should certainly realize what it will be like for them if they take that final step towards becoming a member.


Sweetblood777 said...

Is there anything that David conniving Pack would not say or do, to make himself look like a somebody? I doubt very much that HWA even knew this guy, for HWA had a huge ego and also had a very bad temper. He showed that even he did not have the Holy Spirit. How blind we were.

Anonymous said...

I've never even heard of Stanley Rader.

Anonymous said...

He can take credit for turning spouses against each other, children and parents as well with his current "teachings". Seems he has done this with his own family as well.

Anonymous said...

Now...someone in the RCG ministry needs to take a hint from this and speak up to Dave before he destroys his wait....never mind. Let him.

Hoss said...

Dave reminds me of old Radio Moscow programs in which the Soviets claimed having preceded US achievements, and of Clyde Crashcup, inventor of things that had already been invented.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Anonymous 4:59 AM. Do an internet search on Stanley R. Radar. The Wikipedia link is here:


Anonymous said...

I don't believe Daves account. He claims Herb was only given a edited account of the Radar interview. Hard to believe. And Dave pointing out to Herb that he shouldn't tolerate abuse, as if Herb never in his life considered this. It requires Super Dave to set Herb right.

This account is all make believe. This reminds me of the episode of the Simpsons where Mr Burns makes a remake of Ben Hur movie with Burns starring as the hero originally played by Charlton Heston.

Dumbhead said...

Well the video of that incident of saying "you're on my list" may be on the internet. I don't remember Stan Reader storming off the set while he said that.

Hoss said...

"you're on my list"

In the audio at Painful Truth, you just hear Stan telling Mike to leave his office. The written commentary with the clip says Stan then stormed out of his office.

RSK said...

I dont remember ever seeing the 60 Min clip - I was too little when it aired. I do remember Rader bragging in his book about storming out of his office though.