Thursday, May 24, 2018

Dave Pack: It was disgusting that GTA wore an open-necked shirt and exposed this chest!

By Costaricky - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, 

Tattle-tale Dave was disgusted by the casual dress of Ted and crew.  Oh, the humanity!

After services, Mr. Pack, the area coordinator and Mr. Gary Antion (from Toronto), and their wives, conversed with Ted at a private dinner before the sing-a-long. Over the course of over four hours, the evangelist continually hurled criticisms at the Church, primarily centering on many against his father.
Later, brethren from the surrounding regions assembled at the Rochester convention center for one of Ted Armstrong’s famous (now infamous) “sing-a-long” performances. The show included his assistant and other men close to him.
It was apparent the younger Armstrong saw himself as a folk singer and sought to portray himself as an entertainer rather than a minister of God seeking to edify and uplift the brethren with exciting news of the Work. He and his entourage sat on stage, sporting open-necked shirts, gold chains and medallions, and exposed chests. They resembled worldly pop stars—not ministers and leaders in the Church of God!
The band members had also come to services dressed in the same worldly fashion. Mr. Pack asked Ted about the inappropriate dress of those traveling with him: “Why is your group dressed as it is?”
Garner Ted basically dismissed the question with, “Well, yes, that’s the way they dress.” He was completely unconcerned about it.
Before heading to the airport the next day, Mr. Pack called Garner Ted and asked to ride with him. He had decided to tell Ted that his father was expecting a report, and that he would have to mention certain things.


nck said...

I'm not so much bothered with the "clothing thing", but I do get "gold" remarks.

The reason I never fully trusted Tkach sr was the wearing of his ring on a strange finger.
Tkach jr I did not trust because of his beard. As my momma told me at the time. People with beards have something to hide. I'm not sure how I would have responded to Garner Ted's hairy torso during a sing along. Probably would have vomited all over him. (no political incorrectness intended just physical reactions to male hair, let the psychoanalysis begin)


Anonymous said...

Spiritual Abuse by June Hunt page 37

Spiritually abusive leaders {like Dave} are image conscious:
-seeking to present a image of perfect righteousness
-misrepresenting their personal history to wrongly portray a special relationship to God
-minimizing or covering up their personal mistakes and character flaws
-covering up physical and sexual abuse within the church

Anonymous said...

well Mr. Pack, what is the origin of the 3 piece suit?

Near_Earth_Object said...

"...seeking to edify and uplift the brethren with exciting news of the Work."

Is that what that was called? I thought it was mostly boring self-congratulation against a background noise of "you need to give us more money."

I think GTA inspired a lot of envy among the more pallid members of the ministry. They knew they could not compete with this entertainer's persona so they sank into resigned criticism. Other ministers (and some lay members) tried to imitate GTA with comedic effect that varied.

On the other hand, GTA as an entertainer was an interesting phenomenon. I never really enjoyed much of his entertaining and he wasn't a top-notch singer. But many of my fellow "little people" treated him like a rock star. People must have their idols.

I am sure many WCG lay members thought that GTA must be a wonderful guy based on his stage presence. I ran into him at Flight Operations in BS one sunny summer day. I was in my blue AC staff uniform. And he was not friendly. Like most other WCG ministers.

Byker Bob said...

Just when we thought we had heard it all!

Dave Pack sucks on so many levels. Without a doubt, he is the most arrogant, self-righteous prick I’ve ever heard of, and apparently a back-stabbing bastard to boot. GTA was above him on the report structure, and rather than being a team player and supporting his superior officer, he sees himself as reporting directly to HWA.

He’s also wrong on pop culture. Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger dressed way down as compared to GTA and his crew, who were wearing what is called “business casual” attire.


Anonymous said...

In the photo, GTA has white in his hair, yet Dave will report his 'inappropriate' dress to daddy. This is typical church culture. People even in their age old are still treated like children, yet Dave sees nothing wrong with this. Adulthood is a foreign concept.

This a reminder why being a stay at home Christian is a blessing. You can never fully mature in these churches with their regressive culture. It's like crabs in a bucket pulling down other crabs that are trying to escape. The crab bucket syndrome as they call it.

The apostle Paul mentions leaving childhood behind. In these churches, this is inverted, a moral inversion. It conveniently increases the ministers power over the sheep.

nck said...

"He’s also wrong on pop culture."


I bet Dave doesn't know that the grandparents of those with superior qualities like Bob Dylan, Steven Spielberg and Stanley Rader all hailed from Odessa.

And that would not be "Wadsworth Drive, Odessa Florida."


Anonymous said...

If I recall correctly, this was GTA's visit to Rochester NY in late May 1978. I was at the service in a big arena there. His "sermon" consisted of a long list of complaints against the Church. Most of all, he didn't like Ramona.

A few weeks later, GTA was expelled for the last time. I expect it was because of the sermon, not because of the allegedly lewd concert which he had done many times before.

RSK said...

It is funny how Pack tried to frame his "tattler" role in this excerpt, isnt it?

Anonymous said...

What did he say about Ramona?

Connie Schmidt said...

Teds real problem was not "open-necked shirts" ...More like opened exposed pant zippers!

PS- What a sniveling little rat fink snitch that Pack is!

What About The Truth said...

Mr. Pack stated many times in sermons that it was his personal report to HWA that got GTA removed from the church.

Head on over to the Wadsworth GQ and you will see more gold cuff links, gold tie chains and gold tie bars than you have ever seen.

I am still trying to figure out how Christ is going to make it into the the Wadsworth headquarters when he returns. Mr. Pack says Jesus Christ is coming back the same as he left - that would be as the Son of Man. I don't see how a man clothed in Mideastern attire speaking Aramaic is going to make past the gate.

Hoss said...

For "proper" ministerial attire, I believe an RCG member posted that Dave liked to wear very brief Speedo swimwear to church outings, revealing much more than his chest.
The first account I read of GTA's final ouster from WCG was from HWA, who mentioned GTA's lengthy document of grievances, and his "I could destroy you". Later, in one of GTA's accounts, he made known that the threat was over HWA's incest. In a sermon, Dave took credit for GTA's removal, claiming it was due to his report to HWA.

nck said...

"I don't see how a man clothed in Mideastern attire speaking Aramaic is going to make past the gate."

Hahaha WATTruth. I could see that person being escorted out. Accused of speaking gibberish.

When I met the last Aramaic speakers, (christians) in the hills surrounding Damascus they are very nice people, ladies looking modest but all in western attire. (Kind a like Italian christians.) I had them record the "Lord's prayer in Aramaic" at the exact spot that is now destroyed by continuous shelling by Isil.

Coptic christians in Egypt I have seen adorned with tatoo's of crosses or other christian symbolism. Another reason to have the campus doors closed.

A monk discussed the council of Chalcedon with me, while the muslim guards thought us crazy for visiting these people way out there in the dessert living in their recluse.

These monks for all purpose had good reason though to keep visiting hours restricted and limited. I didn't ask their opinion on "common" but I guess monks do not care about earthly posessions, while the Aramaic and Lebanese Christians fly Australian and other flags to honor the source of their blessings in their recluse valleys.

The valley's surrounding Turin hold remote waldense villages of inmense beauty, but would hardly be a place were a man like Dave would thrive since it is very rugged living. I could see Dave go straight to the Duke's of Savoy instead of talking to his appointed emissary, seeing Dave's impressive pedigree. But I can see the Duke raise his hand after 2 minutes into Dave's monologue and exit with a headache.