Tuesday, September 29, 2015

COG Prophet Says To Pitch A Tent In Your Living Room This Feast

God's most imortant mouthpiece ever to walk this earth is back telling his few African members and some gullible Americans how to keep the Feast this year.  It is particularly pointed towards those that cannot travel.  For those true Christians who could not travel to a holy designated feast site, Bob Thiel presents an alternative...pitch a tent in our living room and spend 8 days in it.  You even have holy dispensation to sleep in  a camper in your driveway!  Woo Hoo!  Best Feast Evvvvvvvvvvvvvvver!

Those who cannot may wish to consider the possibility to not sleep in their houses during the time of the Feast.  If they are physically and financially able, they may wish to try to sleep in some type of temporary dwelling like a hotel, motel, camper, or a tent (including perhaps one in one’s own home).  In ancient Israel, those who did not travel (as well as native Israelites that did) made ‘booths’ of branches on top of their roofs (Leviticus 23:40) and slept in them for the seven days of the Feast (Leviticus 23:42), and some slept for the entire eight days (though th e Bible only mentions seven days).  Staying in ‘temporary dwellings,’ of whatever sort, helps convey that this age is temporal and a new millennial age is coming.


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Church of God Murderer, Rapist And Pedophile Admits He Cut Ankle Bracelet Many Times

David Renz is back in the news again admitting that he had cut his ankle bracelet numerous times to sneak around.  Each time he did it the authorities did not follow up with him so he got bolder and bolder till he kidnapped, raped and murdered a mother and her 10 year old daughter.

A convicted rapist and murderer has said he was only able to commit his horrific crimes because he could take off his ankle monitor without authorities noticing.

David Renz was sentenced to life in prison without parole last year after murdering a librarian and raping her ten-year-old daughter in Syracuse, New York.

Renz, 31 - who was out on bail at the time for suspected child-pornography offences - admitted carjacking Lori Ann Bresnahan, 47, and her young child on March 14, 2013

Blood Moon's and Church of God Prophecy

For the last couple of years various fundamentalist preachers, Jewish extremists and whacked out Mormons have declared the "blood moon's" to be prophetic signs from God that the end time is here.  Every single one of them has proven to be liars and frauds.

Jumping into that fray are various Church of God "leaders" who claiming NOTHING will happen on the "blood moon" dates, but then go on to make their own bizarre predictions.   They trip all over themselves trying to disprove the blood moons, mocking the men and women who made the predictions, YET they make their own stupid predictions and think they are absolutely spot on.

For 80 some years now we have heard one idiotic prophecy after another from Herbert Armstrong, Rod Meredith, Herman Hoeh, Dean Blackwell, Gerald Waterhouse and others.  Not one single thing they prophesied has taken place nor will it.  Every one of them have been proven to be liars, yet their god continues to speak to them and reveal secret equally stupid knowledge that they willingly share share.

Church of God leaders are eager to disprove "so-called" Christian's, radical Jews and other cult predictions, yet they do not speak out against the abysmal failure of their own leaders and their own prophecies.  They all want to be take as credible men yet none of them have any credibility at all. Not one single one of them!

You can read a list of 209 failed prophecies of Herbert Armstrong, Rod Meredith, Herman Hoeh and others here:  Herbert Armstrong's 209 Failed Prophecies