Friday, June 7, 2013

Dave Pack: Returning COG Members Will Be Astounded That I Have Recorded 450 Sermons

Dave seems to think that when the tens of thousands of COG members all return to his cult in the next few months that they will be astounded that Dave has recorded 45o sermons!  Shocking I know!  I think what they will be shocked at is that he will FORCE them to listen to all 450 sermons all in one sitting!  His words are so incredibly super-fantastic that the brethren will stand in awe at his awesome dudeness.

Most important, God’s people will be fed a strong, balanced and spiritually rich diet EVERY WEEK. They will also have a great many more magazines, books, booklets and articles to study that reflect the same quality of content. Brethren will be excited to learn about our vast library of sermons—just I have given over 450—available to members.


Sharon said...

OMG! That is the best picture you have found for Dave. I cant stop laughing.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing funny about this picture. It is disgusting. You have proven once and for all how sick this site is. They day is coming when you will answer for mocking God's loyal servants.

Anonymous said...

for what it's worth....I don't recall any time where one of God's servants has been mocked on here...

Anonymous said...

"How sick this site is"....

Really? You freak out over one bad word, but you presumably let the greater things of Armstrongism stand?

God's loyal servants? Tell me if they practice the fruits of the spirit if you can. Tell me if they practice gentleness, kindness, humility, patience, forbearance, self control. Tell me if they bless or curse their enemies, or take care of the sick and widows, and the poor and needy as a priority. Tell me if their heart is a heart of compassion, kindness, mercy, and love. Tell me they are not lovers of money and don't cause members to pay up every penny they can possibly afford for their own purposes.

Then tell me if the words promoting poverty, haughty, arrogant, lovers of money, unteachable, divisible, easily angered, temperamental, controlling, domineering, idolatrous, and even drunkedness among other words/actions mean anything to you when you think about what goes on with some folks involved in Armstrongism. There's lots of documentation to prove that out there, whoever you are. See, in my thought, Just like the Pharisees, you blast a hole in the computer for one bad word, calling this site "sick", but let all the atrocities that so many seem to be comfortable with live right in front of your face go without condemnation. Before you go off condemning someone or a person because of a forbidden "word", look all around you at the things that really hurt people. All I see is a big plank when you pointed out a speck. My opinion.

Joe Moeller said...

Suggestion to Banned:

The use of the "F" word lowers your credibility and effectiveness. It allows for people to deny true reporting that is necessary to be said and heard, and to be marginalized by readers as coming from non-reliable people.

...One reporters opinion.

Your Friend,
Joe Moeller

Anonymous said...

If there were such a thing as a spiritually rich diet, Dave wouldn't know a strong, balanced one if it came out his ass. Or maybe he just means a diet of strong spirits. Make mine a bourbon on the rocks and then STFU.

Former RCG said...

Pack loves to hear himself speak. He wants to be the center of attention. Many of his older sermons have been edited (if they even exist). He has become so important the last several year that they are now outdated.

Douglas Becker said...

mocking God's loyal servants

Name one.

Bet you can't do it.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but narcissism is a mental disorder so Davey's the one who is sick.

Assistant Deacon said...

Joe, what kind of a ranch do you run? Do the ranch hands all say "shoot" when some strays get loose? "Darn" when a truck gets stuck in the mud? "Phooey" when you lose a calf?

Or do you do everything yourself? Because that would be fuckin' awesome.

Joe Moeller said...

Re: Assistant Deacon above/

Dude, Im no prude and can drop an F bomb as good as anyone else. No virgin ears either, especially here at the ranch , which is , by its nature, a masculine environment.

However, cursing and profanity is never smart in the general marketplace. Even secular non religious business knows this. Its one thing to tell an off color joke with the "guys" quite another for it to be your public personna. When I am around other professional people, I carefully guard my language, as they do as well. This is even carnal common sense.

My point is that I feel "Banned" provides a type of public service. If Bannned allows itself to be perceived as "undignified" by the marketplace, then it loses credibility, and any truth or revelations that it may offer are diminished and dismissed.

Even in the world, cursing in front of women, and/or children is crass. Men are dogs, and when in close quarters or familiarity, men do what they do. Again, I understand this.

I pulling for Banned to maintain its editorial quality and credibility.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

"This is even carnal common sense."

After many years in the COGs, I have come to realize that's the only kind of common sense there is.

Assistant Deacon said...

I know what you meant, Joe, and while being selective with language is sometimes the better part of valor, this isn't the marketplace. It's a commentary site, and a satirical one, at that. Satire bites, literally, and sometimes that may include salty language. The F word may shock, but that doesn't mean it's inapproapriate in this context.

Anonymous said...

Suggestion to ranch-bound critics who plan to shoot hungry people:

Don't worry so much about the language used.
Just be sure to shoot them in the head and kill them if they are hungry and ranchbound.