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Christ's Second Coming: " only a general, vague, ball park date, and is not a set in stone firm precise date."

For decades now we have seen one prophet after another rise up in the Church of God spouting their "inspired" interpretations of scripture and their dates of Christ's return.  Every single time they set a date, Jesus plays a game with them and delays his coming.  I can see Jesus sitting on his throne with a  reset button at his right hand; hitting it whenever a COG prophet runs off at the mouth.

The official Pharisee of the Church of God, who spends every waking hour bastardizing the law to support his legalistic rants, is back again letting us know that Christ will be returning in 2022. But that " only a general, vague, ballpark date, and is not a set in stone firm precise date" even though it WILL be 2022.

All of these buffoons in the church spout this nonsense every year and every year they end up looking like blithering idiots.

The Pharisee James Malm writes:
The Daniel 8 study on the 2,300 Day prophecy reveals that  Messiah the Christ would come to cleanse the sanctuary and build the Ezekiel Temple 2,300 years [at a day for a year] after the empire of Alexander was divided into four parts.  That happened in approximately 280 B.C. and counting forward 2,300 years brings the coming of Christ in early 2022.  
The problem with this date is the word “approximately,”  because in fact pin pointing the precise date that Alexanders empire was divided into four parts is impossible and with the start of the count not precisely known, any count could be in error by a year or more.  Therefore the coming of Christ in early 2022 is only a general, vague, ball park date, and is not a set in stone firm precise date.  it is an approximation only.
He then proceeds to do everything he can to "prove" his calculations are correct:
We must now look for confirmation of the Daniel 8 2300 day prophecy in holy scripture and we find it in the Ezekiel 4 – 5 forty year prophecy.  
God reveals to Ezekiel that in the latter days he would protect the Jewish state for forty years before giving her over to severe correction.  we all know that independence came in 1948 which is much longer than forty years ago so what does this forty years of protection mean? 
In October 1978 a peace treaty was agreed between Egypt and  the Jewish state with the United States [the Anglo Saxon peoples of America being one of the ten tribes of Israel]  guaranteeing the security of the modern Jewish state against all enemies. 
The treaty was actually signed on ‎26 March 1979, and became effective ‎January 1980.  IF this peace treaty is what is meant by the 40 year prophecy, then the tribulation could begin in either late 2018, 2019 or 2020 depending on the date used; either the agreement, or the signing date or the effective date.  
Daniel 9 tells us that this tribulation or Time of Jacob’s trouble will last for 42 months; if we add forty years plus 42 months for the tribulation to the peace treaty between the Jewish state and Egypt we arrive at 2022, 2023 or 2024 for the coming of Christ.  
2022, 2023, 2024......1971, 1972, 1975, 1978, lie after another!

The Pharisee ends his article with this:
The US and the Anglo Saxon nations based on the US Dollar will quickly fall into economic collapse and escalating cascading catastrophes over the next 42 months (Dan 12:7) until they have been humbled and are ready to accept the King of kings when he comes.
We must be very careful not to get carried away when this war comes, because a peace deal still has to be made and ratified which might be very quick or it might take many more months.  
As always be vigilant and also be careful to wait for all the signs.  
  • When a Mideast peace deal is being finalized, 
  • When this man of sin is set up and doing miracles in the Vatican, 
  • When he calls for a New Order in Europe and 
  • Then schedules his trip to Jerusalem and 
  • God’s two are set up after the abomination is set up; 
When these key signs are fulfilled, we can know that the tribulation is imminent.  While we wait, it is extremely important that we prepare by seriously studying doctrine of Holy Scripture and by turning away from idolizing men and corporate organizations to live by every Word of God; in the hope of being chosen for the resurrection/change.

Studying doctrine, worshipping the law, making stupid speculations, etc. the modus operandi of COG false prophets.

There is never any mention of resting in Christ which results in not having to worry about this useless crap.  They only part Jesus plays in these idiotic scenarios is that he is coming back really, really pissed and is going to slaughter most of humankind because, well...he's pissed! Pharisee Malm says so!

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The Envoy

PCG's Hezekiah Exhibit: Making Biblical Archeology "Sexy" Again

If you have been following Philadelphia Church of God's recent media blitz you would imagine that they have once and for all proven that they are the one true church because they have been participating in a dig in Jerusalem for several years with Dr Eliat Mazar. No other COG understands biblical archeology or truth better than the PCG.

The Times of Israel is reporting about PCG's new exhibit in the Armstrong Auditorium lobby.
Why a world premiere of precious biblical artifacts is in quiet Oklahoma
A rare world premiere exhibit of ancient biblical-era artifacts was launched this week at the Armstrong Auditorium in Edmond, Oklahoma. Located in the middle of lush green fields, the massive, pillared auditorium — complete with a water sculpture at its entrance — is an unlikely forum for the first ever display of tangible proof of the biblical King Hezekiah and Prophet Isaiah.
For the first time in the world, seal impressions or bullae discovered in 2009-2010 in Jerusalem’s Old City at the Ophel excavations conducted under Hebrew University archaeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar are on show to the general public in the exhibit “Seals of Isaiah and King Hezekiah Discovered.” Other finds, such as a large cache of 2,000-year-old coins from the Jewish revolt discovered earlier this year in a cave near the Ophel, are also having their premiere.
Still more rare First Temple Period artifacts are also on display, largely taken from Tel Lachish and Tel Beersheva excavations. The weapons, ceramics and weigh stones are striking. But the explainer films, interactive programmed tablets, reproductions of key finds, including the British Museum’s Lachish relief, as well as a huge scale cross-section of Hezekiah’s tunnel in Jerusalem, all shore up the historicity of the biblical story and the 8th century BCE Assyrian siege. This narrative is clearly spelled out in the showcases throughout the attractive auditorium lobby.
The article goes on to mention that the PCG has dropped over a $500,000.00 in putting on this production.  A half million dollars in tithe money that the poorer PCG members struggle to send in. 
The exhibit is the fruit of a 50-year partnership between a group of steadfast Christians and generations of the archaeological Mazar family. And it is impressive.
But who will see it?
When the Ambassador Foundation put on exhibits from Thailand and China in the 1980's it had a ready audience by the fact it was in the middle of the Los Angeles basin.  Thousands came to see the exhibits.  PCG is right in the centre of cow pattie fields.

Now take a look at how many the PCG expects to have in attendance:
Edmond, a suburb of Oklahoma City, is located smack dab in the Bible Belt. Several church bus tours are already scheduled to make their way there, according to the exhibit’s curator, Brad MacDonald, bringing 40-50 visitors each.
But in conversation in Jerusalem the day after the grand opening, vice president of the Armstrong International Cultural Foundation Stephen Flurry seems untroubled when he estimates that only some 10-15 individuals will trickle in each day.
After the Herbert Armstrong College students and local PCG members all stop by to the see the exhibit, scant few of the public will ever see it. 

The Times of Jerusalem goes on to state that far more will see it online than ever in person:
That’s where the exhibit’s smart online presence takes up the gauntlet.
Interested surfers can attend the exhibit virtually through its dramatic YouTube videos, highlighting the thoughtful artifact display and the surrounding explanatory material.
In many ways, the Armstrong Foundation’s online presence is of much more relevance than its onsite exhibit.
The Times of Jerusalem also states a fact that PCG refuse to acknowledge, what if their biblical "facts" are not necessarily true?
Only a click or two brings a viewer to a seemingly endless font of information about the artifacts themselves and the biblical history. It is all housed on the website, one of the several media outlets connected to the foundation, its associated Philadelphia Church of God, and its seminary, the Herbert W. Armstrong College.
There is no pretense of scientific skepticism in the exhibit. The foundation’s goal is to “bring the Bible to life,” says Flurry, who lives outside of Birmingham, United Kingdom, at a second Armstrong College seminary.
The article also questions the disproportional amount of money spent on the Jerusalem digs:
The Philadelphia Church of God poured half a million dollars into supporting the excavations this year, including student expenses. Flurry estimates many tens of thousands more were spent on this exhibit. These expenses are disproportionately large swaths of the church budget, which flows from a 5,000-strong membership and up to 20,000 additional donors.
Brad McDonald justifies the money spent by stating that they want to get young people engaged in biblical history by making it "sexy".

“We want to make archaeology great again,” laughs Australian exhibit head curator Brad MacDonald, sitting on a dainty couch next to Nagtegaal in the King David ahead of the Jerusalem event.
“We are actively looking for opportunities to play a role or collaborate and make it sexy — something young people can get into,” says MacDonald. 
The Times of Jerusalem also goes on to state that the PCG and Eilat Mazar may have "suspended belief" by some of their dogmatic statements about the artifacts.
Suspension of disbelief
Accuracy is definitely the goal in all research, including archaeology. But when the subjects of study are long dead, many facets are open to interpretation.
The main stars of the Oklahoma exhibit, the Hezekiah and Isaiah seal impressions, are one such example. Could they really have belonged to the biblical king and his chief adviser? 
Dr. Eliat Mazar says:
According to Mazar, “the identification of the seal impression of King Hezekiah is very certain, beyond any shadow of doubt, as you can read for yourself.” She reads out the clear Hebrew inscription at the King David event, “‘Belonging to King Hezekiah, son of Ahaz, King of Judah.'”
The other seal, she acknowledges, is much less certain. Upon its publication earlier this year as a goodbye present to the longtime, retiring editor of the Biblical Archaeology Review Hershel Shanks, the claim that the seal impression was connected to the famous prophet was met with skepticism. In her King David Hotel presentation, Mazar herself introduces the find as “maybe the seal impression by Prophet Isaiah.” 
It's all a "may be!"  Now there is a good Church of God statement!  That's standard operating procedure for most COG prophets who spout nonsense today.  

Suspended belief, no pretense of skepticism, and over half million dollars spent. What more could we expect from a Church of God in 2018?

Read the entire article here:  Why a world premiere of precious biblical artifacts is in quiet Oklahoma

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Gone with the wind...

It was estimated at one time that the Radio/Worldwide Church of God had over 500,000 people pass through its doors over the 8 decades of its existence.

This was before the massive defections from the church in the mid to late 1990's.

Loyalists are quick to point out that these half million people were not converted
and had no desire to stay with the truth.

It always seems to be others fault instead of the institution's fault.
Even the current "larger" splinter groups cannot stop the defections.

On a good day, the Armstrongist Church of God movement is lucky to have 40-50,000 active tithe-paying members worldwide.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

How Family Love Is Being Destroyed In The Church

One of the biggest challenges today in the Church of God is the various splinter group leaders who are ripping families apart because of their beliefs and insecurities.

Gerald Flurry and the Philadelphia Church of God are well known for ripping families apart due to their "no contact" ruling.  We have seen numerous times on here how Dave Pack and the Restored Church of God has also ripped families apart. Numerous people have shared how their children got wrapped up in Pack's lies and who will not speak to family members.  Even Dave's own children are no longer part of the organization.

That sad track record goes directly back to Herbert Armstrong who alienated both of his daughters, their husbands, grand children and great-grandchildren.

This is a sad track record for a church that claims to be 100% inspired by God while practicing 1st Century Christianity. If we were the one true church, led by a man who was directly inspired by Christ to say the things he said, then why were we such a mess?  Armstrongism has ripped families apart for 90 some years now.

On a private Facebook page, there was a post about an article that discussed this disconnect that happens with children of adult followers:

Six Ways Undue Influence Erodes Family Love
Many people are shocked at how “easily” the natural bonds of family love can dissolve under the high-pressure undue influence of an abusive group or partner. They often ask: “How can a child shun their parents?” or, more poignantly: “Why would loving parents agree to cover up the abuse of their own child?”
One of the hallmarks of a high-control group is the way they tear families apart: married survivors of cultic groups talk about the group being “the third person in the marriage bed,” and those born and raised in such groups know that they came second to the leadership in their parents’ lives, abandoned emotionally, if not physically.
Worse, children in high-control groups who experience physical or sexual abuse at the hands of the leaders cannot expect the same love and support they would receive in a “worldly” family – their trauma is compounded as their parents cover up, deny, or, in extreme cases, encourage and even perpetrate the abuse, all in the name of the group, its reputation, and its goals. Open Minds Advisory Board member Alex Stein gives an excellent account of the disorganized attachment found in such relationships in her book Terror, Love and Brainwashing.
Anyone who has been watching Leah Remi's exposes on Scientology see shocking similarities with the actions of that so-called church does to break up families with the Church of God.

And yet, the members of high-control groups aren’t monsters; the “average” cult member is intelligent, well-adjusted, and capable of rational thought – about anything other than their group and its beliefs. Those who manage to escape are usually able to re-grow healthy family relationships with those outside the group.
So how can a daughter be swayed to ignore her mother? How can a father be convinced to keep silent about someone in his church sexually abusing his son? Here are six of the most prominent ways an abusive group erodes the natural bonds of family love and loyalty:
The article goes on to list 6 different points as to what happens.  Pay particular notice to #3:
3. They use fear and spiritual blackmail. 
Those who consider speaking out against the group or partner face many indoctrinated phobias: they will lose their relationship with Divinity or their chance for Eternal Life, they will betray the world-saving goals of the group, and turn their backs on the Truth, with a capital “T.” They will be betraying the Revolution, or the People, or their partner. Although these are “false” consequences, there are often real consequences to rebelling: those who speak out are often expelled, losing their families, their friends, and most, if not all, of their social support network. They are faced with the unhappy truth that those they have left behind now see them as apostate, evil, backsliders, or traitors.
Children and regular members are afraid to leave these dangerous splinter personality cults of Armstrongism because it has been ingrained in them for decades that to dare to question the church and its leaders is tantamount to grieving the Holy Spirit and direct sin against God that will result in denial of salvation. Thus these men reign supreme and untouched by anyone who criticizes them.  It is always the person criticizing that is at fault, or the parents searching for a lost child, or grandparents looking for contact with a grandchild. Just look at the comments that were made about the mother looking for her son trapped in Dave Pack's cult. It is the family's fault, the mother's fault, etc.  Not one of these people who sent in some of the disgusting comments ever held Dave and the Restored Church of God accountable.

For a church that claims to be God's only true church we sure have made a business out of wrecking peoples lives.

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Terrified Mother Seeks Help In Getting Son Out Of Restored Church of God

I received this yesterday.  Any suggestions?


My name is Stephanie, my son fell into the RCG & David Pack when he was 18. I had never heard of this man or this "church", I didn't even know he was attending online until over a year later. Its now been 3 years & they have his mind so twisted that he believes that satan is working through his family to separate him from GOD, as we finally got wise & discovered the sick truth & have been trying to show him the lies Pack has told. 
Such as Pack claiming to be THE Elijah, a "Type of Christ" & making false prophecies against splinter leaders... & then him removing the videos from his website & telling his followers he never said these things. 

I don't know if you can help or if you'll ever see this, but i'm terrified. They convinced my son to leave our family home while everyone was gone. He IS an adult & can make his own choices, but this situation is out of hand & I dont know what else to do.. I'm desperate.

Here are some general items that might help:

My Childhood in an Apocalyptic Cult

Steve Hassan is the leading authority for helping people rescue family members from cults:

Combatting Cult Mind Control: The #1 Best-selling Guide to Protection, Rescue, and Recovery from Destructive Cults

When God Becomes a Drug: Book 1; Understanding Religious addiction & religious abuse
This book was instrumental in my understanding of why I needed to leave the church.

Rescuing Randy: A Family Determined to Rescue Their Son from a Cult

How Can I Rescue My Child From a Cult?

How to talk someone out of a damaging cult

"Bleeding" Jesus for a New Jet [Updated]

(CNN)A prosperity gospel televangelist from Louisiana says Jesus has asked him to buy a new private jet. And wouldn't you know it, Jesus has real nice taste in planes. 
Jesse Duplantis, leader of Jesse Duplantis Ministries and the owner of three other private jets, is asking his followers to chip in so his ministry can purchase a brand new Dassault Falcon 7X, which runs about $54 million. 
In a video recently published on his website, Duplantis says the planes get him closer to the Lord -- both literally and figuratively -- and he had a divine conversation in which Jesus asked for the new aircraft by name. 
"It was one of the greatest statements the Lord ever told me, he said, 'Jesse do you want to come up where I'm at?'" the minister says. "'I want you to bleed me for a Falcon 7X.'"
    By "bleed," Duplantis -- er, Jesus -- apparently meant "ask for donations." This televangelist is asking his followers to buy him a $54 million private jet

    What is with the need for preachers that feel they need jets to whisk them around the world in laps of luxury that none of their followers could ever imagine? From it's Gulfstream's to a BAC 1-11, the Worldwide Church of God also "bled" its members in order for the "apostle" to fly around the world in the lap of luxury.

    [Joseph Tkach, Sr. said,] “As I have often explained, we are continually looking for ways to make the various operations of the work more streamlined and efficient. It appears that there may be a significant financial advantage to selling the g-iii and buying a used, but well-maintained Boeing 727.”
    Later in 1988, unsuccessful in locating a 727 he liked, Mr. Tkach settled for the British-made bac 1-11. It was only $3.4 million, a price tag he said would immediately “benefit” God’s work. He wrote, “Also, the bac 1-11 has room for all our necessary tv equipment and personnel, as well as any additional necessary personnel. The g-iii, as many of you know, was extremely limited in seating and storage capacity.” says Gerald Flurry

    FAA Records Show Evangelists Flying High During Fund Pleas
    March 23, 1987|United Press International
    DALLAS -- Shortly before TV evangelist Oral Roberts launched his life-or- death plea for $8 million in new donations his ministry got back an $850,000 private jet it had loaned to a fellow evangelist.
    A review of Federal Aviation Administration records by the Dallas Times Herald Sunday showed Roberts and several other evangelists are flying in luxury while they plead for donations from their followers.
    The most expensive jet on record is a $13 million Gulfstream III purchased new in 1984 by Joseph Tkach`s Worldwide Church of God in Pasadena, Calif.
    Others with expensive planes include Jimmy Swaggart Ministries in Baton Rouge, La.; Jerry Falwell`s group, the Lynchburg Christian Academy in Virginia; and Trinity Broadcasting of Florida.
    FAA records show Swaggart owns a Gulfstream II jet valued at $3.75 million, Falwell`s group owns a $2 million Israel Westwind II, and Trinity Broadcasting has a Gates Learjet 36 with a book value of $3.75 million.
    Roberts` association in Tulsa acquired its jet in December from Fort Worth evangelist Kenneth Copeland, whose International Church of the Word of Faith also owns a $1.2 million dollar Learjet.
    ``The main reason to have the airplane is for security for himself and anybody around him, and also getting in and out of the places he needs to be,`` said Jan Dargatz, a spokesman for the Oral Roberts Association. 

    COG members love to mock men like Duplantis for his tactic in conning his followers to dish out the money he is looking for, yet they turn right around and give HWA and Flurry all the money they want for their private jets.   COG members never batted an eye when HWA had gold plated faucets and doorknobs installed on his jet as well as decorating it with the finest decorations available at the time.

    1. Yes the church wasted money. Yes the big-boppers showered comfort on themselves. When I was a student at AC-PAS I asked the art dept. for some help with a project and was astonished to find several full-time employees working on (c.a.d) an elaborate project to emblazon designs in GOLD onto several mirrors which was part of the G3 redecorating. I think there were 6 guys working on the project. Who knows how much the remodeling project cost. I used to work at the San Jose Jet Center as a Limo driver and one wealthy businessman told me he spent over 2 million just remodeling the interior of his G3!!! Painful Truth
    Also see:  G-III Serves As Key Thrust Of End-time Commission

    To what benefit did Herbert Armstrong's many flights around the world ever accomplish? What good did the multi-millions of dollars spent and Steuben crystal handed out ever accomplish? Other than ongoing work in Thailand by the Sexton's, there is not a single proof that any of the trips ever had a lasting legacy on the leadership or the nations he visited.

    Of course, preaching about a "strong hand from someplace" is not a gospel message or the message of a mighty "work." HWA created the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation because he was too ashamed to say he represented a church when he travelled.  He claimed more doors opened for him as a Foundation member than as a preacher.  Imagine leading a church that claimed to be Christ's hand-picked church that was protected through centuries from persecution to end up being too embarrassed to mention Jesus' name.

    If there is no lasting legacy to Armstrong's international visits, then why did Gerald Flurry need to buy his own jet, other than for his own personal benefit and for his immediate family?

    Church of God leaders have bled church members for decades for their pet projects and silly prophetic threats. From Malm and Theil to Kubik and Pack, these men milk church members dry as they claim to be spreading a gospel message. In the end, they still have not produced anything worthwhile.  

    They are all still too ashamed of Jesus to care any more.


    Sunday, June 10, 2018

    Judah's Scepter and the Sacred Stone

    Neil Godfrey has an entry on his blog (Vridar) about a relatively new book of fiction out about that great Church of God legend about Jeremiah taking Jacob's pillar stone to the British Isles.  The entire basis of the Church of God movement is based upon this unsubstantiated legend.

    Who would have believed it! Someone (namely D. A. Brittain) has actually written a novel about Jeremiah taking the stone of destiny, Jacob’s “pillow stone”, from Jerusalem along with a surviving daughter (Teia Tephi) of the wicked king Zedekiah to Ireland to marry up with another descendant of Judah in order to preserve the Davidic dynasty from extinction after the Babylonians captured the biblical kingdom of Judah in 587 BC. The novel is Judah’s Scepter and the Sacred Stone.
    How could I resist! Belief in all of that stuff was once the focus of my life as a member of the Worldwide Church of God for so many years. One of our most exciting books was The United States and British Commonwealth in Prophecy (later changed to The United States and Britain in Prophecy as the decades took their toll on the unity and white racial dominance of the Commonwealth nations). Britain includes a bibliography that warms old memories with titles I also ferreted out from a dingy old room that housed the local British Israel society at the time. A Novel for Ex-Worldwide Church of God members and others once (or still) in love with British Israelism

    “Many biblical scholars believe we will soon see what is called the ‘end of days,’” Jerome said. “Some say the promised Messiah will come on what is known as a ‘Jubilee year,’ in the fall of 2033, after the blood moons appears during Rosh Hashanah.”
    “Well, it is not certain,” Timothy interjected. “What I mean is, no one is certain of the time of the next Jubilee year. Some rabbis believe the Jubilee year is somewhere between the years 2029 and 2036.” 
    “Well, we do know that the next series of blood moons will appear in the years 2032 and 2033,” Jerome said. “All will see the red moon in the sky on the Feast of Passover, and then again during Rosh Hashanah, on the Feast of Tabernacles, in the year 2033.” 
    “It sounds like you are talking about a tetrad,” David said. “I’ve studied astronomy, so I’m familiar with the two-year string of four total lunar eclipses. A series of four together is rare. After the sixteenth century, none even occurred until the twentieth century. However, the frequency of these events has accelerated, especially since 1949.” 
    “Yes, very good— once Israel again became a nation in 1948,” Timothy said. “Israel has seen war come to their land during every tetrad that has occurred since then.
    Brittain, D. A.. Judah’s Scepter and the Sacred Stone (Kindle Locations 4529-4540). First Edition Design Publishing. Kindle Edition.
    Oh my god. In “my day” the year was 1975. Will they never learn. 

    He was a good man.

    For those who can get past the heaven comment, can you ever imagine a Church of God minister EVER being this gracious?  The inherent need of the ministry to condemn has extended to many in the church today, which has been exhibited in many of the comments directed towards those who are atheists on this blog.