Saturday, October 24, 2015

Rebellious Women Who Refuse to Wear Head Coverings in Church are Failing a TEST Commandment!

For several years now the Chief Pharisee of the Churches of God has required the few women who attend his cult services to wear head coverings.  Every once in a while a rebellious woman comes along and dares to question God's most important man this side of Dave Pack.

One acolyte writes:

James, Regarding “veils & head coverings” that you are convinced that women should wear, when attending Church Services. In fact, as I understand, you even require that women cover their heads with a hat or otherwise, if they wish to attend your Feast site. It is widely believed by the women I’ve discussed this issue with & our husbands, that a women’s hair is her covering. Several have commented that they would not attend with your group, because of this requirement. With all due respect to you, I ask that you consider lifting this requirement, as folks would appreciate being able to meet with others of like mind. I mean no disrespect to you, as you are doing a wonderful Work & I believe you are a very Godly man. Please DO NOT take this as a put-down, in any way. Thank you for your consideration.

God's unemployed professional moocher answers back with this. As usual it is the policy of the god he claims to follow instead of has poor biblical interpretations.  Apparently still stung by his wife divorcing him, he has to lash out at all women to force them into submission.

It is God’s word that requires this, not me. I have no authority to do as you request. If the hair is the covering, why must the head be shaved for not wearing the hair? That is the ridiculous reasoning of HWA which people have been brainwashed with. This is one of those TEST commandments and some are stumbling at it. If some would reject such a small thing to follow Christ; it is the same as Naaman rejecting bathing in Jordan to cure his leprosy. As Jesus said: “Faithful in little, faithful in much.”
It's amazing how the god of Armstrongism is eternally pissed at everyone and everything.  The uneducated wannabe biblical scholars in the Churches of God have created a god that matches the domineering patriarchal attitudes of its leaders.  Their anger permeates their sermons, booklets, and web postings.  Malm sets himself up as the most unhappy man that the Church of God has ever had as a member.  When law trumps grace, joy and happiness cannot be found.

See an earier blog entry on this subject:  James Malm: God Is Not Limited By Head Coverings for Women...HOWEVER... It Is A Test To See If You Really Care

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Its a FACT! Jesus is Coming in 2021!!!!! BRETHREN, THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL!

The Chief Pharisee of the Churches of God has been posting a lot of useless drivel lately on various topics on how he interprets the Bible to fit HIS legalistic desires. On October 20, 2015 James Malm made the following statement:
Now subtracting 42 months (1260 days) shows that this final beast emperor will occupy Jerusalem, beginning at the end of 2017.
Given the historical difficulties of the Greek struggles it is possible that this date might be in error by a year or two, but one thing is certain; IT IS VERY CLOSE INDEED!
These are indications of the nearness of the times; they are not dates certain until proved by the appearance of ALL of the Biblical signs.
At the present time the British people have been promised a referendum on continued EU membership before the end of 2017 with French and German elections scheduled for Sep / Oct 2017.
Britain is highly likely to leave the EU, but exactly how long that process takes is unclear; and certain other countries are likely to follow, creating a crisis in the EU and opening the way for the setting up of the miracle working deceiver in the Vatican in late 2017, who will immediately call for and bring about the rise of a New Europe; the seventh revival of the Scarlet Beast of the Holy Roman Empire.
This man of sin will then go to the Holy Place [Temple Mount] 75 days after being set up in the Vatican and the great tribulation of Mat 24:15 will begin.
Along with this is the coming defeat of radical Islam and a move towards a Mideast peace deal 1 Thess 5:3.
These events are right in line with a date of late 2017 for the start of the tribulation; followed by the coming of Messiah 42 months later; in 2021 AD!
Brethren, the writing is on the wall!

Hat-tip to Connie for sending this.  I read most of that blog entry by the Chief Pharisee when he published it, but it was filled with the same useless drivel that I never made it to the end.  Its another missive filled with death, damnation and gloom.  Three topics that seem to occupy the minds of the legalistic Armstrongites regardless of which splinter sect they are in.  These guys all seem to take great delight in wishing their god to wipe humanity off the face of the earth...except of course their little remnant of the frozen chosen. 

The lake of fire would be a welcome reprieve if one had to dwell in the kingdoms of most of these guys.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lets Go Spend Christmas With The United Church of God!

Its time to register for the annual United Church of God Christmas party weekend!  Sign up now for four fun days of activities at The Great Wolf Lodge which will be decked out in all it's Christmas glory!  From Santa to reindeer to sparkling snow flakes, Christmas never looked so grand or festive!

Of course we all know that United Church of God members put on their blinders and walk through the complex and NEVER look at the heathen filthy Christmas decorations!  Their ears never hear the constant stream of Christmas carols playing throughout the complex and none of them ever sing along silently in their minds.  Never!  None of them ever eat any of the holiday treats the hotel sells either.  Its just bland boring kosher food every day.  No rainbow sprinkles  can be seen anywhere in the UCG corner!

The best part about the weekend for the kids is that when they go back to school in January they can share with their friends that they spent Christmas week at the Great Wolf Lodge and the other kids will know immediately what a Christmas wonderland it is.  At least the youth of UCG can feel good about the weekend.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

UCG Feast Attendance Declines As COGWA's Rises

The United Church of God is not in their happy place right now with news out that the Church of God a Worldwide Association had more members attend the Feast this year than UCG.  Several years ago when COGWA split off of UCG they took a substantial number of ministers and members with them.  UCG tried to shrug it off because they had visions of grandeur running through their heads.  They assumed than since all the dead weight was gone their god was going to start doing great things in the UCG.  Sadly though, UCG has been in a state of decline ever since.  Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on personal appearance campaigns, bankrolling moronic blue sock puppet videos, and shoving their doctrinal beliefs into the neither regions of their web site has not helped them.

UCG had a feast attendance of 7,275 in the US.  Foreign sites are still to report in.  COGWA had 9,300 in attendance, a 2% increase in attendees.   Living Church of God had 10,400 attendees.  The only two COG's out there that had less people than UCG was Dave Pack's Restored Church of God and Gerald Flurry's Philadelphia Church of God.

UCG seems to be The Little Engine That Couldn't.

Gerald Flurry's Health Is Declining Just Like His Church Membership Rolls

A frail looking Gerald Flurry made his appearance at the Philadelphia Church of God's Feast of Tabernacles this year.  His rapidly declining health is starting to be a concern with the echelon of the PCG.

Like his predecessor Herbert Armstrong, Flurry had to be assisted on and off the stage by Grant Turgeon.  Many who witnessed Turgeon assisting Flurry had shivers go up their spines.  Grant is the son of Wayne Turgeon has turned out to be one of the more abusive ministers of the church.  Wayne is feared by many and seems to take great delight in that. Grant has turned into a parrot and mouths the same garbage that his father does and is now treating members the same way. PCG members are also afraid to see what position Wayne will assume once Flurry dies.  Ranked an "evangelist" in the PCG, his rapid rise up through the ranks of the PCG happened because he married Gerald Flurry's daughter.  Countless stories of his abusive polices have been detailed on this blog and on Exit and Support.

It has been reported that even though Flurry was in a weakened state, his message was the same malarkey that he has been spouting for the last  20 some years.  Eternal death, famines, plagues and nuclear destruction are soon to be meted out on the heathens in the Untied States, Great Britain and  Australia. Flurry is like Meredith and Pack who seem to go into orgasmic delight at death and destruction scenarios.  Nothing could elapse them more.

Attendance at PCG's Feast this year was also down dramatically.  One behind-the-scenes source said it was "...a shadow of what it was in the heyday of the PCG."  They mentioned the Greenville SC Feast site: 

I remember attending the Feast back in the early 2000s when we had over 1300 people attending at Greenville SC and Sandusky OH.  Flurry would proudly shout and boast at the Feast  that the PCG would eventually have 10,000 members. Now the members attending at the Feast are around 700-800 people.
Because of the horrific abuse, suicides and deaths that have plagued the PCG over the last decade members are leaving in droves.

Many are asking the following:

The question is WHO gets to crown himself the Next Apostle and prophet of the PCG once Flurry passes on? His son Steven or Wayne Turgeon? Is the public display of Grant Turgeon helping the failing Flurry a sign of Who is next in line?

Monday, October 19, 2015

Sunday, October 18, 2015

United Church of God: It's Pathetic Feast of Tabernacles Attendance Figures

United Church of God touts its self as the true restored Church of God that holds fast to the truth of Herbert Armstrong.  It does that while still living in the pre-1986 modus operandi of their former mother the Worldwide Church of God. As hard as they try, they cannot seem to make their brand of Armstrongism relevant to the world around them.  Twenty some years on, even with countless personal appearance campaigns, the UCG is not able to draw people in, let alone keep their present members engaged.

Just take a look at their Feast attendance figures for 2015. 7,700 total people in attendance!    This total is the equivalent of ONE medium sized WCG Feast site from the past.  Large sites like St. Pete/Tampa would have 15,000+ during the WCG glory days!  Jekyll Island would have 7-8,000+ when the WCG put it UCG can only get 479 to attend!  It would be laughable if it wasn't so pathetic!

2015 Feast of Tabernacles Attendance 
United States Sites:
Bend/Redmond           684
Bigfork 152
Branson 528
Cincinnati 370
Galveston 456
Jekyll Island 479
Lahaina 311
Ocean City 362
Oceanside 554
Panama City Beach 1234
Phoenix 188
Sevierville 781
Steamboat Springs 313
Wisconsin Dells 744    

United States Satellite Sites:

Big Sandy 51
Tampa 37
Tucson 31
Canadian Sites:
Canmore 180
Gros Morne 42
Kelowna 163
Total, U.S. & Canada Combined 7,785

Living Church of God: Rod Meredith Forces The New "Bob League" To Sell His House In Service To LCG

From an LCG source:

Rod Meredith's new henchman and Bob League's replacement, Michael Desimone has been forced to put his gorgeous Charlotte home on the market. Mike had a decent job and his family lived comfortably in a large home with acres of wooded property in a great Charlotte neighborhood. That is until Rod Meredith manipulated him into quitting his job to prove his loyalty to the Church of Rod.
Unfortunately,  the idealistic Desimone will now be expected to blindly obey Master Meredith's every command. His most recent order to sell his stunning 5 bedroom, 6 bathroom home was blindly obeyed as expected.
Rod and Lil' Jimmy don't want someone below them to have a nicer house after all. It just doesn't look right for a subordinate to be living higher on the hog than number 3 and 4 in all the universe. Ego and vanity. Vanity and ego.
Just like that episode of Star Trek where John-Luc Picard turns into a robot-human part of the Borg,  Mike Desimone has now become assimilated. Resistance was futile.
He was once a relatively nice guy, although fairly daft. Now, after several months of training for his new position assisting the tyrannical Rod McNair in policing the Charlotte LCG congregation, he has already begun to become less human.
What else could be expected? Can you imagine being trained by Rod McNair? The poor man hasn't got a prayer. I'm sure he has already been baptized into "the ends justify the means" club of which McNair is the chairman. He's already comfortable telling long-time church members that are twice his age that they can't study the Bible without a minister present.
The silver lining might be that he will now be able to keep his friends out of trouble. Everyone knows that favoritism rules at LCG and the close friends and family of ministers get the get-out-of-jail-free cards.
He was most certainly ordained and given the position that he is in because he is a "yes man".  Like a soldier, he is perfectly okay executing orders without questioning whether what he's being asked to do is right or wrong.
Mike once said that "if Mr. Meredith says it, it's the same as if it were written in the Bible". That type of obedience to Rod is how you get places in LCG!
Many of us feel a little sorry for Mike. He worked hard to make something of his career despite the lack of quick wit. He had a big heart and puppy eyes, truly believing that serving the "one true church" would sure up his position as a pillar in the kingdom. I'm sure he will hide is sadness and despair and march forward like all good soldiers do even after the truth becomes known to him. The truth that it is all a charade. The truth that LCG headquarters is filled with boasters, liars, back-biters and bullies. It's always a little heart breaking for new hires at LCG headquarters at first but then he will tell himself that it's a test of obedience or make some other excuse in his mind to prevent the truth and doubt from seeping into his perfectly brainwashed obedient mind. It's so much easier to make excuses and go with the flow than to stand up against the rampant bad behavior and risk the utter destruction of everything you THOUGHT was real.
Poor Mikey.