Monday, June 10, 2013

Ron Weinland: My Second Witless Witness Wife And Daughter Need To Go To Europe This Summer - Give Them All Your Money

Ron Weinland, the imprisoned felon and discredited Armstrongite cult leader is sending his second witless witness wife Johnny Harrell, and money laundering daughter off to Europe this summer for "official" church visits.  For this to happen the widows need to sacrifice their money they use for medicine and food so that they can send more money in to fund these trips.

Weinerdude's wife Laura has been well know for having a bottomless purse that regularly fills up with diamonds and other expensive items.  She turns her receipts in as church expense and Audra pays for it.  Before Weinerdude went to prison, Laura wore several large gold and diamond rings.  This was fast money in case the world came to an end while they were traveling and they needed fast cash.

You can see from the dates that they will spend at least 1 week in London, one of the most expensive cities in the world.  You can be guaranteed they will NOT be staying in an Easyhotel or other low priced hotel.

June 29 – Indianapolis, IN -  Laura Weinland, Audra Little
July 20 – London, England – Laura Weinland, Johnny & Myrtle Harrell,  Audra Little
July 27 – The Netherlands – Laura Weinland, Johnny & Myrtle Harrell,  Audra Little
August 17 – Portland, OR – Laura Weinland, Terry Wrozek, Audra Little, Amanda Wrozek


Byker Bob said...

This appears to be the same general type of activity that landed Weinerdude in the federal pen to start with. But, as a group, the management level of the ACOGs has been a rather dense group, have they not?

Consider what Dave Pack is now doing. Putting oneself into the mind of a loyal ACOG splinter member, one would have to believe that in 1995 when all the confusion started, husbands and wives prayerfully and possibly even tearfully asked God for His guidance in making their decisions regarding correct group (if any) with which to align themselves. Probably the majority of the people in a splinter today feel that God answered their prayers and led them to the one they attend.

Now, suddenly, the leader of the least desirable, most intrusive and dictatorial group, the ACOG which up until now has been the first on anyone's reject list is announcing what amounts to a hostile takeover, and spiking it by claiming that it is God who is orchestrating it all. While many members are probably laughing out loud at the preposterousness of this all, there may also be some who are fearful that what DP is saying might come to pass.

Bottom line is this: It illustrates the fact that some never learn from the most huge of fiascos! Such strong-arming, only in the original case it was used in an attempt to force members to embrace the New Covenant, is exactly what had set off the original splintering decades ago. Why Pack would believe that strongarming and force would now reverse itself and have a unifying effect is beyond comprehension. He's actually threatening to dismantle the church culture and infrastructure that these people believe God has led them to (and I have no dog in this fight, being a mainstream Christian myself) and to supplant it with his own extreme
approach. Even if his pipe dreams were to come true, does he honestly believe that God respects or holds as real decisions which are forced on His children by some demagogue?


Anonymous said...

Dave, like Ron Weinland has spent too many years cloistered in his own mind. He is not even dealing with the same kind of public we may have been years ago. They are more cautious, smarter, more able and willing to do their homework and not as willing to follow the leader. Dave is trying to reinvent the wheel and not even a very useful one.

Corky said...

For this to happen the widows need to sacrifice their money they use for medicine and food so that they can send more money in to fund these trips.

Some readers may think this is not true but it is. Some may think it's an exaggeration but it's not.

Jesus condemned those who oppressed the poor and devoured widow's houses and everybody should do the same, even if they're not Christians.

Anonymous said...

LOL, heads of religions can get away with a lot in the USA. I'm sure that Ron Weinland is being a little more careful now, so he and those close to him can get away with the same general type of activity that the "ministers" of hokey "Christian TV" (like the Daystar Network and Trinity Broadcasting Network) do.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

At this stage of the Ron Weinland jailbird saga, any one contributing to Ron Weinland and his family religious business are absolute fools!

The old adage applies - a fool and his/her money soon parts.

It makes us wonder how the fool and the money ever got together in the first place!