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Another Frustrated Prophet Claims He Has Done All He Can To Warn Us


It's another bright sunny day in California and another self-appointed and totally ignored prophet is moaning that no one listens to him. No, we aren't talking about our buddy the eminent theologian and the Great Bwana to Africa and 150 Caucasians. This time it is that OTHER self-appointed prophet, Tony Roach.

Like Bob Thiel, he bloviates on how amazing his knowledge is and the church is in need of such amazing truths. All of the COG self-appointed prophets must get their messages out of the same playbook. They all sound the same, though this crackpot is just slightly different than our esteemed Beto Bob.

He writes:

Just a quick note and I'll delete it after a day or so... I'm so sorry but I can't join any churches... Or like any churches... I'm an analyzer... I analyze everything... As you can see from my fruits of Bible Prophecy... It would take so much time to analyze these churches... I have not the resources... I would have to travel to them, meet the Pastors etc.... I can't follow any man... Whether it be a pastor, minister, preacher, whatever... Not after dealing one on one with God for 35 years... It would be an abomination to me... Now if I met a man that new the scriptures as well I do and He could show me How God is working through him as he works through me... I would love that... If I could just meet someone that believed every word as I do... I would love that... Yes in my 1400 friends there are a handful that I THINK believe some as I do... Fewer in the handful that I think believes everything I do... You can tell by the comments and likes on certain post I post... The new news as God is on the sun... The Date chart etc gets very little likes comments and shares, etc... The mysteries and secrets of God I was left behind to show you basically are ignored... The old news that's been floating around for decades get many comments, likes and shares... It would be amazing if I had as many likes and comments and Believers in God's secrets and mysterious ways as the ones that responded to my recent post "A blessing in Disguise"... A church or any organization that doesn't search the scriptures daily to prove these things are true I can't deal with... I hope you understand... I'm in no way saying I'm any better than anyone... But when it comes to God's Word I'm a stickler for details and proof... And can't sway any any way... I'm nothing... I'm No One... I'm the bottom of the barrel... But I have to follow my Lord... I can't follow any man... I'm so sorry... I don't mean to offend anyone or hurt anyone's feelings... 

The bottom of the barrel is right! Just like all COG prophets end up being.  

Now I've been rejected and my message and prophecy by all the pastors of the splinter groups of the WWCOG that I have contacted... So that tells me they don't search the scriptures daily to prove these things... Or they would see that they are true.... Now members of these churches have asked me to join or like them... But I can't follow or listen to a preacher that doesn't search the scriptures daily as I do and as we are told to do... And if it's a messianic or pagan assembly... NO Way because it shows me they don't believe like I do.. I generally unfriend them and sometimes block them for a few days before I unblock them... That's why I say if you don't believe me block me... I don't need 1400 nonbelievers... that don't care to open their Bible and see these things are true... I wish everyone could see the truth but it's already recorded it ain't gonna happen...

Roach ends with this montage of nuttiness. He has been all alone now since 2020 when a great harvest of souls were whisked away and left him behind. 

It is just as the days of Noah... I don't even know anyone personally that believe as I do... I use to but since the Spring Harvest of Souls in 2020... They are gone... I keep the Holy days alone... I can't assemble on the Sabbath... There are no one to assemble here with where I live... That believes anything near as I do... Which I understand.... God warned me... There will be a lot of lonely days... But I chose His way... And I cannot change... I love each and everyone of you... I wish you would open your Bible... Don't just read it... Search it... Let God lead you as you do.. He'll show you one thing... If you do it... He'll show you something better... And each time you do it... You learn God's secrets and mysterious ways... You have to forget and ignore everything you've ever been taught by man and start fresh,,, with open eyes and a willing heart...

Friday, November 25, 2022

David C Pack's Great Thanksgiving Letdown


The Great Thanksgiving Letdown


You cannot see things in life until you are ready to see them.


That girlfriend who is not right for you even though your close friends and parents see it. That high-risk investment which seems too good to be true that advisors warn against. The pricey idyllic house that could require a lot of work. The wife that has been acting distant and on the phone a lot more with a “friend” recently.


Being blind to what is right in front of you has nothing to do with intelligence, stubbornness, or being gullible. The mind blinds you to the plain facts you do not want to accept. We do not do this on purpose, but we have all fallen victim to it.


Contrary to the seven hours and forty minutes of “biblical knowledge” this past month, Elijah was not raised, billions of people were not resurrected, and Jesus Christ did not return the Kingdom to Israel on Thanksgiving, November 24.


This is the Great RCG Thanksgiving Letdown of 2022. The Grand Poobah of holiday failures blew up an entire month's worth of God-breathed revelation by His servant and ministry.


The beginning of Kislev 1 at sunset Jerusalem time produced nothing. The beginning of Kislev 1 at sunset in Wadsworth produced nothing. Nothing biblical will happen on Kislev 1 today. All over the world. Nothing biblical will happen.


While families across the United States were gathering together for a grateful meal celebrating the blessings God has given them (and maybe indulging in the sin of football), David C. Pack and his fraud co-conspirators were conjuring the latest breakout from the prison of reality.


Another Pathetic Update was gifted to The Restored Church of God members yesterday.



Prophecy Update - Thursday, November 24, 2022


Brethren, more has come to light, showing it is very likely we can get through Thanksgiving and even into the month of Kislev. This puts our watch day-to-day, which always leaves us more comfortable. We know this much, it can’t go past the half-way mark in Kislev. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!



Beginning in March 2020, I started saving Member Services postings. By this point, I was fed up with Dave and his prophetic malarkey, but I was getting increasingly annoyed with the garbage posted for the brethren in between Dave's verbal flatulence fits.


Until then, I had not given them a thought one second after reading them. You “filter out” these announcements and urgent updates due to their repetitive nature. They all blurred together and lasted as long as vapor.


If I had not saved what I have, I would not have picked up on the pattern they still exhibit over two years later. After reviewing some this morning, it became clear that RCG Member Services is actually Damage Control Central.


It is incredible what you can see when you allow yourself. The text was always there, but it now can be understood with “clarity.”



Those attending RCG in the spring of 2020 will remember the continual chaos around Christ coming at Passover. The Rollercoaster this month has NOTHING on Passover 2020. There were eight updates in April pre and post-Days of Unleavened Bread. Some of them were pretty lengthy. Jam-packed with "proofs" making a "strong case" that the Headquarters ministry finally had it all nailed down.


Before examining yesterday’s joke, stroll down Memory Lane for a taste of what the brethren had to endure back then. The exact words, just a different date.


These are small samples of the yellow parts from each posting.


Listen to the Messages Right Away! – March 31, 2020


Keep watching! Based on all we can “forecast,” another Sabbath this side of the Return of Christ, does not appear to be on the horizon. None of the ministers here at Headquarters can see it. One look around the nation and the world makes this impossible.


Do Not Miss Tomorrow’s Sermon! – April 3, 2020


The series is not over! You will not want to miss what we clearly understand to be the final message. This 11th-hour understanding—while mind-blowing—will also prove to be very familiar.


Brethren, we have been part of an incredible prophetic journey that is reaching its end.


Watch to the Very End… – April 6, 2020


The P. S. stressed the certainty of Passover—even more proofs were found since then!


This has proven truer than we could have known.


If you are deeply convicted on all the Passover proofs and that Christ comes BEFORE Passover, you are left with one choice—Tuesday!


Our Historic Passover Watch Continues! – April 7, 2020


By now it is clear God wanted at least some of us to keep the Passover.


Would Christ really return before His day (Passover)? The answer that perhaps should have been evident is a resounding no!


Brethren, let us say it plainly: NOTHING will happen before all have taken the Passover—nothing even can!


Keep Watching! – April 8, 2020


With the rising of the sun, the new day brings new clarity. The case for Christ’s return today is even stronger than what we had last night.


Again—Our Watch Continues! – April 8, 2020


It appears it has always been God’s plan to have us wait, wait and wait yet a little longer to the very end! Faithful watching is very important to Him.


The proofs for Passover continue to pile up.


We are learning at an extremely rapid rate. In fact, there are now over 110 Passover proofs!


Continue to watch and wait. How privileged we are to understand so much about what God is doing—and when He plans to do it.


The Last Day of Passover—Finally Understood! – April 13, 2020


Parts 247 and 248 explained that our watch could continue even to the Last Day of Unleavened Bread. Brethren, suffice to say, it will!


Brethren, echoing the last announcement, the case for Passover—now the last day of Passover—is so strong that none of us could imagine moving beyond it.


Stay Alert and Be Encouraged! – April 24, 2020


Mr. Pack and the Headquarters ministry met throughout the day to discuss what is just ahead. It became evident that, even if we made it into Iyar, the thought of waiting until next year is still an impossibility.


We at Headquarters are inspired and encouraged by all God continues to reveal.


Take Comfort—Be Encouraged – April 27, 2020


It is now evident God did want us to “observe” all the remaining days of Abib following Passover.


Brethren, it should give us great peace knowing Christ could literally return at any time. Let us continue to do our part and remain spiritually awake until the “day and hour” we all long for!


Dave and Company were lying to us then, and they are lying to us now. None of what was written ever came to pass. I could see it, but not yet fully. It took me another year before I was able to leave RCG.


Brethren still there are trapped in the same place. They are in various stages of seeing what is right in front of them. It is not because they are stupid or weak, or lazy. God knows it takes a while for people to wake up. Recognizing that God is not working in the church and not guiding the ministry is a bitter pill to swallow.


But more are waking up. I have the emails to prove it.



“…more has come to light…”


There is only darkness coming out of The Restored Church of God today. Darkness is what David C. Pack preaches. Prophetic fraud. Biblical ignorance. Deceit. Foolishness.


There is no light coming to any of the hireling enablers at Headquarters.


Bradford Schleifer

Edward Winkfield

Ryan Denee

Kenneth Orel

Timothy Ranney

Jaco Viljoen

Carl Houk

Andrew Holcombe

James Habboush

Salasi Jezhi

Frank Lydick

Raymond Garb (Get out while you still can. You have fallen back into PCG thinking.)


God is not guiding David C. Pack to teach "The Greatest Unending Story!" Series. David C. Pack is not all throughout your Bible, though there are verses that absolutely apply to him. Just not in the way he thinks.


2 Timothy 3:7

Ever learning, but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.


Ephesians 4:14

…tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine by the sleight of men, cunning craftiness whereby they lie in wait to deceive.



“…very likely we can get through Thanksgiving…”


This is an unimpressive read on a Friday morning over coffee.


It is very likely David C. Pack will deliver Part 406.


It is very likely David C. Pack will fail prophetically in perpetuity.


It is very likely that an antichrist serpent more wicked (almost) than the devil will be proven correct, and God's Apostle/Elijah-Elect will be proven wrong.


It is very likely that a non-prophet/non-psychic will appear real because David C. Pack is as predictable as the sunrise. All former RCG brethren possess this superpower.


It is very likely more people will depart from RCG this week. Oops. I should have written "very certain."



“…it can’t go past the half-way mark in Kislev…”


So, this is the next play. As it has been this year. The full moon. The new moon. The first of the month. The fifteenth of the month. If not last month, then this month. If not this month, then next month.


On and on and on and on and on it goes. Save the archival quotes from Passover, as Dave will need to copy-and-paste them this spring. Consider that very likely, too.


This is a soft date-set with a new line in the sand. All his 30-day hot air turned cold.


Kislev 15 is December 9 for all you heathens out there. It turns another Dave quote into ash.


Part 403 – November 5, 2022

@ 01:51 Now, more than ever, I can tell you this: Salvation will come in November 2022.


David C. Pack is not a man of his word. He is a caver. He is not a closer. He cannot deliver. His bark is worse than his bite. His assurances mean nothing to him and should mean nothing to you.


History shows these Prophecy Updates are Damage Control. They are mind manipulation designed to keep brethren from seeing what is happening right in front of them.


Do you want to guess who has to stand in front of the whole church on Saturday to deliver "Special Comments," reassuring brethren they are still on track and all is well?


Dave will very likely be in hiding for a few days. And Ryan very likely passed the gravy.

Marc Cebrian

See: The Great Thanksgiving Letdown

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving from Bob Thiel and Banned!


Bob Thiel and I want to extend warm wishes for a 

Happy Thanksgiving and great football memories!

Bobby Grumpy Pants Ties Pilgrims and Thanksgiving Into AntiSemitism


Has the Church of God movement (Armstrong era) ever had a leader that was happy? Have any of them ever found joy in their lives? Have any of them ever marveled at the beauty that surrounds them?

For over eight decades the church has been filled with some of the grumpiest men imaginable. Nothing ever seems to please them so they have to find fault in EVERYTHING around them. This is perfect fodder for their erroneous belief that Satan is the god of this world. We can't really blame them when they have no knowledge of the "christ" they claim to follow. That creature is weak and impotent compared to the all-powerful entity they call Satan who lurks behind every corner of the world ready to devour them.

Today, our Great Bwana to Africa and 150 Caucasians did not put up his usual Thanksgiving anti-football schtick (at least, so far). This day he went darker and tired to prove the Pilgrims, Christians, and Thanksgiving have anti-Semitic roots.

After quoting an article from Israel 365, the all-knowing Bwana says:

Anti-semitism has been a factor in the Greco-Roman Catholic as well as Protestant religions for a long time–even though the ORIGINAL catholic church was considered to basically be Jewish and was not anti-sermitic. 
But for those who were not truly converted, anti-semitism crept in. It is not that all Greco-Roman Catholics and Protestants are anti-semitic, it is just that many of their important early leaders and influencers were.

After a lot of bloviating, Beto writes:

Let me add that various Protestant Reformers and many popes and patriarchs were anti-semitic. 
Leaders esteemed by the Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholics, and Protestants have all advocated horrible antisemitism. They were NOT real Christians. 
While people who were referred to as “Christians” have committed atrocities and anti-Semitic persecutions, no real Christian would have done that (or at least would have repented if he/she sinned that way). Instead many who have claimed Christ have caused “the way of truth” to be blasphemed (2 Peter 2:2).

Let me add that there were a LOT of COG ministers, evangelists, and certain leaders who were anti-Semitic to the core. It would show up every once in a while in church publications which actually got the church in trouble many times.

When they opened the Ambassador Auditorium and were actively courting major Los Angeles donors (non-COG members) to be supporters of the concert series they hit a brick wall with the Jewish benefactors of Los Angeles. The church then put the PR Department into major overdrive trying to eradicate this belief. Booklets were pulled, articles pulled and sermons were pulled. It was soon after this that the church saw Herbert galavanting off to Israel numerous times as he swooped in with Stuebin Crystal gifts and loads of cash trying to impress Israeli officials. The church tried to clean up its image. Its biggest obstacle was Itzhak Perlman, the great Israeli-American violinist. He turned many Jewish donors against the church and the Ambassador Internation Cultural Foundation. He also refused to perform in the Auditorium due to the antisemitism of the church and vocally expressed that reason to the public many times.

Beto Grumpy Pants continues on with this:

It is not just Jews that are hated or will be in the future. Throughout history, true Christians have sometimes been called “Jews” and have been subject to persecution supposedly directed towards Jews. True Christians also had to suffer through the so-called Inquisition, which utilized torture against those that had Church of God beliefs–and more is expected in the future.

Beto loves to trot on this narrative as he tries to bolster the impression his church and his group of followers are the ONLY true Christians on the face of the earth. Of course, as the ONLY true Christian church on earth, this is going to piss off a lot of people who will soon be persecuting them.

Unless you repent of your unbelief in him and his message you too will suffer persecution at the hands of Christians. If you repent and join his merry band of Truthists, you too will be saved.

More persecution will be coming from those who falsely claim to be Christian, and that will include persecution of true and real Christians. 
Hopefully you will have God’s Spirit and the mindset of the persecuted, not the persecutors.

Gerald Flurry Injuries Worsening?


The Philadelphia Church of God has been very quick in trying to squelch rumors of the severity of Gerald Flurry's fall out of his bathtub. Cryptic messages went to members to pray for Flurry so that he could recover speedily and return to his awesome position as King of the Church of God. Flurry, like many other COG leaders, believes that he will be alive to help Christ usher in the Kingdom of God where he will get to sit at Christ's right hand and rule humanity. Can you imagine anything more revolting?

Exit and Support Network has a couple of notes up about how much more serious Flurry's injuries were than they initially let on.

November 23, 2022
Hello ESN, 
I just heard from my friend who spoke with a PCG member that Gerald Flurry suffered contusion in one side of his lower back when he fell in the toilet during their FOT this year. [See October 25 letter above about this fall.] His inability to produce a new episode for his Key of David (KOD) program proved that his condition has further worsened after the Feast. 
It is interesting to note that Gerald Flurry’s recent fall was his second. His first fall happened on January 4th, 2014 while delivering a sermon in Edmond. 
His continuing absence from his KOD program and his deteriorating health condition are now causes of major concern to the whole PCG. 
For the past four weeks after FOT, they have aired repeat episodes of the KOD. The latest one, which they labelled as “new,” was just a recording of GRF’s address from the September 4th opening of the Armstrong Institute of Biblical Archaeology. Last week they had to call in Brad Macdonald as a new presenter of KOD. 
But why employ a new presenter if GRF is coming back? Are they trying to condition the mind of their members and the public that GRF’s time is almost up? –D. S.

For those outside the Philadelphia Church of God looking in and those who have been the recipients of his abuse, all of this new information coming out is not a bad thing. However, things could actually get worse when Lil'Stevie takes over. He has been maneuvering and manipulating things in the background for several years now for this transfer of power to take place. Some believe things will actually be worse under Lil'Stevie than they are under his dad.

Another ESN reader commented on how the PCG leadership is controlling the narrative

November 23, 2022
I am not surprised that the ministry is hiding the severity of GF’s fall and injuries. They are all about the image and controlling the narrative in a way that best suits them. I am curious as to what explanation they gave to the members who would be wondering why Brad is now doing the KOD. I would have assumed Stephen would have taken that roll. Maybe they think they can get some someone a little more charismatic. –T. C.

The COG was always been great at controlling the narrative, that is until the internet brought them ALL down. None of them have ever recovered and will continue to sink further into oblivion.

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

RCG: The RCG Eraser

 The RCG Eraser


The most vitally utilized tool at the Headquarters of The Restored Church of God is the eraser.


David C. Pack spoke two days in a row last week, totaling three hours and twelve minutes. “The Greatest Unending Story!” Part 404 was followed by a “final” Part 405. (Insert snickering here.) Built upon a stack of pinkie swears, it was repeated that the Series was over. The Mystery of God was ended. The complete picture was simple. Watch and be ready. Mic drop.


A Friday night Prophecy Update got ahead of the eventual Sabbath morning failure when nothing biblical manifested in Jerusalem or Wadsworth, Ohio. (Insert gasp of shock here.)


Church Administration spends a lot of time managing expectations and soft-landing the members into another David C. Pack debacle. The Member Services Prophecy Updates and emails serve as quick and cheap mental erasers for the minds in RCG.


A Pathetic Update was posted last night, making clear that Turkey Day will commence without the threat of fire and brimstone from Dave's god. (Insert shrug here.)



Prophecy Update - Tuesday, November 22, 2022


As usual, additional knowledge has come. Do not be surprised if Elijah’s role is revealed and starts in the month of Kislev—and that in this month everything happens. Christ would come “as a thief” exactly when we expected with nothing occurring before this. We will see what hour of day or night this happens. We still cannot know. Enjoy Thanksgiving!



It still amazes me how over three hours of accurate, urgently-Livestreamed biblical revelation from God can be erased in a single paragraph.


The folks inside RCG are to erase all Dave said about when God’s plan for the Kingdom will start. Erase what Dave said about the sequence. Erase what Dave said about timing. Erase what Dave said about the duration of events. Just erase it from your brain as hard as possible, but be careful not to tear the paper while you are at it.


“As usual, additional knowledge has come.”


The complete, final picture is not so complete and not so final. The ever-learning cycle continues, as a non-prophet/non-psychic said. All former RCGers are saying it, too.


When you consult with Dave’s nemesis, the Dictionary, something interesting comes to the surface.



1. facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject

2. awareness or familiarity gained by experience of a fact or situation


While pondering “The Greatest Unending Story!” Series through the entire 405+ Parts, one conclusion is undeniable. No “knowledge” has been gained. The murderous Dictionary makes it plain.


knowledge—the rcg way

1. Falsehoods and disinformation expressing a complete lack of skills by miseducation; purely theoretical and non-practical misunderstanding of Bible subjects.

2. Unawareness of physical reality in the face of absolute failure gained by supposition of fraudulent understanding substituted for fact.


The antonym for “knowledge” is “ignorance.”


To be more accurate, CAD should rephrase that first sentence to read:


“As usual, additional ignorance has come.”


THAT is factually accurate. The hateful, attacking Dictionary agrees.


David C.raptacular Pack, the Pester General of The Restored Church of Another god is doomed to repeat the cycle of ignorance until the True God intervenes, holding the Coffee Kid and Pepper Boy also accountable.



“Do not be surprised if Elijah’s role…”


Do not be surprised when Dave fails again. Do not be surprised when Dave goes back to the drawing board and does another reset on his current biblical construct. Do not be surprised if everything you have heard since Part 400 needs to be erased. Just to be safe, erase Part 398 and 399.


10 days is really 3 ½ days, but then it is 10 days again. 30 days is exactly 30 days to the second until it is about 30 days. 7 years means 7 days temporarily when it is 7 years again. The events are consecutive until they are concurrent. The Mystery of God is ended until next time. Daniel is fully unsealed, but there is more to discover. The picture the brethren have is complete and will not change, but God has brought more clarity. Tammuz will not change. Cheshvan will not move. Kislev is the correct month. We cannot know the day and the hour, except we know the day and the hour.


Does all that come from a sound mind or confusion? That is an open-ended question.


Even Dave has accidental moments of honesty and truth.


Part 404 – November 15, 2022

@ 48:43 I’ve got it. But configurations change. And that’s what is so fascinating. And what was so perplexing.


Endless, endless, endless configurations. That is what the Packian Triad of Fraud has been doing. There are no new cards in the deck, just a continuous reshuffling because the hand dealt is a bust. Every time.


This magic trick has kept most people in their chairs, so why change the routine?


This update is removing the surprise for future installments. Dave will want to erase when he said this.


Part 405 – November 16, 2022

@ 47:33 There is no 406. There’s nothing else to talk about.



The Elijah mention brings forward the subtext of Parts 404 and 405 that were not directly addressed in the previous articles. A big-picture review of those two messages makes a more horrific point.


Skimmers: Please do not miss this.


David C. Pack spent a lot of time preaching about HIMSELF during those three hours and twelve minutes. Mentions of Jesus Christ were only an aside.


Part 404

·      03:05 – Elijah comes first

·      24:05 – The Elijahn period

·      24:50 – Elijah is That Prophet

·      25:20 – The Twig of Isaiah 11

·      27:30 – The one making it plain of Habakkuk 2

·      33:30 – David of Psalm 89

·      36:30 – Joshua, the High Priest of Zechariah 3

·      52:00 – David of Psalm 89 is exalted

·      57:33 – Elijah is made a High Priest


Part 405

·      04:00 – The Seventh Messenger of Revelation sounds the trumpet

·      04:20 – He gives a warning of the sword of Ezekiel

·      04:30 – In Isaiah 11, Elijah is working with the poor and needy

·      06:05 – Elijah rises in Isaiah 41 as “the righteous from the east”

·      08:20 – “A lot of nations don’t know me today."

·      11:30 – Prophesy again from Revelation 10

·      12:20 – Prophesy before Christ gets here. Maybe it is the Series. Maybe more.

·      13:24 – Elijah is sent to all Israel per Malachi 3 and 4

·      17:30 – He is the faithful priest of 1 Samuel 2

·      27:30 – He is “the good man of the house” of Matthew, Mark, and Luke

·      39:00 – Elijah preaches to 100 million resurrected people

·      41:05 – The High Priest of Zechariah 3 kept his charge

·      42:10 – Deuteronomy 18 and That Prophet

·      46:40 – The Twig of Isaiah 11 goes forth

·      47:10 – The days of his voice from Revelation 10

·      48:46 – "I don't know when he's Elijah."

·      48:58 – “I made plain to The Restored Church of God” per Habakkuk 2

·      49:25 – The days of his voice would be about five

·      51:03 – He rises and goes to Jerusalem per Isaiah 41 "I got this now."

·      55:30 – Elijah is transfigured in Matthew 17

·      1:01:30 – Elijah is a type of John the Baptist

·      1:03:30 – The last Elijah deals with 8 billion people inside five days

·      1:07:55 – The modern John the Baptist (Elijah) will be called the Antichrist

·      1:09:55 – This man is talking to the world

·      1:12:30 – "I'm not prominent today."

·      1:16:32 – Like John the Baptist, God will speak to the modern Elijah

·      1:21:00 – Elijah blew up the structure of the world


Wow. When you list it like that from just two messages, it takes your breath away.


David C. Pack cannot stop talking because he preaches about himself. The Restored Church of God members listen to Dave preach about Dave. The plan of God is all about Dave. Dave is all throughout the Bible, and he cannot preach without addressing his own role.


He can get around mentions of Jesus Christ but not himself.


This should be a clear illustration of what is happening inside RCG. This is what all the hireling enablers support. This is what all the mindless zealots get excited about. Their god is speaking to them. Their idol pours oil into their ears, and they love to have it so.


"The Restored Church of Another god" is not a cutesy wordplay. It is a spiritual disaster unfolding before our eyes. God is giving the members of RCG every opportunity to see who and what David C. Pack is. When the time is up, they will have no excuse.


God have mercy on these people.



“Enjoy Thanksgiving!”


Not so fast. This is a mixed message of biblical proportions. Those two words fly in the face of what Dave said one month ago.


Part 400 – October 22, 2022

@ 1:20:14 …God comes on…Thanksgiving. And destroys Thanksgiving…On a nation that is utterly ungrateful but keeps Thanksgiving so they can so they can indulge themselves and watch football and get drunk.


This repeated video clip shows Dave throwing a temper tantrum, lambasting the RCG staff. He accuses them of being lazy and ungrateful. He also threatens to not give them Thanksgiving off.

For all his loud whining, Dave always caves. He caved with the History Channel. He caved with the staff.


After tearing them apart, Dave gave the staff Thanksgiving off. Even though it happens on a Thursday. And Thursday is during the work week.


Part 400 – October 22, 2022

@ 1:28:05 God says, “Six days shall you labor.” That’s a command. That’s why I work all six days…Only, now that’s not really true. I work all day on the Sabbath, too…


See. David C. Pack is more righteous than you. He is more righteous than God.


His ears may turn red as he stomps his feet, but the guy lacks the strength to follow through with his own words. For all his threats, he is like the guard dog barking at you ferociously until you approach the fence, and then it backs away. But it continues to bark like a cowardly little bitch.


David C. Pack is all bark and no bite. He is not a man of his word or someone to be feared.


After all his church-wide impotent pissing and moaning, Dave gave the RCG staff the day off. That point is worth repeating. He complained but then capitulated. He caved. That speaks to what kind of man he is.


The staff may now enjoy the day God was going to destroy. The day celebrated by a nation of ungrateful people. A day interfering with the God-commanded work week. A day of football. A day of beer.


David C. Pack’s words are as empty as the Headquarters Trust Meter. His words mean nothing to him, and they should mean nothing to you.



$100 says Dave will have football on the TV with a beer in his hand tomorrow. He will sit at the Thanksgiving supper table and enjoy his wife’s cooking. The false prophet. The false apostle. The biblical fraud. He will do everything he cried against, and those in his house will witness it.


Ryan, remember to tell him, "No gravy for you."


David C. Pack wants to erase what he said a week ago. He wants to erase what he said a month ago. He wants to erase what he said a year ago.


Erasing the past gives him power and control. Do not forget that.

Marc Cebrian

See: The RCG Eraser

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Elton John, Crocodile Rock and the End Times


Elton John lit up Dodger Stadium for three nights this past weekend. It is hard to believe he played in this stadium 47 years ago in 1975, the year I came to Pasadena to attend the West Point of God's Church, Ambassador College.

I remember in 1973 and 1974 in the Dayton Ohio church area I grew up in listening to his songs at dances and on 8-track tapes in cars as we drove about. Most of us knew the words to his songs by heart.  In 1973 and 74 we were all wondering if we were going to be able to graduate from high school because Herbert Armstrong had idiotically proclaimed that 1971 was the start of the tribulation and that in 3 1/2 the kingdom would be here. Yet, here we were in 1973/74 dancing away, and in 1975 attending his concert in Los Angeles

Recently on one of the church-related Facebook pages students from Big Sandy were reminiscing about a college dance they had where Elton's Crocodile Rock started to play over the speakers and how a self-righteous minister shut the dance down because of it. The stupidity of ministers in this church never ceases to amaze me.

"1975 in Prophecy" came and went and nothing happened. God's House was holding its first season of church-funded concerts and money flowed freely as the church was bringing close to $1,000,000.00 a day in tithes and offerings.  HWA frequently hopped on his jet flying around the world so he could preach about a "strong hand from someplace". 

Garner Ted and others in the upper ranks were busy bed-hopping. Gerald Waterhouse was cruising West Hollywood and evangelists' children were peddling drugs at Imperial Schools and at Ambassador. So much for armageddon and the miraculous conversion of church members to kings and priests so they could rule over planets!

The church, being the church it is, never learned from its mistakes as ministers, evangelists, and church leaders never learned to keep their mouths shut about prophecy.

Today in 2022 the church is infected with malignant tumors like Dave Pack, Gerald Flurry, Ron Weinland, John Rittenbaugh, and Bob Thiel who spread one prophetic lie after another. Nothing these fools has ever said has ever come to pass and never will.

Listening to Elton John I could not help but look back on the absolute craziness the church taught and certain splinter cults still do. At 75 years of age, he is still going strong while the Churches of God are becoming irrelevant and insignificant in anyone's life. More and more people are waking up realizing they do NOT need a Church of God as a source of salvation in their lives. 80 years of heretical teachings have driven hundreds of thousands of people out of the church over the decades. The church has damaged more lives than the Armstrongite era of the COG ever made a positive impact upon. It has certainly damaged more lives than Crocodile Rock!