Friday, June 7, 2013

Dave Pack: Mockers Are Making Fun of Me!

Dave Pack, the leader of the most superfantabulous Church of God to ever exist in humanoid history is proving he is thin skinned.  After gloating about a supposed number  people that have checkout his weekend rants, he has to get a dig in at those of us that mock him.  Oh Boo Hoo!  Does the crybaby need his diaper changed?

You will notice as he starts off his weekly rant that he wants you to be impressed by numbers.  Numbers are important to Dave.  He assumes that with each high number we will be impressed.  those pussy boys in LCG and PCG cnat get these numbers so we are to stand in awe of Davey.

Over 20,000 people have read my mid-March article “God’s People Back Together—SOON!” (with dozens more every day). The great majority of these thousands are asleep and in disbelief of the prophecy. Some of the same thousands are reading every week, many no doubt out of curiosity but most of the others simply in disbelief (this includes mockers looking for “entertainment”). A few hundreds (possibly thousands) of readers appear to be in partial or even full agreement. This means most are not yet reading and believing what is being posted.

Dave is still bristling that the fact that the overwhelming majority of COG members and ex-members  continue to ignore him.  Even worse, they don't send him their money.

Davey though thinks that we will be in soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much awe in the next few weeks from his glorious words that we will stop mocking him and return home to the "truth once delivered" and join forces with the most superfantabulous COG ever to exist.

The prophecy that I have been explaining actually reveals that this would happen. But the content and magnitude of coming announcements will change both these positions in a BIG WAY in weeks to come. The prophecy also makes this plain. Everyone will be reading these announcements, and soon everyone who hopes to retain God’s Spirit will have to ACT on their content. (Some thousands have already followed God’s Spirit back to His Church—His House.) Eventually, MANY thousands more will come!


Anonymous said...


I have been sensing some extra glee in your needling of the usual suspects lately. Keep it up.

NO2HWA said...

Well.........the fool had to go an open his mouth once again..............

Anonymous said...

But what if we don't care about retaining that phoney-baloney "spirit" of that phoney-baloney Armstrong god. Supposedly receiving it didn't make any difference, I can't see how losing it would be any kind of game-changer. Why is organized religion so often about playing childish games like this? Didn't Paul say that when we grow up we're supposed to put away childish things?

Anonymous said...

Jesus loves Dave Pack!