Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Gerald Flurry's Health Is Declining Just Like His Church Membership Rolls

A frail looking Gerald Flurry made his appearance at the Philadelphia Church of God's Feast of Tabernacles this year.  His rapidly declining health is starting to be a concern with the echelon of the PCG.

Like his predecessor Herbert Armstrong, Flurry had to be assisted on and off the stage by Grant Turgeon.  Many who witnessed Turgeon assisting Flurry had shivers go up their spines.  Grant is the son of Wayne Turgeon has turned out to be one of the more abusive ministers of the church.  Wayne is feared by many and seems to take great delight in that. Grant has turned into a parrot and mouths the same garbage that his father does and is now treating members the same way. PCG members are also afraid to see what position Wayne will assume once Flurry dies.  Ranked an "evangelist" in the PCG, his rapid rise up through the ranks of the PCG happened because he married Gerald Flurry's daughter.  Countless stories of his abusive polices have been detailed on this blog and on Exit and Support.

It has been reported that even though Flurry was in a weakened state, his message was the same malarkey that he has been spouting for the last  20 some years.  Eternal death, famines, plagues and nuclear destruction are soon to be meted out on the heathens in the Untied States, Great Britain and  Australia. Flurry is like Meredith and Pack who seem to go into orgasmic delight at death and destruction scenarios.  Nothing could elapse them more.

Attendance at PCG's Feast this year was also down dramatically.  One behind-the-scenes source said it was "...a shadow of what it was in the heyday of the PCG."  They mentioned the Greenville SC Feast site: 

I remember attending the Feast back in the early 2000s when we had over 1300 people attending at Greenville SC and Sandusky OH.  Flurry would proudly shout and boast at the Feast  that the PCG would eventually have 10,000 members. Now the members attending at the Feast are around 700-800 people.
Because of the horrific abuse, suicides and deaths that have plagued the PCG over the last decade members are leaving in droves.

Many are asking the following:

The question is WHO gets to crown himself the Next Apostle and prophet of the PCG once Flurry passes on? His son Steven or Wayne Turgeon? Is the public display of Grant Turgeon helping the failing Flurry a sign of Who is next in line?


Anonymous said...

Gerald Flurry promised us the moon and stars if we donated and gave till it hurt to the Building Fund. He also said Gods House would overflow with so many people coming in and joining us.
Yet, as it is, we can't even fill the Auditorium at the Feast or high days.
And yes, we all know and fear that Wayne Turgeon will be the new Pastor General soon. :-(

Anonymous said...

When the Worldwide Church of God (WCG) was breaking up after the complete and open apostasy of the Tkaches in January 1995, Gerald Flurry's Philadelphia Church of Fraud (PCG) started to grow rapidly by attracting some of these WCG people. At that time, Flurry would babble and scribble about how the PCG was growing because it was pleasing God and God was blessing it. The truth was that Flurry had simply lied to, deceived, and ensnared former WCG people who were looking for a true successor to Herbert W. Armstrong (HWA).

The PCG topped out years ago at around 7,000 people, and then went into a long, continuous decline. It was announced around the peak attendance time that more people had gone through the PCG (that is, had left the PCG or been kicked out of it) than were currently attending it.

While Gerald Flurry claimed to be holding on faithfully to everything that HWA had taught, he actually “FLOODED” the PCG with “NEW REVELATION” that made some of the most massive and perverse doctrinal changes imaginable. Flurry quoted his inspirational hero Adolf Hitler as saying that a clever conqueror will impose his will in instalments. The continuing instalments of Flurry's outrageous doctrinal changes have made the Tkaches' incredible doctrinal changes seem almost benign by comparison.

From quickly discontinuing the preaching of the gospel of the kingdom of God (which HWA had always taught was the “very purpose” of the church) and replacing it with a “new commission” to “warn the Laodiceans,” to thinking that the church was led by a prophet rather than an apostle, to getting into identity theft and claiming that Gerald Flurry rather than Jesus was “That Prophet” of Deuteronomy 18:17-20, to claiming that the Malachi's Message book that Flurry had plagiarized and revised half a dozen times is the “little scroll” mentioned in Revelation 10:1-11, to totally perverting the book of Malachi in the Bible and getting PCG members to do the exact opposite of what it says about being faithful to their wives and children, the evil in the PCG never ends.

You might wonder why some people still go to Flurry's PCG cult in spite of all the evil in it. Well, the PCG's enforced ignorance of what HWA had actually taught is easier for mentally lazy PCG members than learning the truth and standing up for it. In fact, many people go to the PCG precisely because of all the evil in it, which actually suits their own selfish and immoral purposes quite well. When the Ambassador College (AC) trained ministers from the WCG showed no interest whatsoever in following a drunken runt like Flurry, Flurry set up ignorant and abusive psychopaths and let them pretend to be “ministers” in the PCG. Unfaithful, disloyal men and women in the PCG get to divorce their mates to chase after other people and pretend that they are doing it for God and the church. Totally fucked up old men and women in the PCG get to prey on younger singles a fraction of their own age or else snarl, gossip, lie, slander, and get the local incompetent and immoral leaders to kick out their victims and indignantly pretend to have done so much for them and tried so hard to “help” them. Irresponsible, lazy, and wicked people get to cut off all contact with friends and even close family members outside of the PCG and pass off this sort of vile behavior as a virtue. Never get too carried away thinking that all the current PCG members are innocent victims. The plain truth is that many of them are actually immoral and guilty perpetrators of selfish and evil behavior of the worst sort.

After the PCG attendance numbers went into irreversible decline years ago, Flurry changed his tune and started to babble and scribble about the story of Gideon with 32,000 men in Judges 7:1-8 having too many men to fight the Midianites and having to reduce the number of them down to 300. Hopefully, Flurry can soon get the PCG attendance down to some similarly low number.

EX-PCG/RCG said...

It's hard to believe that a "boob" like Wayne Turgeon would takeover as PG but anything is possible. Yet, has Stephen Flurry actually ever done any real "Pastoring"? It's probably because of his marriage to Laura (that WT would get the most coveted title of PG).

Flurry's spouting of growth...sounds like David Pack. They are 2 peas in a pod (and they don't even know it). Most COG members will NEVER go with either of these two ass clowns. The general membership and ministry are not as "asleep" or Laodicean as these 2 seem to believe.

Redfox712 said...

Since at least 2001 Gerald Flurry has insinuated that PCG will eventually gain 10,000 members. He insinuated this in his 2001 booklet, No Freedom Without Law.

Flurry wrote:

"Being part of the former prophets, I Kings includes prophecy for us today. It doesn’t say men. This is 7,000 people who are converted and have the Holy Spirit of God, people who know God and haven’t caved in to Baal. These are the people who will join God’s work before this is all over. But [PCG's version of] God clearly says there will be 10,000 in the place of safety. He is going to come back with those 10,000. So maybe we will convert about 500 of our teenagers before and in the place of safety. And we’ll pick up between 2,000 and 2,500 from the world before the Great Tribulation." (Gerald Flurry, No Freedom Without Law, Chapter 5, p. 59.)

I mentioned this earlier on my blog:


Flurry also brought up this particular doctrine of his again in his 2014 book, The Former Prophets.

Redfox712 said...

As for the succession at present I suspect Stephen Flurry will take over. But what will happen after that? Because PCG asserts one man rule to decide their leadership it is a fragile system. Once any disagreement occurs regarding who should rule I suspect PCG will be inclined to tear itself apart.

Of course it would be so much better if PCG reformed itself so that a nasty schism of that sort does not occur and became a church of love instead of law but until they give up their authoritarian tendencies I see no hope that such a schism will be avoided.

One man rule is fragile. What if the leader should lose his legitimacy somehow? There is only one man holding it up. Consequently one man can ruin it and make it disintegrate. Once severe disagreement occurs it will be a struggle of power, not of honest discussion. Such a schism will be nasty and terrible.

Minimalist said...

Does Mr Flurry have a beer fridge in his mansion (a second fridge just for beer)?

Anonymous said...

Did Anonymous 4:39 use that word "apostasy" again?


Gerald wasn't supposed to die. Like other such megalomaniacs, he didn't see the need to plan for a successor. If he had, he would have done more than just prop up his son and son-in-law as his lieutenants.

O, what do do with an ornate auditorium built in the middle of a prairie, what to do?

Anonymous said...

The PCG is a complete Penopticon society. Everyone spies on everyone for the ministry. Ministers ask members about ministers. Everyone is so busy watching each other, it's sickening!
It used to be enjoyable attending services and visiting with each other. Now I'm on constant pins and needles.
Twitter is evil, unless you use it to promote all the PCG handles, and there are dozens!
Facebook is evil, unless you promote the church
Instagram is evil, unless you promote the church
Pinterest is evil, unless you promote the church
It goes on and on and on and on
Oh, and the fundraising that never stops!

Anonymous said...

So, 9:11...oh, I don't know...maybe...leave?

Connie Schmidt said...

Over and Unders "betting line" for Gerald Flurry last breath...

December 2016

Place your bets now!

This new COG "death pool" fantasy game is better than FAN DUEL!

Black Ops Mikey said...

3 to 5 years.

When we get to year 4, we will probably change the prediction to 3 to 5 years.

Same as Meredith.

Anonymous said...

Panopticon society is right on the mark! The ministry doesn't trust any of its members, but wants their money and wants everyone to give more!
You're a free moral agent until you join the PCG, after that you're a mindless idiot and you have to counsel about everything!
Wayne Turgeon is a very evil man! The members fear him more than God!

DennisCDiehl said...

Vote with your feet....Stay home and save 30%

Anonymous said...

So many of us are torn with choices. Sitting at HQs every sabbath and being on edge. Never knowing when you're going to get corrected harshly by the ministry, gossiped by a member, ignored by the snooty proud college students. If we stay we get abused, if we leave we get cut off by family and friends!

Harold Weaver Jr said...

I hope that lying drunken pig flurry dies hard before he goes.he's nothing more than a lying drunk who spends money like a drunken sailor. people that belong to that church get exactly what they deserve for not using their minds. and the other half of the equation is that they're just as evil as the ones that run that hell hole.are remember that lying drunkard when he said he won the case to get one of Herbert's rights to a book I think it was the missing dimension in sex. come to find out that lying drunk paid a million plus for the rights to that book to the Worldwide Church of God. and I know that for an absolute fact. you like to screw with people's lives and put yourself in a position god never put you you deserve to die alone and painful death.I pray that lying drunken pig gets dished out to him what are you disc out to others. may that lying drunken pic Die Hard death. Harold.