Wednesday, June 5, 2013

COG Member Captures Guardian Angle Whispering In His Granny's Ear


Anonymous said...

The concept of life after death is quite a controversy in this world. Though this matches the depictions of ghostly spirits reported worldwide (A friend once visited a place known to be inhabited by spirits) and caught similiar phenomenon that looked just like this, it could just as easily be a video glitch or digital abberation.

A similiar video noted a true digital abberation (bright pink vertical lines) in a FOT video as angels. They were not. It was a well known digital artifact that happens when you shine a camera at the sun while videotaping a darker object. That video made the videographer appear, frankly, king of idiotic. Many supposed "spirits" are actually dust and/or digital artifacts.

With that said, this does resemble more of a "spirit" and matches other forms then other videos. But the chances are just as possible it could be absolutely nothing.

of course in the COG world, it's either an angel or a demon, as regular spirits are to them impossible.

Anonymous said...

Jumping cat artifact from another image?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps what we see here is a cloud of marijuana smoke from Granny puffing away.

Anonymous said...

Granny put her bong down just before the picture was taken.
And, she's listening to ZZ Top's "Jesus just Left Chicago", which, when played loud (because Granny's hearing aid batteries are low), tends to make the smoke bend that way.