Friday, June 14, 2013

James Malm: The World Is In Such BAAAAAAAD Shape That I Need To Start Preaching Audio Sermons!

It has only been a matter of time till apostle James Malm started preaching.  The odd thing with Malm is that his personality cult has already suffered a split and he hasn't even started preaching yet!  That bad bump in Malm's rise to power is minor compared to the incredibility horrid situation the world is in right now.  Satan is running around like a roaring lion seeking to destroy the true Church of God and Malm is out to set things straight!

Like non-ordained self-appointed prophet Thiel, apostle Malm is prerecording sermons the scattered brethren and for his first Feast site.

Malm writes today:

ANNOUCEMENTS:   Because of the situation in the world and in the various COG Groups, the time has come to ramp up this work to the next level.

I have now begun to post audio talks at a special new Podcasting site.  I hope to begin adding new talks on a weekly basis

I have started a free podcast site on which to load audio sermons.  Once I successfully test out this site and podcast host, I intend to upgrade to a paid site; allowing for as many audios as I can make, and the removal of the Google advertising.  

By using this podcast host, they will take care of all technical issues and will provide unlimited bandwidth for as many listeners as come.  They will also post the podcasts on iTunes and other podcasting venues.

I am also planning to record the sermons at the Feast for publication, and right now I am working on a list of subjects for the Feast and another list for the podcast sermons to avoid duplication.

I am not a trained speaker so my first effort could benefit from considerable improvement, but I believe the content is most important at this time.  The delivery will improve with a little practice.

Link:  Unity, Tolerance and Doctrine  This talk is 49 minutes long. I had 15 pages of notes for this talk and only got through half of them; so there will definitely be a part 2 and possibly a part 3 on the same subject.  I can see that my first effort was burdened by going too fast and trying to cover too much, and my voice was affected since I am not used to this.  I was in too big a rush;  the next talks will be a little slower with better diction.


Anonymous said...

This talk is perfect...

...If you have trouble falling asleep, that is.

I admit he sounds much different than I expected.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait till he starts doing video sermons so we can see how crooked his bookcases are.

Why doesn't he just conclude that the situation is beyond fixing and everyone is going into the lake of fire except for him? I mean, he already has, but why he doesn't just throw in the towel as a preacher is what I don't understand. It's a colossal waste of time that he could spend at least earning money to pay the rent on his apartment instead of asking others to cough up the dough.

Joe Moeller said...

Malm's voice has a peculiar accent to it. I cant place it exactly , but it does not sound Canadian.

I wonder if Malm is black, or an immigrant from outside of North America.

I do not believe that he has ever published a picture of himself, and I admit to being curious to know what he looks like.

(just want to be sure that he is a human, thats all!)

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Byker Bob said...

Get a clue, Malm! Hire a professional to read your script. It's a waste of money for you to even be doing a broadcast, but if it's done professionally, at least it's not a total loss.

ALso, if you need to use the restroom, do so BEFORE your podcast! Last thing we need is another prophet accompanied by flatulent noises.


Anonymous said...

Whenever I think of James D. Malm, I think of him as someone who is under the apostle Paul's double curse in Galatians 1:6-9 for preaching "another gospel."

James Malm wrote on his Shiny Black Hole Blog about what he called "the true gospel of warning and repentance." Malm mistakenly thinks that HWA originally taught a warning gospel but then later apostatized and switched to a fluffy and ineffective gospel of the kingdom of God.

Malm does not seem to realize that there were actually two separate messages taught by Herbert W. Armstrong. First was the gospel of the kingdom of God. Second was the Ezekiel warning message to the modern descendants of ancient Israel. Both were taught from early on in HWA's church.

In the New Testament of the Bible, Jesus is quoted as saying, "I must preach the GOOD NEWS of the KINGDOM OF GOD to the other towns also, because that is why I was sent" (Luke 4:43, NIV).

If James Malm is under a double curse, then his unfortunate followers will probably be under a triple or quadruple curse.

Furthermore, James Malm rebelled against Herbert Armstrong in 1985 and would not submit to him, but now wants his own followers to submit to himself and not bring up any contrary ideas at his own feast sites.

Anonymous said...

Malm's accent sounds a bit Maltese.

Steve Kisack said...

I believe Malm is black. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Gavin have a picture of him once up on his site?

Anonymous said...

Audio Preaching?

What is this, the 1920s?

Charlie said...

One thing about James, he is 100% dedicated and committed to what he believes. He certainly puts all his time and effort into what he is doing. I know he does have a lot of truth, but I also believe he is not correct in some things he teaches. I can see why he preaches what he does and also why he believes he is right, even though he is not in some things. He reminds me a lot of the apostle Paul before Christ struck him down, Paul was full of zeal. Maybe Jesus will do the same with James so I will not judge and say nasty things about the man, I wish I had as much zeal in my life when it comes to God etc. Whoever is not against me is for me Jesus said, obviously James Malm is NOT against God, so I will leave it up to God to point out to him his error, as he does with the rest of us who are not perfect.