Friday, June 14, 2013

Dave Pack: When Is The Last Time You Picked Up One Of HWA's Books?

This title explains all that is wrong with Armstrongism.  Not Dave Pack Related.

Lots more deification of  HWA but nothing about Jesus.  COG members have no right to ridicule Catholics for Mary worship.  Armstrong worship is alive and well in many of these splinter cults.

How often do you study your Bible to intensively review basic doctrines—or for personal correction in this way? When did you last pick up even one of Mr. Armstrong’s books or booklets—and carefully read it with an open Bible? (In this regard, I Timothy 4:13, “give attendance to reading,” has vital application.) How often do you do this, if at all? Now ask: “How many Christians of previous ages would covet the many books and booklets that are only gathering dust on my shelf?” How many years—or decades?!—have passed since you carried out this exercise?

Lacking this practice, how often, and to what degree, do you typically practice reading your own group’s literature in this fashion? (This is in no way said to endorse its material, but to help you take your overall temperature.) How often do you think about, talk about or study with the concept of—the very word of—truth in your mind? How often do you find yourself consciously and specifically thinking about the need to (the very words) hold fast, with Revelation 3:11 in mind? Ever?


Byker Bob said...

By his own words we should judge him! Don't send your tithes to ministries or churches which teach spiritual manure! Send it to RCG, and you are totally wasting God's tithes!


Byker Bob said...

Those are Satan's books, Davey! I threw them in the garbage where they belong!


Douglas Becker said...

Seems to me that he should start with II Timothy 3.