Friday, June 7, 2013

Dave Pack: God Is Going To Make A SPECIAL Announcement In 2 Weeks!

Davey wants you all to know that in 2 weeks God will be speaking through him with a mind boggling announcement.  Are you prepared?

Everyone will be reading these announcements, and soon everyone who hopes to retain God’s Spirit will have to ACT on their content. (Some thousands have already followed God’s Spirit back to His Church—His House.) Eventually, MANY thousands more will come!

Everyone wants to know WHEN this will happen—WHEN this prophecy will be fulfilled. God’s exact timing for action will be announced in two weeks!

We have seen the incredibly STUUUUUUPID Ron Weinlend be made out to be a fool and we now get to watch as Davey is made out to be a fool too.  Oh wait, that's already happened.


Joe Moeller said...


I love watching those little "countdown clocks" at websites!

Where will this all lead, and how much will the madness go? Since Dave is also in Ohio, will he somehow become cell mates with Weinland too?

What will be the end to this madness. Offer your guess!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Douglas Becker said...

Davey is going to crash.

Likely the announcement will be that he's been committed to some mental health institution.

-- Or --

Mental health professionals might just not want to be bothered and let him just continue with his embarrassing mental disease on his own.

Anonymous said...

I'm now wondering how far the "MOO-MOO-Madness" of the UCG will go!

Will the satanic cows stop at taking away half of the UCG's ministers?

Who knows, but you can offer your guess!

I love it!