Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Is Arnold The New Beast Power Soon To Rise Up?

Never one to disappoint with absolute silliness, our fellow diehard Armstrongites live their life with one conspiracy theory after another.  So much useless speculation is thrown about that they start looking like complete fools.  Never do they talk about Jesus, but dumbasss stuff like this or minute legalistic laws.

Looking for a leader for all of Europe to rally around, I have for probably about a decade thought that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be the ideal person to unite Europe.

He is from Austria and cannot become President of the United States because of the current rules but he could become the leader of Europe, I believe, unless their is a conflict with their current rules that I am not aware of.

I mentioned this to a couple of ministers, and one said he is too American and other said he felt the same way that I did that he may just be the future leader of the European Union.

I owned a health club from 1976-1981 and Arnold was an idol back then (and still is). The serious bodybuilders in my club worshipped him like he was a god. Everyone wanted to have a powerful physique like Arnold. (I remember that my brother who was/is a bodybuilder would imitate his facial expressions and appearance every way possible in performing his posing routines.) Arnold won the highest bodybuilding contest -- Mr. Olympia -- seven times.

But now his political career seems to have come to end, but I think one of his famous lines is: "I'll be back".

Just speculating and throwing this out for discussion.


Anonymous said...


Excuse me.


*walks briskly and hides behind curtain*


Anonymous said...

At first, I thought that picture was an old Farrah Fawcett poster!

Byker Bob said...

This is hardly original. The late David ben Ariel used to actually call Schwarzenneger's office trying to get through to Arnie to ask about fulfilling this role.

In Armstrongism, regardless of where the dial points on the koo koo clock, that infernal bird just keeps on koo kooing!


Anonymous said...

Well, when you think of it, he as the terminator (which was an image of the beast (lol) gets a wound in its head and rises again. So hmmmmmm.