Saturday, July 4, 2015

Living Church of God Splinter Group Reveals New Logo

From a reader here:

Here's the just finished logo for a soon-coming LCG splinter after RCM's demise.  It's core doctrines will be everything RCM ever said or did, including wife spanking, gay bashing, sermons on sexual perversions, boxing, and wildly speculative prophecy.  All members will share the honorary title of Third Most Important Person in the Work.

That is not a cross you see.  It is a sword.

Canadian COG Member Dethrones James Malm's Prophecy Predictions: Says Tribulation Starts October 2016

For many decades we had one crazy American Church of God member after another coming up with every imaginable end-time scenario.  Now that every single one of them have been abject failures at their predictions, it seems the Canadians now are taking over.

First we had James Malm with his endless tirades of Pharisical bullshit and false prophecies. Now we have another Canadian in our midst. His name is Henry.  He is a 61 year old Canadian from Alberta.  Henry knows more about "true"prophecy than the angry divorcee James Malm.  Malm must be cowering at the awesomeness of Henry!

He writes:

Mr. Armstrong passed away in 86 leaving as his successor, Mr. Joe Tkach Sr., who in short order, began changing doctrine from those taught by Christ through His 12 Apostles.  It was at that point that I left the Worldwide Church of God organization.

From that time until now, I have remained on my own, holding fast to the teachings of the 12 Apostles.

For the last 31 years, with very few exceptions, I have maintained a minimum two hour per day bible study regime.

Also, during that time, the principal taught in the Book of Daniel regarding prophetic events being revealed on a "need to know" basis has been manifested much more so now then ever before. Those events are made known in order to give a warning.

For whatever reason, and I am sure He has one, God has been giving me understanding of those prophecy's.  Having been "stuck" through inspiration, in the Book of Ezekiel, for the better part of a year, I do know it is the responsibility of those blessed with that knowledge, to pass it on.
That is the main reason for this website.  To make known to those whom God chooses to be taken into His "Place of Safety", the fulfillment and time sequence of the prophetic events leading up to and including when they are taken.  He reveals a massive amount that until now has not even been considered by those making claims to the contrary.

Henry says the tribulation will begin in October of 2016.  Get your bags packed because its going to be a bumpy ride!

As you will see, there is absolutely no doubt that the "Great Tribulation" is about to take the world by surprise.  You will also prove from the word of God, that it starts in Oct. 2016.

At that point, all are saved.  Some saved in the "Wilderness" where God protects them, some saved for canon fodder, famine and pestilence, and some saved for captivity, slavery and torture.

We can choose to deny it or work at being taken to God's "Place and Safety" for the duration.

The Prophet Isaiah tells us that of those outside that Place and Safety, only 1 in 10 live to see the start of the millennium.

In 2020 Jesus Christ will return.

The return of Christ in 2020, ushers in the 1,000 year reign known as the Millennium. The start of the Kingdom of God on earth.

The fall of 2016 marks the time Christ takes His people into the wilderness spoken of in Revelation 12:14
Henry apparently feels he has the power to offer a prayer for you over an anointed cloth that will prevent you from heading into the tribulation:

As a small token of gratitude, I have initiated a "Prayer Cloth" program where those who have donated to this work will be given a cloth over which a special blessing has been asked.  

One that asks God to consider that person as worthy to be protected during the Great Tribulation and Armageddon. 

You can read the rest of the silliness he is publishing here:  Its Time Church of God

Friday, July 3, 2015

Vic Kubik Proclaims UCG's Stance Of Gay Marriage While His Own Church Is Morally Bankrupt

Vic Kubik is speaking out with his interpretation of what he and UCG thinks marriage is.  Vic declares that the UCG only acknowledges the Supreme Court of Heaven and not the decision of any human court.

Anyone that has ever followed or been part of the United Church of God or any other Church of God for that matter,  know that marriage has never been held up as a pinnacle of virtue by some of its leaders and members. Adultery has been rampant in the COG for decades.  UCG is filled with it.  Even its own leaders have been guilty of it.

What about the embezzlers in the COG that steal Church members tithes and offerings for their own benefit?  What about COG leaders living lives of excess and luxury as members suffer?

If the UCG and the other COG's really uphold what they are claiming to hold dear from the Bible, then why do NONE of them aid the homeless, help the suffering, feed the hungry, care for the prostitutes or care for the environment?  When have any of these Churches ever set foot in an AIDS hospice or cared for people with AIDS?  When has any of them ever worked with gang members to help them get out of that life style?  How many of them have ever worked with children who are stuck in the system without parents?  How many have ever set foot in a local school and tutored disadvantaged kids and been role models to the parentless?

How many of these men have ever actually sit down and had a deep conversation with the gay and lesbian members sitting in their own churches this very day?  They are sitting there in UCG, LCG, PCG and RCG. Imagine what its like to hear their so called leaders stand in the pulpit and say some of the absurd shit that they are currently doing!  Imagine sitting in an LCG service with Rod Meredith!!!!!  Bloody hell!

When the Churches of God get their own corrupt sin-filled houses in order then and only then might world actually sit up and take notice of them.  Decades of placing emphasis on the law instead of Jesus and grace has left the Churches of God looking rather maladroit.

Why Does Rod Meredith, Rod McNair and Bob League Treat LCG Members With Such Disdain?

The Living Church of God has been going overboard lately in trying to impress upon its members  how "unified" the church is.  You can be guaranteed that when any Church of God starts a "we have never been more unified" campaign that they are any thing but!

Why does the Church of God (Armstrong version) have such a horrendous record of being unkind and unforgiving to its members?  Jesus certainly NEVER acted this why does Rod Meredith., Dave Pack, Gerald Flurry, James Malm and Vic Kubik?

A reader here writes:

The sad thing is I know of several of the disfollowshipped. Who have gone to Meredith and McNair and League to make peace. They just wanted to live in peace, some even confessed that they were wrong and all LCG did was spit in their face. Saying that there was no room for forgiveness for them. And that they would never attend LCG again. They also said that they did not believe they were repentant. Can they see their hearts and minds? It took a lot for some of these people to just go to them. Believe me they will never go again!

Now I hear that LCG is saying that they did all this in LOVE for these people. WHAT!!! How can this be love? There is no forgiveness and kindness in LCG. God would not treat people this way. He ate with publicans and sinners. And they Bible says only he can see the hearts and minds of people and to be careful how you judge! I think they are just modern day Pharisees.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

PCG To Continue Publishing Child Scarring Bible Story Books

Remember those Bible Story books from the halcyon days of the Worldwide Church of God when the church had some slight relevance and meaning in peoples lives?  Remember those idyllic nights cuddled up in bed and your parents reading you cute little stories about Noah's ark and all the soft furry creatures that miraculously made their way to it?

Wait!  What?  STOP!

That was the stories read to the kids next door by their "so-called" Christian parents.  This is what they saw in their books:'

God smiling down on Noah and all the cute little animals.

So what did the kids in the Worldwide Church of God get to see?


and this

Children in the Worldwide Church of God were scarred for life by these images.  Of course this was deliberately done.  It was a subtle tool to keep kids and members compliant to the church.  If you sinned or screwed up you would die just like these poor miserable souls, though your death would be more horrific, thanks to Rod Meredith and you would die like this:

Oh what memories!  Endless rants by Rod Meredith over us being strung up on meat hooks as the Germans tortured us in concentration camps or shipped us off to Germany to be their slaves.

Now you will get to relive those memories all over again.  The dark and twisted cult of Gerald Flurry and The Philadelphia Church of God are republishing this crap for a new generation of people.  Just one more tool in Flurry's arsenal on keeping the kiddies in line and submissive.

Living Armstrongism is reporting that when the PCG claims to have bought the publishing rights to The Bible Story.  LA notes that this set of books was NOT in the original number of books and booklets that PCG dished out over $3,000.000.00 for when they lost the court trail over their plagiarizing of Mystery of the Ages.

So Joel Hilliker says that PCG bought the copyright to The Bible Story. He made this claim that PCG has purchased the copyright for The Bible Story, a retelling of the Old Testament by Basil Wolverton made for HWA's WCG in 1958-1972.
In this particular segment of PCG's Trumpet Hour Hilliker talks with Brent Nagtegaal about PCG's Bible Story. While introducing this segment Hilliker makes the following statement:
Well, for several years now the Philadelphia Church of God has been working on a multi-volume project called The Bible Story. This was actually started by Herbert W. Armstrong back in the 1960s. We bought the copyrights to it and we're printing it again. (20 minutes.)
Really? PCG bought the copyright for The Bible Story? It was not one of the eighteen booklets PCG purchased in 2003. I was aware that PCG was publishing their own version of The Bible Story but this is the first time I have heard that PCG has purchased the copyright for The Bible Story.

What is going on here? Did PCG purchase the copyright without going through WCG? Did they give even more money to Tkach's WCG?

Surely Grace Communion International (WCG) did not sell more books to Flurry?   The fact that they did it in the first place raised a lot of eyebrows considered they believe everything that Herbert Armstrong taught was heresy.  But I guess money still speaks louder than integrity.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Who Wants To Listen To Church of God Blowhards?

From a reader:

Who wants to listen to dead Ted's old recorded blatherings about morality when that fucking pervert had none himself and finally had to be expelled openly and permanently from the WCG by his own father HWA when GTA got so spoiled that he would no longer even pretend to repent?

Who wants to listen to a false prophet like Flurry ramble on about morality while he edits, deletes, changes and warps HWA's teachings so he can cut you off from all contact with your real family members and hand you over to old PCG sex perverts and predators?

Who wants to listen to Meredith talk about morality when he is always lying to his followers about what HWA had taught in the past and would now supposedly want “upgraded”?

Who wants to listen to the UCG's Council of Evildoers talk about morality when they expel innocent victims of guilty perverts so they can show what they now call “love” to the unrepentant, godless perverts that they welcome in to vainly try to increase the attendance numbers of their continually splitting retirement paycheck project?

Who wants to listen to some Pack of lies try to get you all outraged about the perverse fashions in the world only to have him go on to claim at the end of the same six hours of noise that he (and not HWA) is the Elijah since DCP “restored” the doctrine that you have to give everything you have to him (which sort of makes you wonder what the point was of all those tithes and offerings if you are just supposed to hand over everything)?

Who wants to listen to Ronald the Clown's (Weinland) endless silly fiction just so you can end up buying his family members the overpriced Euro-junk that passes for cars?

Who wants to listen to (Bob) Thiel talk about morality when he is steeped in pagan prophecies and retroactively tricked someone into anointing him as a prophet (rather than for his illness, which turned out to be mental and spiritual rather than physical)?

Who wants to listen to Joe (James) Malm talk about morality when he is a calendar-confused divorcee who rebelled against HWA but now wants you to go along with everything he makes up?

Who wants to listen to Eric Peasant (King) talk about morality when he obviously gets his prophetic nonsense from watching too much garbage on television?

Philadelphia Church of God Students Training In Adobe Products This Summer For Final Pre-Trib Push?

The above is a screen shot of PCG's public Facebook page.  It shows a group of students learning to use various programs of Adobe creative products.  Apparently these kids are being training for the "final push" as the tribulation is just a few clicks away. 

Only in Armstrongism can a person link computer training to the tribulation.  If the tribulation does hit as they claim, none of those kids or anyone else is going to be sitting at a computer  working on Photoshop or Illustrator.  Unless of course, Gerald Flurry has conned the Jordanian government into installing electricity and computer banks in Petra so they can all work from there.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

LCG ministers, acting with LOVE, kick out members so they can join forces with Satan

If you are a member of the Living Church of God and you QUESTION something, are you allowed freedom to question and NOT be attacked and kicked out?  Is there room for free thinking in the LCG?  Reading the "duties" of the LCG overlords it appears that questioning is NOT something that they feel member should be doing.  Those that question are turned over to Satan.  Rod Meredith and the LCG ministry want you LCG members to know that when they kick you out and treat you like vermin, they are doing it out of LOVE!

The Fundamental Purposes for Ministerial Authority Are: 

1.  For the preservation of unity (Acts 15; 1 Corinthians 1:10; and 2 Corinthians 13:10).  Unity is imperative if the Church is to function as one body.  Singularity of objectives is the fruit of unity. 
2.  To protect the flock from “wolves” and the willfully disobedient (2 Thessalonians 3:6, 1014; Hebrews 13:17).  At first glance it may seem like a horrible act to commit a person to Satan.  However, in the end this act produces a more stable and re-dedicated Christian (1 Corinthians 5:5).  In no way should this be construed as a hostile act.  When viewed as an action of concern for the welfare of the person, it becomes an expression of love. 

3.  Binding and Loosing (Matthew 16:19).  Judicial decisions must be made on unclear matters.  Christ gave His ministers authority to decide on issues within God’s framework of law.

Living Church of God is all about L-O-V-E!    But that LOVE should never be heavy handed....cough....cough...

Precautions to Keep in Mind When Exercising Ministerial Authority: 
Exercise of authority must be motivated by love.  Without love as the primary motive there is no way to use authority with justice within the Church community.  The exercise of authority must never be taken lightly.  Benefits derived from exercising authority in love are manifold.  Severe and serious detriment will stem from the unjust, selfish and irresponsible use of authority.  There are serious consequences for authority abuses (Ezekiel 34:2-6).  A good rule of thumb is to use the least amount of authority necessary to do the job.  Heavy authoritarianism is not required for people who have a heart for God’s ways.  LCG Pastors Manuel pg 311-312
How many LCG ministers, elders, department heads and evangelists put the following guidelines into practice?   When has the LCG minister ever NOT overreacted?   Its all about SUBMISSION which basically means that whenever a minister tell you something to do, even though you know it to be wrong, you are under his authority and MUST do it.  Its a test from God to see how well you submit to authority.  The law is written on LCG members hearts, but NOTHING is written there concerning Jesus.  No grace, nothing.
Since abuse of authority is destructive, we must not over-react and go to the opposite extreme.  We should seek to understand more of the mind of God as shown by scripture.  “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven,” said Solomon.  One could say the spiritual application is, “There is a time to exercise authority, but you must use love all the time.”   A Christian voluntarily places himself under Christ and the authority of the Church.  In this age submission to authority is a rare thing.  Submission by members of God’s true Church represents clear evidence the Laws of God are being written in the hearts of men!  Truly converted Christians are far more submissive to God’s Laws and authority than carnal-minded man.  The Apostle Paul wrote some governmental guidelines to the Church at Corinth in dealing with serious conflicts in the Church, (2 Corinthians 3:3-6).    We cannot judge the heart of man—but we may judge the fruit.  The Pastor should always pray for discernment in these matters since God alone knows the heart (Isaiah 11:2-3 and Jeremiah 17:10).  LCG Pastors Manuel pg 311-312 

In order for an LCG minister to be a fair judge and arbitrator of the law, he must meet these expectations......of which every single LCG minister seems to have FAILED!

Guidelines for Exercising Church Discipline and Authority  (Handout 3.4) 
To exercise ecclesiastical authority properly and effectively, a minister:
  • Must be ABOVE REPROACH in his personal conduct.
  • Must have INSPIRED the flock to follow the RIGHT WAY by means of his personal EXAMPLE and PREACHING.
  • Must be FAIR in judgment and in NO way a RESPECTER of persons.
  • Must be CONSISTENT in the use of authority and BALANCED in frequency of its use.
  • Must ensure that the degree of severity is suited to the seriousness of the infraction of God’s  Laws (1 Corinthians 5:1-4).  LCG Pastors Manuel pg 311-312

LCG ministers and HQ's treatment of members seems ot be slash and burn mentality.  Jump to conclusions and kick them out allowing no recourse.