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"That "Only True Church" thing has been the bane of the Churches of God"

Reposting Dennis comment from the LCG-"We Are Not Wishy Washy" post.
That "Only True Church" thing has been the bane of the Churches of God as has "Government from the top down." The New Testament is a Testament to two true churches of God. The Jewish Christian one under Peter, James and John and the Gentile Pauline Church. The Jewish Christian interpretation is what we find in the COG except they try to make Paul one of them too which he isn't and fought hard against. The Gentile Pauline version is just about everything else in all their forms. Galatians 1-2 is a Pauline rant against the Jerusalem Apostles and an authentic letter of Paul. The Book of James is a Jewish Christian rant against Paul's concept of grace with no works found in Paul's also authentic Book of Romans.

The letters to the Seven Churches in Revelation were NEVER conceived as being types of authentic Churches of God 2000 years into the future. "Behold I come quickly" and "To show things which must shortly come to pass" for them back then indicate the failure of Revelation as a prophecy. It's a Jewish Book written to encourage Jewish Christians caught in the fall of Jerusalem . It failed to deliver and the Romans won. No Jesus returned to save them and it was not meant to extend one hour past the fall of the city and destruction of the Temple. Fundamentalist churches have spent the last 200 years making Revelation mean what it never meant and does not mean. 

Without the Book of Revelation the Churches of God would have no message and certainly no motivator like it to join them. Fear sells and it's all made up. Nothing in the Book of Revelation will come to pass as speculated. It was a second Daniel which was written to encourage the Jews to hang in there in the 160's BCE and they lost in the same the Romans. 

I know the pull and power of the Book of Revelation as well as anyone . It barely made the cut into the New Testament Canon. But clearly its time passed and those who read it so dearly in the details will dismiss the opening and closing verses which clearly indicate something had gone terribly wrong with it being inspired or how it all will be. LIke the Apostle Paul, who after years of "soon" had to face the final curtain and wish everyone good luck on their own journey, the Book of Revelation was the swan song of the dying Jewish Church.

On top of that, no human beings know the future . It is not all planned out and all one has to do is read Art Mokarrow's. "God's Puzzle Solved" for the solution to this puzzle. There is no puzzle that needs solving . That makes Bible God a Trickster who is more interested in playing games than informing humans of whatever one thinks their incredible human potential is. 

It doesn't matter where you go to church or even if you do. There is a seat for every butt and a style for every personality. That's why we have so many denominations and while I realize no one ever says they know they attend the false church, the fight over who is the true church is equally as ludicrous and ill informed.

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The Journal News of the Churches of God Issue 198 Now Online

The latest issue of The Journal is online.

This issue covers past history of the church and college with the sale of Big Sandy to Alert Academy.  Alert Academy is the brainchild of Bill Gothard who has been accused of sexual improprieties and other things.  Many class ALERT as a cult.  See:  Owners of Big Sandy Campus (ALERT Academy) Being Sued

There is an article about Vik Kubik and UCG members helping clean up after Hurricane Harvey.

There is a couple of small announcement about Joe Tkach retiring and his replacement, Greg Williams.

The article by Brian Knowles has some interesting tidbits about Herbert Armstrong, such as:

Herbert W. Armstrong was sitting at his desk reviewing Plain Truth copy with me. It was either 1978 or 1979. I was serving as managing editor of the Worldwide Church’s flag- ship publication. 
Mr. Armstrong took a personal interest in every word that appeared in it. He then elaborated on his discovery that he could detect similarities between himself and the pontiff: “Brian, I have reserved the setting of all doctrine to myself.”
By the mid-’70s Mr. Armstrong had a limited capacity to study Scriptures and even to read. 
He was running mostly on memory and momentum. 
His short-term recollection often failed him. On one occasion he denied from the pulpit that Wayne Cole, Robert Kuhn and I had been to see him in Tucson about the “STP,” the Systematic Theology Project. We had all gone together in Mr. Armstrong’s own plane, but guess who people believed.
On another occasion he denied having attended the Feast in Florida. That people were able to produce videotapes of his preaching there didn’t seem to phase him. 
Herbert Armstrong's denial from the pulpit that he knew nothing about the STP was a blatant lie.  Many of those papers went straight to his desk and he read them.   At this same time he was so mad at GTA that he would do anything to discredit him and this was his chance

Dave Havir has an article on prophecy and it will cause major butthurt for Almost-ordained Bob Thiel and Pharisee Malm:

People who are familiar with my writing and speaking are probably familiar with my approach to prophecy. 
I am interested in hearing the prophecy interpretations of people. 
I have no interest in hearing the prophecy interpretations of people who claim to speak for God with their dogmatic proclamations. 
At times I am willing to share my interpretations of prophecy, but I have learned to avoid the mistake of being a dogmatic proclaimer. Every dogmatic proclaimer I have heard (including those among the Church of God) has proven to earn the classification of a false prophet 
Alton Billingsley is back with another of his bat-shit crazy articles.   Apparently, the eclipse of 1918 was a sign of when Jesus started using  Herbert Armstrong. Also, the name Eugene, OR was prophetically significant for Herbert's rise to power.

The 1918 eclipse began in Bend, Oregon, very close to Eugene, Oregon, where Jesus Christ began using Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong in 1933 (Eugene = Good Birth). History reveals that year was the turning point in World War I, for Germany began losing the war against France, Britain and America. 
According to Billingsley, Hillary Clinton is still going to be elected and the eclipse of 2017 was a sign of the end times.

President Hillary Clinton (?)She will be the 45th president (cf. Isaiah 3:12; Nahum 3:13). This adds up to the number NINE and has the meaning of divine judgment; the final president before being conquered by the Holy Roman Empire.
Foreboding of Doom
As already noted, the recent total solar eclipse has the dreaded and terrible meaning of doom for Manasseh (Ezekiel 5:12; 7:5-9). It is truly a time of fasting and prayer. 
You can read Issue 198 here:  The Journal

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Church of God False Prophet Excited By Biblically Prophecied Belgian Dainties

Biblically prophecied chocolates...who knew...who cares!

Church of God false prophets have made a living out of using every imaginable piece of history as proof to prop up their idiotic fantasies that the think prove British Israelism.

Almost-arrested and jailed Elisha, Elijah, Joshua, Amos, Habakkuk, doubly blessed and self-appointed  Bob Thiel is all excited right now by the writings of a former WCG member, Bert Otten,  on his belief that Belgium and Luxembourg are of the tribe of Asher.  Even though none of this is relevant to a New Covenant Christian, those who worship at the altar of Moses still think it is important.

This is what the non-ordained and self-appointed false prophet of the improperly named "continuing" Church of God is excited about:
2nd Clue: Asher – his bread shall be fat
As for Asher, his BREAD [lechem] shall be FAT [shamen] … (Gen 49:20a, KJV). 
Asher’s FOOD will be RICH … (Gen 49:20a, NIV).
Literally it says that Asher’s bread will be fat. It is noteworthy that bread in England and Holland has the form of a big brick, a loaf. In France they sell the typical French bread, long thin pieces of bread. In Belgium they sell bread in big, round, ‘fat’, loaves.
However, lechem also means food in general, and not just bread. Asher’s food would be rich in content, and it would be plenteous… 
3rd Clue: Asher – royal dainties
Out of Asher his bread shall be fat, and he shall yield royal DAINTIES (Gen 49:20b).
[Asher] will provide DELICACIES fit for a king (Gen 49:20b, NIV).
This is up to a point a repeat of the fact that Asher’s food would be fat or rich. We think of all the delicacies – fries, mussels, oysters, fish, venison, etc. – served in the Belgian cuisine, but ‘delicacies’ contains much more… 
Belgian Beers
Wikipedia: For a comparatively small country, Belgium produces a very large number of beers in a range of different styles – in fact, it has more distinct types of beer per capita than anywhere else in the world. In 2011, there were 1,132 different varieties of beer being produced in the country… 
Belgian Chocolate
Wikipedia about Belgian chocolate: Belgium is famed for its high quality chocolate and over 2,000 chocolatiers, both small and large…  
Waffles and sweets
There are also Belgian waffles (Brussels, Li√®ge), speculoos, vlaaien (Limburg), sweets, etc. Asher’s food would be rich and he would yield royal dainties. 
Tapestries, lace, comic books
Delicacies or dainties is a translation from ma’adan:
Ma’adan – or (feminine) ma’adannah {mah-ad-an-naw’}; from ‘`adan’ (Strong, 5727); a delicacy or (abstractly) pleasure (adverbially, cheerfully):–dainty, delicately, delight. 
Some writers about the tribes link this with the typical Belgian delicate tapestries (made for royalty!) and with Belgian lace…

See the rest of this absurdity here:  Former WCG member tying clues of the biblical tribe of Asher to Belgium and Luxembourg

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Church God Zealot On Amorphous Sophistry

Are you a fence sitter?  Are  you giving your money to various COG's instead of to the only true ministry? FOR SHAME!!!!!!!!!

The Church of God Pharisaical Zealot is having financial issues.  Apparently out of 2,000 devotees, the broad majority are fence sitters who will not commit to Pharisaical Zealotry.  Many of these lazy Laodicean fence sitters are still in other COG's where they give their money instead of sending it to James Malm.  Because of this fence sitting, these COG members are taking too long to
"digest" the glorious message of Zealot Malm.  The remain non-committeed because they have foolishly (according to Pharisee Malm) listened to their local pastor where he tells them to drop Malm like a hot potato due to his endless stream of Pharisaical rules and whacked out prophecies.
The State of This Work
At the present time this is an internet work with approximately 2,000 families who are widely scattered worldwide. This scattering makes it very difficult to have local congregations; and besides that many are still associating with other assemblies and sort of fence sitting, and taking time to fully digest what I teach, since there are differences between that and what they have been told by these groups.  
Because of this, many of these folks are still contributing to various organizations and very very few are helping us out.  Please remember that a laborer is worthy of his wages and nothing I receive ever goes into the kind of status symbol houses, cars, and planes, or real property and extravagant unnecessary building projects that other organizations wastefully seek.  
According to the Chief Pharisee, there is no other man on earth today teaching the truth.
Further, I teach the Truth of the Word of God and not the amorphous sophistry of the false traditions of men.  
Brethren, supporting those teaching error is not preaching the gospel.  
In other words, when you give your money to the many COG's, your money is supporting error, since James Malm is the ONLY one today who preaches the truth.  Everyone else in the entire world lacks ZEAL!
Preaching the Gospel is teaching all people to zealously live by every Word of God, and expounding and explaining the Word of God!  
Preaching the false traditions of men and even claiming that certain men have a right to bind or loose God’s Word:  is NOT preaching the Gospel.  It is making men sovereign and God subject to their whims! It is the sin of rebellion against the Word of God and it is the sin of seeking to exalt oneself above God like Satan did! 
Zealot Malm has taken the false traditions of the Pharisees and the Zealots and wrapped it all up in a package that is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to keep.
I am working very hard on doctrinal scriptural studies and my interest is that people make choices based on God’s Word and the facts. I have no interest in gaining a personal following or in convincing anyone to make any choice based on emotion. My interest is in educating people in every Word of God.
Malm is a liar when he claims he does not seek a following.
To that end, I am working hard to complete a chapter by chapter line by line commentary/study through the entire Bible – there are still a few Epistles and Job remaining, after which I will be doing some extensive doctrinal studies. I expect to complete these studies by late next year (2018). After that a new phase will begin.
The members of the Church of God do NOT need another fool interpreting the Bible for them.  They do not need another fool telling them what and how they should believe.  Eighty years of hundreds of foolish shepherds in the COG have already done so and James Malm is just one more liar in the quagmire leading people astray.
While this is ongoing, people are visiting and taking their time to study and digest these things; while the word is spreading as people tell their friends. At the same time, conditions in the various organizations are developing and the above listed world events are gathering pace.
James Malm will NEVER lead a great revival in the Church of God.  Zealotry idolatry has no place in the church.
In reality I am not trying to start any organizational church at this time, rather I am calling all organizations to a great revival of zeal for godliness. If in due time the organizations continue to reject that call, then brethren will be ready to take well informed decisions.
The Pharisaical Zealot claims his  "master builder" is using him in a carefully orchestrated plan.  When the Zealot never mentions Jesus, one has to wonder just WHO is giving him his "plan."  Like many COG "leaders" Malm has a serious aversion to Jesus and anything the inconvenient dude actually tried to exemplify. It disgusts the Pharisee so much that he has to drag out the 613 laws specifically made for the Hebrews as a weapon.
Everything is being done with the Master Builder inspiring a very carefully organized plan to complete a site full of studies through every Word of God, topped off by deep doctrinal studies, before advancing further; and I expect that this phase of Foundation Building will end and a new phase will begin at at the end of 2018.  
There will be no mass "repentance" with COG members zealously latching on to Pharisee Malm's words. Just like tens of thousands will never join up with Dave Pack and Gerald Flurry. no one is going to be following Zealot Malm.
I am not naive and I do not expect that there will be a mass repentance and a turning to God in 2018.  I do believe that a combination of world events and trends in the Ekklesia will being more and more to study sound doctrine.  Some of these folks will respond when the time comes, and others will not respond and then will quickly realize that they had made a mistake in not responding before the tribulation began.  
This will never happen.  Pharisee Malm's end time horror show will never materialize as he depicts it.
This second group will then witness to their remaining brethren who have not studied the sound doctrine of the Word of God, while the others learn to work together and advance even further in their spiritual growth in a different environment.   
Many of those witnessing to their brethren will be strongly persecuted and will die in the first part of the tribulation, therefore God will convert and seal 12,000 from each tribe of Israel, so that the witnessing that the Eternal is God and that we must live by every Word of God will be maintained. 
From their witnessing and the witnessing of God’s Two Servants, along with the miraculous events of the heavenly signs and the resurrection of the dead; Israel will be turned to the Eternal and will rejoice with a mighty rejoicing at the coming of Messiah the Christ.  
Even though the Pharisaical Zealot claims he is not starting a "work" he constantly says he is.
What is the part of this work in all of this? 
It is our part to sow the first seeds of sound doctrine, to restore that which has been lost or forgotten, to reveal that which has been hidden, to expound the New Covenant and to begin the process of preparing the bride for the coming of her LORD!  
Zealot Malm pretends to be the greatest living martyr the church has ever seen.  Even doubly blessed and almost arrested Bob Thiel cannot compare.
It is for this reason that I have labored day in and day out to establish a body of studies through every Word of God, as a foundation for even more studies into sound doctrine. 
Many are being turned to a zeal for the righteousness of godliness even now, while many others are being exposed to these things.   
Later when Jerusalem and Judea are occupied and great trials come upon the tribes of Israel including the Anglo American people, there will be a place that the brethren can go in their extremity, to find the sound doctrine of the Word of God explained and expounded! 
Zealot Malm claims he is the ONLY man on earth laboring day and night wallowing in the law.  Jesus be damned, the law trumps every time.
My friends, please understand that the importance of this work is not limited to the present number of visitors, or to whether we have local congregations.  This is the ONLY work which labors in doctrine day by day through every Word of God and teaches these things.  
So send in your money, grace-rejecting Church of God members, the Zealot needs it.  Reject Jesus and everything he stood for and prostitute your self to the law.  Please remember to use your PayPal account to do this.
While I am doing much of the writing you too can have a part in this work through earnest prayers and contributions, and by spreading the word about our sites. 
Please help me help the brethren – with your US tax deductible contributions at the sidebar PayPal – by presenting the sound doctrine of the Word of God.

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Pack Your Bags! COG Prophet Has Set The Timeline For The Endtimes

Do you have your Petra kit ready by your front door?  Does it have your Bible and the Mystery of the Ages in it?  If not you have better get ready! The Church of God Pharisaical Zealot has laid out the timeline for the crap to hit the fan, and it's not a pretty scene.

The 2300 Day Prophecy [see the 2300 Day Prophecy] indicates that the great hour of trial could begin as early as late 2018 or within a few years after that.  Presently the trends indicate that late 2018 is possible. 
Then WITHIN 75 days of being set up doing miracles, this roman pope will go to the holy mount and the radical Jewish Settler Movement will sabotage the peace deal and bring the nations of Psalm 83 down on the Jewish State.  
The New Europe will intervene, perhaps answering calls of Jewish and other leaders to stop the slaughter.  They will secure the massive Israeli weapons caches and the surviving Jews will be crowded into ghettos awaiting deportation.  
  1. As for America, the Arabs will join with Europe and abandon the Petrodollar while hiring European countries to do the unimaginably massive rebuilding throughout the region. 
  2. During the first winter America will lose economic traction and conditions will begin to decline,  
  3. Then during the first spring/summer as the economy fails, a severe drought will gripe the nation,  
  4. Large numbers of recent immigrants – many very wealthy – from Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and elsewhere will leave the country taking their wealth with them,  
  5. During the second winter a population weakened by a lack of proper nutrition due to the drought and the inability to import provisions, will be susceptible to epidemic diseases greater that the Spanish Flu and other such disasters.  
  6. The second summer will be worse than the first, and riots over food, race and other issues will set America ablaze.  
  7. The third winter will be worse than the second with even greater malnutrition and many more dying.  
  8. Then after the sixth seal has been opened, the first 144,000 [see the 144,000 article] will be called out; 12,000 from each tribe of Israel, to witness that the Eternal is God and if they would only trust and obey him, he would save them.  
  9. This 144,000 scattered throughout the nations of Israel will be witnessing as the New Europe goes to attack Asia and the Seven Trumpet Plagues are poured out according to the preaching of God’s Two Witnesses, sometime into the third year.  
  10. Then after the final winter God will allow his Two Servants to be killed and then the seventh Trump will begin to sound and these two along with all the chosen, will rise to life eternal as spirit. 
  11. This will be seen by all the earth and the Gentile rulers will be angry, but the nations of Israel will remember the preaching of God’s Two Servants and the preaching and witnessing of the first 144,000, and will see the plagues and heavenly signs; and they will begin to repent and turn to the Eternal seeking his deliverance.  
  12. A few days later after the Wedding Feast in heaven and the pouring out of the seven last bowls of plagues, Christ will come WITH his chosen and will deliver both Israel and all of humanity from bondage to Satan and sin.  
  13. Then Judah and Israel will welcome their Deliverer with great rejoicing
This 42 months of famine, riots and economic collapse will be accompanied by other natural disasters, one of the chief being great earthquakes which will be so great as to  change the surface topography of the earth.  
This drivel is from the lying Pharisee and Zealot, James Malm. Can you imagine letting this legalistic zealot plan your escape when all hell breaks loose?  Imagine the hell Petra will be when he is there and in charge!


Hyperbole-- Exaggerated statements not meant to be taken literally



Psalm 147:4New International Version (NIV)

He determines the number of the stars

    and calls them each by name.

(The author no doubt was looking at his night sky at the time without any knowledge of what this Universe was. On a clear night you can see about 6000 stars.  Even in the 1930's the known Universe was simply seen by most as our one Milky Way Galaxy. 

With our current understanding the number of stars would be 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (A Septillion )stars if we use our hundred billion star Milky Way Galaxy as the standard norm. 

This does not include the concept of parallel universes which may mean ours is just on grape on one cluster in one row of one vineyard of many

Current estimates put the number of galaxies in our universe at 10 trillion.

A rather small part of the Milky Way as recorded by Hubble

Hubbel Deep Field view of approximately 10,000 Galaxies of 100 billion stars each in the field behind a grain of sand held on your finger tip at arms length.

This does not include the billions of stars in the early universe that have come and gone, spewing their iron cores into the universe land out of whose debris we got our solar system and new sun. 

A piece of the early Solar System arrives on earth

My own piece of heaven . Nine lbs of Campo Del Cielo or "Field of Heaven"  iron/nickel star and asteroid core which I cut and polished.  At 4.5 billion years old, it's really cool to hold something that spent most of its time orbiting between Mars and Jupiter until bumped into the inner solar system 6000+ years ago and found 500 years ago. 

The scriptures use hyperbole to make its points not to reflect actual facts.  A 200 million man army of Revelation is hyperbole.  Seeing "all the nations of the earth" from atop the highest wall of the Temple is hyperbole (or reflects a small flat earth concept).  

“If thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out…” Matt. 5:29 (I met a Christian who actually tried to pluck out his right eye because he had a lust problem. This is an example the kind of problem a Bible translation can cause if one is not informed of the various figures of speech found in the Bible.)

“If any man come to me and hate not his father and mother…” Luke 14:26 (The true meaning is one must put God first.)

“Behold, the world is gone after him.” John 12:19 (The whole world at that time did NOT follow after him, but very large crowds in Israel did.)

“And thou, Capernaum, which art exalted unto heaven, shall be brought to hell (Hades/sheol).” Matt. 11:23 (The city of Capernaum was never in heaven or hell/hades/sheol. But the city was exalted and made prominent because the very Son of God chose that city to do mighty miracles in, but then it went into the dust. The trade routes which made it prosperous changed bypassing the city. It became depopulated, brought to ruins and covered with dirt. It wasn’t until this century that archaeologists unearthed it.)

“The rock poured me out rivers of oil.” Job 29:6 (He had an abundance of good things.)

“The cities are great, and walled up to heaven.” Deut. 1:28 (They were very high.)

“Everyone could sling stones at a hair and not miss.” Judges 20:16 (They were very accurate.)

Don't take everything you read in scripture literally. 
Don't take much of anything the Church of God Apostles and Prophets too literally true 
(Or at all true)
You could get hurt. 

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Living Church of God: "...we are not to be wishy-washy, but rather we are to be firm—but always gentle and loving."

Living Church of God has an article up attempting to PROVE they are the correct Church of God for people to belong to. Get a load of the mixed message they send out in the very first sentence. They claim they are not trying to convince any one, but won't be to those who ignore the "CONCRETE  attributes and scriptural PROOF" they use.  But remember, they are not trying to convince you.  Concrete evidence, be damned, we are not trying to convince you though...but you need to realize we ARE the true church
The purpose of this article is not to convince anyone to believe these concrete attributes, though we will provide scriptural support to show why the Living Church of God believes and teaches these truths. The purpose is to provide four of the weightier objective, distinguishing qualities of the Living Church of God, which are provable from the word of God. If a person has proven these things from the Bible, and believes them, it becomes clear where he or she needs to be.
LCG tries to use the scriptures about the seven churches in the first century as PROOF that LCG is better than all the other splinter groups.
Revelation chapters 2 and 3 exhibit letters to seven Churches extant during the first century—each of them led by Jesus Christ (Revelation 1:9–20). While they were all God’s Churches, they were not all the same. They each had distinct characteristics, and if we have “an ear, [to] hear what the Spirit says to the churches”—something we see repeated several times in Revelation 2 and 3—we realize it does matter where we are, and what we are a part of! 

LCG has set itself self up as the judge of all the other splinter groups, just like Almost-arrested and jailed Bob Thiel,  Dave Pack and Gerald Flurry have, though LCG is even better than those two.

In the November-December 2010 Living Church News, Dr. Roderick C. Meredith wrote an article entitled, “We are Different!” In it, he explained:
"Leaders in several groups seem eager to “dance” around these fundamental issues—to avoid clear answers, or even to deny the answers long taught by God’s Church and His word. The result of such spiritual neglect, and of their clever avoidance of these issues, is that their groups and the members become unsure about the nature of God, and about many other key issues that certainly are of importance to Almighty God! "
It all boils down to "church government" and its proper use.  Dave Pack claims he has proper church government, as does Gerald Flurry and Almost-arrested and jailed Bob Thiel.   Which one is right?  The fact is that NONE of them are right, but that has never stopped any of them from blatantly lying to their members.
So, in an effort to accommodate personal tastes, sidestep confrontations, and thereby avoid losing congregants who disagree, some reject or avoid various truths found in God’s word that were opened to the Church’s understanding through Mr. Armstrong. A few of these easily provable truths that some dismiss are proper church government, the identity of Israel’s descendants, who and what God is, and the Church eras of Revelation 2 and 3. God’s Church should be teaching all of the truth of the Bible. It should not evade certain truths because of personal taste, or to avoid conflict.
LCG still wants LCG member to believe that the various splinter groups are God's people, mainly because so many LCG members have family members and friends in the hundreds and hundreds of splinter group.

The next thing that LCG claims to be doing right is preaching the kingdom of God and the craziness they claim is the "Ezekiel message."
The second concrete, scriptural commission that the Living Church of God proclaims and seeks to fulfill, is the obligation of the Church to preach the Gospel of God’s coming Kingdom, as well as the Ezekiel Warning message. Claims that this Work has been “finished” and no longer needs to be done or that we only need to preach it to the members of the Church to “prepare the bride” are simply not compatible with Scripture. They deny the very mission of the Body of Jesus Christ!
LCG considers itself The Watchman, as does Almost-arrested and jailed Bob Thiel, Dave Pack, and Gerald Flurry.  I also can't leave out COGWA since it believes itself as the ONLY true bearer of the message.
God’s people would be neglectful if they knew the “sword was coming” but didn’t say anything! “If the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand” (Ezekiel 33:6). As God’s people, if we know what’s coming and do not say anything, the world’s blood will be on our hands (Ezekiel 33:1–11)! The Living Church of God believes and teaches it is our job to preach the Gospel to the world and warn of the coming troubles, before God sets up His Kingdom!
LCG has never gone out o all the world, nor has any other COG in existence today.  Even Gerald Flurry with his Throne of David transport plane cannot and will not go to world leaders.   Just because a few World Tomorrow or Plain Truth readers are in some countries does not mean any message has been proclaimed.  99.999999999999% of the world have no idea who any of the Church of God's are.

LCG is so confident in their message that they claim eternal salvation for all those who support them.
Christ says that “this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come” (Matthew 24:14)! However, not all of God’s people will be doing this in the end time (Revelation 3:14–22). Yet those who do participate in God’s Work to bring the Gospel to this dying world can reflect on the promise made through Daniel, that “those who turn many to righteousness” shall shine “like the stars forever and ever” at the resurrection to everlasting life (Daniel 12:3).
Since LCG is the epitome of all things RIGHT in the COG, they claim that they are able to do this because they are the Church of Love! Thousands of present day LCG members and ex-members disagree.

They claim that the ministry of the LCG are servant leaders filled with LOVE!  However, they will only love you so far and then buyer beware!

In explaining to His disciples how to execute God’s form of government mentioned above, Jesus said, “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and those who are great exercise authority over them. Yet it shall not be so among you; but whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant. And whoever desires to be first among you, let him be your slave—just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many” (Matthew 20:25–28). Peter also explained how the ministry is to serve the brethren: “Shepherd the flock of God which is among you, serving as overseers… not for dishonest gain but eagerly; nor as being lords over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock…” (1 Peter 5:2–3).
Love includes keeping God’s Church clean of sinful practices (breaking of God’s Law, 1 Corinthians 5:1–8). At the same time, it does not include the invention of extreme and ungodly rules and regulations, such as the Pharisees added, that, if broken, will lead to disfellowshiping. We are not to be dictatorial or harsh in our approach. “And a servant of the Lord must not quarrel but be gentle to all, able to teach, patient, in humility correcting those who are in opposition…” (2 Timothy 2:24–25).
Any LCG member needs to look no further than the despicable treatment of the Scarboroughs over the last few years.  LCG is all about control, not love.

Note that LCG claims that the members of the church need to grow in love.  It always boils down to the fact COG leaders has always blamed the members for everything.  Never once do any of the abusive and lying ministers ever get blamed.

Notice what LCG claims its ministers do NOT do.  Try not to laugh too hard:
We are not to instill fear of men in God’s people, but we are to strengthen, encourage, build and edify (Ephesians 4:11–16). It is our job to build families, not tear them apart (1 Corinthians 7:10–16; 1 Peter 3:1–5)! Some unconverted family members may be troubled when God first calls us and may even become hostile toward us (Matthew 10:34–39). We should, in no way, be the ones instigating division by shunning our family members if they do not attend the Living Church of God with us (Matthew 15:6; Romans 12:18). God’s ministers should not point the members toward discord, separation and division, but toward peace and unity in the family (Malachi 4:6).
The Living Church of God believes and teaches as part of its mission statement, “Learn and practice Servant Leadership in all our dealings with others.” Dr. Meredith guided us toward a culture of love and servant leadership and wanted us to continue growing in it! We are to exhibit Christ-like leadership in faithfulness, steadfastness, humility, and love. If some want to dispute the truth, we are not to be wishy-washy, but rather we are to be firm—but always gentle and loving. 
LCG continues to use one of the biggest lies the church has taught. When it constantly get called a cult and that members live in fear of the ministry, they claim NO ONE is ever coerced into anything.  Members make their own choices.
God allows each of us to make our own choices, and He does not “make” us do anything. When it comes down to it, each of us must prove what God’s word teaches (1 Thessalonians 5:21), step out in faith, and do what it says. There are many organizations claiming to represent God today, each with its own twist. There are those that keep the Sabbath and the Holy Days, and many of them have at least some of the Truth, but they are not all the same. As Mr. Richard Ames asked in his sermon, “Churches Under Judgment,” we, too, must ask as we consider the churches of Revelation 2 and 3: Which church do we want to be a part of? The dead one? The corrupt one? Which attitude and spirit should we try to emulate?
We will not do it perfectly in this life, but we should strive to reflect the character of the one found in Revelation 3:7–13 and have an ear to “hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” If we claim that we are Philadelphian, what room for improvement is left? We would be wise to heed the warning in Revelation 3:17–18! We must continually examine ourselves, identify the wrong, and cast it out! Dr. Meredith frequently told us, “We are the Church of God in the Laodicean era, trying to do a Philadelphian Work.” It does matterwhere we choose to attend, and with whom. While there are other points that could be addressed, these four points are concrete and easily provable from Scripture. And the Living Church of God fully believes, teaches, and strives to live up to them. 
So does the Living Church of God really reflect the character of embarrassed usual?  Despite ignoring Jesus at every opportunity they can, they claim to be Laodiceans doing a Philadelphia work.