Friday, June 7, 2013

Dave Pack: The Days Will Soon Be Over When 4 Different COG Congregations Meet In The Same City

Dave wants you to know that it is an INCREDIBLE waste of HIS money when various COG's have Sabbath services in the same town but in different locations.  Soon he will be paying for the largest and best hall available in towns where one of HIS ministers will be preaching HIS understanding and collecting HIS tithe money.

Dave says that he and his League of 16 have been working for months planning this out.  That statement alone shows how delusional this man is. He is planning on this great reunification, spending tens of thousands of dollars in tithe money doing it, for something that will NEVER happen.

Of course for this miraculous thing to happen the ministers flocking in from the 700 some splinter groups will all have to reeducation in Davey Speak.

Let’s start with the Sabbath. Four or more services (all requiring rental payment) in the same city under four or more pastors (most on salary)—the height of inefficiency, particularly for small groups—will be replaced with just one service and one pastor. The best hall will be retained (only if the congregation can fit), and so will the funds that were wasted on rental payments for the unneeded ones. Some pastors will continue serving where they are, while many others will be reassigned. Our Church Administration staff has been carefully working on maps for months to plan for this. Of course, we do not know how many ministers will return, and how many will not, but projections are underway to have MANY pastors, and in all the key areas. This will be possible no matter the number who refuse to return to God’s Church, Work, Government and Truth when He signals them. There will also be a Ministerial “Unity Conference” within a few weeks of the remnant’s return. More on this at the end.
 Areas where there is currently no congregation will in many cases now HAVE ONE. This is because the size of God’s Church will soon be much larger than the largest splinter—probably many thousands more. No matter the number of ministers who choose to be faithful when God presents their last opportunity, there will be more ministers and congregations, and almost certainly BY FAR, than any group is experiencing now. A great many additional, qualified men will go into immediate training so the ministry can soon be expanded, meaning (many?) more congregations can begin each year as they always did in a regular rhythm in the Worldwide Church of God. This will also be in part because the Work of God will be so large (recall last week’s announcement) that great numbers of additional brethren—vast thousands—will pour into the Church just as they once did. With all competition eliminated (again recall last week), the number coming into the Church each of the few remaining years left will be much greater than all the splinters, as well as God’s Church, which has been growing the fastest for a long time, put together. Growth will simply explode, probably into the thousands each year—as it did in the late 1950s, ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s when the Church was on track. In fact, expect this!


Anonymous said...

"The best hall" as in Flurry's "House for God"?

Pack would love to take possession of the OK office, now that it's "paid off".

For Mad Man Donald Draper & David Pack, it's all that, and a dash of good old fashioned fear that stimulates their imaginations.

Douglas Becker said...


Now he can start building local church buildings!

Joe Moeller said...


Once Daveys church collapses, which it will, there wont just be 4 churches in every city, there will be EIGHT!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

This all reminds me of nothing more than the scene from the film "Downfall" where Hitler is pushing around on his map imaginary divisions that have long since shattered and exist only on his planning table, explaining to his last loyal generals how this brilliant maneuver will save the Reich and turn the tide of the war...

(If you appreciate WWII movies, see it if you haven't. It's quite well done.)

Anonymous said...

Just thinking of Davey sitting around with 16 of his "best and brightest" for hours on end month-in and month-out makes me realize just how delusional he really is, and how he must surround himself with sniveling "yes men" who just humor him and rubber-stamp everything he says. All 16 of these guys must know all this planning is a big joke. It's one thing to sit around day-dreaming about how great it would be if only...but it's another thing to get out the drafting table and start drawing up plans. Is Davey beginning to spend money on these preparations? I wonder if he's delusional enough to do that.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Dave wonder how many of the regular members will refuse to join his stupid organization when god supposedly "signals" them? I guess that's an idea he doesn't want to plant in anyone's mind, lest they think it's an option. But why would the vaunted "ministers," those who are supposed to be so much closer to god than the regular members refuse to follow their supposed god when he "signals" them? Because Dave knows how proud and arrogant ministers are. (He seems to be blind to those traits in himself, but that's not unusual.) He knows that none of the leaders are any closer to their supposed god. (I guess this is probably another thing that Dave is blind to when he looks in the mirror.) Dave knows that a lot of ministers would rather burn in the lake of fire than submit to him, simply because of pride. However, there are probably a lot of members who would rather burn in hell than follow Dave, but that's just because they know him too well.

DennisCDiehl said...

It should be obvious to his members, ministers and minions that Dave's Lord delays his coming. Dave reproduces all the disconnects between words and deeds just as WCG did under HWA. Declaring "time is short" again and still while building a physical empire to ones view of themselves is the same HWA trick and will get the same results.

Dave thinks his work can't go much past 2016 , subject to change I suppose where "God is giving us more time." If the man had any real conviction about his Christ returning because he's His end time man, he'd be contrating on just church growth and media for his spectacular views and truths to reach the masses before he declares time and space null and void.

Dave has taken a downward turn in stability , in my opinion, the past six months. It wasn't allt that great before that but this is noticable. His brain must run on Red Bull.

I predict an outside inspection into the way he opperates and takes money from people and a Ramona moment perhaps in keeping with the "grand pattern." Of course, this would just prove to himself he is on track with Satan attacking him because Satan knows he has to stop him or it's curtains for Satan. The Satan that attacks him is the one within himself. The one that produces, as Herbert Armstrong so often noted there being a "cause for every effect."

"Worthy youth"? Really? I can't imagine a life more controlled and a mind more sucked out of it's container than working with or for Dave Pack.

Members, ministers or minions that go to RCG deserve each other at some point. Those who are sincere in their beliefs will suffer loss and go through spiritual crisis or the classic "Dark Night of the Soul" experience when it caves in and they see the man promotes himself and not any Jesus or Christ. It IS about the money and the numbers. It always has been. It's a necessary journey it seems.

Anonymous said...

Dave says,

"Our Church Administration staff has been carefully working on maps for months to plan for this."

Dave has always loved maps of church areas, especially as they butt up against his. He is known by other ministers to redraw church lines to pull more members into his church area. The member got a letter announcing that they now are attending a neighboring church under him and the minister always found out when the member called and said "what the hell is this all about?"

The answer was "It's all about Dave Pack."


Douglas Becker said...

Who wants to have a leader with severe mental disorders.

We've had quite enough of that.