Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ron Weinland: There Was No One To Teach Me About The Job and Function Of A Prophet

Poor Ron.  He had no one to guide him on what a prophet should be doing or how to function as one.  Kind of reminds me of Bob Thiel.  Since he has appointed himself the job of prophet he too has not understood anything.  Armstrongism is filled with these kind of crazy men!

We will now return to that sermon given on February 2, 2008, that was entitled, “The 144,000 Are Sealed!” Earlier, I mentioned some of what I said in the very beginning of that sermon. At that time I did not know that God had made me an apostle to His Church back on Pentecost of 1998. All that I grasped was that God was working with me as a prophet, but I didn’t fully comprehend how. There was no one to teach me about the job and function of a prophet in God’s ministry. This was because there was no such position used by God through Philadelphia or on into Laodicea until the time God placed me into that position.
Ron's weak impotent pussy-whipped god was too bored to inform Ron he was wrong.  His god must have had a great laugh watching Ron make an ass of himself.
As an apostle and minister to God’s Church, it was my responsibility to preach and teach about this to God’s people. Based on how God had trained me to exercise judgment with all truth we had to that moment in time, I concluded that God was revealing to us that on that specific day in February of 2008 that the 144,000 had been sealed. I was wrong. Yet if God had desired to do so, He could have revealed that it was not on that specific day that the sealing had occurred. God had only revealed that the meaning of the 1335 days was about the sealing of the 144,000. I drew the wrong conclusion from what was revealed, as I only understood part of what was being revealed.

Weinerdude then closes his epistle with talking about how great it was to set dates for his christ to come and to have it all fall into place. "christ" hasn't returned on any date you have set yet.


Anonymous said...

It is much easier to look back and weave a tale of what God did than to project ahead and get it even close to right on what God is going to do. Did is easier than will do.

"I was wrong" in Ron's world can just as easily translated as "God tricked me."

But then God tricked everyone who ever came in contact with WCG and the Armstrongs and Tkaches. Rather than admit it was all ridiculous 700+ splinter groups decide to spend the rest of their lives looking back at what no God ever had a hand in and weave more tales of what He did.

This God must have originally said, "I will build my churches, tons of them, all different and all led by different kinds of loons and sociopaths, and the gates of hell won't be able to contain them."

(Not that there is a hell but you get my drift)


Byker Bob said...

There is a time honored ethical tradition, that of recusal. If a judge, executive board member, or politicial senses a conflict of interest, or that he/she might damage a good cause, in some cases, they might recuse themselves.

You have to wonder about Weinerdude. Apparently he reveres HWA, and his legacy. However, in spite of the embarrassment of having been caught with his fingers in the church till, and failing to render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, he just can't bring himself to recuse himself or fade into obscurity for the sake of the Armstrong movement. He keeps on spewing damaging things which cause sane people to ridicule something that most of us realize is actually quite ridiculous, but which their insiders revere and cling to as if it were life itself.

With such sabotaging egos, who could even wonder why there are so many splinters?


Anonymous said...

That's an interesting point about the time honored ethical tradition of recusal.

The vast majority of "ministers" on Trinity Broadcasting Network and the Daystar Network should recuse themselves due to the bad name they give to Christianity, but they don't.

Go figure, but not too surprising, since theirs are moneymaking operations, after all.