Saturday, June 8, 2013

Living Church of God: More Troubles Brewing As Meredith Slowly Looses Control

I don't know if many of you caught the following comment in one of the posts below.  It seems that Rod Meredith's perfect church is having more crisis issues.  That is part of the reason Rod has had so many sermons on being loyal to the chain of command and to him as leader. Being sinless he cannot make a mistake, especially when it comes to appointing his son as his successor.

That has been a big bone of contention in LCG.  Charlotte employees are getting raked over the coals for being in rebellion,  Ministers are back stabbing other ministers by throwing the hate bomb of "liberal" at those they disagree with.

The day Meredith dies you will see a huge  implosion happen in LCG.  Winnail and Ames will not be able to control the upheaval that will take place.

I was reminded of this when talking to a friend whose son attended the recent LCG Singles Weekend in Charlotte. Mind you, this is all secondhand and hearsay, but what he heard from his son is that the amount of hatred among LCG HQ staff in Charlotte was shocking. Ministers there privately undercut other ministers, calling each names like "liberal" or "idiot" or "unsophisticated" or "liar". Meredith is seen as out of touch and as only listening to his favorites, who flatter him and lie to him. Many of the younger people are flagrantly disobedient to the teachings of HWA, and apparently if you are a friend of the right minister's son you too can get away with premarital sex, drug and alcohol abuse, Sabbath-breaking and more. Teens and young adults of the LCG in Charlotte are apparently split between those who are disgusted by the hypocrisy and those who are happy to live secret lives so they can have all the fun their church would officially deny them.

It sounds like a hateful and awful environment. But then again it sounds exactly like the fruit of the ACOG mentality. Whether or not it is true, it is certainly believable.


Head Usher said...

It sounds like what happens in a COG during a crisis.

Don't get me wrong, the ministry treat each other like this all the time, but during normal times, they're careful to hide it from regular members. When a crisis happens though, then things get a little heated and start to boil over, the ministry can't keep it all hidden, and regular members can get a glimpse of what goes on behind the yellow velvet curtain that they're usually not privy to. If you're not on the inside and know the histories, the weaknesses, and the sore spots, you won't pick up on the cues and subtle digs, even though they're there to be seen every week at church. There's a lot of ministers that hate each other like Hatfields and McCoys. It's amazing there aren't more divisions and more shootings.

The ministers that revolve around a HQ are normally nothing but politicians, and they behave just like two-faced politicians. The larger the organization, the more ministers there are, the more money there is, the worse the politics are gonna be. They're always campaigning. Every sermon is also a stump speech. All it takes is a good crisis to create opportunities to destroy your enemies and drive them out from your midst once and for all.

We're all capable of this kind of behavior. I know I am. There are circumstances that can bring out the worst in each one of us. But when I start to see myself being sucked into playing these kinds of games and turning into somebody I don't want to be, I remove myself because life is too short to spend in this frame of mind where you become bent on hurting other people. Even if I won such a game, I would only be ashamed of myself.

But I know that people like Meredith, he's a winner at the ministerial game. He's made a career out of destroying his colleagues while appearing as an angel of light to his constituencies. Too bad that's not a thing to be proud of. He's still "on top" after all these years because he enjoys destroying his competitors, and he's damn good at doing it. That's great if you're the dictator of a Fascist state, I guess, not so great if you're claiming to teach others how to be like Jesus. Maybe that's all the COGs are, little Fascist states. I feel sorry for those who don't see both of Meredith's faces, and are taken in by him. But all the COGs are the same story, and I'm not buying any of it anymore. If god is a Fascist dictator, then I wouldn't wanna follow him anyway. He can take his eternal life and shove it.

I know, I've been around long enough to have glimpsed behind the ministerial veil during normal times and then seen it spill out on stage in front of everyone during the bad times. During a crisis is when you see what the caliber of a man ay particular minister really is. That's when you see them finally start acting like Jesus. Not.

Byker Bob said...

Maybe these rumors are what is fueling Dave Pack's delusions and pronouncements.


Anonymous said...

As Meredith's carcass falls toward the water, the piranhas all swim toward the surface. All of them. Even the ones in other ACoGs...

Anonymous said...

The future is history! When Meredith dies LCG will suffer the same fate as all the other Acogs! It's odd that these Acogs wag their self-righteous fingers at the Catholic or Protestant churches due to all the corruption & scandals mainstream Xianity has been enduring & point to it as God's punishment & abandonment of these apostates, but they are blind to the corruption and scandals of their own groups as if God is with them & approves of their hypocritical conduct?! I think God is about ready to SPIT THEM ALL OUT! Catholics, Protestants, ACOGs etc they all stem from the same bad tree!

Anonymous said...

What happened to the rumor that LCG and UCG might join together?

After the recent hilarious debacle (involving a few cows) that caused the UCG to lose half of their ministers and one third of their membership, maybe the 'tail-between-legs' leadership of the UCG is now more amenable to such a joining together of cult forces.