Thursday, June 6, 2013

Murderers In Our Midst?

I was sent this the other day.  I knew about Ratzmann but not about Roeder.  Was he ever part of the COG?

Graveyard of the Gods
Before Armstrong's death, the church was noted for its humanized Jesus and emphasis on the Apocalypse.

After Armstrong's death, the church* is noted for:
- church shooter/mass murderer, Terry Ratzmann
- church shooter/abortion doctor killer, Scott Roeder
- double murderer, Charles Harris, a black man who killed his white girlfriend and her friend over marital segregation
- disappearance of Nicole Morin; her father, Art Morin, once said the church did it.

The church had 100,000 people at it's height.

Reformed Lutheran, a church of 5 million that has the vesica pisces instead of Luther's rose, had serial killer, Dennis Rader, as church president. Their vesica pisces is dominated by a cross.

Most people who are attracted to churches like WCG like me would never think of going to a Reformed Lutheran church.

So I don't think it's a religious issue. I bet there isn't even one Rader or Ratzmann in the whole Lutheran Missouri Synod and they have about 5 million too.


Anonymous said...

Jesus said hate was the equivalent of murder. Maybe LCG is content simply to not have another physical murderer like Terry Ratzmann in its midst, but Jesus holds his followers (are LCG members his followers?) to a higher standard.

I was reminded of this when talking to a friend whose son attended the recent LCG Singles Weekend in Charlotte. Mind you, this is all secondhand and hearsay, but what he heard from his son is that the amount of hatred among LCG HQ staff in Charlotte was shocking. Ministers there privately undercut other ministers, calling each names like "liberal" or "idiot" or "unsophisticated" or "liar". Meredith is seen as out of touch and as only listening to his favorites, who flatter him and lie to him. Many of the younger people are flagrantly disobedient to the teachings of HWA, and apparently if you are a friend of the right minister's son you too can get away with premarital sex, drug and alcohol abuse, Sabbath-breaking and more. Teens and young adults of the LCG in Charlotte are apparently split between those who are disgusted by the hypocrisy and those who are happy to live secret lives so they can have all the fun their church would officially deny them.

It sounds like a hateful and awful environment. But then again it sounds exactly like the fruit of the ACOG mentality. Whether or not it is true, it is certainly believable.

Joe Moeller said...

ONLY 360 hits until ONE MILLION!

Should happen tonight, June 6, 2013...


Special prize for the ONE MILLIONTH visitor!

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Joe Moeller
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Anonymous said...

"It sounds like a hateful and awful environment. But then again it sounds exactly like the fruit of the ACOG mentality. Whether or not it is true, it is certainly believable."

It sounds like Meredith is able to successfully recreate the horrible, ultra-political, surface-only, brand of "christianity" that I recall growing up in Pasadena in WCG, everywhere he goes. I fail to see the point of belonging to such corrupt groups any longer. Especially if one were to believe in an omniscient god, which I feel more an more sure as I get older that the higher-ups never did. That god crap is just for the dumb sheep.

Redfox712 said...

I strongly doubt Scott Roeder had anything to do with WCG. I did a quick google search. No one else seems to say that.

I remember hearing about that terrible incident. I can't say I followed developments that closely but I never heard anything about Armstrongism.

Steve Kisack said...

Joe Moeller said...

Special prize for the ONE MILLIONTH visitor!

MY COMMENT: How about a piece of steuben crystal for the winner? Joey jr should have a piece laying around somewhere in his luxurious home.The ultimate prize would be not having to "tithe" in your seventh year in UCG.That should make the "ministers" sit uneasy in their leather office chairs at HQ!

Corky said...

Steve Kisack said...

The ultimate prize would be not having to "tithe" in your seventh year in UCG.

And what about those farmers who have to let their field go fallow in the seventh year? But, at the same time, the other tithe payers never get a year off...

In the meanwhile...people with mental illnesses may snap under the load placed on them by the ACoG to which they belong. Yes, it may be a better idea not to pressure the mentally disturbed in "the church" - it may even save your life...

Anonymous said...

I think the PRIZE should be (for UCG members) that they get to take a sledgehammer and wail at the big picture of HWA that's hanging on the wall at their HQ!

Of course, the UCG might not like the idea, since the dark "Herbie" ages are what they like, lol!