Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Country Fried, Bible Thumpin' "Philosiphizin" COG Comedy Video That Tries To Be Serious

If you though Bob Thiel was a nut-job, wait till you hear this guy!


Anonymous said...

Well Fry My Chicken and Grab Me Mah Beans!

Ah should say this here video sure has given me a hanken to visit Grampa from hee haw. I'd like me a messa cole slaw, some deep frahhed chickeen, a messa beans and heck, gimme suuma that there corn on the cowb. Made me hungry for some food and the ol hammock, ay? Mess up mah bib overalls for the worrrdd.

Other than that, I dare say this video is comin up some serious crap. Now I am a right serious joker when I say this here statement: I gotta git me in the shawer, cause it's about to come on up a cloud in these here hills. Cant let the snakes get in the house, I reckon? Gotta get er done. ;)

Anonymous said...

Armstrongism needs more advocates like this guy to totally delegitimize it. As though the Apostle Herbert didn't do enough.

Excerpts from the Second Book of Acts:

Then the LORD said unto Herbert, In 1975 I will surely git'r done, so be prepared to flee in 1972 as spoken of by the prophets for a time, times, and half a time. I know I flaked on you during WWII, but this time I really mean it.

And behold, it came to pass in 1986 that the LORD said unto Herbert, Psych, lol, gotcha real good that time! And Herbert was gathered unto his people.

Then in those days it came to pass that there arose from among the people a proud man, speaking boastful things, out of his mouth proceeded a lying tongue, a strange gospel and smooth words. And behold, he smote the people and scattered them. And in those days the people began to say unto the LORD, Kiss my grits. And every man began to do that which was right in his own eyes, and the power of the holy people was broken. Amen & Hallelujah!

RSK said...

Bee-hode, Ah weel sen yew Ellahjuh da prawphet. An' Ah becaaaame Bawrg, an' we speek wit wun vahoice. we awr Bawrg. reztuns ez fyootiiiile.

Anonymous said...

So, God sent us HWA as the biggest asswipe in 1900 years, and then splintered HWA's church, because God found there were even BIGGER asswipes, like the UCG's "Council of Asswipes", the "Packinator", and the "Rod of Iron"!

Corky said...

Anybody ever wonder why it was a crime to be a Christian from the first century until Constantine?

Well, wonder no more, it was because they were weird, weird beyond any weird that was in the whole of the Roman empire - now, that's weird! But, not only did they sleep in grave yards in order to have 'visions' - they buried their dead in their living quarters and worshiped a criminal, crucified, dead man. They put rows of human skulls on shelves in their secret meeting places in the Catacombs of Rome and lived in filth.

They didn't stop there though, oh no, they went on to worship the earlier followers of the criminal, crucified, dead man and even his mother became some sort of goddess among them.

Well, that may have been true and it may not have been true but the populous of the time thought it was true. That and a lot more. They had so many weird beliefs that it took an imperial edict in order for them to reach an agreement on what they did believe in order for them to be accepted as a legitimate religion instead a bunch of weird, warring, low-life cults.

Did that stop the weirdness? Well, you saw the video, what do you think?