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UCG: When Is A "Christian" Pastor Not A Christian Pastor?

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Screen shot of current speaker of the Why Were You Born campaign

UCG has started another round of public campaigns designed to bring in the uneducated masses of "so-called" Christians who are disillusioned with their own churches or beliefs.  Typical of all the other Church of God's UCG is using another recycled catch phrase that the Mother Church (WCG) used decades ago.  Apparently in the 21st century new ideas cannot be dreamed up.

What I found interesting about the advertising for this event is that the UCG has to DOUBLY stress that Gary Petty is a "Christian."    The description of Petty starts out with, "A long-time pastor and Christian speaker...ordained into the ministry of Jesus Christ..."  Ok, if I was a non COGite then this means the guy is a Christian and think nothing more about it.  Then UCG has to reenforce again that Petty served "...Christian congregations..."  If you are a Christian minister then who else would you be serving for?  Is he the minister of The First Universal Fellowship of Atheists or what? Apparently UCG still cannot get over the fact that they are considered a cult in the Cincinnati area and around the world.  A cult that still follows Herbert Armstrong to the point of deifying him and his teachings.It's soon to be 2015.  Come up with an ORIGINAL thought and make it your own.  Stop falling back on Hebert's legacy.

Oh, and Petty is a world famous author now of a book selling on Amazon, In Plato’s Shadow – The Hellenizing of ChristianityReading the reviews is nothing but a slobberfest of UCG members praising the book as the most enlightening thing they have ever read.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

UCG Advertising Campaign Leads To Online Hilarity As UCG Censors Comments

UPDATE:  In a typical knee jerk fashion UCG put a stop to anyone criticizing their expensive advertising campaign and deleted any comment daring to criticize them.  Now they will pull the other COG stunt and fill the hall up in September with loads of UCG members to make it look like the public has swarmed in because they are soooooooooooooooooo interested in finding out why they were born.  I cant wait to see the glowing reports on the untold hundreds who came to hear the truth once delivered and somehow lost by an incredibly incompetent god who did not have the power to defend believers through the centuries till HWA hit the scene.

Victor Kubik has a screenshot on his Facebook page today with a billboard of UCG's new advertising strategy.  As usual the faithful are on slobbering all over the campaign as totally AWESOME!

However.....they have some great zingers on there from nonUCG folk that show how silly this campaign is.  Some of the comments are:

Your existence was the outcome of some very unlikely events if we considered all the the sperms of your ancestors that did not succeed but could have. That should not lead you to think that your existence was so important that God must have guided each sperm!
Why was I born? Because my parents did not believe in abortion. Yep, that's what they told
My Parents had sex, just like all of your parents had sex.

now that you've thought of it a moment...lets ask the big question. Why are we alive?

I have a theory, at least for me. I was destined to grow up in a religion founded by a failed advertiser who's theology caused the death of a parent, allowed me to contract all sorts of fun diseases and spend the first half of my life in sheer misery, and fear, all because my parents followed a pedophilic charlatan , that I was too terrified of God to question when I grew up so lived another 23 years in poverty and abuse. It still astounds me that people esteem this person, may his corpse always be slug bait.

i lived in hell, so I can appreciate freedom, and joy, and peace. Freedom from religious oppression, joy of a life where I don't have to worry about God always being ticked off at me, and peace by living a faith without the trappings of dogma and fear.

I feel my purpose in life is to share joy, to exude empathy and to share what my life was like in hopes others never have to experience what I did.
A great question, but be careful with your conclusions. The simple answer is my mother and father created me by the incredible act of creation 9 months before I was born when the egg and the sperm united inside my mothers body. All other "spiritual" answers which is intended with this question are a "guess" and a "hope". We all love to "guess" but some of the guesses have to be wrong. If you ask a militant Muslim why he was born, he will beclare he was born to become a suicide bomber, and he believes that so intensely that he over rides the survival mechanism within humans to kill himself and others to receive 72 virgins in the next life. We all know that idea is "crazy", so why should we believe the Catholics who claim we shall go to heaven and look upon god forever in a "beatific vision"? That sounds very boring to me. An eternity of just looking upon god? Or, why guess we shall go to Valhalla if we were a Viking? Everyone has a guess about why they were born, and no one knows the answer, except to say they were born 9 months after their parents had reproductive sex. The reason you were born is simple, it is procreation of the species. The "spiritual purpose" for your life is a "guess" on your part. And you like the militant Muslim are entitled to your guess. But if you don't get the 72 virgins when you die, something about the teaching in this life time was wrong. I really "hope" there is something after death, but like everyone else on this planet, I have no idea if that is true or not. I can accept "on faith" that there is a grand design. But it is an act of faith to believe that, just as it is an "act of faith" to destroy yourself for 72 virgins. Or it is an act of faith to believe I shall be reincarnated as a human being again. There are a thousand answers to the question, and some of the answers are clearly crazy. Other answers I hope are true. I am amused by reincarnation belief's because everyone believes their parents will be waiting for them when we die. Why would my parents be waiting for me? Would they not be looking for their parents to reunite with? The idea that everyone I loved will be on the other side waiting for me sounds rather self centered. But what do I know? I know the same as you. The other side is a guess. And a hope. But everything about death is unknowable, as uncomfortable as that is to accept. Death is simply the separation of the body that dies and the consciousness within our bodies. No one knows what happens to "consciousness" or "spirit" or "soul" when we die. We have faith, hope and guesses, but no one knows for certain. Except the militant Muslims, they know or they would not destroy themselves. Be careful of "absolute knowing". The only person I knew when in the WCG who knew about the other side was Gerald Waterhouse, and he took 4 to 8 hours at a time to explain in detail what was coming next. It seems to me he had a very active imagination. And his explanations bored me to death.

Lying For God: What Adventists Knew About the Sabbath and Lied About

Here is a document concerning the Seventh Day Adventist chruch, of which Armstrongism is a branch of, deliberately LIED about the sabbath being kept in Genesis

LYING FOR GOD: What Adventists Knew And When They Knew It!  
8th Edition – August 1, 2014   
B.A., English & history (1970 & 1972), Pacific Union College M.A., educational administration, Andrews University (1978) 
WILLIAM H. HOHMANN B.A., theology, Ambassador College (1976) 
ROBERT K. SANDERS Founder Of Truth Or Fables.Com 
DUANE JOHNSON Independent Biblical Researcher and Author   
Part I – Verdict: No Sabbath In Genesis 
Part II – Ellen White And Her Enablers 
Copyright 2014


A variety of Early Christian writers documented that Christians chose to worship on Sunday, beginning in 70 AD and continuing until the Roman Catholic Church came into existence hundreds of years after “Sabbath abandonment” was universal (140 AD). Using their excerpts to support either point of view is filled with risks and challenges.  Great caution must be observed.  Cox (The Literature of the Sabbath Question, 1865) provides evidence that the writings of the early fathers have been heavily edited and even “tampered with.” There are translation problems with documents believed to be legitimate, and some of the documents are believed to be fraudulent. Our research suggests that the biggest mistake Sabbatarians make in using these excerpts is their failure to understand that many of these writers discuss the term “Sabbath” in the context of the Sabbath festival (such as whether or not to fast) and not in the Jewish sense of a day that is intrinsically holy and requires resting upon it by Divine law. At the same time, taken as a whole, these excerpts demonstrate that the Christian Church during its first 500 years or more worshiped on Sundays and celebrated the Sabbath festival at selected times of the liturgical year. If they rested on these Sabbath festivals, it was because of the festive nature of the tradition, and if they worshiped on them it was because it was a festival established as a tradition to keep alive the memory of the Creation Week. The Lord's Supper was often celebrated on this festival. From the Jewish perspective, the early Christians, then, “broke” the Sabbath on all the Saturdays of the year that were not set aside as a Sabbath festival, and they “broke” it on the Sabbath festival days because the festive activities were not what the Law of Moses would have allowed on the weekly Sabbath of the Decalogue. While these writers had the advantage of perspective that living very close in time to the days of the apostles, they did not have access to the large body of the  research that has been done on this subject over the last nearly 2,000 years.  While a study of the opinions of the early fathers is useful, it is important to keep in mind that a number of biblical concepts and themes

are opposed to Sabbatarian thinking. Just one example is the principle that observing the ordinance of circumcision was a prerequisite to keeping the Sabbath. Do not suppose for a moment that SDA leaders, historians, and theologians are not keenly aware that the Christian writers of the second and third centuries were not virtually unanimous in their disdain for the Jewish concept of Sabbath-keeping. Michael Morrision of Grace Community International comments that SDA Theologian Mervyn Maxwell, in his book, Early Sabbath-Sunday History, concedes that second and early third-century writers had basically the same negative attitudes toward the Sabbath (see part 3, note 27) and summarizes this concept as follows: These writers taught that the new covenant had put an end to the old law — and that now the new spiritual Israel, with its new covenant and its new spiritual law, no longer needed the literal circumcision, literal sacrifices, and literal Sabbath. Barnabas observed that God "has circumcised our hearts." Justin referred triumphantly to the new spiritual circumcision in Christ. Irenaeus taught that circumcision, sacrifices, and Sabbaths were given of old as signs of better things to come; the new sacrifice, for example, is now a contrite heart. Tertullian, too, had a new spiritual sacrifice and a new spiritual circumcision. Each of these writers also taught that a new spiritual concept of the Sabbath had replaced the old literal one.... This supplanting of the old law by the new; of the literal Sabbath by the spiritual, was a very Christ-centered concept for these four writers. God's people have inherited the covenant only because Christ through His sufferings inherited it first for us, Barnabas said. For Justin the new, final, and eternal law that has been given to us was "namely Christ" Himself.  It was only because Christ gave the law that He could now also be "the end of it," said Irenaeus.  And it is Christ who invalidated "the old" and confirmed "the new," according to Tertullian. Indeed Christ did this, both Irenaeus and Tertullian said, not so much by annulling the law as by so wonderfully fulfilling it that He extended it far beyond the mere letter. To sum up: The early rejection of the literal Sabbath appears to be traceable to a common hermeneutic of Old and New Testament scriptures. -  C. Mervyn Maxwell in Maxwell and Damsteegt, Early Sabbath-Sunday History," (pp. 154-156)

Wayne Turgeon On Being United With The Rock

 The True Rock In Its Place Of Rightful Honor

Wayne Turgeon, the ever present king of nepotism at the Philadelphia Church of God cult compound penned a letter today for the PCG blog. He attempts to try and prove that the PCG is founded and stands firmly in Jesus Christ.  His article is laughable considering the fact that Herbert Armstrong is discussed and worshiped more than Jesus Christ has EVER been spoken on.

They named the cult compound's unaccredited "college" after him, they built a 20 million dollar monument to HWA imitating Ambassador Auditorium, they dug his supposed prayer rock out of the woods in Oregon and hauled it back to the cult compound where people pray and meditate in front of it. After losing the lawsuit for plagiarism they paid millions of dollars for the rights to publish HWA's booklets. They bought various items at auction that HWA had purchased like the candelabra's and Steinway piano.  The idolatry of HWA worship far exceeds any mention of Jesus Christ in the PCG.

United in the Rock

“[Y]e that seek the Lord: look unto the rock whence ye are hewn …” (Isaiah 51:1). Abraham and Sarah are great examples of looking to the Rock from which Israel was cut. The picture here is that of a rock being chiseled out of a quarry. The same God who caused this royal couple to bring Israel into existence as a nation through the miracle birth of Isaac will cause them to flourish once again.

How solid is your foundation on the Rock? How cemented is your relationship with the Rock, our Husband, the foundation of this Church?

In Mr. Flurry’s first Feast of Tabernacles 2010 sermon, he gave the Church new revelation from Genesis 28, which describes the origin of the stone of destiny. The stones Jacob used for his pillow became united as one pillar stone. Mr. Flurry said this miraculous event was analogous to us becoming married to Jesus Christ—the Rock!

We are going to become one stone with Christ! We should be growing in unity with our Husband even now. Then, at our birth into God’s Family, our incredible future together will begin in earnest!

COG Cult Leader In Contact With "The Keepers" Concerning Their Upcoming UFO Invasion

After several weeks of being lost in the internet ether-sphere, Eric King is back re-branded as "The Science of Christian Thought."  Eric has a warning for everyone out there who are TRUE "christians" about an upcoming blitz of UFO sightings:

I have warned that cult groups would begin to start fake UFO movements like the ones which already exist. Only SOCT/COGSR has the Truth about the extraterrestrial activity. Since 1999 and up to the foundation of COGSR & SOCT the truth about UFO’s and Extraterrestrials has become clear.
Soon sightings will be austounding (sic). Man will no longer be able to hide behind the few…the many will now come forth!

The Keepers will be making themselves known on larger scales. I have been informed to let you know before hand so that you will understand our connection to the Divine Mind Channel.
~Eric W. King      August 3, 2014

Obviously "The Keepers" are not doing a very good job keeping him in check.  Pretty soon Eric will be proclaiming that "The Keepers" have personally handed him a book that explains the truth of the Bible just like Gerald Flurry and Dave Pack have.

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God's Most Highly Favored Know-it-all Says: Disney and Harry Potter are Emasculating Vile FILTH!

James Malm had this to say about Disney and Harry Potter today.

Today modern technology is used by the unwitting servants of Satan to present the most vile filth as exciting good fun.  This is mostly targeted at the young in the form of the Harry Potter type books, and the Disney type films. Beware these types of evil that present wickedness as something good. 
Malm thinks Dianey and Harry Potter are avenues of  Satan to take over your mind and make you do bad things.  Its sooooooooooooo bad in the Churches of God that almost all the men have been emasculated!

Brethren, we have become emasculated and have lost sight of our God, by fearing men and idolizing them above our Mighty God!  Today take some time to think on the greatness of the Mighty God to whom we are espoused in marriage as his collective spiritual bride. 

UCG and It's Gospel of "Peace":

In the latest Chairman's letter from the UCG home office, Robin Webber talks about the gospel of peace and how UCG should be declaring that to the world.

One of the most comforting titles that define this gospel is that it’s a gospel of peace (Ephesians 6:15). Peace? When did we last hear or read that word in the headlines? The literal and living Head of the Church and the Lord of our lives, Jesus Christ (Colossians 1:18), is extolled in Isaiah 9:6 as the Prince of Peace. It’s this “gospel of peace” that anchors and restores our soul when personal or global events seem to hem us in when remembering that God’s Word tells us: “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving let your request be made known to God and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding, will guard your heart and minds through Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:6-8, emphasis added throughout).
 It is this “gospel of peace” that the world needs to come to know and that we as modern day disciples of Jesus Christ need to practice daily—now! Its message declares that the Son of God is going to literally intervene once and for all in world affairs and bring peace to this world. It is this gospel of the Kingdom that states: “And in the days of these kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed; and the kingdom shall not be left to other people; it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdom, and it shall stand forever”(Daniel 2:44). It’s the gospel of Jesus Christ that emboldens and comforts us in darkened times knowing “that nothing can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 8:35-39). Those that have surrendered their lives to God the Father through Jesus Christ are granted a gift: “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid” (John 14:27)
 It’s the fruit of God’s Spirit—peace (Galatians 5:22)—in which the Council of Elders will draw together next week to continually seek how to increase our effectiveness in expressing and spreading this good news both to the world and our local congregations. It’s in this fruit of God’s Spirit—peace—in which we turn our attention to evaluating and further improving the Ambassador Bible Center in “discipling” young men and women for future service to their families, congregations and local communities. It’s in this spirit of peace that we review our ministerial training programs, consider ministerial ordinations, discuss how to honorably retire long-time servants from pastoral ministry and strive to develop even more effective General of Conference of Elders meetings, and to be wise stewards in apportioning God’s holy tithes to effectively care for the membership around the world. It’s in this fruit of the spirit—peace—in which we will sit down and discuss doctrinal matters and share our understanding and at times our passions, but nonetheless emerge as brothers in peace.

So where was the "peace" when UCG forced out the COGWA people when Kubik told them he was on their side when they were wanting to split and then dumped them dry and high when they decided to walk away? 

Where is the "peace" when the UCG administration covered up for molesters and stalkers even to the point they tried to defend them in court?

Where is the "peace" when ABC students are kicked out because they ask honest penetrating questions? 

Where is the "peace" when some of the ministers are lords and tyrants over their members?

UCG's track record of "peace" is almost nonexistent.  Its entire history is one of division and disruption as it plotted and schemed while still part of WCG to break off.  Peace never has been part of the UCG strategy.

Life As A Preachers Kid

From The Painful Truth site:

hello , i was a PK in the WCG . My father Lyle Simons was "called " in 1966 in Squaw Valley . we were in Prince George BC ,where my dad had the entire northern half of the province as his territory. 

Your website blows my mind, not a day goes by when i dont have a creepy memory of childhood . reading these quotes with my mouth hanging open brought a flood of memories that ive blocked out.  I never researched any of this till days ago and im 55. Why wont this stuff leave me?  i just sent a huge hateful hurtful tirade of accusations against my father a few days ago , before seeing this. As a ministers kid I believe i was subjected to a turbo- charged version of all of this insanity till I discovered alcohol at 16 and lighting didnt strike me. drugs came at 17. I went to 11 schools to complete 12 yrs of school , because of being moved around. I was the only short haired kid in several high schools and subjected to extreme bullying because of my fear of what God  would do to me if i did t turn the other cheek. I was the weird preachers kid with short hair , hemmed up pants , weird lunches and constant absences for holy days. i constantly thought about suicide as a retaliation against my parents so they'd feel guilty if i died.

They beat the shit out of me with a wooden paddle till i was about 15. Virtually daily because everything i did was wrong.  I hated and feared my parents but was forced to call them sir and ma'am. I got kicked out of AC in 78 for a drunken night where i pissed in the pool ( from the edge in broad daylight) next to an AC dorm and was reported doing donuts on the dichondria on Orange Grove Blvd in my 67 Malibu. I had Jack Meoff paged in the cafeteria with 1200 faculty members and members in attendance, hehe. My dad nearly choked on his mashed potatoes! the church kids hated and resented me because of the pedestal they put me on and my school mates jeered me and ostracized for all the above. I had no friends till i was 18 , rebelled , moved out and pursued drugs and partying as a passion. When i grew my hair long and pierced an ear and started dealing i was finally a "cool " dude , it was my savior , drugs were my best friend. Made me forget how i felt. Im still the black sheep of the family , guilt and shame ruled my life for years. I still feel awful at christmas easter halloween and birthdays. My dad wished me a happy birthday this june 9th and it just set me off for some reason , i told him to stick it up his ass and i went on a tirade of name calling and accusations . 

I did some research and just found out things I never knew about HWA and his kid. I went thru measles whooping cough mumps as a kid in grade two , no shots. I was forced to play the accordion till about 16 , the nerdiest instrument known to man , was i the cool kid or what?!  I remember our new ministers assistant Chuck Ranchie was forced to sell his Harley and his Beatles collection. If i dont stop now , this will end up being a novel , im tired of these memories. Ive been sober for 14 yrs but i started smoking weed again because it really helps me sleep and laugh. ive been in Mexico for 17 yrs , havent seen my sisters in yrs .  im currently in the Philipines checking it out for retirement , distance helps me distance, if you know what i mean. i feel extemely fortunate i havent lost my marbles or ended up in jail or dead or homicidal or suicidal. Although i tried to kill myself by drugs for,years , i was using intravenously for a time in my twenties. I just didnt give a shit. My dad has answered my tirade with some sidestepping rhetorical bullshit justifying how they were just trying to do the best for us.He has yet to tell the real reasons he left the church in 97. He doesnt attend any church at all now. He still thinks the demons built the pyramids.  feel free to print any of this and publish my email.
Sincerely Trent Simons

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UPDATED: UCG/COGWA Member Sentenced To Life In Prison After Creating 'Torture Chamber' and Raping Two Little Girls

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UPDATED  8/2/14  see end of article

A former UCG member who jumped ship to the Church of God a Worldwide Association (COGWA) has been sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of raping two little girls.  The judge in the case is quoted as saying:

Binette, according to the Sandusky Register, told Wagner he groomed the victims "in your own sick ways" and made his bedroom "a torture chamber for those two children."

The judge also told the defendant the sexual abuse was similar to a life sentence for the girls. Binette said he took into that consideration plus a woman's testimony who alleged Wagner abused her decades ago -- and possibly at least five other victims -- when he decided the defendant's sentence. Child Rapist Gets Life Without Parole
At his arrest he was accused of the following:
Joseph D. Wagner, 62, of Huron, must post a $140,000 bond before being released from the Erie County Jail. The Erie County Sheriff's Office arrested the suspect Friday morning at his Mudbrook Road home without incident.

Deputies learned of the allegations Feb. 11 after one of the girls accused Wagner of raping her several times. Her mother then asked the older sister if anything happened to her and she also reported being victimized by Wagner, Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said.

The girls are 6 and 10 years old.

Oliver said the first suspected rape, which involved the older girl, happened in April 2011 and then "Joe started abusing the younger one," which continued through February. He said it was the younger girl who immediately reported the incidents to her mother. Local man indicted on 10 rape charges

Wagner attended in the Cleveland, Ohio church and was visited regularly by the church elder.  He was also in attendance at a NTBMO. 


Various Facebook members are commenting about this guy.  It seems he was a professional moocher of the brethren.  He never had a steady job and complained of disabilities preventing him from working.  It seems lots of members cooked him meals and delivered them to him.  Some cleaned his home and others paid for his transportation. Also these two little girls were not his only victims.  Others were abused but refused to come forward.


When we were part of the UCG I remember my mother cooking food to take to his home. He always claimed he was disabled and actually won a lawsuit against a company where he says he was injured. He was another COG member who never worked an honest day in his life. He lived off others and the church.

He also sold software and many people got ripped off by him in the church. The ministry in UCG stood by this guy and laid a guilt trip on all those around him so they would cook, clean and drive him around.

When he went with COGWA the ministers there did the same thing. One even was told the guy liked little girls and refused to do anything about him.

Those little girls were raped because COGWA covered up for the guy.

I keep hearing rumors that there may be a lawsuit in the works that names COGWA as accessory a to the crime. I hope they are found guilty!

Marion McNair Book: Religion or Rip Off?

Check out Marion McNair Religion or Rip-off? for more behind the scenes shenanigans of the Armstrong empire. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Broadway To Armageddon Book Now Online

The Painful Truth web site has the link to the book 
Broadway to Armageddon by William Henson online.

A review on the Living Armstrongism blog has this to say:

I found Mr. Hinson's book very difficult reading as it most vividly describes the monstrous abyss of tyrannical Armstrongism and how it quite literally destroys people.

The author himself tragically lost his own son to Herbert W. Armstrong's anti-medicine superstition. (An idea Herbert W. Armstrong stole from the 1921-1952 Jehovah's Witnesses.)

The book is to a large extent a collection of letters, personal testimonies, and recollections made by WCG ministers and members crying out for reform within HWA's WCG, pointing out the many terrible shortcomings within WCG (largely due the authoritarian manner in which HWA lorded over it) and how they were cast out of the vicious cult as HWA and his cronies proceeded to destroy any attempt at reform to secure their power over the eternally abused flock.

It provides an important account from the those who strived to correct injustices within WCG before the mass defections of 1974. It certainly is well worth reading. 

ht: redfox

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pasadena Campus Construction Pictures

(Double click on all picture to super enlarge)

 Maranatha High School owns the Hall of Ad, Student Center, track, gymnasium and Grove Terrace.  The recently changed the track to be a regulation size football field.  
The track was dispensed of and a new field surface was installed. 
 New flood lights to the field were installed 
and it was painted this week for its upcoming football season.

 This picture looks south towards where the Custodial Dept. used to be between 360/380 dorms.  Building in background is new million dollar condo's sitting on the former site of the grass lawn in front of Manor Del Mar

This location was where the bougainvillea vine used to be by the Health Center.  
The white condo in the background sits a few feet from the front patio of Manor Del Mar.

This view of the million dollar condo's is on the site of the Del Mar Gardens, the original gardens of the Merritt family.

 This is my favorite picture right now.  
They have planted a tree smack dab in the center of the Hall of Ad driveway.

Where once hand weeded dichondra lawns rolled gracefully is now dried out and dead, 
much like the COG's

This is looking towards the location the 12 Trees were planted.  Another legacy dead and gone.  This is the temporary staging ground for all the trees and shrubs from the Academic Center complex area as they prepare to build the million dollar condos.

 Planted in the driveway to block the flow of HWA's message to the world.

 Looking from the Hall of Ad front lawn up the hill to where the TV studios once were.

The driveway down to HWA's private parking spot.  Soon to be bulldozed over.

At the gumby fountain up by 380 dorm.  
This is sitting on the lawn area that was directly in front of the old library.

Another view looking West in front of the library.

 This view is of the building sitting on the site of the Library Annex building and is also a few feet from HWA's back patio of his mansion.

 Looking at the new condos from the sidewalk between 380 and 390 dorms.

Looking up towards the old library location from stream.


 Looking up the old steps of the library to new condo's

 Location of old library, the Fowler Estate that the church ruined by remodeling it so much over the decades, and was never maintained after the library moved out, so it had to be torn down.  The original building of the college.

This view is from the lower gardens looking up to where the lawn used to be between the library and Mayfair.