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Restored Church of God Turmoil: Dave Pack"s Son-in-law and Daughter Resign From RCG

Since Dave Pack started building his most superfantabulous Church of God ever, he constantly talks about how united his members and leadership are.  The problem is, like the rest of the Churches of God, Pack is loosing ministers and members every time he opens his mouth.

You know things are bad in Wadsworth when Pack has to fire his own daughter!  Now he has alienated not only his boys, but now his daughter!
I just heard from a RCG source that Dave fired his number two man Kevin Denee and his own daughter that's married to Kevin.  (It's also being said that they both resigned, so waiting for verification)
Kevin was the Director of Operations at Dave Pack's superfantabulous compound in Wadsworth, located between the Giant Eagle and the smog belching freeway. 

In March of 2012, Dave Pack promoted Denee to be Dave's right hand man as the Executive Director of the RCG. He was Dave's hand picked leader "born for the job" and "absolutely trained to carry out these duties."  That train has obviously crashed and burned!  Dave failed to see this coming!  
You have or soon will hear more about the following in a sermon to be played in all congregations on March 10. There has been a fairly significant restructuring in the Work at Headquarters. In order to free up my time to carry out my commission further (from the same need for day-to-day, hands-on administrative involvement), Mr. Kevin Denee will now serve under me as the Executive Director ofOperations of the Church and its Work. Mr. William Behrer will remain in the Executive Office and assist him in addition to continuing with 11 departments (for now) still under him. (He recently had 20 departments, we took away 11, but added two more back for now.) Because Mr. James Turck will be returning to Headquarters on April 1 to assist with the ever-increasing Church Administration workload, Mr. Denee will be able to continue as Director of Church Administration without having to spend the same amount of time. Every member of the Advisory Council of Elders agreed that this was the best way to structure Headquarters moving forward, and it will give me more time to fulfill my commission. With no exceptions, they all felt that Mr. Denee was "born to the job." He has been in the office for over nine years, and is absolutely trained and able to carry out these duties. A number of other appointments have been made, with others to occur over the months to come. All of this is in preparation for the Work being able to greatly expand as I will describe momentarily.  RCG Member/Co-worker letter
Kevin Denee's fame has extended far beyond the hyperbole of the RCG.  He became the laughing stock of the internet when he said that  RCG youth and members should not do blogging.
Here's a truly moronic article from the Restored Church of God Ambassador Youth site. The author, Kevin D. Denee, seems to think it's OK for him to use the Web to express his opinion, but other people -- both children and adults -- should not. Nearly every sentence in this schoolmarmish screed is funny. Restored Church of God says blogging is wrong (excluding their own blog, natch)
Kevin wrote:
Let me emphasize that no one — including adults — should have a blog or personal website....
The Internet—and more specifically blogs—has enabled everyone to have a voice on any matter. Now everyone’s thoughts are “published” for all to see. Whether or not it is effective, as soon as something is posted the person has a larger voice. It often makes the blogger feel good or makes him feel as if his opinion counts—when it is mostly mindless blather! 
Blogs can be summed up as people talking about almost anything, but really nothing. There is no purpose to much of the contents — no direction. [...] The contents of blogs can often best be described as trash and the expression of shallowness. What is deemed as a higher level of communication is simply a mindless form of entertainment.
Some questions naturally arise: “Can I have a photo gallery?” For example, maybe you visited an exotic country and want to share your photos with close friends. This can be done, but certain guidelines apply. Of course, there should never be any inappropriate pictures (again, be careful of the appearance of evil); it should be private and password protected, and only shown to family and closest friends. Tis
 This is what he said youth and members should be doing instead of blogging:
Take extra care if messaging or “chatting” on the Sabbath. It should be done in moderation, as this is a time to draw close to God. Do not drift into worldly topics. Be aware of a conversation’s direction, and steer it back into Sabbath-appropriate subjects if necessary. You could discuss last week’s sermon, upcoming Holy Days, changes in world events, announcements about growth in the Church, etc. Challenge yourself! During the week, be mindful of things you may want to discuss with your friends (online or at services). Then when the Sabbath arrives you will have a long list of items to discuss. A great underlying principle of appropriate IM subjects is this: “Would I feel comfortable discussing this subject with my parents? What about with God?”

A previous article on this blog about Denee is here:

Dave Pack in land  battle at new cult headquarters

Then there are these blog sites that mock him for his blogging comments:

An Open Letter to the Teens in the Restored Church of God 

Blogging and Religion 

God Hates Blogs, Journals, Spaces and Some Photo Sharing

UCG: He's Baaaack!!! Old Boy's Network Still In Control

It's 2016 and every single one of the Churches of God are still living in the past as they keep promoting the same men over and over to leadership positions.

Don Ward is back to serve as Chairman of the Council of Elders for the United Church of God.

Wanda and I have devoted our lives to education and service in the ministry in one way or the other. After receiving my first Bachelor's degree in 1961at Delta State University, I taught and coached in the public schools for five years. I started listening to the broadcast in 1962 and sent off for all of the literature that was advertised. I completed the correspondence course and was immediately convicted of the truth. Wanda followed in my steps about six months later and was convicted of the truth. 
In 1967, I became a professor and head baseball coach and offensive football coordinator at my Alma Mater, Delta State University. In 1967, I completed my Master's Degree at the University of Southern Mississippi in 1968. In 1969, we moved to Big Sandy to attend Ambassador College. 
Over the next four years (1969-1973), I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Theology from Ambassador, began teaching classes at Ambassador and completed a Doctor's Degree at East Texas State University.
Since 1973, we have served in various administrative positions at the Ambassador College campuses--along with teaching several different Bible courses. While the college was closed in Big Sandy 1977-1981, we served as pastor of the Big Sandy and Tyler congregations. When the Big Sandy Campus was reopened in 1981, I served as Dean of Faculty, professor of theology and continued serving as pastor of the Big Sandy and Tyler churches until the summer of 1982.   Don Ward

Here's a man who has led a privileged lifestyle while on the dole as a minister in the church.  Forty-three years living as one of the elite of the church with fleet cars, travel expenses, parsonage allowances, free second tithe for free trips at Fest time, and seats of power in various Ambassador  Colleges and COG's as he changed allegiances like a chameleon.  

I guess mistreating members and students, preaching both sides of the fence doctrinally, and betraying the college students who actually believed in him, does have its rewards. He still gets a seat of power in a splinter church, still gets to live off the tithes of members without ever having to get his hands dirty with real work, and gets to look forward to a well funded retirement program.

Almost Arrested COG False Prophet Declares He Has "A More Sure Word" When It Comes to Prophecy

What more can be said than to let a lying false prophet of Armstrongism make a fool of himself with his own words:

As far as what can accurately be predicted, we in the Continuing Church of God “have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts” (2 Peter 1:19, KJV).” The Bible is accurate and its predictions can be counted on. Some of those biblical predictions are mentioned in this post.

So there you have it.  All other COG's are mindless morons when it comes to prophecy. Almost Arrested Elisha Elijah Amos Thiel has the only correct interpretation. Bow down at his magnificance.

UCG: The Role of Women in the Media

Beverly Kubik's comments are around the 67 minute mark.

The very idea that these men even have to sit there and debate this shows the absurdities of it all.
Silly women, know you place!

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Was He Right?

The various Churches of God are having fits right now over Britain's decision to free themselves from the European Union.

From Flurry, to Pack to Meredith and even the boy's in Cincinnati Church of God leaders are whipping their members into frenzy that England's departure from eh European Union is a sure sign of prophecy that has finally come true for Herbert Armstrong.  Now with England pulling out it gives Germany more empower, and as any good Armstrongite knows, Germany is the big bad meanie that will soon be storming the United States, and Canada killing millions as they string us up on meat hooks and take our youth to Germany and Europe to be slaves for the European elite. This will open the door for the Pope to reunite Europe and begin to wage war on the saints and ultimately Jesus himself.

James Malm, the Chief Pharisees and Judaizer has this to say:

One very serious consequence of British departure will be the probability of other nations following suit and also exiting the EU.  The British departure appears to be the beginning of an unraveling of the present EU system.   
This has been foreseen and Germany, France and certain other nations have already begun to form the core of a new federal Europe system.  Ultimately it will take the intervention of a very impressive miracle working pope to bring about the birth of a new federal European system based on the Holy Roman Empire model.  
 Scripture tells us that when this miracle worker is set up he will visit the Holy Place within 75 days triggering the onset of the biblical great tribulation (Mat 24:14).   
The 75 days comes from the simple subtraction of the 1260 days of the tribulation from the total time that this man functions (Daniel 12:12), being 1,335 days.  This man of sin is set up doing miracles and has 1,335 days to function, after which he is destroyed by the coming of Christ.  Jerusalem being trodden down, including the tribulation and the Day of the Lord lasts for 1,260 days (Rev 11:2, Dan 12:6-7) and ends with the coming of Christ; now subtracting 1,260 from 1,335 days leaves 75 days between the time he is set up doing miracles and the date that the tribulation begins.  
Watch as:   
1.  The regional Mideast wars play out and a peace deal is agreed,  2.  The present EU unravels  3.  A pope is empowered to do miracles [highly probably as quickly as Sep Oct 2017, or within a year or two thereafter] and immediately uses his influence to bring together a new federal Europe of ten nations  4.  He goes to the Temple Mount within 75 days of being set up doing miracles, and the tribulation begins.   
When peace is declared then sudden [unforeseen] destruction will immediately fall on the unrepentant (1 Thess 5:3).  
NO!  There will NOT be any 3 1/2 years AFTER peace is declared BEFORE the tribulation begins!!   
The tribulation will begin immediately [within a day or so] when this son of perdition goes to the Holy Place (Mat 24:15)!  

Almost Arrested Elisha Elijah Amos Bitter Bob thiel has this to say:

While Franklin Graham considers the Brexit vote “at least a temporary setback for” a one-world government,” that is really not the case. Last night, I told my wife (when the initial results showed the REMAIN side winning last night) that a LEAVE vote meant the end was sooner and the REMAIN vote meant that the end (meaning the start of the Great Tribulation) would be later. 
Because biblically, the UK was not prophesied to be part of the final Beast power. The UK was never part of the Eurozone, hence its voted for departure from the European Union (EU) does not mean that the Beast’s currency will be derailed. 
The Bible tells the rise of a European Beast power in Revelation 13:1-10. It also teaches that reorganizations will occur in Europe for that to happen: 
12 “The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast. 13 These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast. (Revelation 17:12-13) 
The vote by the UK to leave the EU will get the Europeans closer to a time of crisis that will get Europe to reorganize and fulfill the above prophecy.

This Brexit vote marks a time of change. We are in the time that Jesus referred to as the “beginning of sorrows” (Matthew 24:4-8) and more troubles are expected: 
8 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be earthquakes in various places, and there will be famines and troubles. These are the beginnings of sorrows.  (Mark 13:8)
Expect to see violent civil unrest in Europe, for a time.
Gerald Flurry's Philadelphia Church of God is crowing:

Herbert W. Armstrong used scripture to show that Britain would leave the EU before I was born, and God’s people have been watching for this exact event ever since. But I’m not going to give you any scriptures here—that isn’t the point. I want you to go read Mr. Armstrong’s own words—words that accurately predicted this day would happen. Go find a map, spread it out on your floor, draw the line, and create an experience with The United States and Britain in Prophecy that will have a real impacton your life—not in a week or a month, but now while Brexit is still fresh in your mind. 
The thing is, this singular moment in history shows that the entire narrative in The United States and Britain in Prophecy is true. Mr. Armstrong said, “This very eye-opening, astounding identity is the strongest proof of the inspiration and authority of the Holy Bible! It is, at the same time, the strongest proof of the very active existence of the living God!”
You see, The United States and Britain in Prophecy was, in large part, a warning. The decline of the Israelite nations that Mr. Armstrong warned about is already in full swing—yet the worst lies just ahead. That book stands as a warning for me, for you, for everyone who was ever in God’s Church, and for the five million people who requested it over the years. The darkest, most intense correction in history is the next step in these prophecies. 
Mr. Armstrong wrote: “Most people, we know only too well, will take this serious warning lightly—put it out of mind—turn to other immediate interests of no importance by comparison! That is why a loving, just, all-wise, all-powerful God is going to take away from them these unimportant counter-interests, and apply such intensified correction that they shall, finally, come to their senses, and turn to Him and His way which will bring them eternal happiness and abundant blessings! 
“But you need not have to suffer this intensified correction, greater than any trouble ever suffered by humans. 
“By God’s direction and authority, I have laid the truth before you! To neglect it will be tragic beyond imagination! To heed it will bring blessings, happiness and glory beyond description! 
“The decision is now yours!”
Dave Pack has a brief statement up encouraging readers to request his US and BC book to learn the full facts:

In addition, analysts predict that Britain’s departure from the EU would push Germany to take on a more dominant position in Europe. 
None of this news should come as a surprise for regular readers of The Real Truth. We have always held the belief that a UK-EU divorce was coming and informed readers to watch for an emerging Germany. 
The July 2015 article “Britain and the EU: Headed for a Split?” included a telling quote from Mr. Cameron taken from a speech on the in-out referendum: “I know that the United Kingdom is sometimes seen as an argumentative and rather strong-minded member of the family of European nations. 
“And it’s true that our geography has shaped our psychology. 
“We have the character of an island nation—independent, forthright, passionate in defense of our sovereignty. 
“We can no more change this British sensibility than we can drain the English Channel.”
It is this sensibility—Britain’s national character—that has kept the country from fully integrating with the EU. But that character runs deeper, and carries a longer history, than most realize. 
Living Church of God is trotting out John Oqwyn's nonsense:

Catastrophic economic and social collapse will set the stage for soon-coming prophesied events. The once-powerful British Empire is already but a shadow of its former glory, and the U.S.—beset by economic, political and social upheavals—is no longer unchallenged as a world superpower. There was a time when God indeed used the American and British-descended nations to lead, inspire—and even to police—the world. But that time is quickly drawing to a close. Nations that use the name of God while rejecting His commandments cannot continue to receive His blessings. Rather, He will break the pride of their power (Leviticus 26:19).
To fill this vacuum of leadership, there will suddenly emerge onto the world scene a powerful and charismatic leader in Europe. In alliance with a religious leader who will ignite an emotional mass hysteria through what the scripture terms “lying wonders” (2 Thessalonians 2:9), this military-political leader will use deceit to achieve great power. He will lead a revived Holy Roman Empire, called in Scripture “Babylon the Great” (Revelation 17; 18).
This European union of church and state will promise universal prosperity and will exercise worldwide economic dominance for a short while. Ezekiel 27, using the figure of the ancient commercial city of Tyre, speaks of this global economic combine, which will include nations of Europe, Africa, Latin America, and Asia—along with Israel and Judah (v. 17). Portions of Ezekiel 27 are paraphrased or quoted in Revelation 18 where the end-time system, called Babylon the Great, is described.
The English-speaking nations will not prosper for long in connection with this system, however. In fact, they will ultimately be overpowered and destroyed by it militarily. Prior to military attack and occupation, devastating weather problems, combined with internal civil strife (“tumults in her midst” cf. Amos 3:9) will bring our nations to the point of internal collapse.

All any of this proves is that even a blind squirrel can eventually find its nuts.


Herbert W. Armstrong's 209 False Prophecies


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Updates in Comments: Living Church of God Pastor Commits Suicide

Such a tragedy and such a waste.

From an LCG source:
Today it was announced in the Charlotte LCG congregation that LCG Joplin, Missouri pastor Karl Beyersdorfer has killed himself on 5/27/2016. Recall that his wife Gaylon fell and broke her hip two weeks prior on Saturday 5/14/2016 and had to have hip replacement surgery. 
Here is a sermon by Beyersdorfer given shortly after he left WCG.

Which Church of God Will Uncover the Ark of the Covenant, Noah's Ark and King David's Bones?

If we thought David Pack had mental issues, considering the number of idiotic prophecies that he has uttered over the least three years that aha never come to pass, just take a look at Gerald Flurry's epic predictions.

Flurry has predicted that PCG would be the ones to discover King David's bones.

That PCG would discover the Ark in Ireland where Jeremiah hid it. This is such a magical event that Malone even made an oratorio about it.

Never once to shrink from grandiose dreams, Flurry then went on to claim that the PCG would be the ones to find Noah's Ark on Mt. Ararat.  So sure was he that he send one of his patsy's to Turkey to make arrangements.

All of this putrid baloney is spouted out to show the exclusivity of the PCG and how special it is with the sole purpose of getting gullible members to buy into it and send more money in.  Sadly, deceived sheep continue to pour money into Flurry's back account so he and his son and their offspring can live lives of luxury on the Edmond compound, as they watch Irish dance and sing along with musical numbers while drinking Dom PĂ©rignon champagne.

From Exit and Support:
June 12, 2016
G. Flurry, a few years, back got the members all excited about the dig in Jerusalem. He sent his son, Stephen, students, paid for housing, and an office, and said it was gong to be a big thing. They would find the bones of the kings [i. e., King David] and it would shock the world. Then they left because Jerusalem had became too dangerous. Now they apparently only have one person there.  
After that, Flurry got the people all excited about Jeremiah and the ark in Ireland. They made a feast site there and hinted that the purpose of Edstone [see update to May 19, 2014 PCG letter] would perhaps be a part of a great dig and revealing of the ark that would shock the royal family and Laodiceans. R. Malone made a musical about it.  
Last year, Flurry hinted about perhaps finding Noah's ark in Mt. Ararat. He even sent Shane Granger to Turkey to set up contacts.  
Then they built the arts building (presumably for Wayne Turgeon's daughter's dance class, and for Stephen Flurry's son, who has done quite well in the competitions). 
It seems money keeps flowing even though many people are struggling in these hard economic times. They ask the people to do yard sales, fruit sales, bake sales, and whatever else they can, to help the Work and Headquarters. Meanwhile, the ones at Headquarters get all the benefits and the struggling members get nothing except that they will go to a place of safety during the Great Tribulation and have the promise of future kingship in the millennium.  
It kind of reminds you of a snow globe, how you are on the outside looking in at this beautiful, happy scenery on the inside, never getting the chance to enjoy the benefits yourself, but you have to pay for the snow globe. All these people--members, co-workers--are paying, but unless they live in the privileged areas like Edmond or Edstone they just pay out and do not reap anything except struggle and hardship. Outrageous really. --[name withheld]

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The Church of God has always been filled with false prophets

The Church of God has always been filled with false prophets who thought they knew everything there was to know about the endgames.  From Bob Thiel, to Rod Meredith, to Ron Weinland, these fools run off at the mouth with the most absurd predictions.

Ever since Ron Weinland made his epic blunder in 2008 when has god did not bring wrath upon the earth, he had been resetting his dates.

In his one of his latest missive he gives the details on why his god did not start wrecking havoc in 2012.
First, God’s purpose in direct intervention through the Seven Last Plagues is to stop the nuclear war—to stop WW III. Yet there is more to how those plagues can now be administered in order to humble a larger amount of people and to potentially save many more who can then live on into the Millennium. This is one major area God is now changing that has only been made possible by the addition of seven more years beyond 2012.

If God had allowed WW III to begin soon after 2008, His plan to end that war would have been accomplished in one day, which would have been on Pentecost in 2012. That would have been such a powerful event that mankind would have been stopped in its tracks, shocked to the core of its being, and truly readied to listen to God. However, if the world had been humbled in that one day, the death and destruction would have been exceedingly great.  
God prophetically reveals that the Sixth Trumpet of Revelation is the time where mankind will engage in a final all-out nuclear confrontation. It has already been stated that this confrontation will destroy one-third of all the earth, which means one-third of mankind will die as a result, or 2.3 billion people. 
Yet the next trumpet, which is the Seventh Trumpet, consists of the Seven Last Plagues, and this is when God intervenes and stops that war. It states that the purpose of these final great plagues is for Him “to destroy those who are destroying the earth.” This destruction will come upon those people and nations who are engaged in and supporting that war—a war that is destroying the earth. If this event in the administration of these plagues had occurred in 2012, there would have been at least an additional 3.5 billion people destroyed in that single day, and likely hundreds of millions more.
These events that happen toward the very end of this end-time should be feared, just as the flood of Noah’s day should have been feared. God will be executing great judgment on this earth against those who have so corrupted their minds that they become blindly engaged in helping to destroy this earth. 
But what if these plagues could be administered by God in a different manner whereby many could then have the potential to be saved? What if the number of those that will die could potentially be cut in half or even far more than if these things had occurred in 2012? When asking these questions, it is important to understand that the only way that number can ultimately be reduced in such a large manner is IF “those who are destroying the earth” will begin to listen to God and cease from their evil. That is what God is now preparing to offer to those who would otherwise come under these plagues and be destroyed. As always, the choice is theirs, and theirs alone, to make. 
As stated, those plagues are going to be poured out first and foremost for the purpose of stopping WW III and to destroy those who are destroying the earth, and those prophetic events are set and cannot be changed. God is now revealing another purpose for these plagues. He is revealing the answer to the following question: “How can these plagues be poured out in a different manner so they might potentially produce a stronger desire within many people, and even perhaps within an entire nation, so they can become humbled, begin listening to God, and then cease from the evil they are causing on the earth?” 
So the purpose of the plagues is for the nation to be humbled so they listen to Felon Weinland and Witless Witness Laura and join his amazing work.  Between Weinland and Dave pack we don't have much choice. It's either them or the Lake of Fire.

Rod Meredith: Unless You Return To The "Faith Once Delivered" You Will Become "Weak or Sick"

Leave it to Rod Meredith to set more conditions in what he thinks his god does.  He sincerely believes that unless you return to the "faith once delivered" you will get sick and weak.

Just what is the "faith once delivered?"  Its the entire storehouse of beliefs that Herbert Armstrong came up with.  It was is interpretations of what thought those beliefs should be.  Herbert was the restorer of truth. Sadly, the god of Herbert Armstrong was a weak and impotent god because it had somehow had its message suppressed for 1,900 years.

According to the thinking of Meredith, unless you return to the "truths of HWA you will become sick, weak and eventually die.
The entire focus of faith in regard to healing was gradually obliterated in the minds of thousands of brethren! We all need to realize this and do everything we can to return to the faith “once for all delivered”—even in regard to divine healing! So please remember, brethren, as you approach the Passover, that Christ paid a terrible penalty so that you could be healed. If you come to the Passover without this understanding and this faith, many of you—like the Corinthians—may become weak or sick and may “sleep”! For Paul continued in the above passage, “For if we would judge ourselves, we would not be judged. But when we are judged, we are chastened by the Lord, that we may not be condemned with the world” (vv. 31–32). Editorial: Our Passover Attitude
Is there more to Meredith's current health issues that is more to the story than he is letting on?  Is he sick and suffering strokes because he turned his back on his god?  Is his god displeased with the current turmoil going on in the church with the lawsuits and corruption in Charlotte?

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Think for Yourself! Ask Your Church Leaders Lots and Lots of Questions!

"You assist an evil system most effectively by obeying its orders and decrees. 
An evil system never deserves such allegiance. Allegiance to it means partaking of the evil. 
A good person will resist an evil system with his or her whole soul.
~ Mahatma Gandhi ~

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.
~ George Orwell ~

"The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.
~ Bertrand Russell ~

"The shepherd always tries to persuade the sheep that their interests and his own are the same.
~ Stendhal ~

Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; 
it is thinking that makes what we read ours.
John Locke ~

Thinking is a bit uncomfortable, but you'll get used to it. 
A matter of time and practice. 
~ Lloyd Alexander ~

Lying false prophet claims his members will soon be killed for beliefs.

Big bad meanie Catholic's are just itching to slaughter 
Continuing Church of God members.

The FINAL phase of the work is here!  Only one church on the face of the planet is doing the "work".  Dave Pack has proven not to be.  Gerald Flurry is not.  Big Daddy Rod Meredith most assuredly is not.  Only the mind-boggling globe encompassing work of Almost Arrested Elisha Elijah Amos Thiel is doing the true work today.  Even those old boys in Cincinnati can do nothing to compare to the work of Thiel. Thiel's church is SUPER-superfantabulous!

His work is so important that he and his members will soon be slaughtered for what he is preaching.  Amos Thiel is copying the histrionics of Meredith when it comes to the subject ecumenicalism.  Those big bad meanie Catholics are just itching to slaughter Theil's members.  Gavin has a great post on the silliness of this belief in Armstrongism,  If you're looking for a harlot, LCG, try a mirror
It should be clear to those who truly understand the warnings in the Bible that the final phase of the work for God’s people will also specifically involve dealing with the ecumenical religion that will rise up (cf. Daniel 11:36-38; Revelation 13:4,8; 14:8-13; Matthew 24:14-15) with signs and lying wonders (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12) fulfilling Satan’s plan, while enduring the Beast power who will take steps to eliminate the faithful (Revelation 13:7,13-17; 14:12-13; Daniel 7:21,25). 
Being killed as the result of persecution is seemingly also part of the final phase of the work that some of God’s people will endure: 
12 Here is the patience of the saints; here are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. 13 Then I heard a voice from heaven saying to me, “Write: ‘Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.’” “Yes,” says the Spirit, “that they may rest from their labors, and their works follow them.” (Revelation 14:12-13; cf. 6:11) 
Even though other parts of the Book of Revelation show that persecution will come from a combination of church and state (i.e. 13:1-8), various verses (i.e. 12:13-17) show that it is truly Satan that is behind the persecutions. The old Radio Church of God taught this about Revelation 12:13:
Amos Thiel also has to get in another dig at Rod Meredith.  Thiel feels that his knowledge is far superior that anything Rod Meredith can ever dream up.  Thiel believes himself to be Meredith's teacher.  

After explaining all of his revealed truth to Daddy Rod, Thiel was shocked to see Daddy Meredith stab him the back and ignore everything he said.  The bitterness still eats away at Thiel.  Nothing destroys a megalomaniac more than being ignored and rejection by an idolized parent.
About a decade ago, evangelist R.C. Meredith and I were talking and he agreed with various points I was raising about the end time work. And back then, I was able to help lead him to essentially state that in the end it would not mainly be the message of the COG vs. the Protestants, but it would be the COG basically vs. the ecumenical religion that will rise up in the end that will likely (for a while) refer to itself as “Catholic.” In 2005, during the Feast of Tabernacles in Clearwater Beach, after a private lunch, we and our wives met at his hotel room and I also discussed various aspects of the final phase of the work with him–and I had other meetings, discussions, and emails related to that with the other Charlotte evangelists through December 14, 2012. Yet, even though he and others in his church agreed to take many steps related to the final phase of the work, few, if any, of the promised steps were taken by his group–this is a major part of why the Continuing Church of God needed to form. 
Thiel continues bragging that his "work" is the fastest growing work since its formation. No other Church of God is growing as fast as his group.  Even Dave Pack trembles at the mere mention of Amos Thiel's name.  Thiel takes great delight in knowing that the Living Church of God faces one struggle after another now. Ever since Meredith stabbed Theil in the back God has removed his blessings from the Living Church of God
Interestingly, in December 2015, Dr. Meredith lamented the slow growth in his church.  He said that 30% should be attained, but he hoped for at last 15% growth per year–something his church does not attain.  Consider that the Continuing Church of God has been the fastest growing COG since its formation in late 2012. It has exceeded the 30% growth in both membership and income in each of the years since it formed that the late Herbert W. Armstrong often pointed to as a proof of a blessing from God. While our growth rate will fluctuate, the Continuing Church of God is the only one of the ten largest COGs whose leaders had origins in the old Worldwide Church of God to do so. And we are on track for this growth in 2016 as well. 
Then he makes a claim that Meredith was scared that Thiel would say things that would cause the church persecution.  
A bolder, yet truthful, willingness to “name names” and call out what is happening will need to happen than the official COG groups formed between 1986 and 2011 have done–and this would seem to have to be led by the Continuing Church of God. (I have emails from one or more LCG evangelists where they objected to doing parts of this themselves, as well as notes from a meeting where they told me, and one was Dr. Meredith, that they were afraid that I was could become too bold and that they did not want to take bold proclamation steps that could trigger the persecution that they teach is biblically prophesied.) 
Now that Dave Pack has been utterly humialted at the failure of ten's of thousands of COG members and formers members joining his church over the last three years, Bitter Bob now takes that mantle on.  Pack's failure will be Thiel's triumph.  Thiel thinks his church will soon grow large and swell the ranks of the COG.  The end cannot come till Thiel accomplishes these things.

It is possible that this short work will temporarily swell the ranks of the Church of God (including some Philadelphians, but perhaps with many Laodiceans and many others not truly faithful—many may well fall away—though some of the first will be last and the last first, cf. Mark 10:31). Some will be faithful and bear fruit, while many others may leave (cf. Matthew 13:18 -23; 2 Thessalonians 2:3) once the persecuting tribulation that seems prophesied to occur prior to the Great Tribulation hits (cf. Matthew 24:9-10;21). Then the end will come.
It's not going to be long till the world news media will be camped out in Arroyo Grande in front of his office covering the teachings he has been doubly anointed to preach.  One or more of the Two Witnesses will emerge from Thiel's church.  This will cause the media to swarm to Thiel's offices.  Then he will be ridiculed.  Well at least he has written one truthful thing in his article today!  That ridicule happens daily.
Partially because the message of the COG, the people of the holy covenant, will enrage the upcoming prince/king of the North (Daniel 11:28-30). One or more associated with the Continuing Church of Godwill be identifying that the European “prince” (Daniel 9:26-27) who is rising up to become a king, will not be able to truly bring peace, but instead about bring war and will be in league with the final Antichrist. This will likely trigger major media coverage. Scrutiny of real, as well as claimed, COG literature will likely happen and various aspects of real and incorrect COG doctrines will likely be ridiculed.
There is much, much, more silliness here:  The final phase of the work continues  


Monday, June 20, 2016

Why Has Rod Meredith Refused To Admit He Made A Mistake?

I never make mistakes.  
I thought I did once, but I was mistaken.

Living Church of God is reeling today at the number of ministers and members that were served subpoenas for upcoming testimony in the lawsuit that the Scarborough's brought against Rod Meredith and the church.  The number of those served papers is said to be around 250 people.  You can quickly see why LCG is in such a turmoil today.  That is a huge number of people that can spill the beans on the way the Living Church of God works.

Some are deeply offended that the Scarborough’s filed this suit.  “Church members are not supposed to sue church members”, is the claim being thrown around.  This is LCG's attempt to divert peoples thinking away from the actually abuse that Meredith and his ministers dumped on the Scarborough’s and members that Saturday during the sermon where he demonized the Scarborough’s.

One comment made here says this:
Matthew 18 says ...and if he refuses to hear them, tell it to the church. But if he refuses even to hear the church, let him be to you like a heathen and a tax collector. 
The Scarborough's took it to the church in the letter they sent all of us. But our leaders wouldn't yield and make peace. So the Bible now gives them permission to treat Mr. Meredith and Mr. McNair as heathens.
It's that simple. LCG leadership had a year to behave as the Christians they claim to be but instead of "manning-up" they continued in their lie. Instead of showing the love and mercy of Christ, they decided remain stubborn and prideful carnal, ungodly men.
 I have never been so disappointed.

Living Church of God is now paying the price for the bullheadedness and arrogance that permeates the upper levels of the LCG hierarchy.  Meredith, Ames, Weston and others have always felt that were unaccountable to the membership and could say anything they wanted. That has come back to bite them big time.  Apparently the public marking of the Scarborough’s was particular vicious and extended.
I was at church the day the Scarborough's were marked. It was the most vicious attack I have ever been witness to. The entire day was focused on defaming these people.

I'm sure that is why they are deposing so many people.

250 people won't lie for LCG even if a few decide to.

Witness testimony plus an un-edited copy of services that day will be pretty damning to LCG's defense.

Add to that witnesses that testify to how the Scarborough's helped them over the years or showed generosity toward them to show that they were good people and it seems like a no-brainer (and I'm not a lawyer).
The question many are asking is how many of the deposed will actually lie in order to keep Meredith and the church in a good light.  If the LCG hierarchy is counting on a large swath of members defending them, they are going to be in for a shock.   By constantly spreading around the myth that convert church members would never sue other members, they are counting on people never delving into the topic.  Plus, when the ministry says it is a sin to go against the leader it instills another level of fear into the members minds.  

Rod Meredith teaches that Jesus Christ is the Head of the church, and since Jesus hasn't removed Meredith, He must approve of what Meredith is doing. Therefore, to go against Meredith is rebellion against Jesus Himself. This makes the leader infallible! Any man could say this, could he not? Meredith is very good at manipulating people into following him. Without that manipulation, propaganda, and brainwashing, I wonder just how small his following would be.
Throughout all of this the arrogance of the ministry has been at play here as one writer here wrote:
LCG ministry absolutely believe they are above being corrected. I know this first hand. I was once smugly asked by a minister in LCG if it was my job to correct the ministry. In their minds they are too right to ever be wrong.
When Meredith was sued the last time he was represented by the Worldwide Church of God with unlimited funds and a large team of lawyers.  All he had to do is sit there and let the church pay for everything, though while this was going he was plotting with others to form a church he could run after he left WCG. He had no problem in letting the church spend their money to defend him while he was setting himself up to take millions in tithe money.  Ethics have never been a strong point for Meredith. 

Now he will let his own church defend him with a large stable of lawyers at his beckon call. Millions will be spent in tithe money but he doesn't care.  His arrogance reigns supreme and is more important that admitting he made a mistake. Ethic's be damned.