Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dave Pack: Ministerial Conferences In The Reunified COG Will Be A Week Long

Can you imagine sitting through a week of lectures by Dave Pack and his League of 16?  The lake of fire would be a welcome opportunity!

When WCG held ministerial conferences they had less and less men attending meetings if it  went on for several days.  So many of the meetings were  boring as hell.

Dave feels it takes a week of training to get his words of wisdom across as he reeducates the returning COG ministers.

While you are there you will be taken behind the scenes to see such a mind-boggling work that you will be astounded.  There are things that RCG does and equipment that it has that NO ONE ELSE ON THE ENTIRE EARTH HAS IT.........

Don't worry though. There will be NO lectures on LOVE.  Love is as filthy of a word as fuck is. Nothing can be more disgusting to an rabid Armstrongite than the word LOVE.

There will be no democratic voting in Dave's new church either.  It is a royal waste of time to be voting on budgets, leaders and polices.  There is only ONE budget controlled by ONE man who is the ONE person in charge who sets ALL polices and doctrines.  Guess who that ONE man is.......

Ministers throughout the splinters can look forward to powerful, annual Ministerial Conferences similar to what we all experienced in the past under Mr. Armstrong. For more than 10 years, The Restored Church of God has held conferences each year. A few years ago, we expanded to six full days of lectures. This was necessary due to the vast amount of information that is so important to convey to the ministers, and 2013 will be no different. The Work’s many department heads take the ministry deep inside God’s highly sophisticated Work, which utilizes cutting-edge technology and provides countless tools that allow pastors to serve the flock unlike ever before. These marvelous tools—found nowhere else—bring an efficiency you must experience firsthand to believe. (Of course, ministers also receive monthly updates and pastoral instruction via The Pastor General’s Report.) In addition, more than 20 hours of detailed Pastoral Care lectures are given—and on a broad range of crucial topics. Each year, our ministers leave the Conference electrified—on fire!—to better serve God’s flock. Many of you ministers in the splinters will soon again feel the excitement of coming together with probably several hundred of Christ’s ministers each year. Weak lectures with doctrinal confusion and shallow talk of this world’s “love,” centered around debating how many false doctrines to accept and how many fruitless, worldly-Christian-copying projects (a Vic Kubik slam) to implement, will be a thing of the past. Gone will be study papers and committees to continue Joe Tkach’s policy of examining all doctrine to “see where Mr. Armstrong may have been wrong.” And at these conferences there will be no voting on budgets, leaders, policies, changes in bylaws, and other unscriptural time-wasting nonsense brought by the devil that only serve to divide and confuse God’s ministers and God’s people. You can look forward to being part of conferences with realtrue!—love, purpose, unity, peace, zeal and the power of God’s Spirit present. And you will experience all of this in the setting of the magnificent Headquarters Campus that God has reconstructed for the final phase of His Work. The scheduled what I call “Unity Conference” will fully clarify God’s doctrines, traditions, standards, policies and judgments so that all ministers and wives return to being on the “same page” as the Church enjoyed for decades under Mr. Armstrong.


Anonymous said...

I sat through those 'Powerful" meetings under HWA and they were mostly boooooooooooooooring!!!! Topics were proof texted for hours and you could tell the too lazy assed types too lazy to actually prepare something interesting.

Robin Webber did give a whole session on how to use 3x5 cards for sermons and stuff. Awesome information lol.

Bernie Schippert always came across as just about as arrogant and a know it all as Dave does so I left those during the break.

James said...

"And you will experience all of this in the setting of the magnificent Headquarters Campus that God has reconstructed for the final phase of His Work."

Why can't God work out of an old wood shack? Why does He always have to have a magnificent campus?

Byker Bob said...

Ah, the mouth that roared! This blowhard has recently come out with so many extravagant statements that I only have time to read the headlines here!

Beware all of you ACOGgers whom Pack seems to be prodding toward change. At least in the ACOGs, it's figuratively 1937, and Hitler is rumbling about forecasting cultic cleansing, and the obliteration of all the factors which you carefully chose as you selected your particular splinter group!

Mad men generally eventually trip themselves up. I would recommend extreme caution to avoid becoming part of the collateral damage. People drunk on their own power do not apologize, and they do not compensate victims for the damage they have perpetrated! Looks like some are in for a second, and even more extreme reign of terror!


Byker Bob said...

The people in the picture are sleeping to escape the RCG nighmare which they will have to face throughout their waking hours.

This is really bad! It's like half consciously having seen a Viagra commercial right before bed, and then dreaming you have one of those 4 hour erections and waking up freaking out about permanent damage!


Anonymous said...

LOL, the UCG's Robbin Webber seems to be the "King of sleep-causing moronic sermons"!