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Dave Pack Delivers Sermon 405 - Says Sermon Series Is Over - There Will Be No 406

Final Part 405


Do not let the title fool you. There is no way on God’s green earth that “The Greatest Untold Story! (Part 405)” is the end of the Series despite what David C. Pack may claim.


He urgently delivered this Livestream message on Wednesday, November 16, to the members of The Restored Church of God just in time for…nothing. Nothing has happened. Nothing is going to happen. Nothing.



For those in the audience interested in what Dave is trying to teach, a few summary snippets collected together might be helpful. But be warned, it may still give you a migraine.


As with all prophetic doctrines coming out of RCG, write it in pencil and have an eraser handy.


@ 00:03 We have some very dramatic things to learn today…we opened yesterday with clarifying “years.” Then we explained “the month” that takes you to the year. Then we raced through some verses about Elijah. We proved the Kingdom of Israel…all saints are here when it arrives.


@ 00:31 We began to prove that every person who ever lived is here for the Kingdom of Israel.


Even when I try to follow Dave, I get lost in the ever-changing time periods. Ten days. Three and a half days. Five days. Jerusalem time. Our time. He mercifully summarized the current state of things.


@ 1:34:57 The first Kingdom [of Israel] begins on a Thursday night [Thanksgiving]. The Kingdom of God begins on Monday morning. [Kislev 5 begins in Jerusalem at sunset, which is 9:35 a.m. EDT on Monday, November 28.]


@ 1:35:12 The seven-year Kingdom begins on Saturday night and Sunday [Christmas Eve].


The Day of the Lord begins on Christmas Eve. Remember the Jingle Bells Lake of Fire?


The wise shall understand, but the wicked shall not understand, I suppose.


Dave threw this little button in after further explanation to pour salt on the wound.


@ 1:36:28 Incredibly complicated, but in many ways, very simple. Elijah first. Then, a month in two phases. Elijah for days. Then, a month before the Day of the Lord. That’s the plan of God. And everything after that, it’s seven years and a thousand and eons to follow.


He mentioned himself in all these recaps, but not Jesus Christ. It is easy to overlook the Son of God when you are the one who will have to speak to 100 billion people within the next few days. With Dave doing so much, what is left for Jesus Christ to do, anyway?


@ 1:38:05 It makes perfect sense. For the first time in my 56 ½ years of studying prophecy, it all makes perfect sense. Simple.



Within that plan of God, there is a not-really-five-day period of big things that takes place before Thanksgiving.


@ 11:47 We're gonna have to look seriously, expansively, at what happens between now and Thanksgiving.


This is the “nothing” phase of Dave’s god’s plan mentioned earlier.


This Revelation 10:7 fulfillment already failed before I was able to transcribe it for the article. Even after opening my patio door, I cannot hear Dave shouting here in Wadsworth. Unless he is the source of that echoing "Dooh!" bouncing off the trees.


@ 49:38 And Satan rears back, and he [Dave, the Seventh Angel] starts working with the Laodicean era if that's what happens. If we can prove that, and I'm gonna hafta look at it, then "the days of his voice" would be five. They would be from sundown on the Sabbath in Jerusalem. Five more days until the month begins.


That was 9:38 a.m. EDT this morning.








Being one to often get in front of his own failure so he can be "right" about being wrong, Dave posted this in Member Services last night.


Prophecy Update – November 18, 2022


As stated in Part 405, the announcement period before the first Kingdom could be short.


God calls it: (1) “days,” (2) “about to sound,” (3) “he rushes/runs,” (4) “before (in the face of) Christ’s arrival,” and (5) only “enkindles” an old fire.


Mr. Pack repeated, “the shorter, the better”­! However long we wait, be ready!


The five-day period Dave suggested is already blown up. This means a day-by-day countdown to another failure, with a more significant failure after pumpkin pie on Thursday. Think of each day as a “Dave Mini-Failure” before the “Grand Poobah Failure” on Thanksgiving night.


Once the Black Friday sales are over, so is Dave’s hope for a Lake of Fire Sale on Christmas Eve.


Elijah is going to have to be put back in the box in order to get a refund. If you saved your receipt, Kohl’s has a “hassle-free” return policy.


The members of RCG are continuously in a perpetual state of “ready.” Perhaps that statement is for the doubters and fakers who have not yet signed on because the wait-and-see approach has been wildly successful thus far for 2022.



The words of David C. Pack rear up and bite David C. Pack on the backside. The sharpest tools in the shed to expose the fraudulent teachings of David C. Pack are the very words of David C. Pack. The man is his own worst enemy.


Combining his voice and a clock creates a powerful explosive able to break down any biblical wall he constructs. Nitroglycerin, TNT, and C4 have nothing on Dave defeating Dave.


Try this underhand pitch and blast it beyond the fence of center field.


@ 1:04:34 Five days is a lot shorter than six months. And I’m pretty sure I can prove it’s five days. If it’s not, then I don’t have any idea.


David C. Pack does not have any idea. A moment of sanity wafted into the Main Hall at Headquarters by accident. It was quickly shooed away by the ushers.


He later eroded his stance by saying he was not “absolutely certain” about it being five days. Take that for what it is worth.


If we teleport into the future, here is another foot-in-mouth quote you can pin to the fridge.


@ 1:34:37 Now, if it is not this Sabbath, I don’t understand Luke 12, Matthew 24. I don’t understand the math. And I don’t understand Zechariah or Habakkuk chapter 2. I don’t understand how all of those verses point to he's gonna speak on the Sabbath, but it isn't.


I fully agree with him this time. David C. Pack does not understand.



In an extraordinary moment of blindness, David C. Pack teaches about “That Prophet” in Deuteronomy 18. He reads the same verses that brethren inside The Restored Church of God get into trouble for bringing up to their local minister.


There is a blend of Deuteronomy 18 and Zechariah 11 in his private interpretation of the Scripture, which makes for a genuine four-alarm irony alert. 

@ 44:08 “But, the prophet which shall presume to speak a word in My name which I have not commanded him to speak or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die.” So, it goes on and says, when he rises, it sorta suggests, initially, like Moses, maybe three people who die at one month, as opposed to in one month, which would mean Jannes and Jambres and Judas would not be those three.


As he reads, he injects words and ideas that are not in the text because no matter what words are actually in the Bible, he feels free to add to them at will. Shamelessly right in front of open eyes. Perhaps dozing eyes.


From the beginning of my Christian walk, I proved that Jesus Christ is That Prophet. Dave believes it is himself when he is “raised” as Elijah. The facts he reveals point to Jesus Christ and not himself. This is by accident.


@ 45:01 Moses got serious pushback for quite a long time.


Who received more “serious pushback” than Jesus Christ? From the Pharisees. The High Priest. Satan. Judas. The Romans. Even Peter and Thomas provided a little pushback.


@ 45:07 And it looks like, if this man is raised like Moses, then people are gonna ask in verse 21, "and if you say in your heart, how shall we know the word which the Lord has spoken?” It’s what comes to pass and what doesn’t.


Dave opens the garage door, so we can all drive through. Now, a brief summary of what did not come to pass just part of this year per David C. Pack:


Tammuz 1  •  Tammuz 15  •  Tammuz 20  •  Av 1  •  Av 2  •  Av 3  •  Av 4  •  Av 5

Av 7  •  Av 10  •  Av 15  •  Av 20  •  Av 30  •  Elul 1  •  Elul 15  •  Elul 20  •  Elul 21

Elul 22  •  Elul 23  •  Elul 24  •  Elul 26-ish  •  Trumpets/Tishrei 1  •  Tishrei 12

Tishrei 13  •  Tishrei 15  •  Tishrei 19  •  Tishrei 20  •  Tishrei 24  •  Cheshvan 1


David C. Pack is a false prophet. He is a false apostle. He is a biblical fraud. The King Saul of our age. A Simon Magus for the Church of God. A man whose promises mean nothing. Regard him accordingly.


Dave reads the words of Deuteronomy 18 but cannot connect the obvious before his face. That is blindness that should put the fear of God in all of us.


@ 45:22 So, it’s like Moses…rises in an environment where it idn’t a kingdom yet.


Do you mean like in Judea when the Romans were in control? Dave speaks these points as if they “suggest” a future fulfillment with him, but all they do is reinforce that he took away a title from Jesus Christ and placed it upon himself.



For those wondering if Dave ever says he is in the Bible, this one is for you.


@ 46:40 Before Christ comes, in Isaiah 11 and verse 1, it says, "a twig goes forth”…And he’s descended from David. Now, is that me just shuttling down the street until the Series is over? Or does a twig “go forth?”


Yes, Dave is the twig. But as Elijah, he is also a type of John the Baptist. He covers that pretty intensely again. He speaks of the future fulfillment of this figure upon the world scene.


@ 1:07:58 Anybody think there’s any chance that John the Baptist…the modern version…will be called the Antichrist? Curiously, he’ll be called the Antichrist right before that man comes. And he’s gonna say, “No, I’m not.” And we’re gonna find out who the liars are and who’s not.


We already have a pretty good idea of who the liars are today. By their fruits, you shall know them. A tree is known by its fruit. The light shining upon the fountain of bitter water is well-exposed.


@ 1:13:22 “The word or utterance of God came to John, the son of Zacharias in the wilderness.” So, John received a direct word from God. I’m all ears as I read all of this.


This is how very different David C. Pack is from John the Baptist. Dave has received no utterance from God or an angel. He has never heard a voice or received a vision that aligns with the Bible pattern. And yet, he persists as one who thinks he is throughout your Bible.


No news is good news here, I suppose.


@ 1:16:32 So, every evidence would be that when this man [Dave] is called to God's foot, God is gonna talk to him directly and he’s gonna use a group called The Last. Well, I knew who they are.


And there it is. Dave is alerting the audience he is preparing to receive an utterance from God. When he hears voices, it will be a whole new ballgame, folks. If Dave starts doing miracles beyond curing a ham or turning Coke into Pepsi, know that time is short. Especially for Dennis and me.


The Bible will come to life in a way we have never experienced before. But not in the way Dave teaches it. Think upon his blindness to Deuteronomy 18.



Just as the summation of the Neo-Gospel was spliced together to explain the current narrative (sans Tammuz Cooking Table), here is how convinced Dave is that the seven-year Series is now over.


@ 00:52 The Series will be over. So, because of timing, I think we all know that this could readily be called “Final Part Number 405.”


@ 47:17 The Series is done. I’m just leading and building. The Series is over.


@ 47:33 There is no 406. There’s nothing else to talk about.


Professor Peabody dropped off his sermon notes to remind us why this sounds so familiar.


Part 12 – January 23, 2016

@ 00:42 …and I wanna make a kind of a conclusive statement. At some point, I’m gonna tell you that’s the end of the last part of the Series. A few weeks from now, I’m gonna say that…but at some point, there are no more sermons.


Part 200 – August 27, 2019

@ 00:02 Well, brethren, over the last nearly four years, as I introduce Part 200 that ends the Series, we’ve seen various present truths…


Part 284 – January 28, 2021

@ 1:07:39 So there are no more messages. I can almost make you a solemn promise.


David C. Pack is not a man of his word. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong on this. Brad? Ed? Ken? I hear crickets coming from you guys over there. Dr. Ranney has my number. Please fact-check me.


@ 36:26 I couldn’t have dreamed that the Mystery of God would end with such extraordinary knowledge. I could not have dreamed it. Not for seven years. What a God we serve.


Yeah. Just not the True God. Not the God of the Bible. Not the real Father and not the true Jesus Christ. But that is only a minor detail.


Nothing will happen this weekend. Nothing will happen on Thanksgiving. Nothing will happen on Christmas because God is not guiding David C. Pack to teach this nonsense.


What will happen is more excuses and more clarifications.


God will fulfill His word in His own time. But not as David C. Pack teaches.


Do not let the title fool you. This is not the final part.

Marc Cebrian

See: Final Part 405

10th Anniversary of the Conviction of Ron Wienland - The First COG Leader Convicted As A Felon And Sent To Prison

It is hard to believe that it has been 10 years since Ron Weinland was convicted in District Court for felony tax evasion of approx $245,000.00.

False Prophet Ronald Weinland Don't Drink the Flavor Aid Served Up by False Prophets followed closely the trial of Weinland and exposed how money was being siphoned off for the Weinland family to use.

The website states:

District Judge Danny Reeves pronounced sentence on False Prophet Ronald Weinland this morning:A sentence of 42 months, Ron to self report to prison on January 2.
  • Followed by 3 years of supervised release
  • A fine of $7,500
  • Restitution in the amount of the criminal tax loss, approximately $245,000

The judge and attorneys discussed the following:

The first part of the hearing discussed the tax loss calculation of $245K. The defense attempted to reduce that below $200K which would reduce the sentence by 6-8 months. One part of that was $95K of Laura’s travel expenses which the defense argued should be deductible. The prosecution countered that this would require a trip by trip analysis to see whether Laura’s contribution was substantial, and then they would subject all of Ron’s travels to the same scrutiny which could result in an increase in the loss calculations. 
The other part was the $290K deposited in the Swiss bank accounts, which the defense alleged was being held in trust for the church. The prosecution pointed out that the expenses were being held for the Two Witnesses to use in the end times for lodging, travel, etc. 
After that discussion, the tax loss calculation of $245,176 held.

Then the following was discussed:

Next was discussed the two-level enhancement for Sophisticated Means. The defense argued that the Swiss bank accounts were not sophisticated as fund were wire transferred, and Ron did not keep two sets of books. The prosecution argued that Ron over a long period of time structured his church so that he had sole legal control as the only board member of the corporation and sole spiritual control in his position directly below God and Jesus and being their spokesman. Ron set up multiple church bank accounts and multiple personal bank accounts and multiple credit cards. With his legal and spiritual control total and without government oversight of church activities there was no one to put the brakes on his activities. When the defense pointed out that most transactions were legitimate church expenses, the judge likened his tax evasion to hiding a needle in a haystack, further indication of sophisticated means. That two-level enhancement remained. 

I love the fact that the claimed he was the leader of a criminal organization.  Best description of many COG's ever!

Next was discussed a two-level enhancement for Aggravate Role as the leader of a criminal organization. The government corrected the defenses statement that it was meant to apply to the church, rather it was meant to apply to the Weinland family. The judge responded that he regarded Ron and Laura as equal participants in the scheme and Audra as not having criminal intent. So there was no enhancement for this.

They next looked at "obstruction" by Weinland where he paid for his son's "education" with church money.

The last enhancement was two levels for obstruction. This remained, as the judge said that Ron perjured himself about material matters during his testimony when: 
  • He stated that he did not intend to file false tax returns
  • When he claimed the church funds directly paying for Jeremy’s education were a church scholarship program.

Ron choking his chicken. AC days.

The court also discussed how Weinland manipulated members into giving money to him. Remember. Boys and Girls, once you write that check it is God's money and you do not need to worry about it! How many times have we heard the crooks in the pulpit say that?

McBride stated that the government did not question the sincerity or validity of the religious beliefs of the rank and file PKG members who wrote letters on Ron’s behalf. But Ron exploited them with complete control and with his financial activity invisible except for the false W-2s filed. The members would not question Ron. 
He cited the letter on page 153 of the filing I provided in a previous posting. The woman who was given $1000 for medical expenses and later $2000 for other reasons was not given Ron’s money — it was the church’s money. Ron used the doctrine of tithing to extract money from members and taught that once given to God the member had no responsibility.

Weinland, like most COG leaders, try and pass off their mistakes as "unintended". The judge was not buying that excuse:

The judge did not believe that Ron’s behavior was an unintended mistake. Referring to the 169 letters, he indicated that they influenced him to impose the 42-month sentence at the bottom end of the 41-51 month range of the sentencing guidelines. It seems that by imposing restitution of the $245176 amount, he shut the door on the IRS going after Ron on a civil basis for those years. The fine imposed of $7500 is also at the low end of the sentencing guidelines. There is an additional assessment of $500 for the guilty verdict.

In an ultimate slam to the false prophet Ron, the judge sentences him to 3 1/2 years of prison time. The best actual fulfillment of prophetic numerology ever!

Also, see:

Ron Weinland, Convicted Felon, is Asking Church Members To Try and Influence Judge With Letters

Ron Weinland Jurors: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

UCG Randy Stiver Weighs In On Certain American Holidays

 Randy Stiver has weighed in on certain American holidays and whether or not they are kosher for REAL Church of God members celebrating. Why any ministers feels his opinions on these days are important has always been a question many members asked themselves. Most sat there in church and listen to this drivel and then went out and celebrated those days and even spent time with family at Christmas. Most of these are federal holidays and in this day and age are nothing more than bank holidays.


A commentary by Randy Stiver (11-18-2022)

The U.S.A. has an official listing of its federal holidays (10 in all). But from the perspective of God’s Word and way, which of the 10 is America’s BEST holiday? Let’s review and weigh each one while striving to see it as Jesus Christ sees it.

Official U.S. Federal Holidays (according to days given off work):

New Year’s Day – January 1. 

New Year’s Day was a commonly celebrated holiday in ancient Rome—but it was very distinctly not a true Christian day of celebration. The Roman celebrations were typically drunken, adulterous festivals celebrating Roman, pagan deities. Drunken immorality is profoundly not the conduct of true and faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

PAGAN DEBAUCHERY!!!!!!!!! When UCG had a big presence in the Pasadena area they took full advantage of New Year's activities with the Rose Parade and earned money for their local churches by ushering, parking cars, and selling programs and concessions.

Stiver fails to mention how the Feast of Tabernacles has always been a time of drunkenness, gluttony, and immortality of the true and faithful followers of Jesus Christ (Armstrongite era). Around Feast time certain exCOG groups on Facebook are filled with stories of people about their Feast flings. For many years I worked in the Ministerial dining room at Pasadena's Feast site. The alcohol flowed there like I have never seen in a restaurant or bar. It was amazing to watch certain high-ranking ministers (most of whom went with UCG) get so plastered in one hour that they needed help to walk out the door.

Martin Luther King’s Birthday – the 3rd Monday in January.   

Dr. King was a courageous man of his time. He helped forge an increased level of freedom under the law for vastly more Americans directly and in principle. Recognizing and valuing great leaders of the nation is worthwhile and important but valuing the Word of God is of even greater importance.

Meh! OK to do if you want 

Washington’s Birthday – the 3rd Monday in February

Speaking of courageous men of their times, George Washington became the legendary “father of our country”! The historic, American system of law and governmental function ensuring “freedom for all” was begun during his service as the nation’s first president. He was a great leader, but the day of his birth is still not remotely of the magnitude to be the nations’ greatest holiday.

Meh! OK to do if you want  

Memorial Day – the last Monday in May

Memorial Day began in 1868 on May 30th in the aftermath of the Civil War Between States which claimed more American lives than any conflict in its history. Originally called “Decoration Day,” the observance was later moved to the last Monday in May. Remembering one’s national history and ancestors who forged the path for us today is typically a good thing. On the other hand, if a people ignore the troubled times in their history and the right principles and values they and their ancestors have stood for, then they will also soon forget who they are. Identity is forged in remembering. But God has even greater things for us to remember!

Meh! OK to do if you want. 

Juneteenth National Independence Day – June 19

Rooted in the end of slavery in America at the close of the Civil War between the States, this recently added national holiday is a day of celebrating the freedoms proclaimed in the Emancipation Proclamation. Freedom is a wonderful thing to be treasured by all. And yet, we must always remember the source of true freedom comes through Jesus Christ of the Bible—the true Savior of all mankind.

Meh! OK to do if you want  

Independence Day – July 4

Of all the holidays on this list, Independence Day in America is perhaps the most quintessential. It heralds the nation’s freedom and independence from national oppression.

Of course, this is the PERFECT time to drag out the myth of British Israelism.  

In the Bible Joseph’s two sons Ephraim and Manasseh were prophesied to inherit phenomenal world greatness. Firstborn son Manasseh’s descendants in the end time of this world’s history would become the greatest single nation in world history. The United States of America has fulfilled that prophecy. Joseph’s second born son Ephraim was to become the world’s greatest “company of nations.” The British with its now past but great empire fulfilled that prophecy (see Genesis 48).

American Independence Day marks the separation to the two phenomenal destinies of America and Great Britain.

Maybe Meh! but ok to enjoy and the fireworks are pretty. 

Labor Day – 1st Monday in September

The proverb says, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might; for there is no work or device or knowledge or wisdom in the grave where you are going” (Ecclesiastes 9:10). Jesus backed that prophecy up with His own words, “…My Father has been working until now, and I have been working” (John 5:17). A holiday that celebrates good, hard work—especially the direct and specific work of God is worth valuing very highly!

Laborers in the Church are always worthy of being praised, how else would the church get its money? 

Columbus Day – 2nd Monday in October

When Christopher Columbus sought sail across the sea, he may well have realized that he sailed in the wakes of Jean Cabot under an English flag, Eric the Red and other Vikings, a fair number of adventurous Irish, not to mention King Solomon’s navy of about 1000 B.C. However, in modern times Columbus received the largess of the credit for discovering America.

Meh! OK to do if you want. but reeks of colonialism for many. 

Veterans’ Day – November 11

Likely every nation has such a day of remembrance for their young citizens who gave their lives defending their homeland. The irony of God’s children in one place striving to destroy God’s children in another place is profoundly sad commentary on the history of mankind from the Garden of Eden forward. But such has always been ever since the tragedy of Cain murdering his brother Able (see Genesis 4:1-15).

However, the sadness of war more significantly devolves from the pre-Adamic rebellion of the arch-angel Lucifer against God’s plan and divine rule. Satan and his followers (the one-third of the angels who rebelled and became demons) attacked God’s faithful angels led by the member of the Godhead we know now as Jesus Christ. On God’s own sacred calendar the spiritual holyday Day of Atonement marks that ancient tragedy (see Isaiah 14:12-21; Ezekiel 28:11-19).

Meh! OK to do if you want. Even though we are pacifists we do enjoy watching evil countries get their asses kicked. 

Thanksgiving Day – 4th Thursday in November

Credited to the Pilgrims of Massachusetts in the days of the Plymouth Colony (1660s) when they dined with the native American tribesmen. For the Pilgrims it was a day of thanksgiving for a safe journey to the New World. For the tribesmen it was a peaceful greeting to the newcomers. The modern world’s greatest nation the United States grew from that event. Thanksgiving Day’s true fame comes from the expressions of profound thanks to God for the pilgrims’ safe journey across the sea and for the peaceful reception by the local tribesmen already in North America. O that America and all the nations could just keep that peace! Under Christ and the resurrected saints’ Millennial rule they finally will!

SUPERFANTABULOSO!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO! Use this as a day to celebrate your soon-coming power to rule nations! WOO HOO! Jesus can't rule in the Millenium without your help!

Christmas Day – December 25

This is the supposed day of Jesus Christ’s human birth. However, it’s not only the wrong date—it’s also in the wrong season of the year in ancient Judaea. Winter in both ancient and modern Israel (or Palestine as the Romans called it) was and is a cold season. Shepherds have their sheep in barns at night and they themselves at home in warm beds during the winter. Therefore, the shepherds of the time of Christ would have been out with their flocks during the warmer nights of autumn—but not in mid-winter!

That places the human birth of Christ in the September—October time frame and not in December. The Bible is divinely silent on the exact date, but the season would have had to have been autumn. Jesus Christ knew His mission and His great love for all God’s children. His first coming was to live a perfect life (without sin) and ultimately die for the sins of all humankind—thus providing them the calling to know of and to accept that sacrifice and ultimately be resurrected to live forever in the eternal Kingdom of God.

PAGAN! SATURNALIA!!!!! EVIL!! SATANIC!!! NIMROD!!!! Besides, EVERYONE who is a REAL Christian knows that Jesus was born in the fall time. But we don't really care and that's why we always book Family Winter Weekend in resorts bedecked with holiday cheer with gloriously decorated Christmas trees, Santas, holiday foods, and wonderful music blasting in our ears as we sit around clicking our tongues at all of the paganism and how deceived the poor fools are that are enjoying those sights.

And now America’s Best Holiday selection…

True freedom comes through the spiritual leadership of Jesus Christ. In the inspired words of the Apostle Paul, “Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage” (Galatians 5:1). So, which is America’s (or any nation’s) best holiday?

The answer is that none of America’s holidays equate to God’s holy days which are specifically listed in Scripture. However, one holiday more closely harmonizes with the principles of God’s truth in true Christianity—and that would be Thanksgiving Day. “Sing praise to the Lord, you saints of His, / And give thanks at the remembrance of His holy name” (Psalm 30:4).

Remember its true, spiritual roots, and have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving 2022!

Friday, November 18, 2022

Dave Pack: Stand aside Taco Tuesday because No-Salvation November is all the rage.


No-Salvation November


After a 10-day hiatus, David C. Pack of The Restored Church of God assembled enough Post-it notes of Bible passages to compile the next two parts of “The Greatest Unending Story!”


The longer Dave and his two minions are silent, the more desperate they are to scour the Scriptures to find a way to keep their Leaning Tower of Babel from toppling. One wonders how many uncrumpled balls of paper under the table had to be reconsidered to fill three hours of “clarity” this week.


Part 404 was delivered via Livestream on Tuesday. Part 405 on Wednesday. After watching both, two consistent themes are reinforced:


1) The louder you are, the more true you are.

2) The longer you talk, the more true you are.


This is a tried-and-true methodology that has been emulated since before the days of Mr. Behrer’s tapes


The speculative vanity marathons by Gerald Waterhouse are legendary among Worldwide Church of God alums. He spawned an entire generation of stress-bladder survivors.


While Dave has been restraining himself to bite-sized 90-minute chunks, he is still proven to be the master of over-explaining thin narratives. Repeating big lies long enough to cause people to believe it is the RCG Way.


Some of the lies of The Restored Church of God include:


David C. Pack is being led by God to end The Mystery of God.

David C. Pack is the prophetic “David” of the Old Testament.

David C. Pack is Elijah of Malachi 4:5 and Matthew 17:11.

David C. Pack is the “rushing to make plain” one of Habakkuk 2:2


There are other mainstay whoppers, but for examining Part 404, that is a decent primer.



Part 404 – November 15, 2022

@ 00:45 I wondered ten days ago, when I last spoke…whether, in fact, there would come more messages. Or would we still just wait because I don't see any possible way that you could have Christ here before the first of Kislev, or what would be Thanksgiving…


@ 01:11 And I wondered again if there would be more things that would arise. Would some twists and turns occur where we would understand events before that time and, potentially, some things after the month arrived?


If you rode the RCG Roller Coaster last week, you understand the instability of RCG thinking. Based on history, if Dave had a message prepared but blew it off at the last minute, it was because he had some big ideas that have since been crossed off the chalkboard.


Of course there were going to be more messages. As a non-prophet/non-psychic, I am willing to bet my Magic 8 Ball and Ouija Board that Dave will deliver more in the future. The David C. Pack Road to Nowhere will keep truckin’ into the vanishing point.


The wording of “would come more messages” is interesting. Dave still holds to the idea God is placing these thoughts into his head, and he is not the origin of his gobbledygook. Man, when reality finally bitch-slaps some sense back into him, that will be a bitter day on the third floor.


@ 01:27 So, I’m gonna conclude with what I know to be correct.


The eggnog in your fridge will last longer than a David C. Pack teaching. He always knows how correct he is until time passes and the mold grows on those inarguable ideas. Mr. Correct is incorrect within a few weeks. Sometimes, within a few days. Even other times, before the elevator doors close.



In Part 403, Dave had to pop the balloon regarding the 1335 not starting, and then it does not even apply to those in RCG.


Part 403 – November 5, 2022

@ 1:17:18 We have not hit the 1335. It does not apply to us.


After having declared in Part 402 that it did.


Part 402 – October 25, 2022

@ 1:27:01 God’s will has been done. You made it to the 1335. The pledge is made on the, dare I say? The correct 1335.


Now in Part 404, Dave lets folks know how he knew he was incorrect even before it happened.


Part 404 – November 15, 2022

@ 08:32 There was no way we were blessed earlier this month when I first mentioned this before the 15th of this month. I knew it before we would get to Cheshvan 16 with 15 days to go, I knew that.


Woe unto us! The man is a prophet! He figured out his own failure before it came to pass! We are undone!


@ 08:47 But I didn’t have time to really clarify that it couldn’t be this month. Well, now you know it can’t because we’re what? About seven days beyond the middle of Cheshvan.


Dave has an oral fixation with the word “clarify.” He really means “fix, change, unbreak, walk back, throw out, dismiss, redo, undo, moonwalk, and wish-it-had-never-been-spoken.” RCG members are well-versed in understanding what “clarify” really means.


He is also astounded by the facts of physical reality. The truth is made manifest by the passage of time, and he admits it. Welcome to the party, Richter.



@ 08:59 So, now you know that what I said, and maybe you hoped it was still true, impossible.


Meaning, “You dopes believed me. You hoped I was correct. Ha. Fooled ya!”


The only consistency with David C. Pack is that his prophetic teachings are false and that he is not a man of his word.


@ 09:05 There’s no way we were blessed a week ago. That’s impossible. So, then, what is the 1335?


@ 09:16 It has to be the middle of Kislev. But people are described then as being blessed. Well, there no salvation coming in the middle of Kislev.


@ 09:31 …what turns out to be a Sabbath in the dead middle of the month of Kislev. They’re blessed because they get there. Not because they get salvation. But because they know that they will.


So, the 1335 starting does not mean salvation for the member of The Restored Church of God. It also does not happen in Cheshvan. They are blessed "because they know." So, if they have this incredible knowledge today, why are they not blessed now? Do not hurt your brain with that logical question.


Throughout the message, Dave informs the audience without clearly spitting it out salvation is even further away from when they once believed.


Stand aside Taco Tuesday because No-Salvation November is all the rage. Remember when he said this so long ago?

Part 403 – November 5, 2022

@ 01:51 Now, more than ever, I can tell you this: Salvation will come in November 2022.


The continuous data dump the minds of RCG members have to endure is exhausting to fathom. Even from the last time Dave spoke. All his assurances mean diddly-squat. That is an upgrade from just squat.


It is no wonder some at Headquarters no longer bother taking notes. What is the point? Writing down a Dave teaching is a waste of ink.


Dave said it. You have to believe it. Dave unsaid it. You have to unbelieve it. Rinse and repeat. Have compassion for those who choose to stay captive inside The Restored Church of God.


@ 09:51 …that's exactly what I thought, per us. But then I came to realize for various reasons, the timing didn't fit us, and it turned out I was right, but it has to be for people who are going to get salvation, just as I thought we would. But now we know it has to be in the month upcoming…


@ 14:02 Now, it just so happens…In Kislev, another proof we have the right month. The day they touch, boom. Fifteen days into the month. They just touch the edge of the day. It just so happens they’re touching the start of a Sabbath.


Dave is talking about Kislev 15, which is Friday, December 9. I never graduated from college, but my limited education tells me December is not in November. See how he squeezed in how "right" he was about something wrong?


As best I can interpret, resurrected Christians will receive salvation, not the living members of The Restored Church of God, on Friday as sunset occurs, which "touches" the Sabbath of Saturday, December 10. Again, another "proof" that salvation does NOT happen in November as was previously declared.


Kislev is now the “right month.” Not Cheshvan or Tishrei or Elul or Av or Tammuz or Sivan. That’s old news. The Present Truth is all about Kislev. As God always intended. But continues to trick test His people.


Dave does not realize that each point he makes to show how he NOW understands God’s plan only reemphasizes how utterly wrong he has been this whole time. He does not like to put as fine a point on that fact. But I will.



Jumping out of order in the context of Part 404, this later point runs parallel to RCG folks not getting salvation in November.


@ 1:09:56 I'm just telling all of you until Christ comes, we are not settled.


Dave ran around the Main Hall with a pin popping all the zealot's balloons. So, if there was any doubt after his pronouncement on the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles a month ago, now you know attending did not have the significance he once declared. But as long as you stuffed your green envelope, the trip was worthwhile.

It was very annoying when Dave would un-declare something he previously declared without telling the audience it was an un-declaration. He tells you you made it or the 1335 began, and then, he explains, Nah. Not so much.


There is no hint of regret, humility, or shame that he ever did. That is the type of man he is.


During Part 398, he seemed pretty convinced of the validity of his teachings.


Jesus Christ did not return on the second day of the Feast. The 1335 of Daniel 12 had not really begun. The assurance of salvation evaporated. Everyone had to go home the following week. So, how exactly was that "the best Feast ever," Jaco?



Some other random big deal for Dave is that the Great Tribulation is back to being ten days, not three and a half. That is another biblical accordion he plays with. It expands and contracts based on need. Biblical math is highly flexible.


Even though the 1335 start date is as fickle as ever, Dave is holding firm to the Kingdom of God, arriving on the evening of Thanksgiving. All these other dates into Kislev and some mystery period before Turkey Day have been moving around.



To Ryan Denee,


When Dave asks you to pass the gravy next Thursday night, tell him this:


No. If you believe your own teachings, you will not celebrate a holiday of men you said God would destroy. Sitting at the Thanksgiving supper table is a faithless act on your part.


Each scoop of mashed potatoes is another vote of no confidence in your own understanding of God’s plan for mankind. You should be diligently studying your Bible right now in preparation for being elevated as Elijah to address billions of people tomorrow.


You clearly do not believe your own words. No gravy for you.




I hope Ryan gets a chuckle out of that. I know he is not a fighter and would never utter such a thing even though he would be thinking it. As a “minister,” he wants to keep his head down to continue planting flowers as yellow as the spines at Headquarters.


No reason to rock the boat. Right, Ryan?


Dave may skip attending Services, but the man NEVER skips a meal. He will enjoy the sin of football next Thursday, knowing full well his wife will have to deal with the dishes, rather than taking Jesus Christ’s coat when He knocks on the front door after sunset.


David C. Pack is not a man of his word. His words mean nothing. His promises mean nothing.



@ 28:49 And we’re gonna learn…why this Series was so long and so very hard to sort some things out.


It was long and very hard because you are a false prophet, Dave. You are a biblical fraud. God is not opening the Bible up to your understanding so that you can teach His people correctly.


The tedious, agonizing circle is marred by your own footprints. Nothing you say matters because nothing you say has any value. Your words are empty poison. The Series shall continue. Watch it happen. 


Everyone who has left RCG knows this. It does not take an oracle from God to see it coming. The man who earlier admitted God blinded him still wanders in the darkness. The fakers around him see it, but he does not.


You are still blind, David C. Pack. God’s purpose will be revealed in time.



Dave loves to cover Psalm 89 and how the “David” mentioned is him. It is impossible for it to be anyone else. Therefore, the duty falls upon his shoulders. Take it up with God if you have a problem with it.


@ 34:39 “I have found David, My servant, with My holy oil, have I anointed him.”


This is God talking to Dave Pack, remember.


@ 34:46 Now, if you exalt someone, then he gets salvation. That's what you're waiting for. “I've chosen him.” Many are called, but few are chosen. They get salvation. Chosen is a term for salvation. And, of course, if this is happening to him, it's happening to you.


That is a classic Dave Pack Presumptive Assumption Supposition. One word now means something different. Because.


He changes the application before your eyes and moves on as if the fact is so self-evident it would be insulting for him to waste his time proving it.


He slathers the audience with butter, making it easier to swallow. When something important happens to him, it also applies to the brethren.


“It is not just Mr. Pack who gets all these cool big things. We do, too.”


That is like when a thief breaks into the ATM machine and gives you a $100 bill to look the other way. This is a greasy salesman approach to perverting doctrine without prompting more walk-outs.


@ 35:10 “And I've anointed him.” Now, that's a term for being a high priest.


See how narrow the interpretation of anointing has become? It only means "as a High Priest" because he needs it to right now. Do not think beyond the moment to consider the implications of that logic throughout the Bible. No. Stay focused on the here and now and what is only in front of your nose.


Here is Dave’s favorite part of Psalm 89.


@ 35:16 “With whom My hand shall be established. My arm also shall strengthen him.” So he's mighty. He's strong. He's exalted, and he's chosen, and he's anointed like a high priest…


David C. Pack teaches God is saying:


Dave is mighty.

Dave is strong.

Dave is exalted.

Dave is chosen.

Dave is a high priest.

Dave doodies in the toilet, not in his pants.


Please tell me you saw that last one coming, Steve.


No wonder Dave loves Psalm 89. Well, at least until verse 38, when things go sour for that guy, and then it applies to someone else. Wrap your head around that one.


@ 35:38 Now, we cannot be describing a regular prophet. There's no way. I know there's “Elijah the prophet before the great and dreadful day of the Lord." But since we know this man is a prophet, there's no way we described a regular prophet. Impossible.


You can read Psalm 89 a hundred times and never see the word “prophet” mentioned. That word only appears thrice in the entire book.


The way David C. Pack interprets the scriptures is even an insult to 14th-century Catholic priests. The verses mean what he needs them to at the time he needs them regardless of the words contained within the text.



How much more “private” can that interpretation be? He makes it all up to fit his narrative. Fantasy becomes fact right in your face like the great magicians of old.


Behold! The Great David Magus Pack astounds his audiences with flights of fancy and pitter-patter.



@ 48:11 As I try to tell the men I work with, there are no new events and no new verses. There are no new ideas and thoughts, just new configurations.


The Bible provides an endless playground of Legos to be reshaped each week, making the prospect of “The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 500)” an inevitable occurrence. The Restored Church of God will continue to exist as long as the Common money keeps trickling in. If you stop that water supply, you stop “the work” of David C. Pack.


@ 48:20 We’ve studied too long. I know the whole Bible in my sleep…I’m not trying to brag. You’d be the same. But I can study the Bible for all day long and never pick it up. I can do that. So, there’re not any verses or events I don’t know about.


Jack Van Impe memorized the entire Bible but could never see the Sabbath. Dave can know the Bible in his sleep and never see what God is actually doing. Both men equate memory with understanding.


David C. Pack has become more like Harold Camping than Herbert W. Armstrong.



Here is one of the reasons people choose to stick with RCG even though they know Dave is full of malarkey:


@ 39:26 But, regarding high priests, I mean, Christ said if somebody sits in Moses’ seat, this man is like Moses, you do what he says no matter what he acts like. He might be a viper, but you do what he says.


The very thing Jesus Christ warned about has come to pass inside The Restored Church of God. It is what kept some members of The Worldwide Church of God sticking around when that organization turned into Grace Communion International.


WCG threw out the true God by changing foundational doctrines.


RCG threw out the true God by changing prophetic doctrines.


Jesus Christ is not the head of The Restored Church of God today. David C. Pack is. He does not sit in Moses’ seat because they are now The Restored Church of Another god. He does not have God’s authority.


The people of RCG follow a man, not God. They believe Dave, not their Bible.


David C. Pack has become a human idol for those attending RCG. They got the “mighty man” they always wanted. The King Saul of our time. History has shown it does not go well when you throw in with the wrong side.


If you believe David C. Pack, you are on the very wrong side.




The rest of Part 404 contains bits about Joshua, the High Priest of Zechariah 3. There is a resurrection of about 100 billion people coming. The Synagogue of Satan will be unleashed upon the world. Dogs and cats start living together. You know…mass hysteria.


That message was undoubtedly worth the 10-day wait. At least, that is what the RCG zealots will post about it.


Dave made assertions about a “maybe” event that “could” happen this week before Thanksgiving, but we can let that one go.


Keep your eyes on Nothing November, as an analysis of Part 405 is coming soon.

Marc Cebrian

See: No-Salvation November