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Dennis On: Dear Member and Minister - Pick Only One"

Dear Member and Minister
Pick One Only

"Gone will be study papers and committees to continue Joe Tkach’s policy of examining all doctrine to “see where Mr. Armstrong may have been wrong.” And at these conferences there will be no voting on budgets, leaders, policies, changes in bylaws, and other unscriptural time-wasting nonsense brought by the devil that only serve to divide and confuse God’s ministers and God’s people"

Impostle David C. Pack


The admonition of scripture to the individual is to obtain a wide range of input, opinions and facts before coming to a conclusion and making a final decisions. Confer with your spouse, friends, and relatives. Seek much legal advice, get a second and third opinion and meet with professionals. Obtain a multitude of published documents, books and findings. Never rely on the advice of any one doctor, lawyer or instructor.


 Proverbs 1:5
A wise man will hear and will increase learning. And a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels.

Proverbs 15:22
Without counsel purposes are disappointed; but in the multitude of counselors they are established

1 Thess 5:21
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. 

This scripture is clearly about proving what church ministry says in sermons and sermonettes and in this case, the foolish babble that comes out of IMpostle Pack's mouth every week. 

Dennis Diehl - EzineArticles Expert AuthorIMpostle Dave says there will be no voting on budgets.  This will assure that your hard earned money is spent without your permission on things you would not spend it on for things you would not spend it for.  Dave, as always intends to do exactly as he wishes.  He will get your church in so much trouble you won't believe it.  What kind of an organization of any has NO oversight, NO input allowed financially and ONE man making all the decisions.  You are true fools in every sense, Biblical or otherwise if you fall for this con.

IMpostle Dave says you will never get to voice an opinion about who leads you. Only he can lead.  He has assigned all other ministers everywhere to IMpostle Pack assistants and only if you are worthy.  Remember, only WORTHY YOUTH get to go to summer camp so how the hell worthy do you think you will have to prove to IMpostle Pack YOU ARE to get to attach yourself to him.

Members,  YOU will get the minister that the IMpostle Dave says you get.  Like Dave himself , who daily had people calling HQ in days gone buy to save them from Dave or at times called me to ask for help , you will be stuck.  If you get a foolish yes man for a minister, you're stuck.  You have no recourse.  You will be thrown out of church long before anyone Dave approves of.  Worse than foolish if you allow this.  No organization on earth would put up with Dave Pack.

 IMpostle Dave says you won't get any say in policy or CHANGES in by laws.  That means he can do whatever is expedient.  Being right and doing what is expedient is not the same thing.  What Dave so badly tried to hide for years as he left his trail of tears from church to church he now flaunts.  Dave is in your faces folks and I suggest you either not fall for this or get back in his. 
Anything that Dave does not want to face, understand or have to accept to him is "unscriptural, time wasting , nonsense."  How about these scriptures on there being safety in a multitude of advice and counsel? Are these, for you, unscriptural and time wasting nonsense?  It seems that these SCRIPTURAL ADMONITIONS for not making an ass out of yourself and fools out of others are the truth and IMpostle Pack is dead wrong.  Maybe I can't read.  Can you?
IMpostle Pack will allow no studies to show yourself approved. No RIGHTLY dividing the word of truth, whatever that may be for you.  NO inquiry that goes against the Almighty IMpostle Pack.  Are you people brain dead?  Do you have any original thoughts in your own heads that you will defend in the face of this theological clown and tyrant? 
A word to you 16 buffoons for Christ that "counsel and advice."  We know you don't. You are kiss ass yes men.  You want your job and whatever perks IMpostle Pack has promised you.  Find just ONE thing you disagree with him over and bring it to his attention in front of the other 15.  Let us know how that goes for you.  Just remember, freely he has given and history has show that freely he shall and can take it back.  Ask Michael Venish how it feels to have the fist shaking IMpostle Pack in your face when he thought to caution IMpostle Pack on spending money on a campus sending a clear message that Dave's lord does indeed delay his coming and to think twice about calling himself some kind of Joshua the High Priest, which we know is exactly what he thinks to do.  IMpostle Dave left he and his wife destitute and a finer man I have never met in the COGs.  You won't have a chance.

IMpostle Pack is obviously both totally stuck in his past and determined to reproduce it.  Of course, along with it will come ALL that came from it.  There will be investigations into IMpostle Pack and it will come from the endless stream of people he has offended and alienated.  As many go out the back door as come in the front it seems.  That will never end for both minister and member.  If you think he is creating drama now, just wait.  You have not seen anything yet.

IMpostle Pack is a mere Bible reader as are most COG ministers.  They weave and cobble scriptures together that never belong together to make them mean what they never were meant to mean.  Haggai is just one example of making the OT mean what it never meant.

Three times I have challenged the IMpostle to debate me on all things Bible and prophecy  and three times no response.  I did not challenge him thinking he would.  I challenged him to show you he would not.  Big fish, small pond and all that.   

IMpossible Pack is wrongly dividing the book of Haggai.  Before too long you will know that in your soul unless you are totally blind, deaf and dumb.  It is not about IMpostle Pack and he ain't no Joshua.  Or as any Rabbi or OT Scholar might tell the IMpostle ,  "I know Joshua...I got my doctorate in Joshua..and you ain't no Joshua."

What a ridiculous perspective this man has.  He is not special.  He is not found anywhere in the Bible.  He does not have the only direct line to Christ or the Almighty.  He doesn't know everything and in fact actually knows little about the real origins, intent, history and politics of the whole Bible.  He is NOT well read and wants you not to be well read either.  Booklets are not Books and abiding by the views of just one man in this time of history is simply foolish. 

So think about it.  Read his own words about what will never be permitted and then read the scriptures about getting wise counsel and there being safety in that.  Like you need to be told that????  Herbert W Armstrong did many foolish and hurtful things because no one could tell him what to do or not do either.  He wasted millions on himself and his opinion of himself.  HWA had to pay leaders to see him.  That's how the real world works.  NOT ONE of the leaders HWA visited gave a rats ass about who he said or thought he was and what his message was.  And besides, HWA was too afraid to actually preach any Gospel to the world.  He put it in terms they understood, not so they would understand it, but so he could at least get a picture of himself with them.  I understand Prince Charles once told HWA he "needed to learn his place" and indeed he never did.  IMpostle Pack won't either unless it is the dominant one. 

I will remind both minister and member alike one more time what IMpostle Pack said about himself  and then just sit back the next few weeks months and watch the Spirit of Ron Weinland manifest itself once again in Impostle David C. Pack.

Dave challenged you with these words.  YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN THEM AS HE HOPED

 "I want to make a statement,(Boy, now there's a rare topic) if I became deceived,  (And now you have ) I will never tell you what I'm going to tell you now...I am telling you if I go off into strange ideas, misconduct, rebellion, you name it, don't follow me.  I want to tell you that now, because if I start doing that I'm gonna try to get you to follow me! I'm gonna come to you and tell you it doesn't apply, it doesn't mean me, no, no, no, no, no, no, it's OK to follow me because ABCD and XY and Z. Do you understand what I'm saying? Listen to me now, when I tell you don't follow me if I go off into weird ideas, or if I get off into other things that are total absolutely unscriptural conduct, because if I do I'm gonna paint it with a different face and try to get you to follow me. Do you understand what I'm saying brethren? Please remember that, because I promise you that if I become deceived, I'll forget it, and I'll want you to forget it...And I hope you'll remember it well enough to quote it right back to me...But I'll tell you what, I'm not going anywhere."
There a have it....the ball is in your court.  He told you what to do even though now he has told you all there will be no challenges to anything he says, does or wants.  He is now at that place where he told you how he would behave and is now telling you he hopes you forget he told you.

So what will it be????? :

 "There will be no more......."
 "In the multitude of counsel there is safety"

 It's an old story and Dave didn't invent it, but he is recreating it.
Revelation 2 
“To the angel of the church in Ephesus write:
These are the words of him who holds the seven stars in his right hand and walks among the seven golden lampstands.  I know your deeds,your hard work and your perseverance. I know that you cannot tolerate wicked people, that you have tested those who claim to be apostles but are not, and have found them false.

 In modern language:
Dave Pack:  "I am an Apostle.  I am Joshua the High Priest"
Church of God: " No you aren't."

 Jesus of Revelation:  "Well done."
Dave Pack:  "Doh!"

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