Saturday, June 25, 2016

UCG: He's Baaaack!!! Old Boy's Network Still In Control

It's 2016 and every single one of the Churches of God are still living in the past as they keep promoting the same men over and over to leadership positions.

Don Ward is back to serve as Chairman of the Council of Elders for the United Church of God.

Wanda and I have devoted our lives to education and service in the ministry in one way or the other. After receiving my first Bachelor's degree in 1961at Delta State University, I taught and coached in the public schools for five years. I started listening to the broadcast in 1962 and sent off for all of the literature that was advertised. I completed the correspondence course and was immediately convicted of the truth. Wanda followed in my steps about six months later and was convicted of the truth. 
In 1967, I became a professor and head baseball coach and offensive football coordinator at my Alma Mater, Delta State University. In 1967, I completed my Master's Degree at the University of Southern Mississippi in 1968. In 1969, we moved to Big Sandy to attend Ambassador College. 
Over the next four years (1969-1973), I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Theology from Ambassador, began teaching classes at Ambassador and completed a Doctor's Degree at East Texas State University.
Since 1973, we have served in various administrative positions at the Ambassador College campuses--along with teaching several different Bible courses. While the college was closed in Big Sandy 1977-1981, we served as pastor of the Big Sandy and Tyler congregations. When the Big Sandy Campus was reopened in 1981, I served as Dean of Faculty, professor of theology and continued serving as pastor of the Big Sandy and Tyler churches until the summer of 1982.   Don Ward

Here's a man who has led a privileged lifestyle while on the dole as a minister in the church.  Forty-three years living as one of the elite of the church with fleet cars, travel expenses, parsonage allowances, free second tithe for free trips at Fest time, and seats of power in various Ambassador  Colleges and COG's as he changed allegiances like a chameleon.  

I guess mistreating members and students, preaching both sides of the fence doctrinally, and betraying the college students who actually believed in him, does have its rewards. He still gets a seat of power in a splinter church, still gets to live off the tithes of members without ever having to get his hands dirty with real work, and gets to look forward to a well funded retirement program.


Anonymous said...

Can anyone here, from personal experience confirm his mistreatment of members? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

The entire belief system of the Church of God was and is abusive. Where do you want us to start?

Anonymous said...

There was the odd better natured minister who did not personally mistreat, abuse or exploit members. I was slandered in the church, so am weary of accusations.

Byker Bob said...

Slander was a way of life in the ACOGs. It was part of the oppressive skill set. Whether or not someone was abusive in exercising their so-called authority, they still propped up and furthered a very toxic and corrupt system. There were indeed members of the ministry who were "less bad". However, it is much easier to respect those who left the system, particularly if they now acknowledge and speak out against the evil practices, false doctrines, and abuses. When someone is "back", they obviously still conform to the wrong and the bad.


Connie Schmidt said...

I thought Ward shut down their operations and stores back in 2001. Company was not able to keep up with the times and the need for change, new vision, and creative destruction.

Floyd 1944 said...

I have never been a part of UCG. Don't agree with any splinter cog. However I have known Don Ward for many years. I attended meeting in which he was present. I found him to be honest not a yes man. He followed his convictions. While I don't support his part in UCG, he never compromised what he believed was right. I just found him to be a cut above the others in UCG

Anonymous said...

7.38 PM what you say makes sense, since the head honcho can ruin a organization. It also gives a nice outward veneer to a morally challenged group.