Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dave Pack: Returning COG Brethren Can Be Expected To Attend EVERYTHING in The RCG.

Life in Dave's cult will soon be one series of church activities after another.  By keeping them occupied and worn-out they are less rebellious.

Then there are the socials. Many will recall the wonderful, usually annual gatherings of years past—campouts, dances, talent shows, local socials, picnics, regional sporting events, singles weekends, and so many more. In my pastorates, these activities were always carefully and repeatedly emphasized, and everyone wanted to attend. Today, splinters have occasional socials, but see generally limited participation with the energy level mostly “flat.” In God’s Church today, virtually EVERYONE comes to EVERYTHING. Difficult for people in the splinters to appreciate, this is no exaggeration. In fact, when we are all back together you will see and hear this yourself and know it to be true. We can ALL again look forward to regularly coming together in beautiful social settings, in unity and like mind, enjoying one another in fellowship as in “the old days.” I remember when brethren looked forward to each upcoming activity with eager anticipation. What a joy to know this will again be the case.


Sweetblood777 said...

I get the impression that Pack sits down at his desk every day just pondering what else to bring up that may encourage people to join him and give him their money.

For example this reminding people how good it was in the WCG with all the socials, etc., is an attempt to pull at the emotional strings of long lost memories, much like one wishing they were young again.

The truth of the matter is that one cannot go back. For many, they may not even want to go back, due to the horrors and negative experiences that they had.

Who in their right mind would want to pour money into these organizations, especially since learning that the tithing system that they demand, is outright stealing.

Yahweh names these well. Pack reminds me of a wolf pack. Flurry reminds me of hot air. Armstrong reminds me of someone that strong arms a person by taking advantage of them, and feeling absolutely no shame.

What many do not realize is that such a man was prophesied to come, and if these fools knew the scriptures that speak of him, they would not be trying to be like him, for he is detested by God Himself.

Anonymous said...

Yahweh names these well.

Whine land?

Merry death?


Head Usher said...

The way Dave talks about these socials and everyone showing up to everything sounds nothing like reality, it sounds like a wet dream he has every night, of everyone doing everything to make Dave feel better about himself. It's like a puppetshow and the members are the puppets, and they have no choice except to do what Dave's dexterous fingers makes them do. He holds their strings, and they do everything he says, and Dave's insecurities are mollified, but only because he pretends it wasn't his own hands manipulating the whole show. All the "unity," "like mind," "eager anticipation" and "joy" are the parts Dave fills in within the insanity of his own twisted mind. Dave reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode that Rod Serling told me he was going to write.

James said...

Joining a Acog is as enjoyable as a shower in a Nazi death camp.

Byker Bob said...

Best advice: Better go on a total bean diet! Accidents will happen, but if you are questioned or accused of rebellion you can always plead that you voluntarily send most of your former food money to Dave's building fund!