Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Van Robison on "Sacred Cows"

Sacred Cows

Pet beliefs among the many different groups of church goers and believers in God are many.    Indeed there is something very strange about human beings, in that pet beliefs form and shape what people think and do.  For example the sacred cow of some groups is to "keep" the Saturday Sabbath.   In reality they don't "keep" the Saturday Sabbath, they just think they do.   They think that by going to church on Saturday, they are set-apart from all others who do not.   Well yes, they are set apart as quite odd and cultist.  No doubt God must think such people are really quite strange, because indeed they are.   God is not impressed and does not assign brownie-points in heaven for Sabbath observers.

Sacred cows are for humans, not for God/Jesus Christ.   Jesus taught that LOVING others is paramount and considered Sabbath observance as irrelevant, and naturally He would because Jesus Christ IS the REST those who understand enter into.   When Jesus and His disciples walked through farm fields, plucked and ate corn-on-the-cob, the religious self-righteous accused them of "breaking" the Sabbath.   Of course Jesus could care less what they thought, because He was commander and chief of the Sabbath.   Far more important to Jesus, was not plucking corn on the Sabbath, but humility, love and compassion, which was foreign to the pastors of the common folk.

Religious sacred cows, such as "tithing" and "obeying those who have the rule over you", Sabbath observance, "Holy" day observance and such are all totally inconsequential to "love your neighbor as you love yourself", "do unto others as you would have them do unto you", "blessed are the peacemakers", "blessed are the meek", "blessed are the merciful" and so forth.

Will the self-righteous church goers ever see the light of day?  MOO MOO!

Van Robison


Byker Bob said...

So, should we begin calling parasitic Pharisees "Pharisites?"


Anonymous said...

well, your post is absolutely have twisted Jesus' message, but then that is to be expected.

Anonymous said...

You can't be sure of that. I mean, you've got no proof. Allah might be the right god, and maybe he assigns brownie-points for Friday observers, meanwhile you're S.O.L. keeping the wrong day. We'll all find out sooner or later. Unless, of course, nobody ever finds out anything after they die. That would be poetic justice for all those pharisees and fundamentalists alike.