Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ron Weinland: There Is No Way To God Or Even A Relationship With Him Except Through HWA and His Teachings

Ron Weinland, the convicted lunatic celebrated his 64th birthday in prison as a felon this this past week.  Being imprisoned allows him a lot of free time to write absurd memos to his dwindling flock and his co-conspirator in criminal activity, Laura the second witless witness.

His latest blurb has this about there being only one way to God.  He's not talking about Jesus, he is talking about HWA being the only way.

During Philadelphia, there was only one way to come into the Church of God and to receive spiritual knowledge of the 21 Truths that the Church was built upon during that period of time. That one way was through what God revealed and restored to His Church through a single human being   God’s apostle at the time   Herbert W. Armstrong. There was NO other way for one to enter God’s Church or to have a relationship with God.

Once people came into God’s true Church, they entered into judgment and were then being judged by their own judgments   whether such were righteous and based upon God’s word or not. 


Anonymous said...

I can imagine when Jesus was said to have said, "No man comes unto the father but by ME." some sandals must have blown off the disciples feet too.

These limited routes to truth can be tough to take.

Janelle said...

Weiner certainly has plenty of time to choke that chicken now! Perhaps Bubba helps him.....

Byker Bob said...

He has restated the definition of Armstrongism. Armstrongites (as Flurry even makes them state prior to entry into his ACOG cult) believe in, and base their faith and salvation upon the premise that HWA was God's apostle, and restored truth after a nearly 2 millennia gap. Whatever HWA taught, in these people's minds, actually takes precedence over the Bible, and is not even subject to normal verification processes.

Never mind that the extrabiblical theories he embraced are not only unprovable, but become increasingly dubious with every passing year. Never mind that the parts of the Bible that lept out to him, and were the primary backbone of his teaching are the ones that seem to have surfaced when God was administering punishment, rather than the overwhelming message of love found in John 3:16. Somebody told somebody that they were an apostle and had a double portion of the Holy Spirit (the 1/3 of God which they diminished and scarcely understood to begin with), and basically that became the be-all and end-all of the argument.

There are going to be many surprises for all of us sometime in the future, but I believe those who have dedicated themselves to the teachings of HWA are in for the high end of the theological Richter Scale.


Anonymous said...

I thought that we were saved by grace through faith, not having to take a final examination on Armstrong Theology.

Head Usher said...

Just assuming Christianity and it's generally accepted stuff like god, the bible, and Jesus, "Philadelphia" as a "church era" is founded upon an EXTREMELY dubious interpretation of scripture intended to create a non-existent link between the first century apostles and a 20th century wannabe false apostle HWA. But to say that there was no other way to have a relationship with god except through HWA? Where do people get off making statements like these? Why do people believe them?

In my opinion, that's the trouble with faith. Once you've accepted one thing without a good reason and it becomes off-limits to review, you'll accept other things without good reasons, and slowly, they'll become off-limits too. That's how HWA was able to institute himself into well-meaning people's faith in Jesus, and that's how Ron Weinland has been able to do the same thing. They just tell lies in an authoritative and certain tone of voice. Before you know it, there's a whole constellation of con-artists standing between you and what you started out believing. And if you believe Ron, or Flurry, or Meredith, or Thiel, or Kubik, or whoever, then previous bullshit about HWA remains off-limits. And what comes next? Some other creep is gonna come along and try to build some silly "work" on the basis that the only way to Jesus is through HWA AND Ron Weinland AND him too, and for those who are suckered by that fool, Ron Weinland AND HWA will both be untouchable demigods.

I'm just glad that the cult of Jesus AND HWA is running out of steam.

Anonymous said...

"the 1/3 of God" WTF?

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Hate it when Trinitarian apologists spoil a surprise.